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13 Apr Nerazim units skin set (Fanmade) Custom unit models and portraits that could serve as Nerazim skin set. Mostly made by me, except for the Adept (But I made portrait for it) and High Templar (And The Phoenix that is partially made by me). Images of the skin set: All the models are available at, where you can download them for custom maps. Also there is a lot of other models and custom maps you can give a try and you can join there anytime with your own content !!! Link to my models on sc2mapster: Nerazim Adept download: Nerazim High Templar download: Anyone else likes Nerazim ? They are my favourite Protoss faction and I feel like they are quite underrated and underappreciated. Vorazun still doesn't have Nerazim structures in co-op ...DaveSpectre0 13 Apr
26 Mar Starcraft World I have this idea of a game set in the Starcraft world, and I have alot of pages about mechanics etc, but I dont know where to share it. Here is a few thoughts: Re-skin HOTS to be a pure Starcraft game. Use the MOPA combat system, in a survival game with hints from Albion Online. Add questing, dungeons and raids like wow into a survival game in MOPA style. Add gear on buttons 1-6 in addition to abilitys on Q, W, E, R. Add a backpack, swapping gear on button 1-6 gives a 30 sec cooldown. Open World Survival: Seperate guild bases from the open world. Let players build bases in a seperate instance, where other players can assign that they want to raid em. The open world beeing full of resources and spawns to farm, but also doing quests for resources. Instead of loading screen and bad spawn points, let ppl parachute in similiar to Fortnite. Add important fasilitys in the open world, this is the only place witch allow building in the open world. EXP: give exp from achiivements, like in Warframes nightwave and wow diversity etc. Killing and farming just give a symbolic amount of exp, use the achievement system to lvl ur char with. Dont reset lvl as in HOTS, talents are permanent. CHAR: Add seperate talents on lvl 10-20-30 etc, that is a re-skin on talents used. Example blue flare instead of red etc. Add classes similar to Raynor, Tychus, Nova, Morales, Blaze. When a character becomes lvl 30, his abilitys are added to a pool of abilitys you know. You can make ur own «class», by tailoring different abilitys from ur pool. Since talents are permanent, this encourage ppl to gather all the abilitys to the pool, and trying/building different specs. A player can have 3 active characters, the rest is in cryopods sleepling. Char #1 beeing the one you are currently playing, charc #2 and #3 are npc that are in ur base. You can swap between them, just like in State of Decay 2. This characters can also be used to send on mission from mission table (can be done with mobile phone), butt his makes this char unplayable during that time. TyStinkbombå0 26 Mar
25 Nov An attempt on "My life for Aiur" on flute So I really like this tune and tried to learn It. I am still a beginner level flute player, but hopefully It is at least a bit close to original .) 25 Nov
12 Nov Wooden league protoss , from the bottom to the top Hey guys, im platinum protoss and trying to get better. I have a series called "Wooden protoss ladder" that i will link you here below. Will be glad if you will provide me with some feedback about quality and maybe mistakes done in games. Link to that playlist: Thanks you all that come here for a feedback. "For aiur" and have a wonderfull day.CristalStar0 12 Nov
09 Nov Wrong wallpaper link Hello Community, The 7th wallpaper here (main hydrolisk background) with 2048*2048 linked to a wrong wallpaper, hope someone can fix this. Thanks. I don't know if this could be posted here, if not, pls delete or move it to where it belongs the best. Best regardsAquaPro0 09 Nov
31 Oct i need some help hey everyone. this may sound like a bit of a long-shot but i wonder if anyone would know how to contact Blizzard through email. because there are some personal things that are very heavy on me so i took to writing but i do want permission from Blizzard to create it because its a bit unusual. its really important to me so if anyone can help i would greatly appreciate it. thanks guysDelta0 31 Oct
01 Oct 2018 How to find a game or proplayer to spectate the match? I don't get it from where streamers get access to proplayers to ask an invitation to spectate the game.Podjigateli0 01 Oct 2018
10 Sep 2018 Starcraft Trailer with Pacific Rim vibes [fanmade] I worked really hard on this mashup trailer using Pacific Rim 2: Uprising and Starcraft Cinematics. I'm hoping you guys will enjoy it. I used to make a lot of these under "TrailerRedux" on YouTube. I wanted to give it a try again! Why did I make it? I'm a full time trailer editor, I just happen to enjoy Starcraft and Pacific Rim a lot. And it's good practice! :) Maybe this isn't a good place to post this video - in that case, I'm sorry. Just let me know in the comments! Watch (3min): 10 Sep 2018
