Is the matchmaking still this horrible?

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Just finished a COMPETITIVE match with duo stacking with my friend. We also had a 3 stack and a solo queuer Hanzo main in our team. The enemy team steamrolled us good and I couldn't but to admire their their team sync until I realized it was a SIX STACK. Like.. REALLY? THIS still happens?! The matchmaking is STILL this horrible? How's everyone else's experiences with comp matchmaking nowadays?
Even more horrible because more people left the game in the mean time, so the system has an even smaller MMR pool to match players.
Is it still horrible? Oooooh you poor soul... I finished my placement matches with 3wins. I usually clear it with 8-9 wins. in all the losses someone from my group left. And you know Blizzard, probably no penalty. I've played like 3 hours of Season 10, not one win. Teams just come and steamroll us. Im queueuing solo btw, my team has the mentality that no tanks are needed on defense. Only one healer is necessary (which is me) and gets all the !@#$ thrown at it. So, 3 hours of steamrolling losses, you might be asking how I can stand it. Drinking! The whole matchmaking system has gone so ridiculous that Im actually just looking at how low my SR can get. I'm not saying Im throwing all my matches, Im really trying to get the win. I've lost all my motivation to try and get promotions like 4 seasons ago when I noticed the matchmaking is as %^-*ty as it is. So, cheers and may the blizzard matchmaking gods be on your side..
Couple hours later, You know what's happened. Enemy team has perfect synergy, our team has 1 tank after a lot of complaning. Its all just !@#$. Honestly, what the hell is competitive anyway. Its like quick play with people aggressively assigning to their preferd snipers
I have complained about comp matchmaking before with other people blowing my trumpet but there is no answer, no solution to anything. So dont let your hopes up. Competitive will always be !@#$. It's been 10 seasons, and it always will be.

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