Overwatch anniversary event 2018 too short?

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So as usual the next event will be 3 weeks long, however this event is like no other because it has all the previous gamemodes and cosmetics which means more to grind for and more to play.
Dont get me wrong 3 weeks is quite some time but seeing as how this is the biggest event yet i think we should atleast get a month to play it.
(some arguments i had centered around the fact alot of people in the overwatch community worldwide are attending school and that right now everyone is having important tests and stuff but it started to go off topic).
I get that there is alot of motivation to buy lootboxes with this new event and that the length of the event might play a role in that as well but i really hope the guys and gals in the overwatch developer team will give my idea of a month long event some thought.

I hope they extend the event to be 4 weeks long

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