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09 Mar Multiplayer Introduction Starcraft II is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game and, even if it has an amazing single player campaign, its best part is the multiplayer. Starcraft II was build from the beginning to be an e-sport. How you can start? This topic wants to be an introduction for new players, here you will find useful links and hints. First, if you are totally new to RTS, you should play the singleplayer campaign. Its storyline is gorgeous and you will also be able to learn some basic mechanics of Starcraft (like resources gathering, how to build up bases, units and so on). You can discuss about mission, lore and topic related to singleplayer, in this section: --> After this you should do Challenges. Challenges are 9 in total, they are a singleplayer experience and they are here to be a bridge toward multiplayer. Each mission has 3 different objectives, if you complete all of them with a Gold award you will acquire a good amount of experience with units, races and basic multiplayer's mechanics. Don't worry if you will have to repeat some of them, this is normal, challenges are not meant to be easy. More you practice, more you will learn. More information about this, here: --> Now you can start to play with and against other human beings. My advice is to chose one specific race and play mainly with it, so you can focus on its unit, building, strategies and you will learn more faster how to play. When you hit for the first time the Multiplayer button you will have the option to play 50 matches in a Practice League. You don't have to do them all, you can just play a bit here so you can choose your favorite race. Remember that in this league the game speed is slower than normal and maps have some variants to help you, so this is not a real environment, don't focus too much. Use this time to try each of the 3 races and choose what you like most for the real ladder. You can have more information about races and units, here: --> If you are looking for a complete list of FAQs about Ladder and League, just go there: --> The most popular league is the 1v1. A bloody duel with another player. This is also the most difficult, so you should play here only when you will have some experience. My advice is to start form 4v4 and 3v3, where you are with other allies. They can help you and you will not have all the match on your shoulder. The most fun thing is to find some friends and play with them regularly. There are a lot of way to find someone, you can use this forum, in-game chat system, official fansite website, or you can bring to Starcraft II some of your real friends! The first matches could be a bit frustrating, but after few games you will learn the basics and more positive results will come. Another important aspect is the language used by us. Often we use a lot of neologism and acronyms, here you can find an helpful list: --> --> 09 Mar
04 Aug 2017 Starcraft 2 tips & tricks I thought it would be nice to have a list of the various tips and facts about the game that are not widely known, but can be very useful in game. Here's what I have so far : Control : * Backspace cycles through all your command centers/hatcheries/nexuses. * Ctrl+click a unit selects all units of the same type currently on screen. * Ctrl+shift+click selects all units of that type on the screen and adds them to your selection. * Ctrl+F1 selects all idle workers. * Shift+number adds the currently selected units to the control group. * Rally points can be set on units. * Rally points can be queued to have the units follow a certain path when spawning. * W selects all warpgates. * Ctrl+Alt+Click on the main screen sends a signal on the minimap. * Use Alt+Key to turn on/off autocast abilities without using the mouse. * You can repeatedly use an ability by keeping its hotkey pressed. Works with spells (Psi Storm, EMP, Fungal Growth, etc) as well as unit production keys. Gameplay : * Unburrow can be set to autocast. Useful for transforming Banelings into landmines. * Burrowed Banelings can be detonated manually. * Spawn larva can be cast on the minimap. * EMP can be cast on buildings like Command Center and Nexus. * The mothership cloaks buildings. * Chronoboost affects warpgates reducing the Warp In cooldown from 15 seconds to 11.25 seconds. * You can cast Chronoboost on the minimap * Mules can repair. * Roaches can burrow under forcefields. * You can feedback and EMP Point Defense Drones. * Spawning creep tumors can be cancelled, restoring the energy. * You can stimpack units inside