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14 Mar Multiplayer Introduction Starcraft II is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game and, even if it has an amazing single player campaign, its best part is the multiplayer. Starcraft II was build from the beginning to be an e-sport. How you can start? This topic wants to be an introduction for new players, here you will find useful links and hints. First, if you are totally new to RTS, you should play the singleplayer campaign. Its storyline is gorgeous and you will also be able to learn some basic mechanics of Starcraft (like resources gathering, how to build up bases, units and so on). You can discuss about mission, lore and topic related to singleplayer, in this section: --> After this you should do Challenges. Challenges are 9 in total, they are a singleplayer experience and they are here to be a bridge toward multiplayer. Each mission has 3 different objectives, if you complete all of them with a Gold award you will acquire a good amount of experience with units, races and basic multiplayer's mechanics. Don't worry if you will have to repeat some of them, this is normal, challenges are not meant to be easy. More you practice, more you will learn. More information about this, here: --> Now you can start to play with and against other human beings. My advice is to chose one specific race and play mainly with it, so you can focus on its unit, building, strategies and you will learn more faster how to play. When you hit for the first time the Multiplayer button you will have the option to play 50 matches in a Practice League. You don't have to do them all, you can just play a bit here so you can choose your favorite race. Remember that in this league the game speed is slower than normal and maps have some variants to help you, so this is not a real environment, don't focus too much. Use this time to try each of the 3 races and choose what you like most for the real ladder. You can have more information about races and units, here: --> If you are looking for a complete list of FAQs about Ladder and League, just go there: --> The most popular league is the 1v1. A bloody duel with another player. This is also the most difficult, so you should play here only when you will have some experience. My advice is to start form 4v4 and 3v3, where you are with other allies. They can help you and you will not have all the match on your shoulder. The most fun thing is to find some friends and play with them regularly. There are a lot of way to find someone, you can use this forum, in-game chat system, official fansite website, or you can bring to Starcraft II some of your real friends! The first matches could be a bit frustrating, but after few games you will learn the basics and more positive results will come. Another important aspect is the language used by us. Often we use a lot of neologism and acronyms, here you can find an helpful list: --> --> 14 Mar
04 Aug Starcraft 2 tips & tricks I thought it would be nice to have a list of the various tips and facts about the game that are not widely known, but can be very useful in game. Here's what I have so far : Control : * Backspace cycles through all your command centers/hatcheries/nexuses. * Ctrl+click a unit selects all units of the same type currently on screen. * Ctrl+shift+click selects all units of that type on the screen and adds them to your selection. * Ctrl+F1 selects all idle workers. * Shift+number adds the currently selected units to the control group. * Rally points can be set on units. * Rally points can be queued to have the units follow a certain path when spawning. * W selects all warpgates. * Ctrl+Alt+Click on the main screen sends a signal on the minimap. * Use Alt+Key to turn on/off autocast abilities without using the mouse. * You can repeatedly use an ability by keeping its hotkey pressed. Works with spells (Psi Storm, EMP, Fungal Growth, etc) as well as unit production keys. Gameplay : * Unburrow can be set to autocast. Useful for transforming Banelings into landmines. * Burrowed Banelings can be detonated manually. * Spawn larva can be cast on the minimap. * EMP can be cast on buildings like Command Center and Nexus. * The mothership cloaks buildings. * Chronoboost affects warpgates reducing the Warp In cooldown from 15 seconds to 11.25 seconds. * You can cast Chronoboost on the minimap * Mules can repair. * Roaches can burrow under forcefields. * You can feedback and EMP Point Defense Drones. * Spawning creep tumors can be cancelled, restoring the energy. * You can stimpack units inside bunkers. * Colossus can be loaded into transports. * SCVs with auto-repair can repair mechanical units inside medivacs. * One on one, an unsieged tank beats a sieged tank. * Fungal growth reveals cloaked and burrowed units. * EMP temporarily reveals permanently