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Hello all

I'm trying to improve at the game. Only gold atm following a disastrous placement series and then sitting at 50-52% win ratio following that.

I need to improve my aim. I need to work on not dying in preventable death situations.

I can't figure out what my target priority should be, though. Getting mixed results with testing around. Getting behind the enemy team quickly is super easy at this ELO.

At the minute, if I can get a quick surprise pick, I'll take it. Otherwise, I focus the support if I think I can kill them, then try to shred tanks.

Have I got this in the right order or should I be murdering Reindhart from behind, causing him to fumble his shield direction and die before going for supports?

Any insight would be great. Looking for answers from people higher than my skill rating, of course. Advice from Gold and below seems... random from person to person. There's a reason we're all bad, after all.
Sure you can kill healers as well with reaper but reaper is mainly taken as a anti tank ie. winston who keeps diving your back line. Reaper can work as a flanker sure, but Id say learn tracer or genji if you want to flank their healers.

Also everything is situational. But as reaper you should mainly focus tanks. If opportunity raises and your team doesent need your help dealing with tanks currently and you are safe to kill a healer or dps then kill a healer or dps.
Reaper is in a good spot right now if the enemy team does not have a hanzo so if they dont then you just want to run in with your brigitte and rein and focus the enemy rein and then flank with your ultimate but again if the enemy team has a brigitte you want to try and use ultimate while that is on cooldown ^^

Its probably not a good idea running reaper into a mercy hanzo tho as you will die before you even get close to them because of storm arrow

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