Changing BattleTag to a specific one, with numbers?

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Months ago, i've made a bad decision of changing my BattleTag (from a unique one, easy-to-remember number, to a common one, and longer number). I've soon realized that i want to keep my old name (and tag, too, because it's unique, there's only one of me in the entire Blizzard community - Kirenciner#1881).

Is there anyway that i can change it back to Kirenciner#1881, i mean, i can purchase the BattleTag Name Changing. But since changing the name, they numbers also changes, and i can't really choose a specific number for me.

So i wanna ask if it's possible for me to change it back to the old one (i can take the fees), since it's unique, both name and the number following.

My new BattleTag is Michelangelo#11616.

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