This season is boring

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Storm arrows and brigitte genuinely ruined my competetive experience. It is no longer making plays or out playing the enemy team. It's this. Junk Pharah (maybe mercy) and shields. Spam shields lads good luck have fun!
Pharah is revived which is nice but genji tracer mccree (maybe soldier) are just dead. there is no point playing them as you will do better with junk spamming shields as you won't hit any nice shots as everyone is behind shield.
Brigitte overheal also made it just unfun. You can outplay tracer predict her with flashbang or hit her with dragon blade and dash to insta kill her. oh but look she was overhealed. Hanzo is just this: oh someone isnt behind rein barrier, lets aim in the general direction of someone and im bound to hit at least 2 shots or even get a kill.
Sp basically the meta is unfun. Once against its just spamming barriers and the only skill required in the meta is placing zarya bubbles at the right time and zarya tracking or playing pharah and hitting direct shots, skill has been killed and positioning is slowly dying as you just sit behind barrier. Please nerf something about brigitte and maybe storm arrows because i think they should reward fast reaction time and good aim to get a nice kill instead of spraying and praying with a 3 or 2 shot minigun.

Some people might disagree with me but this is just my opinion and im sure people will just spam me with "you're just bad" but leave your suggestions below.

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