cloaked units. * Banelings are not light units. * Hallucinated units grant vision. Use it to scout or look over cliffs. * You can use abandoned enemy Tech Labs and Reactors with your own buildings. * Workers that are going to collect resources or return cargo enter a special no collision mode which allows them to pass through other units (even enemy). Trivia : * Units will say additional dialogue if clicked multiple times. * Repeatedly clicking on a critter will make it explode. * Hatcheries/lair field of vision shrinks when they're mutating. * If you build two Nydus Networks, they will be connected. * Hatcheries provide 2 supply. * Using Neural Parasite on a egg will kill it. * The Nydus Network has a capacity of 1020 slots, or 255 units, whichever comes first. Micro/macro : Moving drop tip : to perform a moving drop, move your transport to a location, press D, and click on a transport. The transport will drop units below it while continuing to move. Do this for each transport. Useful for : baneling drops on a Terran bioball army, or for spreading your troops to avoid splash damage. Tutorial : Zerg macro tip : put all your queens in a control group, then when the time to spawn larvae comes, select the group, press shift+V and click all the hatcheries on the minimap. The queen closest to each hatchery will spawn larvae there. Sending your workers to gas tip : select 6 or more workers from your mineral line, then using shift+click remove portraits until you have exactly six. Right click on one of the geysers. Next remove 3 more portraits and send the remaining workers to the other geyser. To avoid losing any already-mined minerals after right clicking the geyser press C to return cargo. The worker will then automatically return to mine the geyser you clicked. Command queuing tip : any ability can be queued. This allows some combos like queuing move+blink on a stalker, or move+siege mode on a tank. However you can only queue abilities that are currently on the command card. For example, you cannot queue unburrow+fungal growth on a burrowed infestor, even if fungal growth would be available when unburrowed. Baneling morph is the exeption to this rule and will be executed as soon as the command is clicked. Field repair tip : you can drop mules on the battlefield to perform emergency repairs on units like battlecruisers which would take too long to bring back to the base. Marines vs Banelings tip : The least APM-intensive way to micro Marines away from Banelings is by "patrolling" - (P + click) them away. This causes the closest Marine to stop and shoot while the others are still running away - then next marines only stopping when they get in range - and so on. This will reduce the Marine casualties since they don't get clumped up and die in one massive acid explosion. Please comment with your own tips and I'll add them to this post!vic158 04 Aug
10 Jun LADDER and LEAGUE: Everything you need to know There are always a lot of questions about Ladder, League system, Division and how they all work. Some months ago I did a first version of this FAQ, but since I need a lot more space I've made a whole new version. :D Every answer is verified. If you have other questions, just add them with a replay and they will be added. ;) INDEX LEAGUE AND DIVISION: PROMOTION AND DEMOTION: WIN/LOSS RATIO: BONUS POOL & NEW SEASON: USEFUL LINKS: 10 Jun
13h SC 2 TV in game Dear Blizzard! I am fan of your games from the beginning. I played SC and Diablo on Pentium. But in the 21-st century i can´t understand why we don´t have a modern blizzard app and in-game opportunities? what do i mean? i mean replays for example. are you serious? in 2018 SC-fans can't just connect to a random match as an observer or view a match history and download a game of every player in one click? in primitive game like dota 2 there is such a thing for 5 years. the best strategy game in the world has no sufficient support. we live as in 2000. you are making useless skins to earn money but spend no time and resources to develop our lovely game. i have heard that there is the same problem in other games of yours. PS. forum members, please, support these topic if you are agreed with me and want to have official cool SC 2 Television in-game! PSS. Dear admins, please pay attention, if this post will have many support from other players. We want SC 2 TV! =)Doctor1 13h
