Nova 6v6 Tournament!

Looking for Players - PC
Looking for players for our discord clan! Come join our community! New fresh server and we’re looking to have new and experienced members to join up and have a great time in Nova! Nova Clan is holding our own 6V6 Tournament and we welcome all players to join!

- Both EU and NA teams are eligible.
- Open for anywhere between Bronze to Diamond
- Premade teams are eligible.
- If you have a small group or teammate you’d prefer to play with that’s ok.

:PC: Map Pool in Swiss format: :PC:
- Control – Ilios / Oasis
- Escort – Dorado / Junkertown
- Assault – Hanamura / Temple of Anubis
- Hybrid – King’s Row / Numbani / Blizzard World

Discord Link :

What you can find in our server:

- Multiple roles that will expland with more people that join!
- Multipurpose Bots, Guilded, Music Bots and Now Live!
- A wide range of text and voice channels!
- Poll Channel to keep everyone in the server included in decision making.
- In-Game Events (Custom Games), OWL Discord Viewing Parties and Future Tournament!

What we want:

- Active players in-game and on Discord as much as possible!
- When looking for a group feel free to write in and ask for groups! Almost everytime someone always gets a duo/trio!
- On join please have a look over our rules and announce yourself in our introductions channel so I can assign roles and for everyone to get to know you!

If this event is successful you can definitely expect much more to come!
If this is what you’re looking for feel free to join and we hope to see you there! :D

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