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19 Jun 2016 Warcraft campaign 1,2 remasted Considering the success of Starcraft and Heroes of the Storm, I would easily spend $10 up to $20 fo a Warcraft 1&2 campaign remake. With the new engine and new skins available for blizzard. The leveling team Starcraft 2, can be utilize fully. There seems to be so much fertile ground to create Warcraft campaign storymode for both 1 and 2. The majority of the models have already been created, This is not just a Polish update but with cutscenes and more details storytelling techniques & technology available and, it seems to me an Incredibly attractive value beside being an obvious sell, seriously one could even consider remaking the entire campaign of wc one and two, in a collector's edition. I think it would be significant blizzard just hired the crew that creative armies of Azeroth. This is probably I have seen this been suggested numerous times, but I appreciate if Blizzard would just acknowledge that this feedback has been digested. What do you guys think? Would you pay 10 or 20 4A Warcraft campaign with the Starcraft engine with models from Wow and hots?Karl1 19 Jun 2016
17 Jun 2016 Warcraft campaign 1,2 remasted Considering the success of Starcraft and Heroes of the Storm, I would easily spend $10 up to $20 fo a Warcraft 1&2 campaign remake. With the new engine and new skins available for blizzard. The leveling team Starcraft 2, can be utilize fully. There seems to be so much fertile ground to create Warcraft campaign storymode for both 1 and 2. The majority of the models have already been created, This is not just a Polish update but with cutscenes and more details story telling technology available and techniques, it seems to me an Incredibly attractive value beside being an obvious sell, , seriously one could even consider remaking the entire campaign of wc one and two, in a collector's edition. I think it would be significant blizzard just hired the crew that creative armies of Azeroth. This is probably I have seen this been suggested numerous times, but I appreciate if Blizzard would just acknowledge that this feedback has been digested. What do you guys think? Would you pay 10 or 20 4A Warcraft campaign with the Starcraft engine with models from Wow and hots?Karl0 17 Jun 2016
16 Jun 2016 Pride portrait please! Hello Blizzard and the Starcraft 2 team, I think it would be a really good idea to have an in game portrait to support HBTQ-people! Especially since the horrible massacre in Orlando I would like to stand up for that community and spread love while playing the best game I know; Starcraft 2. Please make such a portrait to spread peace, love and understanding Blizzard! You can do it! (Go watch the Team Liquid page!)Legobiten0 16 Jun 2016
20 May 2016 I made a video to 'explain' and 'demonstrate' APM Here it is: Enjoy :)LuckyLAMF0 20 May 2016
27 Apr 2016 Only chance to get legacy servers This is our only chance to get legacy servers for world of warcraft! Please sign the petition 27 Apr 2016
17 Apr 2016 Starcraft Entertainer/Streamer/caster - Give aways! STARCRAFT 2 +GIVE AWAYS! Hello everyone Just posting this to raise awareness. I am Makarimorph I stream every day and am in the process of growing our community of Tophatters. I stream mostly Starcraft Smite and warframe and the aim of my stream is to get the viewers involved, so if anyone feels like jining in with our community drop on by!Makarimorph1 17 Apr 2016
16 Apr 2016 Overlay(s) for twitch Hey. I am looking for someone to create me a overlay for twich, ingame and "not ingame", in the same style. I looked for the free ones, but I didnt like them much, so maybe someone here would create me one ? It would make me very happy =) Greetings, Patrick PS. we could discuss the stuff via Teamspeak :)Absynthe0 16 Apr 2016
03 Apr 2016 Pacific Rim / Starcraft 2 TV Spot Mashup! It's a pretty amazing TV spot with great sense of timing! Check it out guys! 03 Apr 2016
27 Mar 2016 StarCraft film Finally I found the time and finished LotV. The end left a dual impression like after after the passage of any cool games. I'm sure this story will remain in my mind forever, and it would be nice to see it but in a different interpretation. I will surely read books that have been announced, but it will be nice to see other adaptations of this saga. I'm really looking forward to the movie based on the game of Warcraft, and it seems like possibility of other adaptations depends on its success. Since I mentioned the fact that the history of StarCraft will remain in my head, i came up with the idea to present the film as not a common history, but as a retelling of the story by fan 50 yearslater to his/her grandchildren. Suspecting that this idea will remain an idea in my head, I just decided to share it with you. Maybe I'm too indifferent to the end of this amazing story ... original :)Ooopz0 27 Mar 2016