bunkers. * Colossus can be loaded into transports. * SCVs with auto-repair can repair mechanical units inside medivacs. * One on one, an unsieged tank beats a sieged tank. * Fungal growth reveals cloaked and burrowed units. * EMP temporarily reveals permanently cloaked units. * Banelings are not light units. * Hallucinated units grant vision. Use it to scout or look over cliffs. * You can use abandoned enemy Tech Labs and Reactors with your own buildings. * Workers that are going to collect resources or return cargo enter a special no collision mode which allows them to pass through other units (even enemy). Trivia : * Units will say additional dialogue if clicked multiple times. * Repeatedly clicking on a critter will make it explode. * Hatcheries/lair field of vision shrinks when they're mutating. * If you build two Nydus Networks, they will be connected. * Hatcheries provide 2 supply. * Using Neural Parasite on a egg will kill it. * The Nydus Network has a capacity of 1020 slots, or 255 units, whichever comes first. Micro/macro : Moving drop tip : to perform a moving drop, move your transport to a location, press D, and click on a transport. The transport will drop units below it while continuing to move. Do this for each transport. Useful for : baneling drops on a Terran bioball army, or for spreading your troops to avoid splash damage. Tutorial : Zerg macro tip : put all your queens in a control group, then when the time to spawn larvae comes, select the group, press shift+V and click all the hatcheries on the minimap. The queen closest to each hatchery will spawn larvae there. Sending your workers to gas tip : select 6 or more workers from your mineral line, then using shift+click remove portraits until you have exactly six. Right click on one of the geysers. Next remove 3 more portraits and send the remaining workers to the other geyser. To avoid losing any already-mined minerals after right clicking the geyser press C to return cargo. The worker will then automatically return to mine the geyser you clicked. Command queuing tip : any ability can be queued. This allows some combos like queuing move+blink on a stalker, or move+siege mode on a tank. However you can only queue abilities that are currently on the command card. For example, you cannot queue unburrow+fungal growth on a burrowed infestor, even if fungal growth would be available when unburrowed. Baneling morph is the exeption to this rule and will be executed as soon as the command is clicked. Field repair tip : you can drop mules on the battlefield to perform emergency repairs on units like battlecruisers which would take too long to bring back to the base. Marines vs Banelings tip : The least APM-intensive way to micro Marines away from Banelings is by "patrolling" - (P + click) them away. This causes the closest Marine to stop and shoot while the others are still running away - then next marines only stopping when they get in range - and so on. This will reduce the Marine casualties since they don't get clumped up and die in one massive acid explosion. Please comment with your own tips and I'll add them to this post!vic158 04 Aug 2017
30 Apr Map Rotation for Season 2, 2018 A new season means a new map pool! We’ll be adding the following new team maps: 2v2 – Redstorm 3v3 – Stranded Isles 4v4 – Last Impact We are also adding the following new maps to the 1v1 ladder: 16-Bit LE Dreamcatcher LE Lost and Found LE Redshift LE Darkness Sanctuary LE Map Previews: And we will be removing the following maps: Blackpink LE Backwater LE Abiogenesis LE Eastwatch LE Neon Violet Square LE The final map pool will be: Catalyst LE Acid Plant LE 16-Bit LE Lost and Found LE Dreamcatcher LE Redshift LE Darkness Sanctuary LE The new maps are available in Custom games starting today. Season 2 will begin on Tuesday, May 15, at which the new map pool will be live on the ladder. Expect a full blog which will expand on each of the new maps at that time.Kheluriel0 30 Apr
09 Apr LADDER and LEAGUE: Everything you need to know There are always a lot of questions about Ladder, League system, Division and how they all work. Some months ago I did a first version of this FAQ, but since I need a lot more space I've made a whole new version. :D Every answer is verified. If you have other questions, just add them with a replay and they will be added. ;) INDEX LEAGUE AND DIVISION: PROMOTION AND DEMOTION: WIN/LOSS RATIO: BONUS POOL & NEW SEASON: USEFUL LINKS: 09 Apr
