People who leave games with 5 seconds left.

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This really boggles my mind that there are so many of these I guess i can call them rage quitters. Really are you so emotional that these 5 seconds or even 1! second is too much too bear? Is it worth it to receive 0 exp and just being a twerp for letting another player join these last seconds too see a defeat screen.

I mean i can understand that you can get angry on the game been there done that. But really if you can't stand those few extra seconds I don't think you should play online PvP based games.
Yea it’s stupid... blizzard should disable filling if a game is about to end
And only fill with players who leave matches before they have ended.
So a player who always stay until the game is over, never has to fill.
I can't understand this mentality either.
Rage-quitters are a thing from as long, as I can remember(back from the Quake/Half-Life era even)
I get it, I have been abused by superior players countless times, that's how you get a little better every time.
But in this game is especially sucky if someone faceroll the keyboard and quits.
You are screwing everyone else, such a bad and selfish thing to do.
Harsher penalties in every mode are needed. The rage kiddies only learn the hard way.

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