01 Sep 2018 New commanders in Co-op? Should Blizzard add more commanders in co-op? who reads this. vote by replying. write yes or no .if yes write what commander should be added.if no explain why.MeeMaster5 01 Sep 2018
09 Aug 2018 Selectable faction soundtracks in game If there is no function that lets me change the in game soundtrack while playing a map. Lets say im doing a PvT and i like some specific soundtracks from the whole protoss soundtrack list, i would like to be able to pick out some very few of them I dont like the LotV soundtracks for protoss... they are to energetic and to much tempo, sounds, drums, horns and all the sha-bang. I like the quiet ones from HotS. I wish for such a function thanks ^^ <3Shifty0 09 Aug 2018
30 Jul 2018 Calling all creative gamers! Hello! Do you stretch the limits of games? Do you play with the rules rather than by them? Do you think games are creative? I am a second year PhD student at the Institute of Educational Technology at The Open University. My project focuses on the little explored area of creativity in digital games, and what players may learn from being creative in games. This also includes what aspects of game-based creativity are transferable to other areas of life such as the workplace, other hobbies or formal educational settings. I am seeking people over the age of 18 who regularly play (3+ times per week) a range of different digital games– online, offline, on PC, console, mobile or any other digital medium. I'm also interested in hearing from speedrunners, modders, AAR writers, fanfiction writers, game artists, developers and those engaged in any other game-related creative pursuits. Taking part will involving filling in an online survey taking approximately 30 minutes to complete. To take part or find out more please visit: Also, if you know of anyone else who may be interested I would be very grateful if you could pass this on :)DrQ0 30 Jul 2018
26 Jul 2018 Calling all creative gamers! Hello! Do you stretch the limits of games? Do you play with the rules rather than by them? Do you think games are creative? I am a second year PhD student at the Institute of Educational Technology at The Open University. My project focuses on the little explored area of creativity in digital games, and what players may learn from being creative in games. This also includes what aspects of game-based creativity are transferable to other areas of life such as the workplace, other hobbies or formal educational settings. I am seeking people over the age of 18 who regularly play (3+ times per week) a range of different digital games– online, offline, on PC, console, mobile or any other digital medium. I'm also interested in hearing from speedrunners, modders, AAR writers, fanfiction writers, game artists, developers and those engaged in any other game-related creative pursuits. Taking part will involving filling in an online survey taking approximately 30 minutes to complete. To take part or find out more please visit: Also, if you know of anyone else who may be interested I would be very grateful if you could pass this on :)DrQ0 26 Jul 2018
04 May 2018 Medivac Dropship This is my first model, Medivac dropship from StarCraft. Thanks Blizzard for this game !FireBy0 04 May 2018
11 Mar 2018 Videos StarCraft Rewards 20th Anniversary 1998-2018 Yo! Salut bisàme! (= Hi everybody!) I've made (with love and nostalgia :D) videos about the rewards you can get for the 20th anniversary of StarCraft! (In Diablo III - StarCraft II - Overwatch) I'm a bit late, since it was released the 06/03/2018, because I took a lot of time to get this done (I didn't even feel the time pass). I Hope you'll enjoy it! :) StarCraft II Playlist 11 Mar 2018
07 Feb 2018 Do You Play Creatively? Hello there, I am a second year PhD student currently doing research into digital games and learning and am looking for volunteers to take part in a study about creativity and games. I would be very grateful to anyone who wishes to take part. If this has sparked your interest, read below! Do you regularly play digital games? The Open University in partnership with the Leverhulme Trust are seeking participants over the age of 18 who regularly play (3+ times per week) a range of different digital games– online, offline, on PC, console, mobile or any other digital medium. Would you like to contribute to original research by talking about your gaming experience? The study focuses on the role of player creativity in digital games. This can be anything from creating new tactics/ways of doing something, utilising glitches, and solving problems to creating mods, streaming and writing fanfiction – and much more. The study consists of a brief recruitment survey (5-10 minutes) and a Skype interview (30-45 minutes) at a time of your choosing. By taking part you will help us further research into how creativity is expressed in digital games, and how it may be utilised for learning. As a thank you for participation we will offer you a £10 (or nearest international equivalent) Amazon voucher. If you would like to take part or find out more, please complete the short recruitment survey at: 07 Feb 2018
