What am I doing wrong?

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I've happily sat around mid plat for the majority of my game play of Overwatch, peaking in Season 6 at 3100SR, but since that point, I feel like I've done nothing but lose, whether it be because of leavers, bad team comps, etc, but I'm now losing more and more and have dropped down to Gold. I feel like I'm playing the best I ever have yet I can't seem to regain any SR, I feel like I'm just crumbling and I don't know why :(
"What am I doing wrong?"
"because of leavers, bad team comps, etc"
"I feel like I'm playing the best I ever have yet I can't seem to regain any SR"
I admit my wording is bad, what I mean is that I feel like I'm playing really well, but I'm always losing games, am I playing the wrong characters, not fitting with meta etc, is that why people are leaving and why games are being lost, or am I just having some seriously bad luck right now?
You prolly need a oracle or something like that, since anyone else cant tell what your doing wrong without actually seeing what you are doing.
Sigh, guess I'll keep dropping rank then lol
Thats the spirit!
Yes dont play mercy without a dps duo a hanzo is very good right now and if you want to pick a support that can carry play brigitte mercy is not that good to climb with in solo.
This game has the worst matchmaking ever... you can win 20 in a row and then lose 20 in a row.
I see a lot of mercies recently who just stand still behind a hanzo or widow. Also because we have less dive tanks, there are less options to fly to when under fire. Everyone is in a ball or you stuck to an almost none movable hero. So you became an easier target who mostly is just running behind players instead of flying around.

Mercy is still best when there is a pharah or someone who can boost away from danger. Of course a brig is a must pick. And moira is also nice since he has its own mobility to get away from the brawl when it gets to dangerous (just focus heal not dps) Lucio is also nice to have when you have to cross large open spaces to make the shield tank etc close to gap before all the shields are gone. Ana is still best pick against roadhogs and a nade on the whole enemy party is also very good..

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