Ps4- looking for high gold-low plat players

Looking for Players - Console
Hi, I'm a mid-plat player looking for some teammates that can help everyone out to climb together. I'm currently a Moira/Mercy player (although I can occasionally Zen I'm a bit shabby with him). Preferably, I would like to find a tank player or DPS player that's strong with a small selection of heroes in that role (but I'm completely fine with flex players). Also, I would prefer if you were around the age group of 12-14 so that if we get in voice chat we can both feel comfortable talking to somebody around our age group. My PSN is pandalegend56 (I know, god awful name sry about that). One last thing, I live in Britain and I'll be available from about 4PM onwards (if I'm not on, I have work to do). I'd also prefer if we could enter group voice chats to communicate as well. Thx for reading, hope to see some people on the battlefield. C ya.

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