Rendering Device has been lost (Only route66 last push)

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Route66 Lastpoint "Rendering Device has been lost" I have reinstalled OW updated GPU drivers etc...

Weird thing is that only places where this happens if Route66 in last push corner after upwards slope or when there is just few meters to push to payload to victory.

I have only had this happen when playing Symmetra (4times) Lucio (1 times)?

AMD 580 RX 8gb
intel i7-6700k
16GB ram
Asus z170 motherboard.
Running windows 10
Hello cmdtvt,

This error can be a bit tricky to diagnose, since it can indicate a problem with power or hardware in the computer. Let's start with some basic things, and then I'll give you some more in-depth troubleshooting.

Delete the Cache folder:

Delete the Tools folder:

Repair the game:

Close background applications to make sure there's no other program interfering with the game:

If the issue keeps happening, I would recommend going through this forum post and trying all the steps:

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