2d Co-op Vipers Hi there, All brutal Co-op players will instantly see what I mean with this title. This isn't the first topic i see on this subject, so I hope mine will change things. Viper is certainly the most insane unit in Co-op missions. No matter the commander, no matter the army composition, or the build you want to go for, vipers will ALWAYS counter your entire army. So my first question is : how do you counter vipers when it cast a Blinding Cloud on your army ? Most of the time, the trapped army will die to banelings because it cannot defend itself. And when I play Nova, I just cry when I lose like bilions minerals... Just to recall, Blinding Cloud is : - Cost no mana (I checked many times, no worries), - Slow, - Unallow shooting, - Unallow spell casting, - Unallow "A-move", - Even works on heroic units, - Trapped units forget the orders they were given to, which means a "A-moved" troop will litteraly stop and won't even try to get out of the Cloud. Sometimes, vipers are set with swarm hosts. And scourges. Which lead to my second question. How do we kill burrowed swarm hosts against this type of composition ? Parasitic Bomb + scourges prevent all kind of detectors. Actually, it prevents all kind of air units at all ! But now, enough of complainings, here's my suggestions : - Change viper/scourge composition, for the sake of or beloved air units. At least, try to seek something which can allow detectors. - Or you can change the Blinding Cloud. I really think that spell is too much. You don't need a lot of changes to make it fun again, but at least make sure that our units can "A-move" while on the Cloud, or give vipers a mana cost for this spell, or make heroic units immune. Change whatever you want, but please, change something. I don't talk about winning or losing the game (even if in mutation, vipers truly makes the difference, but anyway), I talk about having fun, and not losing at EACH waves your entire army (and especially if you have Nova ...). Thanks for reading. Keep doin', the game is cool tho.Nya2 2d
2d WoL ladder history is gone (in game) Hi, guys. I haven't played for a long time. And I discovered that my in game wings of liberty ladder history disappeared. I was in platinum league and my forum profile shows that but in game this statistic is gone.Zoltan2 2d
2d Next CO-OP commander Who would you like? I would like Talandar (Robotic Fenix) or somebody from Terrans. Any other suggestion?DEU38 2d
3d random pick for co-op For some weird reason, the last version of this post is gone, so ill try again. It would be nice if you there was an option, so you only randomed from owned heroes. I have played most of the heroes you have to purchase, to level past 5, to level 5. So i don't see a reason why i should play them again. But at times im not sure which one i want to play, so I would like to be able to random, without wasting the xp for the matchinsomnia1 3d
4d Protoss life as diamond? Hello. I'm writing this post from the position of extreme frustration, that I know I will get over with over time. I need some tips tho from players of the higher rank, as I'm struggling in the game currently to the point that I don't see any reason to practice further as I'm not getting any results for weeks now, and I'm extremely frustrated. I'm a dedicated protoss player. I used to loose hundred of games to terrans mostly (before huge balance changes) but now the zerg is my main issue. I'm ranked 2 diamond level player. Currently with 4200~ MMR. Almost every game I play against zerg - I'm being rushed. I swear. I played 6 ladder games just now, from which I got 4 matches against zerg, and 3 of them were pool first rushes. Siriously, what the !@#$? It got to the point that I'm pretty much paranoid and I'm sending my probe immidietly after I build the fist pylon to scout and potentionally block the expansion on smaller maps. I hate being rushed and I hate to rush - so most of the times I try to get my second expansion going even tho I see the pool first - but in 50% of the cases I'm dying to the cheap %^-*ing !@#$ like bain boosts, ling drops and other bull%^-*. I know that stargate shut's all of this down - but in many cases I'm not even able to get the stargate because I'm !@#$ing dead. What should I do? Shield batteries are avaliable too late. Should I go for forge? Zaelots are pretty useless due to immobility. Smarter zerg players will snipe the cyber core first and then I'm pretty much %^-*ed totally. I'm not saying that I can not handle these types of games, but I'm just simply !@#$ing sick of them. My win rate against rushes like this are decent, around 60%, but I'm not %^-*ing learning anything from these games - and that is frustrating. How am I suppose to scout bain boosts? How to optimize my build to be safe early as well as securing the second expansion without getting behind? Natural follow up for Zerg is to get the second base after making 6-8 lings, so if I'm not gonna get nexus - they gonna get ahead for !@#$ing free. I can not also make enough units from 2 gates to counter double hatch production supported by queens. Should I get sentries every game and delay oracles? Wtf, siriously. By the way. Terran matches feel weird to me right now. I almost got the feeling that terran players are basicly behind economicly for no !@#$ing reason vs protoss every single game. It simple means that if they not gonna be extremely agressive or do a sucessfull timing push - they gonna be behind even without any action in the game and constant worker production on both sides...Eisenheim6 4d