4d The End Hi All 35 years old. Played the original starcraft when i was a teenager, loved it, stayed with the series all through the years, but that's it. I'm done. I've always had a love hate relationship with this game, but tonight all hope died. After an ludicrous losing streak I said to myself if I lose the next game then i'm done, guess what, my team won, but I deleted anyway, you want to know why... It was boring. Good games of starcraft 2 are so rare, you have to grind through so much crap to get a decent well balanced game. Yes, yes, it's a 1 v 1 game, it wasn't designed for team match ups, blah blah you're a noob. It's boring, the game is boring now. Perhaps the idiots who designed the matchmaking system should have factored in that if someone suffers a series of relentless, demoralising defeats then it might put them off the game, guess what, it has, despite this Pyrrhic victory. Goodbye dudes. The WarmasterTheWarmaster8 4d
5d [Analysis]Why Starcraft 2 doesn't work anymore I made a video to try to understand why Starcraft 2 does not work anymore, then this game is excellent. I added English subtitles to gather the opinion of everyone, the French community has appreciated the video, I wonder if this is the case for everyone, because if we are all agreed , maybe we can change things and make Starcraft 2 while his interest. Link : 5d
16 Sep Karax's Golden Khaydarin monolith When I opened Galaxy Editor and co-op defendcy I found all gold Khaydarin monolith model for Karax. When you look also to his building options, the icon for it is gold too. But If you build monolith in game, it has Nerazim model from singleplayer. Is that some kind of bug or cut maybe?Mirtanian2 16 Sep
16 Sep Zerg themed Co-op missions Hey guys. I am sure we noticed we dont have Zerg themed missions or Zerg characters announcing the missions. For example, in Mist Opportunities we have Stetmann (Terran) announcing the mission, Temple of the Past we have Rohana (Protoss), The Vermillion Problem has Donnie (Terran) and so on. No room for Zerg characters or missions ? :( This is discrimination ! For the love of Zerg... PLEASE DO SOMETHING... PRETTY PLEASE ^_^ ? FOR THE SWARM AND THE QUEEN OF BLADES !!ZERGB4 16 Sep
16 Sep What are your least favourite Co-op missions? As the title says. This is simply out of curiosity... who knows, maybe this will lead to something. Mine are, in no particular order: Malwarfare Scythe of Amon Cradle of Death Void Thrashing Why? I think some of them are a little teeny bit too fast :) What are your least liked missions?ZERGB7 16 Sep
16 Sep Predictions for Next Co-Op Commander Hi everyone! So, it's been confirmed that we'll get some footage of the next Co-Op Commander at Gamescom (Lowko confirmed on his Twitter he's hosting the reveal: ) With that in mind, who do you expect it will be? And how will they run? I think we have to streams of possibilities: Lore-Dependent The current missions clearly take place sometime late into the LOTV campaign (Alarak is openly fighting Amon; Matt is an Admiral in the Dominion fleet; Dehaka and Stukov are involved, etc). Assuming Blizzard want to maintain this continuity, we have a couple of options: Gabriel Tosh - probably the last viable Terran addition. Canonically, he's still alive, and is seen in the background of a cutscene in HOTS. I imagine he would be on the field, like Nova, but have a lot more options to disable or disrupt enemy forces. He seemed to bring Reapers into WOL so perhaps he could have modified Reapers or Spectres with jump-packs? Niadra - totally forgotten about since her solo mission in HOTS (ignoring that little comic strip we got). She's an untapped resource and, for me, a potentially good source of another mission pack (Niadra vs Zagara for control of the Swarm in Kerrigan's absence?). As she's been isolated from the Swarm for so long, and a direct creation of Kerrigan as opposed to Abathur, she could have quite a few unique abilities or units. She fairly unbound by what we should normally expect from zerg commanders. Reasonably, I think that's probably about it. I can't see how Valerian could or should be any different to Matt. Orlan is imprisoned. Stetmann is stuck on Belshir. Ariel Hanson and the colonists are (probably) all dead and never reasonably had any army of their own. Izsha is Kerrigan's !