[PS4][EU][Diamond] Team LFM

Looking for Players - Console
[PS4] [EU] [Diamond]
We are a group of UK players (Masters - High Plat.) looking for additional members to regularly 6 stack with. We play most nights between 10pm -midnight British Summer time. (We're not flexible on this)

We're looking for players able to play/focus on a specific role( rather than flex/switch roles) i.e Main tank, off tank, Projectile DPS, Hitscan DPS, Main support, Flex support.

We're looking to run a mix of standard team comps based on map or counter stratting opposition (Full dive, Anti-dive, Deathball, Slambulance). So we're NOT interested in one tricks, off meta players who want a team to build around them or players who want to switch roles from game to game.

Join us if you want to invest time in improving in a structured team environment, can participate in 2 way constructive criticism and wish to enjoy Overwatch at it's best (Throw free, Troll free, No added Salt, 6 stacking!).

  • Strong English ability (1st or 2nd Language)
  • 18 +
  • NB We are a mature team that's friendly toward LGBT, female and ethnic minority players.
  • Previous experience playing in large groups/6 stacks would be a bonus!
  • You MUST;
  • Be ranked 3000 SR to 3500 SR(Season 10)
  • Play on EU servers (sub 100ms latency)
  • Have a GOOD quality mic. and headset. (Mic. buzz and TV volume is a deal breaker when it's echoing through 5 other mics!)
  • Have RELIABLE internet
  • Willing to commit to team atmosphere/playstyle. (Set shot-caller, target-caller, rehearsed callouts)
  • Message me directly on PSN at; quearns (I don't check this forum regularly!)
    Include your;
  • Current SR
  • Hero pool (> 10% total playtime heroes)
  • Role you want to play with us
  • Typical availability to play
  • Unfortunately, we are not flexible on the SR range we are interested in. Having tried lower rank players (heard every excuse under the sun why people have their rank) it definitely reflects true skill/ability/game sense and the team is only as strong as it's weakest member. Also, any higher ranks looking to smurf and play a different role/not commit to playing with the team are not of interest to us either.

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