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I just want something to be done about ranked. I like my games competitve and I enjoy growing in a game to be better, but I feel like in overwatch at the moment its to much dependent on teammates. If i wanted to gamble for a win or loss i would play poker if im honest....
I stopped playing in season 5-6ish Kept up with my ranked after those seasons and it feels like every season people lean way more to much DPS then a tank or a healer. Don't get me wrong I dont mind filling in a open spot id love to do that since im pretty versetile, but my "encourgement"to fill when you have a 3 stack all going DPS then 1 random also going DPS is less then 0. Honestly this game has so much potential but I feel the community only cares about themselfs ( or most of it).
It makes sense, half of the tanks(Roadhog, D.Va and Winston) are pretty screwed thanks to Brigitte. Orisa is situational like she's always been. This leaves only Reinhardt and Zarya as reliable choices and not that many people like them so 3+ DPS or 3+ supports is pretty common.

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