21 Mar 2016 Artwork creation - on demand Hello people, I am opening this thread hopping that I can reach some of you who are interested in artworks and are willing to appreciate and collect pieces from the Blizzard universe and not only. I know these are trademarks but this is an inspiration and my work will be basically unique and with my own personal touch. Hope Blizzard will appreciate and not condemn me. Again, we can have totally new projects, based on your schematics or ideas, or themes, etc. Its all about what the "client" wants not what I see fit to create. There will be some tolerance here, I will not reproduce something 100%. There will be definitely limitations due to the technique involved, materials and my own experience and feel. Though I am not a professional, I would love to bring to life (as much as I can with my limited options - I cannot compete with studios/teams or pros that had the opportunity to develop more in this direction) some of your loved characters, stances, etc. I am not going to limit myself on creativity, of course. A challenge could only propel me further towards my goal to work in the future in a studio. My limitations are based on material and lack of studio grade equipment (example: a huge ceramic oven) mostly. The "know how" will come along with the process, eventually :) I am working on polymer clay - so the final work will be hard (stone like but keep in mind, still fragile), using a wire skeleton base and filling. I might consider doing some pieces or projects in wood, but on high level of details, that will cost very much, so... I do not know what to say here. Depends on the project, on the scale, on the material (type of wood), coloring or not, and so on. The polymer clay will have the 2 options: colored or not. Of course, without color, it will not be or look so much alive. Problem is, those color pigments (the good ones) they cost and also there is more work needed. Apart by being a sculptor will imply to be also a painter :) Its not bad to have it all, but it takes time, effort, practice and cost will go up again. Again, I cannot compete with studios, where there are teams of pros working together (sculptor, painter, illustrator, etc.) Problem is, they are not offering UNIQUE pieces :) or if they do, it will COST A LOST. If you buy something with 100 usd/euro, you will get something that other people CAN buy, too. From my point of view, the one of a kind pieces, even if they are not masterpieces, are more valueable. And we are not talking about thousands in cash here. I am not here to make a fortune. I am here to develop skilss and creativity. I could do this only for me, for my own collection, but... there is a BUT, materials + time = costs. I am not doing this in my spare time. I will work 10+ hours a day maybe more, depending of project, time frame, and the price, of course. So... you need to understand that this is not easy for me. If you think along the way that this is easy, by all means, please, try it yourselves and we will talk afterwards. So... long story short, if there are any of you you might enjoy, for a reasonable price, a piece of art transformed into collectible, to stay on your desk at work or at home in your room, feel free to contact me and discuss it and prepare the project. There are of course some steps to be considered here since there is distance involved (transport, payment etc.), but hey... we are still on EARTH and we have internet, webcams, etc. Everything can be done if there is a will. I will post a work I've done... just playing around. In this case I used a cheap set of acrylics for coloring so... as you can see, the quality suffers. But it helps here to understand how things are in perspective. The more you ask from the project, the more it will cost. This does not bother me at all, but... it will bother many people. High end art comes with a price. Mine is not at that grade, not at this point. But it will be. So... we will meet in the middle, thus everyone will be happy. Please keep in mind that this was JUST a test. It is not finished - I was only working with the material to get to see how it feels, what level of details I can arrange, etc. There are also mistakes in there: posture, proportion, etc. It does not matter for me. I got what I wanted from this project. Hope you will enjoy my gallery. Feel free to contact me at any time and discuss: and skype ID: lepsulet Cheers! PS: by posting this I hope I did not offend or insult anyone nor do I violated forum rules.LepsuleT0 21 Mar 2016
