Are you guys Really Gonna Let Brigitte Stay as Is?

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I totally understand that Blizzard wants to take away the dive meta, It's fine and people got bored of that after 5-6 seasons. But that's not the way to fix it as it made matters way worse (Especially for Tank mains as well, Not only DPS players)
I would consider Brigitte at the current state to be even more broken than Zoe from League of Legends did on her launch day and if Overwatch had a banning phase. I'm pretty sure that Brigitte would sit at over 95% ban rate on day one
11/05/2018 17:42Posted by KazzAzz
I play in high diamond/ low masters

Let me put it this way. As a Winston main I have no problem with Bastion and reaper being hard counters to Winston. Hell, there is no scenario AT ALL were Winston can 1v1 Bastion and I am completely fine with that. I didn't say anything when reaper got buffed. Not one peep out of me. But this is just some dumb Shi* right here.

Similar to Bastion it is impossible for Winston to kill Brigitte . It just can't be done. Her aoh makes fighting her or anyone around her so damn hard. Not to mention fighting people with armor.

Is this really what Blizz wants? One character who counters 4 out of the 6 other tanks and Dive Characters. This is their solution to dive? Put it all on one low risk, high reward character's shoulders? What exactly is Winston's role here. At least Tracer can fight and win against Brigitte.

I'll leave you with a video of Dva vs Brigette. (not my video)

Brigitte is broken and Blizzard knows that, and they won't communicate on the issue because Overwatch is not subscription based, players already paid for the game.

Overwatch was the best game in it's 1st year, before they started adding mass stun/kick/interrupt heroes and make the game frustrating for players who enjoy playing the original heroes.
11/05/2018 19:17Posted by Tahamine
And if you main a flanker, Here's some good advice against brig: KEEP YOUR DISTANCE. Not just 3 yards away, just avoid her altogether. Shes your counter, as in: SHE WILL DESTROY YOU IN A 1v1. It's like playing Moria against, . Don't charge in, die and then blame for being too powerful.
You do know that Tracer's damage needs to be close in order to do damage, right?

Everyone in the game is supposed to have a hard counter. Tracer too.
The problem is that she has it all, except range. I have seen similar threads about Sym but she literally only has damage where as Brig has self-healing, a big-fat-annoying stun, another stun-like thing, armor aka you do less dmg to her. When you combine armor with passive healing it becomes a problem.

You just can’t have an off-tank support with a healing/armor ability, passive healing aura, a shield, two types of cc, able to give your team tons of armor with an ult.... a hero that can do all that should not be able to 1v1 most, if not all, characters in the game.

Stun abilities should be kept to a minimum in this game. Mei, Mccree and Ana are more than enough.

This is not a Sym-like case - being OP in lower levels and ‘bad’ in higher levels. Brig is still very much OP in GM.
She is strong, annoying and I wish they deleted her but she is not OP.

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