11 Jan 2018 Anti cheat detection tool for arcade maps? Hello, I'm a member from an arcade community map, the map in question is Zealot Hockey. We have a small community that formed a competitive scene. The game involves left click and right click as some of the main controls. We want to have a clean competitive environment without AC (autoclicker), auto left click steal, macros, combo clicks, alternative binds or any other shenanigans. The only way we have right now to check if a player is cheating is going in the replay and carefully checking every action the player does which is 9/10 useless unless it's very obvious. We know as a fact that cheating is very possible in this arcade map and we want to put an end to it or have something to control the situation, if anyone knows any tool to help us catch the felons, help would be greatly appreciated.Junky1 11 Jan 2018
07 Jan 2018 Protoss is too strong against terrans It was a bad idea to remove mothership core and buff other stuff protoss have now its over powered against terran they can prevent drops by making photon cannons and shield batteries and they will not take economical damage. they have too powerfull units they can kill terran bio in just a matter of seconds. I think it would be better to bring back mothership core and remove shield batteries and debuff stalkersBelgarath0 07 Jan 2018
06 Jan 2018 WAR CHEST Want the previous war chest not this one. Please make it an option what war chest I want.Yokuhatchi1 06 Jan 2018
19 Dec 2017 A semi-pro getting into streaming. Hey, it's Ziggy here! It's all in the title - I'm trying to get into streaming. I'm a semi-professional SC player, who's been part of the scene since 2010. If you're looking for some top-gm action and a healthy dose of balance whine, I invite you to check out my twitch channel at - all you need to know about me and the stream is right underneath the video player. Hope to see you there! My streaming schedule: All times in CEST Monday 4PM-8PM StarCraft II Tuesday 4PM-8PM StarCraft II Wednesday 9PM-12PM Brood War Thursday 6PM-10PM StarCraft II Friday - Saturday 4PM-9PM StarCraft II Sunday 6PM-10PM Brood WarIIIIIIIIIII0 19 Dec 2017
14 Nov 2017 A more of a "What if" co-op commander You know how infestors could control hybrids? Weeeelll what if a zerg and/or terran faction could use the base hybrid design. Maybe Narud? I mean, they did say they aren't doing the DEAD characters yet, but if you could use hybrids against other hybrids that could be nice. if you have any ideas for talents, normal skills, and units please mention them.Boomspell0 14 Nov 2017
03 Nov 2017 Please Help hello, i have maded a new story for SC 2 but i dont know how contact SC 2 developers. I dont want show it to public before sending it to developers so it is problem. If you can help thank you for outputs and sorry for bad english.jardaxiiiiik2 03 Nov 2017
19 Sep 2017 Lego Technic Siege Tank Hi, I designed the siege tank of starcraft in Lego Technic, this is a video showing the model in action: Hope you will enjoy :)Mitmat0 19 Sep 2017
10 Sep 2017 Reports from Markis Old Renegade Diamond 4vs4 and his humble feedback. I have too much laggs now and no money for a new PC, perhaps dear Blizzard you should be eager to pay me for Destroying League of Legends Game. Ps: Melee Weapon<333 Master -Z- 10 Sep 2017
05 Sep 2017 Appearances in Starcraft 2 Good afternoon. I turn to Blizzard. Acquired the look of a siege tank, but it only appears in Legacy of the Void The description of the product did not specify the version in which the appearance will work I'm playing all the versions: Wings of Liberty, Hearth of The Svarm and Legacy of The Void and I want all the acquired forms to work in all versions if this is not possible, make a detailed description of your products.Twilight0 05 Sep 2017
28 Aug 2017 Give SC2 some LIFE! To give the game a more lively aura, give each mainbase a theme based on which race the player is playing. Im thinking like, people moving, maybe some "homes" where people are living. Protoss mini probes flying around with white glowing materials. Maps are beautiful, this is just for us who's been around the same maps forever now.Ðàtsík3 28 Aug 2017
18 Jul 2017 Loading screen image Hey guys! I know that is very simple and don't change too much on the game, but it would be cool if we could select the loading screen change. I love the terran loading screen. Can you please make it selectable? Ty! : )Pudinzinho0 18 Jul 2017