@#$% and not a Commander herself. Selendis, at this point in the lore, is under Amon's control. As would be any of the other heroes we met in In Utter Darkness in WOL. Zeratul is dead. Ma'Lash is dead (Alarak wouldn't have the Death Fleet if he wasn't Highlord). Everyone else is either an announcer for a map (logistically how could Rohana be a Commander and also be the announcer for any missions?). Lore Who? If Blizzard decide that Co-Op is just for fun and simply set "against Amon" for context, we open ourselves up to far more possibilities! Namely: Terran - the obvious one is Tychus, being a Hero Unit himself and/or with access to the Odin, or other Hero-like Mech units (I'm thinking like the way the AI personalities work for Fenix, Tychus could eject from one Mech into another; jumping between Odin or Loki etc). Perhaps the UED could make a return? Although I like the idea of them coming back with a bang in StarCraft 3, or dealt with in some future mission packs. Stetmann/Ariel dual Commanders as Scientists? Biologically enhanced infantry and/or access to a variety of zerg and protoss-inspired tech? At a stretch, perhaps Arcturus could resurface and lead some kind of twisted Moebius Corps with access to some light hybrid tech? Zerg - the Overmind or some Cerebrates would be the obvious choices here; however, how to make them different to Kerrigan (who largely uses the "original" units) would be quite a challenge, as they're not combative units themselves. Otherwise, I'm struggling? Protoss - again, endless possibilities here. Tassadar would be really interesting - perhaps a chance to try out the old "Twilight Archon" idea we saw before release (High/Dark Templar fusion), and extended the idea of playing with Light/Dark forces for unique combinations or abilities. Zeratul would be nice as a Hero, but his kit would probably struggle to set apart from Vorazun. Same with Raszagal. Then we come back to Selendis, as the main contender. We don't have anyone whose main focus is Protoss Air. I envision fancy carriers and (multiple) Motherships. She could be another dual Commander with Heroes like Mohandar or Urun from In Utter Darkness. Other - if we're really pushing the boat out, could we expect to see Duran/Narud as a Commander? Otherwise, Xel'Naga Kerrigan with a host of upgraded Zerg (or unique) units? We could get around this by ensuring that players cannot play both Kerrigans at the same time. So, what are your thoughts?Kerrigan9 16 Sep
14 Sep The Countdown Begins I have to say, I am absolutely loving the new countdown feature.However I do feel the cpuntdown is a little too intense. Maybe have a slightly more subtle countdown tone. Like maybe an announcer says the count down, or just simple bleeps. Idk that's just what I think...FortZax0 14 Sep
12 Sep Friendly-firing in Co-op So, Tychus patch gives a long queue, so be it. BUT some players take pleasure in ruining games by friendly-firing. I point-finger, because that guy did that several times. Isn't there some kind of punishment for this kind of behaviour ? ThanksVlagstaf3 12 Sep
12 Sep TYCHUS' ODIN IS UNDERWHELMING There are some significant problems with calling down the Odin currently: 1. Tychus' move speed is actually slower in the Odin than on foot. Since the Heaven's Devils act as a strike squad, you want to keep them together and attack together but because the Odin is clearly in no rush, you'll constantly need to wait for it to catch up or use the medivac to relocate him faster. 2. Barrage is a terrible ability. Tychus apparently needs to fill out a permission slip before using it because the amount of prep time needed before it can fire most certainly means any living target will have left the country before Barrage lands. And it shouldn't be usable only once, it doesn't have a significant impact like Big Red Button does. 3. The Odin's DPS is actually lower against single targets than Tychus' minigun during the late game. if Tychus is fully upgraded and has 4 outlaws, he can deal about 50 damage every 0.18 seconds. The fully upgraded Odin deals 130 damage twice against ground units (300 against structures) every 1.23 seconds. That means Tychus' DPS is roughly 278 while Odin's is 211 against ground units. And that's in optimal conditions. In the heat of combat, while you're using Blaze and/or Nux to deal splash damage, the Odin will often reset its attack animation if its target dies. This means you'll run into the situation where the Odin will constantly be aiming and re-aiming but not fire because your actually useful outlaws are doing the killing for you. 4. And against air units, Christ, it's like you're trying to pepper spray them with deodorant. The absolutely pathetic missile launchers deals 30 (+5 against armored) four times every 2.5 which equates to 48 (56 to armored) DPS against air units. The worst part about this is that rather than using the Odin ground cannons to actually deal significant damage to the Objective structures like the Void Shards and Zenith Stones, the