14 Feb Is PvZ balanced? First of all, I'm only diamond, so I'm not saying anything is imbalanced. I know I have a LOT of room to improve. BUT... the win rate for Protoss has been below 50% since July 2016. And that's for high level players. Not once since then has the win rate been in favor for Protoss. In my own situation, I had a win rate of 55% vs zerg in HotS, and now it's down to 46%. Unfortunately I can't see these specific statistics for WoL, but I don't remember it ever being this hard to play vs zerg. I feel like it's very easy for zerg to make a very strong all in without risking too much (without it really being an all in). It's like they only have to execute a simple build order, while protoss has to do so much other stuff (scout with early adept, harass with oracle, kill overlords) I've also seen a lot of high level streamers lose to this countless times. Only the very top Koreans defend these all ins with perfect micro. And btw can anyone explain to me why it's so quick and easy for zerg to get ventral sacs. That's yet another easy way for the zerg to get into your base early on.Ilúvatar1 14 Feb
14 Feb A change that could bring back bio to life Bring back the single hit for marauders. The double hit change hurt bio so much that it made impossible for the bio to win against mech at an equal lvl and made TvP largly in favor of protoss just because terran can't keep up with damage anymore, in a point that even micro doesn't change the fact that protoss gatebio absolutly rekt MMM. I really wish that blizzard see this post and really consider this change like an absolute go-to if they want to make bio a real option like in good old times.llllllllllll1 14 Feb
11 Feb part and parcel What incompetent, clueless person designed this !@#$ty map. It is almost impossible to get the first train (bonus obective). You can barely have an army when it spawns, and it spawns behinds lots of enemy minions and buildings. Yet again blizzard has show how clueless they are about their games, and that they can't designed decent content. The person who designed this map, shouldn't be allowed anywhere near game designinginsomnia1 11 Feb
10 Feb Broken Protoss (To strong for Ladder) I always wanted a buff for Protoss but now they are just ridiculous strong. Nerf them back!Avalon7 10 Feb
10 Feb How to demote yourself? Im pretty bored of just being beaten by every single player out there, and it'd be nice to win a game once in a while. some guy kept just quitting and it put me higher and higher, and now im stuck. it keeps on saying that its going to demote me at the end of the season, but holy hell knows when that is... :-/quellflynn6 10 Feb
04 Feb Race balance question Hi brothers! Soo, i looked some starcraft 2 tournament. Why domination all game zerg and protos? Look last year. All terran fall out. Why? Why no balance terran gameplay? Terran die race now. Only korean player play good terran, but DARK and some zerg kill all terran. Not works MMM and Mech terran. If equal mmr then terran weaker game. So i don't know why no balance this? Hate terran? Or i don't know! Please anwer Blizzard. Very ThxSmokeTheWeed2 04 Feb
03 Feb Team game match making is broken The latest example: The game isn't fun for entertaining, the game before that the opposite happens, we got destroyed by a gm + 3 masters 1v1 players while having silver players on our team edit: I'm sure there was no other player availible above bronze league to put in a game with masters league level players, nope not even waiting 5 more minutes would not find a better matched player. This is !@#$ing bull%^-* and it should never ever happen and doesn't not create evenly matched teamsDodelol1 03 Feb
01 Feb I hate the new Raven Well, as the title suggest, I hate the new Raven. It used to be my favourite unit and now I barely create them anymore, and I once again have to fear the mass Void Rays, Carriers or Mutas as the Raven were my go-to defense unit if the opponent mass produced one of those (and it worked at my level, probably not at higher levels). Please bring the original Raven back!MadSCV5 01 Feb
30 Jan Snowbound colony 3v3 has a miss placed main building The starting position is 1 tile to highDodelol1 30 Jan
29 Jan Teamgames placements are bugged/broken I played 3v3 placements together with my friend, both on 5 placement matches and we haven't played 3v3 in a few years He got placed into diamond while I got put in silver while my starting mmr should be master league. Something is seriously wrong here.Dodelol0 29 Jan
