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Now that I cought your attention with the IGN in the title.

I will just sum this up, I used to play with ranks 4000 but now I forever doomed to play with ranks 2700, why? because I cannot carry my team to victory all the time.

Even when I do, I get leavers, trollers, noobs that they are too heavy to be carried.

But leave me aside as I'm not an ESL pro player.

My friend who played in the early league of ESL, cannot lift up from 2700-3000, from the same reason.

How do you want us to enjoy this game or rank up and skill up with the mass of trollers, noobs, leavers on ranks 2500-3000?

You have to come up with a solution, we're just tired of winning 5 games in a row and losing 20 afterwards.

Kind Regards,
How much did you pay for the boost?
EA, Ubisoft, Konami, Activision random game.

IGN: 10/10
Metacritic user reviews: 4/10

Sounds about right.

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