18 Mar 2016 Starcraft II Trailers: Pacific Rim, Lucy, Matrix + MORE Hey guys! I made a whole bunch of trailers using Starcraft II cinematics, using other movie trailers as the "theme" of the videos. For example, what would the Pacific Rim story look like if it happened in the Starcraft universe? Here, take a look! I made all my Starcraft themed "Reduxes" avaliable below. Watch one at least, since I'm sure you won't regret spending 2 min on something awesome. Pacific Rim: Lucy: Matrix: Thor: 18 Mar 2016
16 Mar 2016 Starcraft series as an Anime? Have Blizzard ever thought of how awesome it would be to be making a co-op project with a Japanese Anime production to create the entire Starcraft saga into an anime? Leave comments below of your thoughts about a possible product and stuff and see where it goes :3AldunithZ1 16 Mar 2016
09 Mar 2016 [I REMOVED THIS POST] [I REMOVED THIS POST]MrGodzilla0 09 Mar 2016
02 Mar 2016 Achievements web app Hey guys. My app is kind of not used. Do you think I should still provide support for it? Is it useful? Should I bother adding search engine optimization? Let me know. You can access it here: I used free hosting, so it will get deleted if people don't use it from time to time :)VladDTerran7 02 Mar 2016
14 Feb 2016 My Artanis Cosplay Hi everyone, I cosplayed as Artanis at last weekend. Would you mind to check it? Thank you! En taro Tassadar.Stymphalia2 14 Feb 2016
05 Feb 2016 Combine messenger and authentificator Guys, here’s a little thought. It would be cool if Messenger, that is in the game will be combined with the authenticator. To be able to communicate with your friends on cell phone, tablet etc. Because we are not always near the computer, and friends can write, ask about something, simply type few words to you. And you not always share your skype with your friends, or you just met them on Authentificator is not often in use, just when you need to input the code during login to the game, the other time it just take place on your cell phone. That's the proposition. What do you think?dHoogy0 05 Feb 2016
13 Jan 2016 Starcraft 2 songs Hey guys, Me and my friends just released two really awesome songs, we hope that you enjoy them. Please leave feedback. May you all enter the void! Hugs and kissesSorteSlyngel1 13 Jan 2016
02 Jan 2016 Worst Zerg Universe, Ladders Z Way Hey Lads, my name is Toni"FeardotcomTv" Korhonen and im finnish streamer, streaming daily basis under Team Octagon Esports Flag, Timezone Cet Game Mostly Starcraft 2 Legacy of the void League Silver Currently Grinding out of it, i am interacting everyone who stops by on my stream no lurking :) -Fear-Feardotcomtv1 02 Jan 2016
29 Dec 2015 Extract resources since LotV file changes? Hi, All three SC2 games have got pre-rendered cinematic videos (I'm not referring to all the in-game real-time cinematics). Both WoL and HotS you could use the standard MPQ editors to extract these files from the game installation. Since LotV, it seems Blizzard have changed the file structure so that it is all in a single giant data archive (in the install directory it is actually a set of chunked zlib files under SC2Data directory, but these are easy enough to combine and extract). Apparently this giant file has combinations of mpqs and other file formats in there, but I have not seen any kind of extractor for this new format. You can still get most of the game resources via the official Map Editor, but I have not located the cinematics from LotV. Searching the web doesn't seem to turn anything up, has anybody succeeded in understanding this new file format? Regards, Rob.peridian0 29 Dec 2015
20 Dec 2015 Custom translation to my native language. I want to translate SC2 to my native language. Can anyone help me with the tools or are there any configuration files for translations/translators? UPDATE 20 Dec 2015
17 Dec 2015 ¿ nombre de la cancion hola me podrian ayudar con el nombre de la cancion de inicio del video 17 Dec 2015
29 Nov 2015 Trigger tutorials for the SC2 editor - LotV I reached the part where I need to add some triggers in my map, but the tutorials are slightly old. I was woindering how can I check if I killed both ultralisk and the nydus worm in the LotV version of the editor? Some functions like "Is Unit alive" do not exist. Yes, add a periodic event repeating every second but I cannot find a function similar to Is Unit Alive. How do I check if a unit is alive or existing or whatever? 29 Nov 2015
