Worst ways to die

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I'm going for "Being 1 shot and seeing their derpy aim in the kill cam afterwards."
Well either getting stunned out of existence or getting booped off the map.
Shot my Mercy.

'cause that's when I know I've been thoroughly dominated
getting one clipped by tracer when you have a brigitte sitting next to you.
Headshot by widow from one spawn to the other.
By my own Pulse Bomb after recalling into it.
When I've "escaped" around a corner but favor the shooter has other ideas.

To a clueless Baguette who has no idea where I am but has held down their left mouse button.
getting frozen by mei and seeing her stupid smiling demon face icicle you in the head
Translocating yourself off a cliff / ledge in a botched escape attempt.
Accidentally shooting in a random spot and killing someone. I did this with McCree a couple times. I accidentally pressed the left mouse button and someone died from a headshot in the distance. If they saw the killcam i am sure they must have raged a lot.
Having killed 3 other enemies, to get to the point, when you get buzzed off by Symetra's turret hid under a bush.
Getting hacked by sombra and just watch how I can do nothing while I get focused
Being freeze gunned by a Mei who takes 3 shots to actually hit your head
15/05/2018 01:33Posted by BouncyBear
getting frozen by mei and seeing her stupid smiling demon face icicle you in the head

Haha, i know that feel She hits you from 3 miles away with her spray then you jump around like a helpless flapping fish out of water.

On mercy, when you glide off a cliff and slowly float down, desperately hoping one of your team-mates comes within sight to dash to, but no... no they dont... *sigh* *dead*
Being mindlessly bashed by a Brigitte for sure. I wish there was a Widowmaker who could finish the job quickly everytime she starts doing that.
headshotted by a random arrow shot by Hanzo who was actually aiming at his feet... we've all been there
getting headshottet by genjis rightclick

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