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I'm very curious by asking this question,
Why do you main your main...

Do you main your hero because it is currently meta or op so you can climb the ranks much easier than you normally would be capable of.
I like to think these players are lazy because they try to bypass the rank system by playing a hero which boosts their performance and contribution to their team.

Do you main your hero because you are not the most mechanically gifted player but you have got good reaction speed and game-sense etc.
I personally think these players are willing to play heroes they perhaps do not look the coolest on or the most mechanically skilled which i can respect.

Do you main your hero because you enjoy playing it the most out of the hole cast of heroes.
I include myself in this category and most people also will as we play overwatch to have a fun and enjoyable experience and not to have a bland unjoyable session.

With the release of Brigitte I imagine lots of people will main her for different reasons do it just made me a little curious to find out so i created this post.
When I bought the game I picked Mercy, Reinhardt and Soldier in this order. Thought I'd be good at two heroes from each cathegory (back then I thought of offense and defense differently) and would have no problem. I was a casual quick player, barely did my placement matches. Around season 2's end I picked Reinhardt and interestingly Winston more and more (my girlfriend hated Winston so I could only play him if I wasn't playing with her). Around season 3, in qp at least, I barely played anything else then Winston and that pulled me up to diamond from low plat at season 4. But I am a scrub, so I thought to myself - why give up on my favourite hero and play a popular, less enjoyable one. So I picked up and since then did not release Reinhardt.

To answer your original question, I picked Reinhardt for a few things. I am similar to Reinhardt in build, although nowhere near as buff as him, I am very strong. I participated in medieval melee and my fighting style is similar to what Rein can pull off. And he has that fantastic, deep and rich personality, history... he is amazing, and my hero. I can only wish to be like him. And that they add him to HOTS.
I main Ana as she's the most skilled oriented healer.

Pharah would be my second main - As to why.. ehh, I like flying lmao.
Torb, because I've litterly got aprox. 10 cm of room to move my mouse (super high mouse sensitivity nukes anything close to aiming)
I main Mercy becouse of booty and my fav Gency shipp, lol.
I main Ana because of the high skill required,and the game changing plays I can make with nade,nano and sleep
Wouldn't consider Rein as OP, but I play him because he helps the team out.
Offense: Reaper

Defense: Junkrat

Main Tank: Reinhardt
Off-Tank: Zarya

Main Support: Zenyatta
Off-Support: Moira

Most boring hero in the game: Orisa
My optimal main is a hero that’s fun to play, which I think has a cool personality and/or design, and who isn’t among the most picked heroes. I enjoy variety and will try to contribute to it. That being said I don’t really have one main in Overwatch, but I enjoy Zarya, Zenyatta, Orisa and Ana the most.
I Main Widow and Ana. Widow can pick heroes faster and you can snowball easier compared to soldier76. Ana is the most skill character in the game and I like challanges.

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