28 Nov 2015 Videos in honor of the Saga ending - This is War - Now That We've Come So Far Here, a 17-year old story is over. This music videos are devoted to all heroes of the story. They have changed, evolved, and everyone reached the end. For someone, it was a tragic end, for others – a happy one, but their story is over. However, it’s not the end of the Universe; it is just its follow-up. I'm sure that lots of interesting intrigues and plots are awaiting us. There’s so much untold and unrevealed left. We can only wait; however, it’s no stranger to us, is it? With this videos, I tried to convey what I felt at the end of the saga. I hope that worked out well, at least in part. As for the spoilers, I think everything is clear, but just to be safe, I didn’t show the most important moments.ImperMENR0 28 Nov 2015
23 Nov 2015 redirected redirectedBolkaXTD2 23 Nov 2015
23 Nov 2015 Starcraft 2 - Why We Lose (About Love) I made a video about Raynor & Kerrigan. Just relax and enjoy. It comes from the heart. 23 Nov 2015
19 Nov 2015 Where i can post modified screen shots ?! Greetings all, Just wished to ask if i want to post modified screen-shot for any ting scene of starcraft 2 in the forum or media where i can do that ? as you know many people like certain shots from some cinematic or in game, as i do :D .. It just for fun :DStarguard4 19 Nov 2015
16 Nov 2015 Zerg inspired haircut Hello! I've got a new haircut and wanted to share with all of you What do you think?Mifurre3 16 Nov 2015
16 Nov 2015 In need of additional pylons... Lately I've seen a lot of these pylon lightstand going around. ( I need these in my life.. When and where can we buy them? :(Totum0 16 Nov 2015
13 Nov 2015 Starcraft 2 (GMV) - My demons After finishing trilogy campaign, I made an cutscenes montage. Check it out if interested. 13 Nov 2015
12 Nov 2015 Starcraft 2 - Terran 1 Theme - Cover StarCraft - Terran 1 Theme - Cover [HD] With the coming of the new Starcraft 2 Expansion Legacy of the Void, I wanted to make a cover of one of my favorite tracks from Starcraft 2, I always love to make this Blizzard soundtrack covers, so if you have any suggestion for more themes i should cover, let me know in the comments, Hope you all like this new cover guys. Thanks for all the amazing supportJohnyminhoca1 12 Nov 2015
17 Oct 2015 Books? Evening, first of all I have no idea if this thread is supposed to be placed here but I felt I needed to ask the following question: It has been a while since the last book in the Starcraft universe was released (I do think that it was Flashpoint from Christie Golden and this was back in 2013). Now I know that most likely not a lot of people are reading these books but I tend to like the books about the backround of Nova, the early years of Jim and even (so some extent) the adventures of the Protoss. Yet, up until this point I have only seen that a short comic series is supposed to be realeased before LotV hits us in November. So if anyone does have more information about the plans of future books, I would be most grateful. Thank you in advance:-)Orange0 17 Oct 2015
17 Aug 2015 Shadow of the Xel'Naga Comics Hello! So I've created some time ago comics, about one of StarCraft books "Shadow of the Xel'Naga" to be exact. It's just the beginning of book, but I hope you're going to like it. Here's link, if you're interested in it. I'm still not sure if I should continue drawing thing comics to the end, maybe recreate whole book into comics? Let me know you do you think! I hope I didn't break some copy rights with it... It was a college project, but I kinda still wanted to show you, becuase I'm interested in other peoples' opinion :)Adexo1 17 Aug 2015
04 Aug 2015 Warcraft 4 on SC2 Arcade Hi All I wanted to share with you an amazing set of maps on the SC2 arcade. As the title of the post states they are Warcraft style maps with the races we know from Warcraft. They were created by Steve Lou not myself. I've just played them loved them and want more people to be aware of them, especially if your a Warcraft 3 fan. Their are a number of Maps including the cross roads, Stormwind, eversong forest and Ice crown, plus many more. Each map also has a 4 army's, Horde, Alliance, Burning legion and the undead. I've recently done a video review the newest map ice crown and race the undead. Please check out the video and the maps! search WAH in the arcade and you'll find them all. This is the closest to Warcraft 4 i think we are going to. It clearly took a lot of work and i really think its worth spread the word! Thank for reading all, Happy gaming. 04 Aug 2015
25 Jul 2015 The SCV-train song Hello, me and my friends made a starcraft2-inspired song for the BlizzCon2015 talent competition. I'll share it with you here. Tell me what you think of it! Thanks :D 25 Jul 2015
25 Jun 2015 Looking for a Laptop for SC2~600-1000€ /higher settings Hello can you guys suggest me a laptop that is good for playing sc2 on higher settings(does not to be ulta high) without going into a slideshow in lategame or 2vs2? Let me clear things up: -I have a desktop pc which I got before sc2 was released, but I am NOT looking for a desktop PC!!! -I am not playing much on PC and I need a new laptop soon since this one is about 8 years old and does not want to die!WêirÐWølƒ0 25 Jun 2015
