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I am not going to complain anymore about Hanzo's new ability, but I am confused to how others will know when he is using his ability.

The Storm Arrow has a cool down of only 8 seconds and lasts for like 6 seconds I thought. Trying to eliminate Hanzo now is nearly impossible, as he takes even tanks around 500hp down in those 6 seconds - let alone the characters with only 200hp.

I thought I read or heard during his remake that this ability would give Hanzo an ultimate-like phrase, so everybody would know what is going on. He snipes from far and takes his ability out of his pocket every like 10 seconds, so there is no time to really avoid getting killed.

Would there be an option to know when he is about to snipe us all? Him shouting like "Storm rage like a dragon" or something, so others can hide or just know when he is using his extremely strong ability?

I understand that his arrow glowing up like that would already reveal that he is in "his mode", but the moment you see it is the moment you die...

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