When ow doesn't want you to get a promotion

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Some backstory:
Been trying for a couple seasons to get to masters and was getting very close to the 3.5k mark. Before my promotion game, the games had at most had one master in each team with team sr's of around 3.4k. Worth mentioning is that at that point I was getting very low sr per win and loosing quite alot.

Anyways my promotion game arrives and out of the blue EVERYONE are master EXCEPT one GM on the enemy team. The team sr was almost 3.8k! That is closer to GM than it is to diamond! Needless to say, my team was pretty bummed that they got the diamond player(me)in their team.

It was kinda strange matchmaking and it felt like ow really thought I had been super carried even though the majority of my games have been made soloqueing. But funnily enough, we won the game, I got potg and both my team and ow that didn't think I could make it can suck it. Got my promotion and now I can proudly say I am master.

TL;DR Competitive matchmaking tries to sabotage my promotion, fails horribly.

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