Forming a team - Silver-Gold PC NA

Looking for Players - PC
I just saw a ton of posts from people in silver and gold looking for a group, so I thought I should try making one. I'll make a bnet group and start adding people. That would probably work better than individuals adding each other.

Looking for people in 1500-2500 sr who want a regular team to play with. I'm hoping we can play comp at least a few nights a week. If you are the type that ragequits or gets toxic and blames others after a loss, let's avoid that.

Comment your battletag, SR, and heroes/roles you play.
That would sound great. Kite#11504, Gold 2227, and I play mostly support. I am open to try anything else though.
Goku#22593, Silver 1700, mostly moira hanzo or widow. Can switch if you want me to!
DONJUANX11#1814 Gold 1990 Mercy, Rein, Junk, Brigitte
Hi, I'm in the same position in the EU and need climbing, have been over 2400SR before playing Main Roadhog and Zarya and junkrat. always joining in worldless groups.

Add me or get in touch with me. Nexone89 #2562 gold 1940

#1476 rank 1800. add me lets do it
please let le join Ive been on a loosing streak I need some people to play with, Im pretty flexible

GentleNut#1852 2068 SR
Yo add me in. I'm pretty flexible but mainly play Moria. 1600SR
Jester what's your btag?
Coyote#1715 SR 2150 Generally I just fill, prefer DPS, but will play anything.

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