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09 Mar Multiplayer Introduction Starcraft II is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game and, even if it has an amazing single player campaign, its best part is the multiplayer. Starcraft II was build from the beginning to be an e-sport. How you can start? This topic wants to be an introduction for new players, here you will find useful links and hints. First, if you are totally new to RTS, you should play the singleplayer campaign. Its storyline is gorgeous and you will also be able to learn some basic mechanics of Starcraft (like resources gathering, how to build up bases, units and so on). You can discuss about mission, lore and topic related to singleplayer, in this section: --> After this you should do Challenges. Challenges are 9 in total, they are a singleplayer experience and they are here to be a bridge toward multiplayer. Each mission has 3 different objectives, if you complete all of them with a Gold award you will acquire a good amount of experience with units, races and basic multiplayer's mechanics. Don't worry if you will have to repeat some of them, this is normal, challenges are not meant to be easy. More you practice, more you will learn. More information about this, here: --> Now you can start to play with and against other human beings. My advice is to chose one specific race and play mainly with it, so you can focus on its unit, building, strategies and you will learn more faster how to play. When you hit for the first time the Multiplayer button you will have the option to play 50 matches in a Practice League. You don't have to do them all, you can just play a bit here so you can choose your favorite race. Remember that in this league the game speed is slower than normal and maps have some variants to help you, so this is not a real environment, don't focus too much. Use this time to try each of the 3 races and choose what you like most for the real ladder. You can have more information about races and units, here: --> If you are looking for a complete list of FAQs about Ladder and League, just go there: --> The most popular league is the 1v1. A bloody duel with another player. This is also the most difficult, so you should play here only when you will have some experience. My advice is to start form 4v4 and 3v3, where you are with other allies. They can help you and you will not have all the match on your shoulder. The most fun thing is to find some friends and play with them regularly. There are a lot of way to find someone, you can use this forum, in-game chat system, official fansite website, or you can bring to Starcraft II some of your real friends! The first matches could be a bit frustrating, but after few games you will learn the basics and more positive results will come. Another important aspect is the language used by us. Often we use a lot of neologism and acronyms, here you can find an helpful list: --> --> 09 Mar
04 Aug Starcraft 2 tips & tricks I thought it would be nice to have a list of the various tips and facts about the game that are not widely known, but can be very useful in game. Here's what I have so far : Control : * Backspace cycles through all your command centers/hatcheries/nexuses. * Ctrl+click a unit selects all units of the same type currently on screen. * Ctrl+shift+click selects all units of that type on the screen and adds them to your selection. * Ctrl+F1 selects all idle workers. * Shift+number adds the currently selected units to the control group. * Rally points can be set on units. * Rally points can be queued to have the units follow a certain path when spawning. * W selects all warpgates. * Ctrl+Alt+Click on the main screen sends a signal on the minimap. * Use Alt+Key to turn on/off autocast abilities without using the mouse. * You can repeatedly use an ability by keeping its hotkey pressed. Works with spells (Psi Storm, EMP, Fungal Growth, etc) as well as unit production keys. Gameplay : * Unburrow can be set to autocast. Useful for transforming Banelings into landmines. * Burrowed Banelings can be detonated manually. * Spawn larva can be cast on the minimap. * EMP can be cast on buildings like Command Center and Nexus. * The mothership cloaks buildings. * Chronoboost affects warpgates reducing the Warp In cooldown from 15 seconds to 11.25 seconds. * You can cast Chronoboost on the minimap * Mules can repair. * Roaches can burrow under forcefields. * You can feedback and EMP Point Defense Drones. * Spawning creep tumors can be cancelled, restoring the energy. * You can stimpack units inside bunkers. * Colossus can be loaded into transports. * SCVs