Overwatch is getting worst and worst.

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Like what are you guys doing at Blizzard? i really don't understand and hope you guys bring back Overwatch with balanced heroes and fix stuff like Brigitte and what is this Hanzo rework? ohmagawdddd game is really a mess and less and less i feel the will to play, Blizzard you are the best gaming company in the world what are you doing?
If blizzard remotely cared about anything they fixed MM in QP and Arcade where masters and grandmasters can't face anything below high diamond. If they would care they would actually listen too feedback on the PTR but nope once they made a new ability or reworked a hero it is there to stay no matter how broken it is like hanzo's storm arrows.
i ptefer storm arrows than op scatter shot
Worse and worse*
14/05/2018 20:54Posted by Wolfex
Worse and worse*

Sorry English not main, but thanks.
I kind of agree, it seems when they bring a new hero in the deliberately make them "overpowered" (probably to encourage pick rates). It's almost inevitable that the hero will be rebalanced/reworked in the future. We just have to put up and shut up in the mean time... which kinda sucks. I'm not saying highly skilled players can't overcome a Brigitte, but the VAST majority of the playerbase are casual, average skilled players. It seems to me like those people have been kind of abandoned by the devs.

This mixed with the worse than ever toxicity problem are the two main reason i dont play half as much as i used to. I can't play more than half an hour/an hour before getting frustrated by it.
I don't know how many players play overwatch, let's say 5 million world wide.

The game is balanced around the 1000 professions (estimate) and their abilities on the heroes, not how the majority play. Basically their biggest consumer base get the worst deal.

14/05/2018 20:51Posted by ICELORD666
i ptefer storm arrows than op scatter shot

I prefer a slap in face than a kick in the balls.

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