24 Jan New Balance Test Mod Changes I really don't feel this one, it's like they removed all the cool stuff from the previous updates in one go. I really liked the Repair Drones, and if they revert the raven back to it's more harassing form, i hope they give the drones to another unit, it really made mech armies that much more interesting, and had some clever synergies with vikings and battlecruisers too. Removing starter cloak from the Ghosts seems kinda harsh, i never had any more issues with ghosts than i had with Dark Templars. Only change the new 75 EMP is gonna bring is more damage to toss shields. And finally, splitting the Hydralisk upgrades again, increasing the combined price by 25% and almost doubling the research time? I mean !@#$%^-, unless they give us 7 range hydras again, that change can go right back into amons bum...Akrilloth0 24 Jan
21 Jan Part and parcel mission music? What's the song that starts to play when, I think, balius was moving out?Hope0 21 Jan
19 Jan Disruptor nerfed to death last patch nerfed the damage, nerfed the radius and now a timer is included too... why dont you just removed this unit, easier hm ?!SaperioN7 19 Jan
19 Jan US forums from EU Hello! A new developer has posted a topic about COOP changes on US forums. I belong to EU and I cannot answer that topic, because it requires a profile created ingame. And I guess this issue comes from being in a different region. If I swtich to Americas I lose everything I have earned and purchased. Could you please extend that topic to EU forums as well, please? Or, if I misunderstood the issue, could you show guidence to me, please? Thanks in advance.Mazso1 19 Jan
18 Jan Fenix feedback Hello! I have noticed that after I used Fenix's abilities it is hard to click on the targeted unit. I hit a Hybrid reaver with all I had, then tried to check his life and I had to click on it at least 3 times until I could select the unit. In the unit description the Adept is shown as if they can attack only ground units. But in game, they can attack air too. Adept's anti-air is good, otherwise there would not be a-a ground unit except the sentry (or how it's called) which has a low attack.Mazso14 18 Jan
18 Jan Co-oP - Miner Evacuation Greetings! Whenever I play this newest map and complete bonus objectives, at mission end I get +1978 XP instead of the 2000 like on all other maps. I think this is not supposed to be like this. Could this be fixed, please? Thanks in advance!Mazso8 18 Jan
16 Jan how does grandmaster archon work? i've been promoted to GM archon couple weeks ago. to my surprise i noticed i was now demoted to master 3. given the general grandmaster rules i should still be eligible for the GM league since i had 30 games banked till 17th Jan and my MMR was enough to keep me qualified. now i'm not even in contender's list. is there anything else that i'm missing in regards to the archon grandmaster rulings? as a personal opinion for some reason archon gm seems to be a !@#$ing joke compared to 1v1dadopornano0 16 Jan
15 Jan floating icon help OK, like wtf, just logged in tonight and have a floating icon of OJ simpson, I am in a clan (clan leader) and never selected or changed this and wallah there it is. I've uploaded an icon to the clan (the union jack) and have it selected to "show" as can now see it in the clan info settings......but when i start the game the other guys in the clan have nothing showing and yet alas i still have the OJ Simpson icon floating around my base... So like wtf, has my account been hacked and someone changed it or what and how the hell do i get rid of it or change it. Thanks {EDIT} ok sorted, restarted and the UK flag now displays on the clan including me, but how did it happen in the first place..??Mowax6 15 Jan
13 Jan Matchmaking balance in CO-OP missions Hello everyone, What do you think if it would be possible to set, for example, the minimum level requirement for co-op partner? I think this feature would be extremely useful for all commanders despite their skill level. The goal is to play with commanders who have approximately the same mastery/ascension levels to avoid frustration and to make the co-op mode more balanced playing experience for everyone. It happens very often that some 1-15 level not-mastery commanders want to play brutal weekly challenge with someone more decent level partner eg. mastery lvl 90 or ascension lvl 100+. It is pretty annoying that you have to play with a low-level partner because it is impossible to win sometimes with a partner like that. The only option is to disconnect right away and hope for a more decent levelled co-op partner for the next match. Usually this fails and you have to take several disconnect/new game tries every time. It is a waste of time to play with a low level commander on brutal, for example. Of course there are exceptions, but that is very rare. So please Blizzard take into consideration to add a selector in the co-op screen where the players can select the range (for example min./max. level) of a fellow co-op commanders level preference. That would be one, neat solution to this and it will make the co-op mode even better. The other solution could be that if playing with a low level co-op, it should be rewarded with extra xp points. Not a silly idea or what?Supertomi9 13 Jan
