[PS4] 3 low/mid plat LF 2 DPS and 1 off tank to form team

Looking for Players - Console
We're Plat [2550-2700] now looking for 2 DPS in the same bracket, preferably that can play a wide range of DPS including Genji, Mcree and Tracer, and an off-tank (D.Va, Zarya, Roadhog) that are also willing to improve and push for Diamond this season, and obviously to also hang out and have a laugh with! It's a game, after all!

Discord/voice chat would be ideal, obviously no need to speak if you're shy, but callouts are important! We also have a Discord server :D

Add lazarus#3310 on Discord or NoodlePopcorn on PSN if you're interested!
Hey Im Kajo from Tactical Gaming we are always looking for new people to come join up with us.
So you may be asking yourself why should I Join TG, well let me give you a brief Overview of what to aspect.
-Scrims, we love scrims
-Competitive Overwatch. Six stack to Duos there's always a group or someone playing Overwatch.
- Teamwork. Practice is all about learning new thing, whether its ult combos or practicing a move seen In League.

- Everyone In TG is apart of our Ow Discord as well as a PSN group.

Practice is every Sunday and Wednesday from 8pm -10pm EST
Thats the forum to sign up
If you have any question feel free to ask my psn is kajomc
Feel free to use me as a referral.
u guys there ??
Heya! I’m interested. My highest rank was 2009 but I keep getting paired with teams that aren’t... the best.

I’m a tank role (best at DVa and Winston) and can be Zen or S76 when needed! I’m better when I can communicate with my team. I’ll add you on Discord (JackJack#8825) and on PSN (tinyBAUS)

** Edit: I tried adding you on Discord but it didn’t work. Try adding me!

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