2018 event skins now available at a discount?

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So I'm totally fine with blizzard making every event item available, but how are they gonna handle the 2018 event items and skins?
It would be extremely unfair if all the skins that released with retribution and lunar event are now gonna be 1000 instead of 3000. Especially given that retribution was just 1 month ago and that saving up credits takes a lot of time.
They have already announced that every new event item from year 2 will keep their high price. Only the oldest skins will have discounted price at 1000.

Example: Graffiti Tracer, Yeti Winston and Junkenstein Junkrat will cost 1000 while
Bikini widowmaker, owl ana, zhuque mercy etc. will cost 3000
They won't be, it has been confirmed by Blizzard. Why assume this without confirmation.

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