Odin will instead opt to use the air attacks making this is straight detriment to your damage. There are some benefits to Odin, of course. It deals splash damage, its health and armor means that it will almost never die, its DPS early-mid game is still very strong, Big Red Button is a wonderful ability when you get the upgrade for it, and if Tychus is killed you can use the Odin to revive him without paying a fee. But overall, the Odin is a calldown ability with some disadvantages which a calldown ability should never have. You should feel like a massive metal behemoth crashing down from the heavens and raining down hellfire and death. And while it does fulfill some of those fantasies, it doesn't feel as satisfying as it should. To improve the Odin: 1. Increase its movement speed to match Tychus' default move speed. 2. Make Barrage activate in a fraction of a second and have a cooldown, not a charge. 3. Remove the missile launchers and make Odin's cannons hit both ground and air. Or buff it until it does more DPS than the cannons with the appropriate damage against structures too. 4. When calling in the Odin, have the impact area kill anything it touches except Heroic units, like Space Station Reallocation. Make it more rewarding to call the Odin in the middle of a fight. 5. Have Tychus Upgrades apply to the Odin so there's no loss in DPS. 6. Big Red Button should be automatically applied at level 15. Not cost 200/200.AlQaholic1 12 Sep
11 Sep Price of Tychus master bundle. Hello awesome community, I noticed that the price of this bundle is 9,99Euros, written in green colour, which I interpret as a discount offer while original price 14,97euros. I'm by far not a master mathematician in any sense of the word, but if I buy Tychus and the announcer seperately I'll get them at the same price. So that leaves14,97euros-9,99=4,98euros. Is that the price of the stimpack? If so, does that mean that we could buy stimpacks seperately?Manbearpig0 11 Sep
10 Sep Tychus to expensive? Hi In my opinion I find Tychus to be a too expensive character to upgrade. I'm not able to complete all upgrades until the game is over something I able to do with all the other characters and on them I have alot of unspent resources at endgame. Do anyone agree?Skela1 10 Sep
10 Sep This week mutation (123-Quick Killers) BIG BAG!!! This week mutation (123-Quick Killers) BIG BAG!!! The Death Bot don't count the unit kills - units reaper of Mira Han and Matt Horner!Stannnny0 10 Sep
08 Sep Vega Bug When you use Vega's domination spell on air unit that is under affect of another Vega's spell (that brings it down so ground units can attack it, forgot the name of it) remains still on ground permanently. So basically let's say your BC is vulnerable to enemy ground units until the end of domination spell.AlQaholic0 08 Sep
07 Sep parasites in co-op have people met others who for example are in level 1 above casual who clearly shows that they havent played a specific faction before and wants free stuff? then throws a temper tantrum when they cant get it. played with a lvl 1 abathur who barely have 10% achivements from terran campaign and 0 from zerg campaign. he hadnt even completed umoja yet and went to co-op think that you still arent allowed to name and shame people? :(ChubbyChaser4 07 Sep
06 Sep ranked Cant play ranked? :/lllllllllll0 06 Sep
06 Sep Tychus - Cast Range for the Fixers What do you think about an upgrade or an extension of a mastery branch to give the Fixers some more cast range? Only a bit like 1,2 or 3? It would make it easier to land Mindcontrols and Nikara could heal the tanks more easily when they go in.Galaxcyn0 06 Sep
06 Sep Funny mutations Hey guys. As the title says, maybe Blizzard could add some funny, wacky mutators and mutations to the maps... to make it more fun and less serious :) Here are some ideas: - make commander's random units DANCE for a longer period of time than when you type ''/dance''. - make ENEMY units dance at random times, and also during attack waves - transform units into BABIES, or make them small in size and reduce their damage to 1... think of the BABALITY from Mortal Kombat :) - and speaking of Mortal Kombat, why not include Scorpion's ''GET OVER HERE'' catchphrase when enemy units use the Abduct ability on the player's units ? Any other ideas? Thanks for readingZERGB2 06 Sep