04 Jun 2017 Terran ideal building Hello Guys Do you like the idea to have Blizzard create a new Terran building called ( barricade ) SCV needs to build it lets say 150 minerals and to have 2/3 armor 450 hp to block of paths and create defensive or offensive points to make different pa-things.DeuS1 04 Jun 2017
03 Jun 2017 sc LOTV EASTER EGG FOUND!!! on the 3 last level of the protos campainsunkstor4 03 Jun 2017
26 Apr 2017 Image rights for my website I think this is the right subforum. Hello, I have a question. I have made a StarCraft 2 mod and I also build a website to give players information about the mod. The website is currently not online, because I have questions to image rights. Am I allowed to use some official desktop Starcraft 2 images and screenshots I made in the editor for my StarCraft 2 mod website? What can I do to get in touch with people who are allowed to decide that? Could a mod answer to this question please, because it would be a really big risk when the website goes online. My mod is a real competitor to the classic multiplayer of Starcraft 2 and I`m not sure if Blizzard will be happy about. So I would like to get a offical statements to this. How can I get that? It would also help if someone has experiences with this problem. Thanks a lot.Red1 26 Apr 2017
10 Mar 2017 Mutation animated for desktop Hi guys! I'm new to sc2. I was rly impressed by animation in Co-Op Mutation, where bacterium animated. Do you guys know if its exist for desktop or not? Thank you!Mutating0 10 Mar 2017
07 Mar 2017 Looking for Master Coach Protoss We are looking for a Master player to help coach on the revival of Starcraft 2 Zero to Hero Youtube Series anyone that would like to take part will need at least 4 hours free a week to coach, Discord, Skype and a decent Camera Contact my Via this postNemonix0 07 Mar 2017
25 Feb 2017 Co-op can revive SC2? I suck in ?v? games. I can only beat computers on easy and medium, I don't care about tournaments and the missions have been quite a dissapointment since they are quite pushy. Yet I absolutely enjoy the co-op missions, I win alot there on brutal and the unique commander sets are amazing! I just saw a guy complaining how low the SC2 playerbase is, yet there I know there aren't any better RTS games atm... all the Warhammers are ages behing (and I am a fan). The way I feel as a casual player is that I can not compete in ?v? modes and they cause lots of frustration. But I enjoy Co-op missions. Absolutely love tham and can play them 24/7 (tried to do that once, stopped at 24/2). So why don't we get to see more of it? More commanders? More diverse missions? 3 man, 4 man co-op missions? I really belive that would open up the game to the casual players and the addicts ( with more difficulties). Oh yes and a BIIIIIG SKILL TREE! This can breathe life into this awesome game!Zver0 25 Feb 2017
25 Feb 2017 how to export loading screen as wallpaper I found a lot of loading screen images are really magnificent but I don't see why bliz keep them hidden. Neither I could find them in the official artworks or wallpapers but I'd really like to keep them as my wallpapers. Copyright issues maybe? Sounds not very logical because appearently it's blliz's stuff and I couldn't use those pictures to some illegal matters. The official wallpapers are really limited. Just a recommend how about open every in-game loading picture resources or remake them as hi-res wallpapers to your fans to freely save or download. I'm tired using windows screenshots or some third party exporting tools everytime it made feel like I'm stealing something.OLDriver2 25 Feb 2017
17 Feb 2017 A unit reference guide for LOTV As an experiment I created a unit reference guide app for iOS. You can get it here if you're interested: it lists all LOTV units, their health stats, their recommended strengths/weaknesses and some build info like costs and time.donnywals1 17 Feb 2017
12 Feb 2017 A WoW-lore mod? Hi! First of all: forgive me if this thread doesn't belong here. Back in the day, I'd swear I read about a mod that tried to recreate WoW story in a RTS format using SCII editor and some WCIII and WoW models. Although I played World of Warcraft back in... 2009? I wouldn't say it is my type of game. On the other hand, the rest of WarCraft series is incredible for me, so I would love to play the WoW events in an RTS campaign format... if that exists. Does it really exist? Was it a joke? Was it an extremely ambitious project that could not be finished? Thank you very much!DiegoPonga6 12 Feb 2017
27 Dec 2016 Remaster of Campaign? I wonder would this be done, mainly for the Tal'Darim forces as they sport the black and red theme of their own unlike the regular protoss folk. Plus i doubt they be the kind who put on a make up to deceive the enemy, being more of a ruthless warrior fanatics.Icesmaster4 27 Dec 2016
