Roadhog's Hook Still Broken

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Why is the hook still so broken? As a Roadhog main, it is really annoying to see my hook hit an enemy, then automatically detach (I usually see it every 4th or 5th game on using him).

Just now, I played a match with Roadhog and I hooked a Dva, then it immediately detached, but then it suddenly attached to a Moira, who was now right in front of me, then it immediately detached from her.

When fix? :^(
Give them a chance mate, the game is only 2 years old.
I don't think a lot of people understand what Blizzard is trying to accomplish with the diversity of their heroes. Roadhog's hook is as fair as it's ever been - but think about it, a stun ability that literally pulls you in to head shot range at max damage, doesn't seem very fair, does it? Roadhog has different strengths and weaknesses than the rest of the heroes, it doesn't necessarily mean he's 'op' or 'broken', it just means he plays differently.

What I'm trying to get at is of course Blizzard is going to have a tough time perfecting this ability and making it seem fair to play as and play against. I don't think at the moment it's a broken ability, though.

No offense, but you only have 2 hours on him so far this season, I don't really think you are the know all judge of how broken he plays, either. Maybe try to work on your game sense.

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