Trying to find a team [EU] [PC] [3K]

Looking for Players - PC
[EU] [PC] [3k] Flex Player looking for a team.

- Heroes i specialize in Sombra, Reaper, Junkrat, Soldier, Zarya, DVA, Moira, Zen and Ana.

What am i looking for?

- excellent communication (A Shot caller would be great. ^^)
- Team that reviews voids together.
- Team that scrims atleast 2-3 times a week with additional practice.
- No toxicity
- Want a first team place.

Why would you want me?

- I strive and want to improve as a player.
- Able to communicate with others on the team. (I'm little shy though.)
- Active quite often throughout the week.
- Not toxic towards others.

Thanks for reading don't be afraid to message me. ^^ noir#21171 and Win4Dafran#2712
Discord: Adam | Noir
Hey, Nocturnal is fresh new team looking for new members of any role.

I am looking for people with ranks of Plat+ but gold players may still apply.

I have experience with teams before, starting off in Halo league as a captain and then recently a team in open decision. I was not captain of the overwatch team but i believe i learned enough to lead a team to great lengths.

Leave a comment below with your discord and blizzard ID if you would like to try out for the team.

I will not accept salty players, no excuses what so ever.

Thank you

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