Meme Dream - New Team Starting (Need players) + Tournament

Looking for Players - PC
Hello Everyone and Welcome!

Today I am here to announce that we, as a team, have decided to create a second team and we are creating a tournament. Here is all the details and information you need to know.

So how do I join?

Well, we are going to be asking you guys and gals to come join our discord server ( )and from there if you want to participate all you have to do is let a member of staff know and we can sign you up! Simple.

How does this work?

It's easy once you're in. First we will get all the ranks and roles from each person and then we will balance the teams as fair as we can so you all have a chance of winning. The tournament will hold several teams and whoever is victorious is crowned the best team.
However, this does not mean you are the new team. We will be watching and listening to each team and see how each person plays and communicates and then through various discussions we shall select a team as a group which will then be the new team.

So what are you looking for?

We are looking for all the good traits a team member should have;

    Good Communication - Are you able to communicate with your team to give valuable information?
    Cooperation and commitment - Can you help your team and do what needs to be done?
    Confidence - Are you confident you can pull together and make sure as a team you achieve your full potential each and every game.
    Reliability - Can the team rely on you to do your job correctly for them?
    Functionality - Can you be a working member of the group to complete and fulfil the teams goals?

If you can do all this, You will be a member of our team.

Thank you, for taking your time to think about this opportunity at hand. We hope to see you soon for our tournament and we wish you good luck if you participate
Still looking for players to join and tryout for a spot in our team. Everyone has a chance at being a member.
Hello! What rank are you looking for? :)
Any rank as we balance the teams and make sure its fair
Still looking for more players

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