16 Jun 2015 FREE heartstone card pack If you want it just follow this link... 16 Jun 2015
26 Apr 2015 HIGH RESOLUTION WALLPAPERS Does somebody know any web sites with High Res. Wallpapers?Michael1 26 Apr 2015
07 Apr 2015 StarCraft Music Video (Original Song) 5 years ago, I was quite active on the map making scene (I am the guy who made the terrain for Element TD) and for a cinematic contest on one of the fan sites I wanted to do a music video. But being the procrastinator I am, I didn't finish it on time and I kinda just left it there. I worked on it on again off again for some time and wrote a song for it inspired by the game, fast forward 3 years and I finally ended up recording the song with some friends of mine and fast forward another year and I actually finished the map and the triggers for it. Unfortunately, after a computer-switch last year after I finished the video, I have malplaced the actual map file, so I can't re-record it. So there is a little bit of fps lag which I hope can be overlooked. I am not asking you to like or subscribe, I just wanted to share it and see what people thought. Hope you enjoy it and have a lovely easter, pesach or saturday, whatever floats your fancy! Here's the video, the song is called "'Til Death Do Us Part" 07 Apr 2015
05 Mar 2015 A new unit to balance sc2 Ep 3-The Protoss Blaster Use the zealot model but add a staff with a psi crystal to shoot ground and air units with short range but with the speed and armour of the zealot to keep game balanced. The Blaster must cost 200 min, 0 gas, incase a protoss player's gas has been stolen-This unit will give the player some anti air units that do not require gas Terran-Marine shoots ground and air-50 min , 0 gas Zerg-Queen shoots ground and air-150 min, 0 gas Protoss has no anti air units that do not require vespene gas. Lets make the final changes fun and fair to all races and players so that there is always a counter for any attack.ITALIANSURFA3 05 Mar 2015
25 Feb 2015 StarCraft What's App group! :D Hi folks! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining a What's app group with the purpose of admiring the wonderful game of StarCraft and everything related to that, just discuss the game etc. Of course there's also place for non StarCraft related things like the everyday life, what's keeping you busy, school, work, sports etc. etc. I came up with this idea since I don't really have any one to talk about StarCraft and games in general and maybe some of you are searching for something like such a group as well. Would love to hear some feedback! Please do not share your phone number here out in the open, send me a private message if you would like to be added to the group =)NeLvalHiL0 25 Feb 2015
14 Feb 2015 StarCraft FanArts Hi folks, I'm kinda surprised there is no FanArt thread in Community Creations section. So I made one. Please use this thread to share your fanarts, regardless if you are newbie or pro artist. Since Valentine's Day is upon us, I decided to make my very first SC related piece, consisting of poor, harmless and cartoony Baneling: What do you think of it? If you know thing or two about art and are so nice to spend some time giving me more advanced feedback, please send it either my DeviantART ( or Newgrounds ( Now, I wonder what kind of fanarts you guys have to share. Looking forward to it!ZelgadisGW0 14 Feb 2015
14 Feb 2015 Raynor"s lighter :D Hi guys, in my free time , i think that i made Raynor"s lighter ,gifted by Sarah to him, long time ago,when she was still human.(I used 3ds Max and Mudbox). Thank"s for your time reading this.Xagec0 14 Feb 2015
30 Jan 2015 Diamond Level STREAMING on !! Hey there Peoples . My name is Kevin and i'm 18 Years old. I started streaming like 2-3 Days ago. And will start streaming Everyday. i'm Zerg Player streaming Ladder 2vs2-3vs3-4vs4. I was ex Master few seasons ago but due to work i do it's hard getting used again ^^ Please check my stream OUT and help me abit. Will appreacciete it alot , really! Thanks and don't forget to FOLLOW Button if you like it. ♥ ----- -------Kappacchino0 30 Jan 2015
