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Does anyone know if there are any plans for Blizzard to fix QP MMR?

I understand people want quick games and the ability to join games quickly, but its really depressing being a plat player, having GMs and Masters in every single game destroying everyone all the time. (Most of the time its Master/GM 3-6stacks).
I'd like to play people around my own skill level, just as it is in comp and not see a 4-4.4k genji main destroy me and the other 5 players on my team over and over.
As it is at the moment, the only option is competitive as both Quickplay and Arcade are overwhelmingly imbalanced, with some people not always able to play Competitive due to time restraints etc what other options do they have to feel like they have some kind of chance.

Its not like its the odd 1-2 games, its every single game. Its becoming increasingly frustrating with no actual reply from Blizzard on any post regarding this issue.

Are there other people out there having the same issues?
Anyone know if theres any updates to this or if any Blizzard employee has written anywhere about this?

If theres going to be no response or action to fix by Bliz then I may aswell uninstall the game because everything but comp is unplayable.
Anyone can group up with anyone in qp so you will see plats with GM, bronze with diamond, etc. It is not fun, I agree. However, I think there's very little the developers can do about this without making the search times frustratingly long.
By the by, just out of curiousity, what is wrong with competitive, as you seem to dislike it?
Firstly, the first part yeah, people group up Bronze-GM, however the games I've been playing, its pretty much full of M-GM players and I'm no where near that level of play. Usually consisting of a poorly balanced team vs an amazing team sr wise.
I just wouldn't mind knowing how to lower my quickplay mmr easier. I lose alot, but my mmr seems to stay around where it is.

As for your question, I don't always have time for Comp and prefer playing comp when friends are online, I like to play all heros and have fun on all so quickplay certainly seems the game of choice because if I wanted to learn or mess about in comp I'd be flamed to high heaven. - I'm not saying I dislike comp, but I shouldn't be limited to only comp when the game offers other modes "Of same skill level".
I’m diamond and I always get grouped with golds in qp, but that’s my qp mmr being low because I always mess around or just try to be friendly because I need a break from comp

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