3014SR Support Building a Team! (Looking for our two Tanks.)

Looking for Players - PC
Ayy, as said above I'm looking to start a six stack team, before you start to shake your head I'm not planning to grab six people and shove them into a Competitive game in a heartbeat :P I'm looking to gradually build a team from the ground up, practice and Quickplay (6 stacking in QP is surprisingly fun) and Scrims ect. I'm a 3014SR Support main who is playing Moira, Lucio and Brigitte this season, my Career high is like 3100SR or so.

A few requirements are below!

1. Being talkative and social, the majoirty of people I've gotten from ads are rather half arsed or just really quiet, I want people who want to chat, either in text or voice often.

2. Being within two hours of GMT (British Time), any larger difference would make playing together awkward.

3. Having excellent English in speech and text.

4. Not being a One-Trick, if you are a One-Trick then that's cool as long as you're willing to learn other Heroes and put effort into that!

5. Having the Discord App and a working microphone.

6. Being able to play rather often, I'm online usually after 14:00 until 23:00 six days a week, not asking you to match that, just to be able to play quite often.

7. Willingness to make friends and chill :3

8. Not being outright toxic, complaining about the game or the enemy team is totally fine, though anything about fellow teammates is not allowed. Constrictive Criticism is good, not insults.

9. Being at least over sixteen years old. (I'm nineteen myself.)

10. Lastly, willingness to stick to a role within a team or flex when needed.

We're looking for our two Tanks, we want the two of them to have full or near full coverage of the Role, so like we want someone who can play Winston, and another person who can play D.Va so we can do a Dive Comp for example.

Server: https://discord.gg/NcnN3KF

Can't wait to see ya <3

P.S I don't want to join a community or anyone else's team, starting my own team.

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