with auto-repair can repair mechanical units inside medivacs. * One on one, an unsieged tank beats a sieged tank. * Fungal growth reveals cloaked and burrowed units. * EMP temporarily reveals permanently cloaked units. * Banelings are not light units. * Hallucinated units grant vision. Use it to scout or look over cliffs. * You can use abandoned enemy Tech Labs and Reactors with your own buildings. * Workers that are going to collect resources or return cargo enter a special no collision mode which allows them to pass through other units (even enemy). Trivia : * Units will say additional dialogue if clicked multiple times. * Repeatedly clicking on a critter will make it explode. * Hatcheries/lair field of vision shrinks when they're mutating. * If you build two Nydus Networks, they will be connected. * Hatcheries provide 2 supply. * Using Neural Parasite on a egg will kill it. * The Nydus Network has a capacity of 1020 slots, or 255 units, whichever comes first. Micro/macro : Moving drop tip : to perform a moving drop, move your transport to a location, press D, and click on a transport. The transport will drop units below it while continuing to move. Do this for each transport. Useful for : baneling drops on a Terran bioball army, or for spreading your troops to avoid splash damage. Tutorial : Zerg macro tip : put all your queens in a control group, then when the time to spawn larvae comes, select the group, press shift+V and click all the hatcheries on the minimap. The queen closest to each hatchery will spawn larvae there. Sending your workers to gas tip : select 6 or more workers from your mineral line, then using shift+click remove portraits until you have exactly six. Right click on one of the geysers. Next remove 3 more portraits and send the remaining workers to the other geyser. To avoid losing any already-mined minerals after right clicking the geyser press C to return cargo. The worker will then automatically return to mine the geyser you clicked. Command queuing tip : any ability can be queued. This allows some combos like queuing move+blink on a stalker, or move+siege mode on a tank. However you can only queue abilities that are currently on the command card. For example, you cannot queue unburrow+fungal growth on a burrowed infestor, even if fungal growth would be available when unburrowed. Baneling morph is the exeption to this rule and will be executed as soon as the command is clicked. Field repair tip : you can drop mules on the battlefield to perform emergency repairs on units like battlecruisers which would take too long to bring back to the base. Marines vs Banelings tip : The least APM-intensive way to micro Marines away from Banelings is by "patrolling" - (P + click) them away. This causes the closest Marine to stop and shoot while the others are still running away - then next marines only stopping when they get in range - and so on. This will reduce the Marine casualties since they don't get clumped up and die in one massive acid explosion. Please comment with your own tips and I'll add them to this post!vic158 04 Aug
30 Apr Map Rotation for Season 2, 2018 A new season means a new map pool! We’ll be adding the following new team maps: 2v2 – Redstorm 3v3 – Stranded Isles 4v4 – Last Impact We are also adding the following new maps to the 1v1 ladder: 16-Bit LE Dreamcatcher LE Lost and Found LE Redshift LE Darkness Sanctuary LE Map Previews: And we will be removing the following maps: Blackpink LE Backwater LE Abiogenesis LE Eastwatch LE Neon Violet Square LE The final map pool will be: Catalyst LE Acid Plant LE 16-Bit LE Lost and Found LE Dreamcatcher LE Redshift LE Darkness Sanctuary LE The new maps are available in Custom games starting today. Season 2 will begin on Tuesday, May 15, at which the new map pool will be live on the ladder. Expect a full blog which will expand on each of the new maps at that time.Kheluriel0 30 Apr
09 Apr LADDER and LEAGUE: Everything you need to know There are always a lot of questions about Ladder, League system, Division and how they all work. Some months ago I did a first version of this FAQ, but since I need a lot more space I've made a whole new version. :D Every answer is verified. If you have other questions, just add them with a replay and they will be added. ;) INDEX LEAGUE AND DIVISION: PROMOTION AND DEMOTION: WIN/LOSS RATIO: BONUS POOL & NEW SEASON: USEFUL LINKS: 09 Apr
5h So no 4.4.0 for Europe yet, what gives? usually we get patches during the night just after NA or at the same time as NA on occasion, this time however we still haven't got 4.4.0 and NA have had it for like 12 hours?MalgaladEU2 5h
