LFT Flex (Brigitte ok ) 4k+

Looking for Players - PC
Currently looking for a team 4k +, I am Flex ranked 3k8 ranked but with great experience of team level 4k ~ 4k3. I played a lot Brigitte in my old team (for tri-support) but I am still very good on various other requested picks such as Pharah, Hanzo, Soldier, Mc Cree, Road, Zarya and many others. I have a wide range of heroes . I have a lot of games, tournaments and training in teams 4k ~ 4k3. So I know how teams work and the meta. I am available, lannable and I am 19 years old .
I'm looking for a team that wants to go far in eSports, Open Division, GO4, Oserv Cup, etc.

For more info:

BattleNet = Nikkunēmu#2586 or Discord = Nikkunemu#9313
Come over here! :D I just added you, we are what you are lookinh for!

(Don't mind my rank, I am just a scout)

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