30 Nov 2016 SC2 engine geting worse with updates Games become less and less stable; here is a list of some situations i constantly experience: 1) "A player you were matched were disconnected from server" 2) with recent updates: "The game server timed out when creating a game" 3) Added eu server selection menu at startup, which crashes game if you select 2nd and click "confirm" too fast 4) 3D character portrait always laggin when selecting "Multiplayer" at startup 5) FMOD sound engine totally uses 1 core, when game is minimized 6) SC2 lags extremely on P4 (socket 478) but warcraft 3 works fine 7) after game - at score screen - build order lacks some units/buildings 8) Loading screen lacks CHAT! Loading indicator is depending on other players, sometimes freezes if one have internet problems - and no way to solve, no voting, nothing, just wait till he'll be dropped; when dropped no way to rejoin game; 9) score screen - graphs are.. not precise, they are anti-precise =) 10) i'd add several graphs like food usage+food cap, unspent resources, apm graph, so on.. all this is impossible, as a game sources are closed, and Blizzard is deaf. ... Despite i have corei7 3770K; 16 GIGS ram; SSD and R270x video card + fresh windows 7 install + fresh SC2 install + latest drivers (and no other software) - this game LAGS!!! HOW!?))) So below are my thoughts, as a C++ programmer: Engine code is way too abandoned and need many work on. Which, ofc, will never be done, as Blizz is focused on adding some content. This content makes game heavier and heavier, it now occupies over 20 gigs!!!; unlike very robust Quake3 Engine (for instance) Also to mention, all this make engine UNSUITABLE for cybersport! Maybe its time to abandon this engine? And to make new, fast, lightweight engine, by means of comunity. Which will focus not on graphics and buggy "features", but on lowering user<->game latency (IO); While allowing game running on low-end hardware, allowing it to render tons of simple units without lags. In other words i offer to make "remake" - a very lightweight client, which fully resembles game mechanics, but have very low memory and HDD space footprint, and low hardware requirements. What will you say in community? Would anyone join this journey as a developer? If yes - how? If no - why?RedFox1 30 Nov 2016
20 Nov 2016 We are looking for feedback on our SC2 shortcuts Hi there, together with a friend of mine we have started Global Gamers' Lounge. Here is one of our shortcuts as a preview: There are times when one doesn't have 2hrs to watch entire series. This is where we come to play. What we do is take a VOD and cut it in a way that all that is left are the most essential moments of each game. We do it in a way, we would like to watch it ourselves. We compress series to ~15mins (depending of its length and how action-packed it was) What do you guys think of such a form of shortcuts? What would you change? What do you like most? Looking for your feedback CheersKakapo0 20 Nov 2016
17 Nov 2016 New Streamer - New Player! I Seijan, has taken it on myself to learn SC2 LOTV, and share the journey as I struggle like the noob I am, but enjoying it to the utmost possibility. I am 24, male, listen to rock, metal, and chill music, enjoy games, have been a DotA player back in the day, which was an amazing time. I enjoy laughing, so humor is a big deal to me :) I have been playing League alot, but am taking a long break from it. I enjoyed watching SC2 and have tried it here and there, and now I am here to really dive deep into it. If you can, come and say hi to me in chat, I'd greatly appreciate it. It means alot to me! 17 Nov 2016
23 Sep 2016 Reunion Reunion by DuGalle Deep beneath the surface of Abaddon a wave of pain, despair, discord and most of all loneliness wash away the Moebius Corps members protecting a hidden genetics lab. Amon the Dark god was dead the eternal master gone and pets go rampart with there chains broken. The few Tal'darim field commander of the base broke free of the Hybrids will and turn on the abominations before they even realized it. Being under there control for so long time give them advantage over the hybrid. The Terrans stood there doing nothing when the 3 Hybrids die beneath the Psi Blades of the Tal'darim the forged had there revenge. Not all of Amons former servants where willingly following him. And now after a brief moment all where free. But what to do now a stalemate between Protoss and Terran forces formerly serving a single master. "Terrans we are now free of the false gods power we shall forge our own destiny. If any of you wish to stop us try now or stand aside we are going to open the main elevator door if you wish to follow us to the surface you are welcome to do so"- the powerful psionic voice belonged to the Tal'darim commander Zaradaar a very old female Protoss nearly a kid when the exile of the Nerazim happen. "The commander is right Amon is dead we see it in our heads the voices are gone for good. We shall be free indeed. Terran forces we are leaving this wretched place. We shall come on the surface with you Zaradaar."