1d How friendly for new players these days? Hello, I recently started playing SC2 and I was thinking about trying multiplayer. However I'm a bit intimidated because even though I did play SC back in the day I did only against AI, and considering SC2 has been out for quite a while I'm sure the community at this point is pretty much full of veterans so there's maybe little to do even at the bottom of the pit. So my question is: how good/bad is it? Has anyone been in a similar position recently and if so could you share your impressions? I see forums are not that active but anyways, no hurry (finishing Zerg campaign at the moment) ThanksLysander5 1d
2d Dehaka & Black Death (Plague) If Dehaka gets Black Death (plague debuff) it sticks on him forever even through death. So when Dehaka rebirths at his den he dies in 30sec again. This makes the character completely useless especially when you go with MOBA gameplay. Please FIX THIS !! ThanksHolyKiller1 2d
2d What MMR is the correct one? After a 1v1 the score screen displays my opponents MMR, e.g. 4099 (+23). When I lookup the MMR in the profile or at, I see 4767. I'm at 4100. Which one of the displayed MMRs is the one of my opponent? Which one is being use to calculate MMR changes? (I'd say, this guy rather played like >4500ish..- *sigh*) This also happens when I win.Bauernopfer7 2d
13 Jun Multiplayer career profiles Don't know if I missed something, but how come some obviously extremely experienced player profiles display their career total games as zero?Simian0 13 Jun
10 Jun Please give Russians their own realmpool Please, Blizzard... Everyone would profit from it: Russians finally have no language barrier and normal people wouldn't have to carry Russians since 90% of them are terrible.Nasharan1 10 Jun
03 Jun Karax´s Chrono Boost Hello I was wondering about Karax´s Chrono Boost, and it occurred to me... We know his boost makes unit and upgrades production speed up to 500% for 20 seconds, BUT this does NOT affect the resource gathering rate, which means, it doesn´t make the workers mine minerals and gas at the same speed of 500% for those 20 seconds. So, I was simply wondering... is it a good idea to make this happen (minerals and gas mining rate at 500%) ? I see a few advantages: - if you lose too many workers in mid-late game and the enemy is about to attack you, you have a chance to boost your economy quickly. - if you lose most or all of your army, you can boost the worker's gathering rate significantly and be able to stabilize your economy and build an army ASAP. Your thoughts ? Cheers :)ZERGB2 03 Jun
28 May Allow Co-op commanders in vs. A.I. skirmishes In my head it would work similar to how commanders worked in the Command&Conquer games. You either play as a default race or as one of the co-op commanders (Raynor,Kerrigan, ...) with their specialized abilities and limited unit selection. Otherwise it's the same vs. A.I. lobby with custom player colours, free map choice and so forth. There is no need to balance it for competetive matches if it's restricted to VS AI skirmishes only. However, the big plus would be the community would be able to create and play their own scenarios, play with any amount of people or just enjoy stomping a big pile of brutal AIs with their level 15 commanders once the available co-op missions became stale. You could also restrict special commanders to human players in order to save AI development time. I genuinely don't know whether suggestions mean anything in this forum but I really hope you consider this apparently relatively low effort ("just" porting it over) for huge impact (all the variety you can wish for) change!Kytherean13 28 May
28 May Apm counter? Hey how do you turn on the live apm counter?GamerTech1 28 May
28 May Unlocking Ranked Matches Hi everyone, So I recently decided to play some Starcraft 2, and get into ranked matches. I noticed, that you need 10 Fwotd to play Ranked if you dont have any Campaign bought. I have played some games, but now it just seems like it's stuck at 8/10 and wont go up. Is it because the timer isn't reset at 00:00? On a similar note, is there some timer that shows when you can get it again? gg, SixxansSixxans1 28 May
21 May More players for co-op Just curious, I don't know if this came up before, so I put this out there: How would people feel about 3- or 4-player Co-op missions on larger maps? I am not talking (x)vs(x) / North vs South multiplayer; I mean co-op/ mutation as it is, but on larger maps with more players (and maybe multiple enemies to make up for the additional players)?STA4 21 May
