May I get a refund Blizzard?

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Ok the game is getting worse and worse,nothing is changing in terms of competitive madness,so many leavers,so many throwers,worst meta till now,can I please get my refund so I don't see this game ever again in my life?

I don't think they do refunds.
Plays for 500 lvls (thats a long long time, more than average games people spend playing for 40$ games), asks for refund.


I mean if you were like low lvl maybe I could understand your frustration but they wouldnt still do that. You played like a huge nerd already and you suddenly think you should get a refund?
It'll be different if advancement was dependent only on personal performance. This way trolls will have little influence on the outcome.
Briggite ruined comp, no answer needed already uninstald the game and everything and will be back when briggite is nerfed to the ground.
Cs here we go!

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