"Lost Connection to Game Servers"

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During some of the comp warm-ups, it kicks me out the game saying I need to log back in, which doesn't let me so I have to close the game and re-open it, which has led to me losing 100 SR and gaining a 30min suspension.

I'm not having any connection problems on any other games / platforms and back ground programs such as TS3 and discord still function without any connection problems, yet the game still thinks I have disconnected.

Any fix for this? Like I'm just losing SR for no reason which is led me to losing my Masters rank and being banned.

Any help would be great.
Happened again, I joined a game and it kicked me out and said "login failed" and wanted me to log back into overwatch making me lose more SR
If you're experiencing problems with your connection please work through all the steps in the Overwatch - Disconnection Problems article on the support site, including those in the 'Advanced Troubleshooting' section.

As for the loss of SR, this is unfortunately not something we can assist with.

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