21 May What about a short intro for each multi player game? Hey there, 1. What about a short intro into a 1v1 ranked/unranked game, like: "Welcome Commander, the locals on (Where ever the map is placed) need your help, (What ever species you are facing) landed near their position" (something different and more exciting) Maybe a little camera swing over the map. And create some variation each game. 2. I also would love to have something like season challenges: The race with the most wins (without random) gets a new unit skin. Or a new Unit in general.Sven1 21 May
20 May Players leaving Co-op Hello I am sure this was posted before, but I will try again. This is regarding the issue when players leave the game in Co-op. I would like to propose the following: Before I being, I will address players A and B ( B is the one that leaves the game) - Give player A, player B´s top bar commander abilities. For example: add it next to player's A top bar abilities OR when player A clicks on any of B´s CC/Hatch/Nexus, it will change into player B´s point of view (even the UI changes) - Add player B´s supply to A´s, (A has 200 supply, and B has 100 ---> A has 300 supply), and make sure player A can see the total supply. For example: A has currently 120 supply and builds up 100 supply from B´s commander ---> total of 220 supply currently shown next to the minerals and gas count. What do you think ? CheersZERGB0 20 May
20 May Next CO-OP commander Who would you like? I would like Talandar (Robotic Fenix) or somebody from Terrans. Any other suggestion?DEU41 20 May
19 May Team matchmaking is a bad joke and you know it Random teams versus premade teams [Check] Unranked players versus/with Ranked players [Check] Cross league matchmaking - also known as Diamond vs Platinum or even Master vs Bronze [Check] Unfair or even ridiculous stupid matchups [Check] Win percentage has no effect of opponents or allies [Check] ELO-rating prison - hardly impossible to get away from your forced rating [Check]VinkuLelu6 19 May
18 May The End Hi All 35 years old. Played the original starcraft when i was a teenager, loved it, stayed with the series all through the years, but that's it. I'm done. I've always had a love hate relationship with this game, but tonight all hope died. After an ludicrous losing streak I said to myself if I lose the next game then i'm done, guess what, my team won, but I deleted anyway, you want to know why... It was boring. Good games of starcraft 2 are so rare, you have to grind through so much crap to get a decent well balanced game. Yes, yes, it's a 1 v 1 game, it wasn't designed for team match ups, blah blah you're a noob. It's boring, the game is boring now. Perhaps the idiots who designed the matchmaking system should have factored in that if someone suffers a series of relentless, demoralising defeats then it might put them off the game, guess what, it has, despite this Pyrrhic victory. Goodbye dudes. The WarmasterTheWarmaster3 18 May
17 May Darkness Sanctuary LE - vision problem Hello Developing Team, first of all I would like to thank you for the good work you did in this most recent patch and the new interesting ladder maps. Darkness Sactuary however, as the name suggests, is dark. Waaaay too dark. I play with green vs red team colores and when I play against zergs in particular, units such as the hydralisk or zergling are very hard to spot. I don't always want to adjust my gamma settings just for that map. Could you make it a bit brighter, please? I've heared many other players share my opinion. Thanks again and in advance.vmgNarra0 17 May
15 May 4v4 is trash mode full premades against randoms BEST RANKED EVERSoD10 15 May
15 May An appeal from and to all WOL / HOTS players Dear friends, Some of you might know me from playing WOL and HOTS on the EU and NA ladder. Like most of you (so I assume) I was quite shocked logging in yesterday to find out that the WOL and HOTS ladders have been removed entirely. Until we remedy this catastrophy through protest (we shall stop at nothing) I am setting up a mailing list so we can all join a groups for the respective game on . I will provide details to the list shortly here and the group is called "HOTS WOL Players" on Please join up so we can continue to play the game as we enjoy it in custom games. I think we should try to make the best of a bad situation. To Blizzard and others asking what the big deal about the ladders removal is: Some of us enjoy playing 2-3 hours of starcraft II on the weekend after a long workweek to relax. LOTV does not allow you to relax. I've played enough LOTV up to a high level to know that for me as a 34 year old the game is too taxing to really enjoy it like I have the previous