People who don't want to or aim to win

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Like the topic says what am i suppose to do about people who don't want to or aim to win at all. Just talking to someone in ranked and im trying to ask for cooperation adn changes and plan some things out. He just goes this is not a tournament so why should we try. Im like this is ranked , the sole purpose of it to test ur skills and win. So i said if u dont try u will never improve like this and he is like i don't even want to improve. I asked for what purpose are you in ranked then and such a infuriating answer came out "lootboxes" . I don't think players like this should be allowed to participate in ranked anymore. I am trying my very hardest and best only to get some carefree guy who just came to ranked to farm without a care in the world for teamplay or winning.
Report them, its what I do. I hope those people get permabans at some point. Whats infuriating is that at least half of players are like that. Its so frustrating to us who actually want to play competitive game.

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