30 Jan 2015 SC II Short Story - Chapter 1 "Sabotage" I originally planed to create a small campaign out of the stories, but due to a lack of time and also a little lack of skill with the map editor i had to drop that. Still i felt like sharing the story, so here you go. Don't expect the full background to the story, this will be revealed over time, when i post more chapters - If you want more that is :) Enjoy and post feedback pls. It was a damp night in this forest about 2 kilometers away from the Legions base, our target for tonight. “Sabotage”, that’s the objective I had to tell my men. I feel bad for not being able to tell them why we are really here, but it would be too dangerous in case one of them gets captured. The Legion found a Protoss database in a crashed ship a few days ago. They probably don’t know what they found, or they wouldn’t have stored it in this low security base. I was trying to get a signal from our surveillance satellite, I lost contact about an hour ago. The last pictures submitted showed a small convoy near the base, accompanied by a few siege tanks. Still, I wasn’t too worried about our mission being at risk. I looked over to my men, standing in a circle with their visors up. The medics checked their equipment and Bob – the marauder – was telling a joke. I felt good having Bob with me on this mission. He once was attacked by a group of zerglings, one of them ripped of his weapon arm. He then picked up his severed limb and used it to beat the rest of the zerglings to death. I gave up on trying to reach the satellite and walked over to my soldiers telling them it was time to go. Our plan was simple, climb over an unwatched wallsection, plant some explosives at the generators and gas pumps, use the confusion to grab the database and get the hell out before they know what hit them. We started moving and some minutes later we reached the end of the treeline. The view we got was not quite as we expected it to be. The whole base was on high alert, the walls were garrisoned with siege tanks and missile turrets, searchlights covered the open field between the forest and the walls, as well as the sky above the base. I contacted our pilot, we had to abort the mission immediately. I got through to him and told him to pick us up, but all I got as an answer was the sound of someone – or something – eating. Before I could give it more thought, thousands of bloodcurdling screams ripped through the air and suddenly I knew why the base was on such high alert. Hundreds of mutalisks, overlords and other zerg flyers appeared from the black sky and started to attack the defenders on the walls. The ground started to shake and trough the darkness of the forest we saw the eyes of the waves of zerg coming our way. We formed a defense line and waited for a clear shot, except for Bob, who fired a salve of punisher grenades into the black, shortly lighting up the area in front of us. As they came closer we started shooting and soon after, around 50 zergling corpses were lying around. As I reloaded I noticed something different in the zergs behavior. Normally they would try to kill everything around them before going on, but now, most of them just passed by running directly to the base, they only tried to attack us if we stood directly in their way. In a distance trees started to fall and 3 ultralisks charged over the field and burst a whole into the bases wall. That was our chance, we started to run and followed them through the breach. I’ve seen a lot of battles before, but this was probably the most terrifying. Inside we saw the burst corpse of a baneling next to a small lake, containing a mixture of blood, metal and acid. Vikings and Wraiths fought hopeless battles against the zerg superiority. Some of them got shot down in the confusion by their own missile turrets. Barracks and factories were burning, flames burst out of ventilations and in between lie the corpses of hundreds of zerg and Legion soldiers. I told my men to look for a transport to get out of here. None of them questioned why I stayed backed. I cloaked myself and ran towards the storage depots, hoping the zerg hadn’t reached them yet. I came around the corner just in time to see the whole storage depot go up in a ball of fire. I already feared that the database was lost, when I noticed two mutants carrying a box away from the collapsed building to an overlord waiting nearby. I loaded a high explosive bullet into my sniper rifle, aimed and shot it right into the overlords face. His head exploded and soon after his corpse crashed into the ground. The mutants looked around, still not able to see me, but my energy was running low. I started to run over there shooting them down, cracked the box open hoping to find what I was looking for. I did, but the moment I picked up the database, my energy ran out leaving me exposed. I realized the zerg also new about the secrets the database holds, putting in that much effort to get it. I received a transmission from Bob, that he had secured a wraith with a working cloaking device. I sent him my coordinates and told him I’m ready to get out. The zerg were not ready