(PS4) Looking for some new people to play with

Looking for Players - Console

I'm looking for some new friends to play play. I mostly do quickplay but do play comp every now and then (Got like 2800ish last season)
I don't care about SR or anything, just looking for some people to chill with and play some games.

I main Moira, but also play Reinhardt, Reaper, Mercy, Tracer, McCree, 76, Sombra. So very comfortable playing flex.

I'm 23 looking for some other people of similar-ish age. And I live in Eastern Canada and play mostly at night but sometimes in the afternoons/evenings.

Feel free to send add me a friend request
PSN: PiercedNotDead

Looking forward to hopefully meeting some people and playing some fun games!!
Hey Im Kajo from Tactical Gaming we are always looking for new people to come join up with us.
So you may be asking yourself why should I Join TG, well let me give you a brief Overview of what to aspect.
-Scrims, we love scrims
-Competitive Overwatch. Six stack to Duos there's always a group or someone playing Overwatch.
- Teamwork. Practice is all about learning new thing, whether its ult combos or practicing a move seen In League.

- Everyone In TG is apart of our Ow Discord as well as a PSN group.

Practice is every Sunday and Wednesday from 8pm -10pm EST
Thats the forum to sign up
If you have any question feel free to ask my psn is kajomc
Feel free to use me as a referral.

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