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I don't doubt for a second that the dev team are working on ways to curb toxicity in the game, but my question is: Is it even possible?

Peoples habits are a hard thing to change and from my perspective this has been a problem in Overwatch since I started playing. The thing is, I understand people's frustrations. It's annoying when you're a support and your hitscans aren't dealing with the Pharah. It's annoying when you're a tank and you get no healing support. Overwatch is a high-stress competitive shooter, everyone needs to do their part to have a chance of winning, so naturally you get mad when things don't work out. I'm no angel and I'd be lying if I said i'd never vented in the chat. That in itself is no different to most other competitive games.

The problem comes in how those frustrations are manifested in the community. I mainly play competitive shooters: Battlefield 1, PUBG, CS:GO etc, and in none of those games do i receive (or witness on others) the amont of abuse as I do in Overwatch. I'd say i'm pretty thick skinned, but there are times in Overwatch when there is some serious PERSONAL abuse going on. IMO there is a pretty big difference between telling someone to "git gud" and telling someone to kill themselves. Both of those statements are about as common as each other in Overwatch.

I think the problem lies in the core gameplay. Overwatch is extremely intense to play, during a match you probably have less than 30 seconds where action isn't happening. This is obviously what makes the game both great to play and watch. But when the intensity is so high, the stress of the players is naturally at the same level. People are going to react, and very few people are willing to hold their hands up and say "my bad, i missed that pick, didn't heal you in time etc,etc" when their state of mind is so tense.

I feel kind of vulnerable when I play now. I'm not afraid of abuse it's just why would I put myself in a position to receive it? I keep coming back because the game's well made and feels good to play, but every time i do come back i stay less and less.

Please feel free to share your own thoughts on the matter.
perosonally, I've always advocated for PvE as a toxicity countermeasuer.
For all those people who are raging, all those people who had enough from horrible team comps (well, losing because of horrible team comps), for all those people who feel a good need to utterly decimate their opponent, etc ...

PvE is able to gives an outlet. Just boot an easy mode. Problem Solved
In a game where you are randomly locked in with other people against other people, with very different heroes, skillsets and playstyles available at hand there is bound to be toxicity. We all see others' mistakes better than our own ones, and we think we know what would have been better, etc.
Plus toxicity is part of being highly competitive. I can count on one hand how many times I actually tilted in OW, let alone the times I was toxic. I may appear to be a prick but I am not competitive to the level where I take myself and the game too seriously.
One important distinction: being right does not make toxic behavior acceptable. The biggest issue is the silent minority, once again, that agree with the toxic person and is incapable of calling out people for toxic behavior. Things are obviously not black and white, which makes things a bit confusing, so here's a bit of a priority list for what you need to react to in the right order:

1. toxicity
2. throwing games
3. refusing to switch

Don't get toxic if someone throws, and if someone gets toxic when someone is throwing, then address the toxic person, not the thrower. If no one is toxic, then politely ask the thrower to stop (usually does not work, but well, that's just life and it's very rare). If no one is toxic, nor throwing, start talking strategies in a constructive way and ask someone to switch (and always mention the hero you want that person to switch to!!!!). If you address nr 2 before nr 1, then you silently accept toxicity, since EVERYONE always thinks they are right, and hence everyone thinks THEIR toxicity IS justified.

Another thing is that people rather keeping the appearance of peace, rather than escalate things by confronting toxic people. Just casually remind the toxic person to not behave badly etc. The less space you give for toxic people, the less toxic people there are.
I love that ppl use toxicity as a way to force something upon others against their own will.

Everyone payd for the game like jeff said the real way to play overwatch is by finding a party or a team, anything other than that and thers gone be a conflict of interest. I feel sorry if ppl still solo queing its a whole difrent game.

The one problem the game has atm is Brigitte. Anything other than game balanceing is a waste of the devs time. Cant say i like how every game is a coinflip betwin what team has the better Brigitte/Zarya player, at the end of the day when i play overwatch i feel tilted at how bleitanly tanks and healers are power creeped.
Not much from Blizzards ends, you can toughen up and accept it is part of gaming online.
remove brigitte and we'll stop bullying you
I used to play CS 1.6 and CS:Go at tournaments when I was a lot younger. In all those years of playing them I haven't witnessed toxicity because Counter Strike has a lot of self carry potential. Whereby 1 person can go and kill an enemy team of 5 players, and hence when you fail your trying to do better next time, and it's on you. It is a game that requires a lot of team work, but those team work are easier to execute, like tossing flash bang over a door, and go in to get kills etc. The area of falter is generally a lot lower in that game. So when your team messes up, pure aim / reflex skills can give you a feeling of content, by just fragging.

With Overwatch it's a completely different landscape. Here if your teams not doing there job well, the chances of reversing the outcome of a combat is very low. Hence over time, you feel like you land up with bad teams that just tilts and makes people toxic. It's the overall nature of such a team based game. At the core, OW team play has a lot more areas to mess things up simply because of all the different heroes and skills making it a lot more complex to get right when compared to a game like Counter Strike. To further validate this is the fact that toxicity is higher at the lower ellos, compared to the higher ellos, coz at the higher ello's (GM+) players can play there roles a lot better, and hence win's / losses purely come down to which team played better. Perhaps why Blizzard is promoting lower skilled heroes over high skill heroes.

And this very thing cannot be fixed, because it's what the games are at it's root.
Then you may ask how is LoL or Dota not as toxic ? There games are complicated with a huge roster of heroes. I guess the top down view make things more easier on the players compared to the first person view ? I have played a lot of Star Wars the Old Republic, and toxicity was never a thing there as well.
I know one thing, Heroes of the Storm can tilt me mindlessly, whereas Overwatch fails to do so.
Well toxicity in general is a lot lower in HOTS, compared to OW, but then again the volume of people that attract OW is way higher.

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