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Title says all: "Who is your main, and how did you get to him/her?"

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Here's my reason:

- Main:
- Reason: Because i happen to get the cute spray achievement when i had enough for my next golden gun.

(Btw, plz no nonsense tnx)
-Main: Reaper
-Reason: When i looked through the hero list for the first time to see who I wanted to try first. I thought that guy looks badass af. Played him and loved every part of his kit and still do to this day
-Main: Mei
-Reason: I have a soft place in my heart for curvy cute characters... and she puts icicle's through your skull with a smile :)
-Main: Roadhog
-Reason: The hook + shoot combo gives me such a rush, prolly similar to what a sniper feels when they score a headshot. I slam my left mouse button so hard when I do the combo I go through mice quicker, haha
mccree, because pf his ulti.

I like western, and i like clint eastwood
I started by doing what ROBdog94 did, and started with Reaper because of his looks and his kit.. (still do love him)

-Main: Lucio
-Reason: First, I never ind my wildest imagination though that I would ever play support.. I have alwyas played damage dealer, og tanky dps.. But when I first tried him, I knew that this was the hero for me.. The way he moves, still do ok dmg, and the boop.. Somehow it reminded me on how it felt when I was playing UT'03/04.. :)
Its cool to see someone who started like me. The best part about maining reaper is not many people play him so hes usually free for me to pick
Tracer: tfc medic/tf2 scout background. I like glass cannon assassins
Main: Lucio
Reason: I love skill based movement so much. The feeling of being in a 1 v 1 with a dps and skilfully dodging their shots using Lucio's speed and wallriding is really gratifying for me. It's like when you bait and dodge a roadhog hook or something and that feeling of outplaying the opponent is really cool. Also, Lucio has a super high skill ceiling and is very survivable so less time respawning. I also play a lot of tf2 and Lucio's movement feels more similar to tf2 than the other heroes in overwatch.
Main: Mercy
Reason: I played her heavily during the Mercy meta and just came to really enjoy the micro-managing aspect of her healing.
Main: moria
Reason: well when overwatch came out , not a lot of people pick support so I keep pick Lucio then became my main at that time.

But one thing I can't stand see is a tracer/genji hurt me or my teammate and Lucio can't heal as fast as ana/mercy.

Moria is my play style I can heal my teammate and if my team need extra damage I can help. And it push genji/tracer back so they have to think when to attack.
Old main: Reaper(QP/COMP)
Reason: Guys a bad !@#, plus when I first joined I wasn't really the best at aiming and he's what I was best at. The thought of being able to be right in the front lines and behind the enemy team and be as equally as effective was a great thought, that same thought is also what draws me to Doomfist. His design also is very interesting(Again same with Doomfist)

New Main: Sombra(QP)
Reason: Brigitte. Stun Meta. Is fun to see Doomfist flock around defenseless as the only thing they can do is shoot(But if it happens to me its a totally unfair ;) )

New Main: Moira(COMP)
Reason: Strong belief that she's the best healer in the game currently. She's very independent, her play style requires you to be in the backlines and frontlines constantly, and can deal with flankers pretty well.
First Main : Reaper
the sneaky way of getting close to people was fun and you are rewarded with being able to delete people.

Old Main : Sombra
forced me to be creative and be a teamplayer to be useful, but she also fuels your sadistic feeling of making any hero who depends on skills panic.

New Main : Zarya
Best Hero, hefty girl with 200 shields that can regenerate when damaged, have both a tracking high dps laser which can melt anything,
also have big splash bombs that have a really long range, plus she needs to save people and can save herself with shields that grants her power, also probably the best combo ultimate in the game. plus she can boost jump with her bombs making her more mobile than she needs to be, i would say one of the most useful heroes you could ever pick without sacrificing anything if you're good enough.

why those?
reaper deletes people.
sombra hack is too good and translocator fun.
zarya, when she's charged you just feel overpowered.
My main is Reinhardt.
I love everything about him, his long history of fighting, his unyielding larger-than-life personality, and the very aggressive melee focused playstyle he promotes. I have a strong affinity for melee/short range tanks in any game, and he is no exception. Plus I think he looks fantastic.
I used to main Mercy because I'd never played an FPS before and wanted to be useful to my team without needing godlike aim. Also, I like healers.

I have switched to Moira though because I was sick of just getting dived and my teammates not caring. Also, I absolutely hate the changes to Mercy. Moira can still put out a lot of healing but she's not nearly as defenseless and has a much better chance of dealing with dive heroes if her team refuses to help.
- Main: Reinhardt
- Reason: In every game I've ever played, I've always liked having a massive health pool and being huge. So that's why I was drawn to Reinhardt. A huge German, Rocket Hammer wielding man in Crusader Armor, what else can a man want?
Edit: Also, I love his personality and backstory. Everything about him is just perfect for me, and he kinda is an exaggerated version of me.
Main: Brigitte
Reason: Duh
Main: any tank or support
Reason: dps one tricks so I had to play tank/support and I've gotten good at the roles so just stick with them now.
Main: Ana
Reason: Ana is unique hero - sniper-support. I like snipers, but my skill isn't good for perfect shooting. I like healers too, but any mechanics of they in Overwatch make me sad. Ana is good combination of this two roles, and it's perfect opportunity to me play as real sniper:3
Main: pharah.
Reason: She can fly. And let it rain rockets.

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