13 Jan I add pll to clan Who want write me or add me. Have a nice dayManiacks0 13 Jan
12 Jan Feature Suggestion: Coop Map Ban I propose adding a map banning feature to coop, allowing players to choose up to three maps which they would like to see less during random matchmaking. This would decrease the number of leavers on maps like 'The Vermillion Problem', which some people just straight up don't seem to want to play.GenghisKhan4 12 Jan
12 Jan part and parcel is impossible nobody have ever won it. i suggest removing it until it is fixed. my experience is now frozen because i played it.andreasasp19 12 Jan
12 Jan people keep leaving on void thrashing the last 2 times i have played void thrashing my ally left right at the start. both times i played with fenix and won. why is so many players leaving on the mission?andreasasp3 12 Jan
12 Jan Carriers unstoppable for terran in 4.0 I do not know what was the logic behind changing the raven, but a big thanks for taking away the skills of the single terran unit that was capable of at least ATTEMPTING to stop carriers in team games! Almost every team 3v3 or 4v4 game at least one of the protosses goes air - which is no surprise. A single carrier army can kill 2 full anti-air armies without a fuss. I watch a lot of streams and as such I learned how to counter this bs of a strategy in 1v1, e.g. Nathanias has presented a viable combo of widow mine battlecruiser composition which is quite good against this sort of mass cheese one-click-attack-button-army, not perfect, but quite good. However, it works on 1v1 maps where the terrain is not as varied as in those huge locations where toss can literally stay out of reach of all terran ground units - including mines - and jost pop entire bases without getting close. Vikings are a joke against carriers. And then I discovered the raven, the single unit whose seeker missiles gave terran a chance of winning. Still, a skilled protoss could warp out using the mothership before the missiles hit the target - which is a fair thing - but at least there was a chance of getting the kill. You replaced the single skill that I personally know that was capable of countering the stupid strat that has been ruining the team ladder experience for large numbers of players for years. Increasing the mineral cost for interceptors does not change anything since most people sit on thousands of those in late game anyway. The funny thing is I do not have those problems vs toss playing zerg as corruptors, infestors and a viper or two do a decent job against carriers. Maybe zerg players have a different opinion on this but so far this worked fine for me. It is a shame I have to switch to a different race just to be sure I can find a counter for anything in the game, but I love my terran, I do not want to quit, played over 3.5k games as terran and only a few hundred as zerg, I do not even know any builds for this race. I am fed up, furious and simply upset. I know it has been just a few moments since the patch went live, but it is the same stupid thing over and over again with every update. It is not a problem to find a coutner for anything else with every new update, just this single strategy. My fellow terrans, if there is anything you think is viable in the current build against skytoss, I would appreciate your comments. Still, I hope Blizzard introduces some meaningful changes to the carrier (5 gas for each interceptor?) as I am sick and tired of fighting skytoss nearly every single match with little to no chances of success. Have a pleasant evening all.Elebril16 12 Jan
10 Jan WOL and HOTS matchmaking gone So now you force to play LOTV only and I don´t want to. Today I have some great 2v2 games on WOL. Who would know that was the last one. What to say. All good things must come to the end. After 7 years and more than 9000 played games of this fantastic game I cannot play it any more. It was great to be part of this community. So good buy all, time to move on.Xandar21 10 Jan
10 Jan Zergling runbys and MULEs I'm wondering about priorities when doing a zergling runby against Terran - normally I try and focus down any MULEs I come across - but is that actually the most efficient option? Should I ignore them and focus on SCVs? Or only focus on the MULEs if they've just arrived? I suppose it depends on how long the game ends up lasting. What do other people do?Quimby0 10 Jan
09 Jan i have maxed all commanders i maxed swann and raynor last. i used the experience booster in the warchest.andreasasp2 09 Jan
