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Looking for Players - PC
[PC] [EU] Looking to have the following roles join us for a new team roster to grow as a group and to participate in small competitions building our skill as a team up to competing in an eventual open division season! We have high hopes for this project, with a potential Org already behind me, we just need the players.
We are looking for the following roles to join us as a minimum and will take all applications seriously, from 0sr all the way to top 500
2x DPS
1x Tank
-16+ speaking English
-Any SR considered, as long as you have good communication and are willing to learn
-Available minimum 1 night a week for training and 1 day/night a week for matches
-Good teamwork skills
-Willingness to learn from mistakes and take criticisms in order to grow
-friendly individual who can get along well with our group
-A passion for overwatch!

If this is you then Please DM me or comment with a tag for myself for more info. Alternatively my twitter @kirigames_ and my discord is kirigames_[TC]#9225
Im interested.
Add me on LordPorkchop#2969
I'm currently mid plat and I'm a dps main but I can also play off-tank and zen
I'm from UK and have a mic, hope u'll consider me for the team
wow id love to join you guys...ive been on a loosing streak trying to find people to play with Maurito#11674

I've been looking for a team to play with also. 21 years old and use mic.

3.6k SR widowmaker main but I can also play other hitscan dps heroes.

My battletag is Jimmy#21320 if you're interested.
Have contacted everyone who has expressed interest so far :)
Hi there! Very much interested in joining.
I play Flex, my strongest heroes are Zarya, Zenyatta, Orisa and Soldier, and i adapt quickly to new heroes.
Currently at around 2500SR, fluent in english, and very team-oriented.

My battletag is AddictDonut#2399
hello there. yeah this sounds awesome im a dps player and i play Genji, tracer, mccre and doomfist. i can play road and Zarya but not as good.
im at 2935 and jumping in and out of diamond (but i do have a good amout of play in master and gm rank) + im from Norway and yes i have a mic

My battletag is LtDaddy#2897
I'm interested in joining, (ex) Semi-Professional CS:GO player moving to casual OW. If you'd like to add me you can @ YTM#21966

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