- Captain Yao was old soldier but he care for his people deeply now to be with his free will was surprising and refreshing his age wast harder as before. A fire eruption echoed true the sky of Abaddon but far under the active Volcano a hidden mechanism activated and few boulders move aside and a side elevator with massive platform emerged from far beneath the molten surface. The first shiny sign of life was Black and Red from 5 Tal'darim warriors hiding there gaze from the intense light from the systems star. Same did over 2 dozens of terrans male and female in CMC armor or scientific gear. They all see upon the sunrise the first sunrise of the rest of there life. to be continued ...DuGalle1 23 Sep 2016
16 Sep 2016 One of the best places to get free sounds One of the best places to get free sounds for your videos. Updated daily, free sounds, free download. Come and check it out! 16 Sep 2016
08 Sep 2016 Active streaming! Hey guys, I just recently started my own page on Facebook where I will be streaming my progress trough the Ladder and Tournaments. I´m a Silver Tier 2 Zerg player so please lower your expectations when watching my games! :) I´m looking forward to anyone who is willing to watch, help me, comment, discuss. I´m trying to improve all the time so every comment is helpful :) The page: 08 Sep 2016
28 Aug 2016 Anyone knows a SC1 Terran theme mixup? You know the Terran theme 1, there is that one part we all love and i would like to know if there is a mix which is basically only that part with a bit of filler and mixups.ANUBISATH1 28 Aug 2016
23 Aug 2016 Creating a full sized model of Kerrigan out of wire. Updated 23/08/16 So, I enjoy crafting things out of wire. Long story short, I used to just craft the basic frame of things, due to my liking of shapes and forms. However, I've recently decided that I would get a much better result if I add colour too, this method is taking me around 100 times longer than my first attempts, but I am enjoying it and I'm rather pleased with the results. What I'm doing is creating a full scale model of Starcraft's Sarah Kerrigan (Queen of blades form) out of wire. I'm just using wire, some pliers and my hands. No bonding agents, no paints, no machinery, it's all by hand. The links that I post are all from my facebook page (my personal one, I havent actually created and dedicated a facebook profile to this project), I will also be linking pictures in chronological order, so you can see how each part has changed over time. So here's what I've done thus far: Hands Face Neck/Colar and upper torso Front and back of the ribcage ____ I haven't had a great deal of motivation as of late, so I've only been doing little bits per week. I've added more since these pictures were taken, I'll upload them at a later date.FluffyBacon6 23 Aug 2016
16 Aug 2016 Two awesome Starcraft 2 + Pacific Rim trailers Check them out guys, one of them even features the Arcon from the Legacy trailer as a Jeager. It's pretty cool! Full trailer: Teaser with Arcon: I think they are awesome so hopefully you think so too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯MrGodzilla0 16 Aug 2016
06 Jul 2016 Updating art tools Hey guys, this topic used to be on USA-region forum but the entire Art tools subforum was deleted (I just can't find him in the list of subforums + my bookmark leads to 404 error -> that's why I think it was deleted) And there was important topic (for me) about updating Art tools. Let's say it all one more time. Art tools are compatible with Autodesk 3DS Max 2011 (and with 2010 as well I think based what I found on the net). But NOT with newer. And Autodesk provides only versions 2-years back, one actual and one beta version of next year release. So there are 2 ways: 1.) Illegaly getting somehow 2011 version of 3DS Max or 2.) wait until you guys from Blizz update the art tools with new models, update import plugin etc. I don't wanna use 1st way so I'm waiting. In the topic that was deleted some developer answered they doesn't have any ETA but they are working on it. He said this in January and since then no answer even thought many people asked on the progress... So, may I ask how it look with the update? ^^ I'd very appreciate any progress info :) (and if will any forum admin read this, please delete topic I created on EU region in February, but no response come + I think I made it in wrong subforum Thanks ^^)Erdolliel0 06 Jul 2016
27 Jun 2016 aW is looking for mappers Hi, Our clan is looking for mappers. to post a topic about you Email : awgaming@live.fraWJuliaN0 27 Jun 2016
21 Jun 2016 MY DOG9 DAILY VIDEO 21 Jun 2016