editions. For my older brother or other friends I play with (in their late 40s) LOTV is entirely too taxing and intimidating. None of my closest Bnet friends have taken to it. Yes there is coop, but you know what, they haven't taken to that either. There were roughly about 50000 people still playing wol/hots and from one day to another their joy and passion has been stunted. There were some dudes playing 800 1v1 wings of liberty games per season, and they were serious about their ladder. I'm absolutely positive more people were playing HOTS/WOL than archon, yet archon remained. I don't really care in what shape or form, whether its ranked or unranked or simply 1v1 and 2v2 but I ask you to reinstate Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm ladder in some way. Thank you. Everyone in favor, pls bump accordingly.ƗƧƩẊƳƁƛƆƘƗ17 15 May
15 May Cyclone This may seem like a stupid question but I have read the Wiki page on the Cyclone and it doesn't actually say... Is it always anti-air or only when the special ability is activated? I just played a game and in the melee it looked like they were just driving around under the protoss fleet and not actually firing. Thanks in advance. HorusTheWarmaster5 15 May
15 May Ranked Season 1, 2018, LOCKED. Oh really?? Hello guys! Im a good player, far from a hardcore one, and not even close to pro, but I am a very competent player who really like this game. This Ranked Season 1 of 2018 has so far been my best ever, with Diamond in 1v1 + 2v2 and now Master in first 4v4 AND 3v3 just barely before the Season Lock, at May the 9th! My current 4v4 Random is Master Tier 3 Rank 41, and my 3v3 Random WAS Master Tier 3 Rank 8 when the Season Lock was put in place... So, I have some questions about this so-called Season Lock, which is from 9th-16th of May this season. Does a LOCK for Ranked Season 1 2018 not mean that you CANT get promoted or demoted at all, atleast if you not play at all, win or lose?? I was sooo jubiliant about being placed at Tier 3 Rank 8 in my 3v3 Master just when the Season Lock got into effect, so I thought, "heeey maaaan, im gonna get that sweet Team Top 8 Master achievement! :O :) But, apparently, today the 14th of May, just 2 days before Season end, my Rank 8 has dropped to 9 :( WHYYYY Blizzard, if I may ask!?? I haven't even played any 4v4 at all, YES, a few games in a fixed team, but not on my current 4v4 Random standings, so nothing should affect it... Team Top 25 Master is also pretty nice, but if this Ranked Season truly has been LOCKED, then I should bloody well get a Team Top 8 Master instead, which is somewhat nicer.... this honestly really makes me a bit angry, especially considering all the effort I've put into the game. Please, any clarification would help out!Voidreaper2 15 May
14 May Season Lock, ermm, yes!?? Hello guys! Im a good player, far from a hardcore one, and not even close to pro, but I am a very competent player who really like this game. This Ranked Season 1 of 2018 has so far been my best ever, with Diamond in 1v1 + 2v2 and now Master in first 4v4 AND 3v3 just barely before the Season Lock, at May the 9th! My current 4v4 Random is Master Tier 3 Rank 41, and my 3v3 Random WAS Master Tier 3 Rank 8 when the Season Lock was put in place... So, I have some questions about this so-called Season Lock, which is from 9th-16th of May this season. Does a LOCK for Ranked Season 1 2018 not mean that you CANT get promoted or demoted at all, atleast if you not play at all, win or lose?? I was sooo jubiliant about being placed at Tier 3 Rank 8 in my 3v3 Master just when the Season Lock got into effect, so I thought, "heeey maaaan, im gonna get that sweet Team Top 8 Master achievement! :O :) But, apparently, today the 14th of May, just 2 days before Season end, my Rank 8 has dropped to 9 :( WHYYYY Blizzard, if I may ask!?? I haven't even played any 4v4 at all, YES, a few games in a fixed team, but not on my current 4v4 Random standings, so nothing should affect it... Team Top 25 Master is also pretty nice, but if this Ranked Season truly has been LOCKED, then I should bloody well get a Team Top 8 Master instead, which is somewhat nicer.... this honestly really makes me a bit angry, especially considering all the effort I've put into the game. Please, any clarification would help out!Voidreaper0 14 May
13 May Feature request: deny some matches of races Make possibility to prohibit some matches of races on ladder For example ZvZslonofanya0 13 May
12 May Worth to come back to multyplayer? Last time i played (last year) i manged to get to plat it is still worth to come back?WarPenguin2 12 May
