EU looking for high plat, diamond

Looking for Players - PC
Hey, im a moira main, decent mercy when needed, looking for proper tank, dps players... was diamond last season, having tough luck with teams this season.

P.S. im 30 and kinda crazy, i prefer to play with 18+ as i have kids on my own and thats more then i can handle in my life xD ahahha... so al the gaf gaf gaf shes 30 and still playing pls dont bother to inv.
sooo im diamond on xbox and im new to pc and about to do placements for the first time.

I am a 3100 Diamond Tank Main, add me and send me a message if u want to play.
If I dont answer in 5 minutes, I am most likely busy on Steam but will check messages always instantly, if I am playing OW.

Always ready to play with anyone almost anytime and will mostly adapt to fill the team needs.

If someone has Discord or Teamspeak, please give the adress because communicating is a huge factor in enjoying the game and winning.
Hey I'd like to play with you.

I'm 3.6k SR widow main, but I also have a diamond smurf.

I sent you a friend request :)

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