[EU]Low plat Mercy/Moira main lft

Looking for Players - PC
Hi i'm searching for a team to improve and climb a little since as i find some players they do 4-5 matches toghether climb for like 100 sr and disappear...i'm a mercy main but i can play moira as well and i'm trying to main ana (only qps for now)
but i i can play only orisa as tank (tough i'm pretty good at stalling in chokepoints)
and junk as dps

played with some friend's friends who were higher than me(diamond) and with some master smurfs who both said i'm very good as mercy
My acc: Joséphine#21861
Hi, I'm a flex player that is looking to climb with Reaper. This season I've solo queued to 2400 (which is now my carrier high) and I think I can get a much higher rank.
Heroes I play and am good at: Reaper, D.va, Mercy, Pharah, Winston and Zen
Mic: no
Idk if you're interested to play with me since I am only high gold, but go ahead and add me if you want to c:
ADD me ChiChii#21595 :)

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