10 May GSL 2018. Ravens need nerf! Elazer vs Byun game 3 GSL 2018. Ravens need nerf. Look how OP ravens are.ToaStie2 10 May
09 May Way too unbalanced matchmaking I just started playing starcraft 2 again after about a year. Started playing some 1v1, last time i played i was gold or something, nothing too fancy. And here i am, rusty after one year of not playing and instantly get matched vs a diamond player who totally decimates me. Really? and the rank i gain after that disaster of a game, is platinum 1? Following games i still get matched vs diamond players who also destroys me. Why am i getting matched with diamond players? I can not enjoy the game playing versus opponents that are way above my skill level, it just feels unfair. A year ago i enjoyed playing zerg in low to high gold, being matched with similar rank and skill level players. Now it's not fun anymore. Any idea to why the matchmaking system seems so unbalanced? Would appreciate some insight.daronos2 09 May
06 May arcturus/valerian for a co-op commander So i've been thinking about this for a while and id really like to see one of these two as a co-op commander. Mainly because i want an excuse to see the Warhound and HERC appear in Co-op so i can actually use them. They could be designed to use some of the bigger units from the Campaign like the Odin and the Loki, as well as making use of Spectres, DiamondBack and Predator. Could even implement the Shredder which was a AOE unit that was removed from the multiplayer for being too powerful. I really want to see this happen!Killjoy0 06 May
06 May Is Zagara worth?(CO-OP) Hi there, i like zagara as character but in co-op i found that she has only 5 units and 2 of them are suicide ones. Its just me or its a little weak ? I know i,m not a pro zagara player thats the reason why i,m asking xD. To me its hard to deal with a big air army, because if i do a lot of anti air units, i will comsume a lot of my 100 sum, so i can,t zergling that hard. And a few questions: That vile cannon can,t attack right? just use his skill shoots. Aberrations give armor "under" or in a little area arround ? Opinions, hints, tricks?ARTRA2 06 May
28 Apr Is... Alarak Worth it? Hello, Do you think Alarak is worth buying as of now? It would be really helpful En taro!... oh nvmArtanis8 28 Apr
24 Apr Raynor Co-op: Banshee/viking vs BC Comp The raynor buffs in patch 4.2.4 really open the gates for a mass air strategy based on some ratio of banshee, vikings, and battlecruisers. I feel BCs really profit the most from the early upgrades due to his new research cost reduction mastery - 3/3 BCs are no joke. Also, tactical jump for BCs is great for sniping objectives and general mobility. However, 9 range banshees means that they can outrange turrets. Furthermore, their carpet bombing ability makes them very good against clumps of ground units. Alongside viking support they can perform a very clean siege attack. This composition is also faster to get running than mass BC. Which Raynor air composition do you prefer and when?GenghisKhan2 24 Apr
18 Apr part and parcel is impossible nobody have ever won it. i suggest removing it until it is fixed. my experience is now frozen because i played it.andreasasp20 18 Apr
18 Apr part and parcel What incompetent, clueless person designed this !@#$ty map. It is almost impossible to get the first train (bonus obective). You can barely have an army when it spawns, and it spawns behinds lots of enemy minions and buildings. Yet again blizzard has show how clueless they are about their games, and that they can't designed decent content. The person who designed this map, shouldn't be allowed anywhere near game designinginsomnia3 18 Apr
18 Apr 7 games same map why. 7 games same map why???? your ıdıot???? !@#$ you blızzard.JjZeRO2 18 Apr
13 Apr Temple of the Past question The bottom lane (the one where the very first Trasher spawns) sometimes spawns a Trasher only once during all of the mission and sometimes it spawns twice. Am I imagining things? If not, then does anyone know how to predict if and when the second time a Trasher will spawn on that bottom lane?Ozy2 13 Apr
11 Apr Abathur commander questions. Hi there, i´m playing abathur and i have some questions, may be someone can help. 1º Whats the % of a loccust to spawn of a dead enemy? Bigger enemy, more%? 2º CD of symbiote abilities?)(Shield and spine) 3º % atk and mov speed reduction from vile roaches? Thanks :)ARTRA1 11 Apr
10 Apr shuddup How do I mute my opponentTurannos4 10 Apr