07 Jan Why so many zerg players? As protoss I have faced in 1v1 16 zerg players 10 protoss players and 6 terrans and in archon I have faced 13 zerg players 7 protoss 7 terran. So, why so much zerg?MagiC5 07 Jan
05 Jan Co-op difficulty? Hey. Do the co-op mission become harder as you level up ? I've seen people on this forum talking about "hard", "brutal" co-op missions, but I can't seem to adjust the difficulty anywhere. There's only matchmaking, which seems to choose a difficulty for me. I really like the co-op missions, but I've never lost a single one, I usually don't come near losing either. It'd be cool to have some more challenge.Bruunski5 05 Jan
01 Jan Co-op Hero Bundles and offers Hello everyone, I was wondering if there will be a co-op bundle (at a lower price) for the new heroes besides the holiday one which for me, it is not worth it. I have bought SC 2 Legacy of the Void when it was launched, and unlocked Swan, Zagara, Vorazun, Karax. This hero bundle, even at a holiday offer price, is 37.42 $ and offers me, 7 Heroes which, if I were to buy them 1 by 1 it would cost me 35 EURO which is only a bit more expensive (~42 $). Is there a way to get the co-op heroes bundle calculated based on the unlocked heroes? Will there ever be a co-op bundle that unlocks all upcoming heroes? I look forward to receiving some answers from the community and maybe even the SC staff. Thank you. Edit: Happy New Year!VLAD0 01 Jan
29 Dec CO-OP Survey with Commanders to win In the american Forum there is a community generated survey where you can win commanders and anauncers. For more info look at the following Threads: 29 Dec
28 Dec Han & Horner Reapers vs Parasitic Bombs Hey, Did anyone realize that H&H Reapers are immune to Viper Parasitic Bombs? They get casted but don't land on the flying pack. The flying reapers can still get stormed/seeker missiled/fungal growthed/... just the Parasitic Bomb doesn't work. Is that a bug? (Obviously at the moment is kinda neat since you can approach Vipers without much fear, but it doesn't feel too right). I'm playing at Brutal but I don't think difficulty matters (haven't tested on other levels).IcyWind1 28 Dec
26 Dec The balance team is so out of touch with the game I'm not gonna say anything about straight up balance flaws but here is a list of things that aren't truly OP but make the game more !@#$ty: Worker harass, if someone decides to have their drone or probe scout you until you make an army unit... it will be the most intense part of the match and it glaringly makes the game less fun Burrowed banelings and lurkers, a few units or even just 2 shouldn't be able to one-shot the enemy army before they can react (this actually is disgustingly OP) Stupid choke options that make it impossible to engage on someone Planetary fortresses only requiring a bay Also, I played on NA but got banned from the NA forum in mid 2016 for pointing out that terran is underpowered, then came back recently and climbed to diamond 1 on korea, where everyone just plays protossRiotGoldenar9 26 Dec
26 Dec Zerg is immune to cheese early Any zerg player worth their salt will only lose to the most disgusting cheese such as bunker rush or reapers, but any other cheese or any kind of early attack is easily defendable because newsflash: being able to make 5 workers at the time and make an army bigger than your opponent's when he is on top of your production is not balanced whatsoever That is why I quit sc2, if blizzard can't fix zerg eco, force fields and banshee's then they have failed st square 1 at making a good RTS game, this game isn't RTS, it's literally a coinflip Starcraft 2 right now is a combination of things that make an RTS game !@#$ all put together with a toxic community, especially on NARiotGoldenar3 26 Dec
23 Dec what happened to the stank? i have played dead of night quite a bit recently and today i won on hard. i have not seen a stank for weeks, what happened to it?andreasasp3 23 Dec
20 Dec awesome scouting video by neuro 20 Dec
19 Dec Protoss, new patch! Another patch that Protoss nerfed... Well done..... How many times you will make experiments???MORGOTH0 19 Dec
19 Dec How does unranked work? Unranked has no mmr, so do I play against players of any skill? I mostly play unranked team games, but my allies and the enemy players seem to be much better than me.Umega1 19 Dec
18 Dec co-op /multiplayer not working When I hover over the ready button in the co-op menu it says: Not available while initializing game mode. this has been like this for around 3 days. Is there a way to fix this? Please let know.Ausir1 18 Dec
18 Dec Why there is no Protoss on Ladder? I switched to Zerg after 2,5 years with Protoss and reached the same level of skills in only 3 weeks! Even my MMR is now greater then with Protoss! Wtf is going on Blizzard? Try to explain this!Avalon3 18 Dec