Craw out of bronze

Looking for Players - PC
Looking for more peeps to get out of bronze, tired of getting 1 decent team then 5 bads to drop me further into the hole of bronze, starteds 2 seasons ago at 1800 and solo queued down to 1200 currently.
hey I have just the group for you dm me for more info louise28#7433
Request sent
Request sended!
sent you a friendrequest, "fr0ze" :)
Same situation as you will send you a friend request
Hey let's team up I mainly play junkrat if not winston.
Lets go on gold togethaaa
Dropped from over 1900 down to 1100-something. Back to around 1400 now. People in this elo just dont give a shiit about getting out so I doubt Ill ever see gold. Hope U make it

Hi, same here. I dropped from 2190 to 1300, now slowly crawling out. Currently around 1500. Would love to team up with others who want to get out of bronze.

I mainly play Moira, Mercy, Lucio, Brigitte (kinda depends on the map, but prefer Moira). Can also play Soldier or Sombra. Even Roadhog or D.Va if we really need that :)

Add me if you like: ildasm#2479

I am adding everyone in this thread up to here :)

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