10 Apr asking noobs for 1v1 in teamgames random mm team games are pure luck. i somehow managed to finnish my placement matches, it was sooooo annoying. i won 4 of 5 games. in the end i got placed gold 2 in bot 3v3 and 4v4. now i keep losing. normaly i get matched up with unranked or silver players (me platinium 1). i tried several strats (stalker play, 2x oracle pressure, deny enemy skytoss production with phoenixes, disruptor drops, and so on). None of this really worked out, because my allies always mess up. in one game i was going for stargate again. the double oracle saved us from ling rush. then came mass mutas and wrecked us because i had too less carriers. after the match the two players insulted me, that i suck and that i would be a "noob". (unranked and silver player) i asked them both for a 1v1. but they just insulted me more and more. "your mother 1v1 doggy stlye" its not the first time when i asked players calling me a noob for 1v1... always the same answer. wtf is this? are players so ballless and rude today? so immature community...TheElite3 10 Apr
09 Apr Co-op Hero Bundles and offers Hello everyone, I was wondering if there will be a co-op bundle (at a lower price) for the new heroes besides the holiday one which for me, it is not worth it. I have bought SC 2 Legacy of the Void when it was launched, and unlocked Swan, Zagara, Vorazun, Karax. This hero bundle, even at a holiday offer price, is 37.42 $ and offers me, 7 Heroes which, if I were to buy them 1 by 1 it would cost me 35 EURO which is only a bit more expensive (~42 $). Is there a way to get the co-op heroes bundle calculated based on the unlocked heroes? Will there ever be a co-op bundle that unlocks all upcoming heroes? I look forward to receiving some answers from the community and maybe even the SC staff. Thank you. Edit: Happy New Year!VLAD2 09 Apr
08 Apr today start ??? ı wants play game searchıng 25 mınutes .today start ???.JjZeRO0 08 Apr
07 Apr 10 games 1 win. 10 games 1 win And i've been playing this for 20 years so it's not like they haven't had time to figure out a decent system. Thoughts?TheWarmaster5 07 Apr
06 Apr Auto-Start-Matchmaking?????? Just.. what the hell? I just updated the game, haven't played in a long time, haven't played multiplayer, just checking things out, clicking on tabs and stuff... And then I'm being thrown into a matchmade game??? WHAT THE HELL!?! Did you ever consider MAYBE adding a >>>START<<< button BEFORE people get thrown into MATCHMAKING!??!??!??!? Just pressing "Unranked" for the first time should NOT initiate a matchmaking process! I didn't even notice the game was trying to find me a match, because the tiny thing in the lower left corner that apparently is supposed to tell you that, was a progress bar for something updating right after I clicked Unranked, and then it just changes out of nowhere to a barely visible countdown to starting a game! How the HELL is that supposed to be adequate the very first time you're seeing a screen, not even sure what the hell you're looking at?? BIG failure, Blizzard... just... so bad...Arexodius0 06 Apr
02 Apr Hacked? I keep playing against the same people in 4v4, none of them are ever ranked, how they can be in placement matches the whole time? Do they just quit leagues? And yes, they are destroying me every time, it's not fun, look at my match history.TheWarmaster0 02 Apr
27 Mar Matchmaking Getting placed in 4v4 diamond league matches with people on my team that are bronze players and didn't even queue for a ranked game???Onyx1 27 Mar
25 Mar New mutator ideas Greetings fellow Terran, Protoss and Zerg players :) I like to share some ideas I had for some more mutations. - A mutation that disables production of a random commander's unit for a period of time. For example, if you are Raynor, the mutation makes building marines unavailable for 90 game seconds. When the timer ends, it disables another unit like medics and so on. - A mutation where the top bar abilities get swapped with the other commander's, or mix many abilities from the other remaining commanders. For example, the players are Stukov and Swann, instead of their respective infestation and laser abilities, they get the ones from Zagara and Vorazun. Or simply give Stukov the laser abilities (and laser of course) and give Swann the infestation ones. - What about the zombie mod included as a mutation ? The player's units die and they become hostile to the player, but not towards the A.I. What do you think ? Have a good day :DZERGB2 25 Mar
23 Mar Where is the Raven Nerf? It was announced that it would be nerfed, now Zergling Drop nerf already is live for 2 weeks, but still not even a comment about Ravens from Blizz. Will they be nerfed ? or wont they? do i need to start learning mass spore/viper vs terran or not?Nilius1 23 Mar