Healer (Mercy/Lucio) looking for a group

Looking for Players - PC
I'm still quite new to Overwatch and I've been playing by myself almost all the time. That sometimes means getting stuck with a team of 5 dps who all need healing with me, usually a solo healer. (It's not all the time but it's quite a common thing.)
I was looking for a group to join. I'm not high enough to do comp yet but I'm steadily getting there. I just want to be a strong healer for a team that's looking for one.
Hey there!
Our team is currently looking for people that are dedicated and willing enough, to actually become better.

We are not only looking for people who will be able to play comp, but also play in Open Division with us.

Due to your little game experience and I assume therefore knowledge, I highly doubt that you however, are what we need. Still I decided to write to you, as Overwatch was my first game in many categories I know how hard it is to getting into the game without having someone guiding one. (I'm just slightly over average as well, I'm not playing at the top of skills)

So, if you're interested in having a talk and maybe seeing how this game can be played in a different area than Quick Play, add me and I'll be glad to help you as much as I and my team can.

hey there I am part of a active clan dm me to find out more louise28#7433

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