to give up the database so easily, as soon after a bunch of hydralsiks appeared and a hail of grooved spines went down on me. I jumped behind the corpse of the overlord and defended myself. Suddenly the building behind me collapsed and more zerg swarmed out of it. My energy had replenished just enough to cloak me for a few seconds, but it was my only chance. I activated it and started running. The hydralisks screamed and sprayed the whole area with their spines. One of them hit me in the knee, making it almost impossible to run. I just made it around a corner before my cloaking ran out. A fighter appeared above me and dropped a pickup cable. I latched onto it and got pulled up. Inside I saw one of my men lying on the floor, breathing heavily. Three Spines had pierced his armor and a medic was next to him trying to pull them out. Bob was flying us out, carefully trying to not get caught accidently by a projectile. I fell into the chair next to him. He looked at me and told me they had to engage an ultralisk who whipped out almost the entire squad. He glanced at the database and my hands and smiled a little. He said he knew there had to be more to it than simply sabotaging a more or less unimportant Legion base. I just stared into the dark space before us, as the medic came over to vet my knee. I hope it will be worth the losses…uredead2 30 Jan 2015
24 Jan 2015 Hey! I made a machinima, what do you think? So I've made this machinima as a test for any possible future machinima and I need to be told on what could improve. Though different from what I have planned to do in the future it'd still help a lot! 24 Jan 2015
24 Jan 2015 Promoting What are benchmark Marks' for A terran plager to get in to platinum what do i have to do for platscipio4 24 Jan 2015
10 Oct 2014 New blog Hi everyone. I just made my first post on my new blog on tumblr the blogs called revolution starcraft go check it out the post is a little guide on all things iv learnt on how to improve at the game and staying motivated and all that sort of stuff so please go check it out and let me know what you thinkFallenAngel0 10 Oct 2014
05 Oct 2014 How do I submit a question to the game developers? My question is simple. How can I do it?Moriander1 05 Oct 2014
29 Sep 2014 Starcraft 2 HotS Poster SPOILER ALERT: In my question I mention part of the Heart of the Swarm ending. My favorite scene in the game is when towards the ending we see Raynor from behind, after Kerrigan flies away, and the camera slowly pans up towards the sky. I was wondering whether this scene is sold in the form of a poster (unlikely), or if there is a way for me to make into a poster. Thank you in advance for your responses.MariosBass0 29 Sep 2014
15 Sep 2014 the nightmare The nightmare 01:24 AM 2014-09-06 we were together, or rather I was near a group of familiar students. No, more than my associate characters. From the academy. We were gathering at the local nightclub. The atmosphere was fine. It was night-time, as per usual. There was some agreement or unanimious idea that everyone was, expecting some band to perform, within the immediate future. They were something that for now I cannot even identify or give a name unto. But it was enough to know that they were some 'premium' band, or at least something that the entire group looked forward to. To rephrase I was amongst friends, those people whom by definition the company I love. Nothing was amiss, no dissonance or any hint or suggestion that something was pending. This, however was hinted inadvertently, where within someone approached us and remarked that, the aforementioned band, were too busy - backstage - bickering amongst themselves about the universe.. as a result of their inordinate 'intoxication'. So to speak. I, myself, departed from the table to either go to the restroom, or to the bar. Then something happened. Now that I recall I was going to the rest-room and someone, either perforce with some intention, intercepted me or he did so, without his knowledge. he said.. 'they are coming'. He was hystericall and displayed the usual signs of intoxication. However the idea was that, suddenly I KNEW, I was, a terran, whether a civilian, a citizen or some other agency that contributed, to the the sum total of the Terran confederacy. I do not remember the rest of the dream.. but the individual who intercepted me WAS a terran. And what he remarked was that THEY.. are arriving.. It was the Protoss.. And then.. I felt rather than saw, the outline or impression of what only could be described as, Zeratul, flanked by an array of Dark templar. I knew, by some other sense of guess, that THEY - the protoss - were here only for the reason that the zerg, somehow, were amongst us.Pookie10 15 Sep 2014