04 Sep MMR lives itself! I came here from russian region becouse blizzard dont read forums over there. And Im sorry for my english. Whats going on with MMR, it is totally broken. I have seen a lot of people who got in ML but they play like silver or gold. Yestarday i got around 3100 MMR and Gold 1 from 2 for protos. After that i didnt play! But today its 2977 and it shows that im in gold 2 again. But I DIDNT play and DIDNT lose no one game! How can i lost it? I dont understand! Blizzard when u will fix that? Why a lot of bugs in game since it become free?Yoh1 04 Sep
03 Sep Cyberbullying, cheating & toxicity Tanking MMR, players deliberately losing games to play vs lower league opponents, has always been a problem. Its disheartening that this still goes on and openly too. Cyberbullying is exactly what it is - stronger players openly gaming the system to beat weaker players. Blizz must do something about this problem. It is just ignored and faithful SC2 players continue to suffer because of it. Its frustrating, corrupts the leagues and is just ignored, despite it being classed as cheating by Blizz's own rules. And on top of this, players that do it are often toxic and BM because they know they can get away with it with no repercussions. So much focus on cheating and toxicity in Overwatch or MOBA's, but in SC2, supposedly with a flagship community, its just ignored. And its not as though it difficult to detect. I still regularly encounter it, and after 8 years of this problem its time Blizz actually did something about it. Its reportable, but pointless, because there are no repercussions.SpartanCinC1 03 Sep
31 Aug Question for developers (Co-op maps) I see the new co-op maps are original ones, i like them and cannot say there is anything wrong with them. But can we get more maps that have roots in the singleplayer campaign missions and we are already kinda familiar with? I would like to see few more of those now and then.Bumbac0 31 Aug
30 Aug Co-op Commander: Dr. Ariel Hanson Thoughts I've been thinking - what if we take one of the less likely characters from the Starcraft 2 roster and try to fit them into a commander role? I like Ariel (as my profile picture can attest) and her role in WoL. However, she is clearly more suited to lead civilians. But. What if we were to have her as a commander? How would you design her? I have a few basic ideas as a less experienced Co-op player. Base: In terms of structures she would obviously be Terran in design, but I'm thinking she'd probably be more along the Nova format and have a streamlined base design. In line with how she is encountered in the campaign I'd imagine she'd have a mercenary outpost and predominantly recruit her high-tier army instead of training them. This means fewer production buildings. She is a doctor and scientist so she would still have a lot of research and upgrade structures, however. Ariel would not use supply depots - instead she would have one structure which is progressively upgraded to allow higher supply count. Army: Inspired by the Zerg research tech tree and the units unlocked in the colony campaign. I imagine a lot of fire and static defences. Her army would be largely mercenary and quick to deploy but at a higher cost. Firebats, Medics, and obviously Marines too, would be her starting production force. She would also use caster units but there are not too many suitable candidates to chose from. Maybe Spectres since she sympathises with them. Alternatively she can upgrade units to become casters at higher levels. In general I don't think mech units would be her forte, but I would like to see her make use of transports like the Hercules for large air mobilisation and the ground transport with the shrike turret from the campaign to allow the vehicles to absorb punishment as her troops move into enemy positions. She could also use civilian militia as very cheap base defence (imagine weaker marines). Alternatively the Predator unit as a rapid deploy defence since they are not a very useful unit for offensives. Upgrades: I would like Ariel to have access to a range of unconventional upgrades that improves or alters the functionality of her army (whether merc or own production). This could include auto-healing infantries when out of combat, upgrading firebats to allow casting sustained AoE damage and allowing transports to become mobile bunkers where loaded units can shoot out on enemies. Base structures can be upgraded to have shrike or perdition turrets to allow independent defences since armies are more expensive. Static defence structures can be upgraded to have psi disruptors to slow down Amon's rushes and/or prevent caster units from activating abilities. Abilities: I have no idea what to do on this one. Dr. Ariel does a lot of research of infestation so perhaps she could have a high-tier cool-down where she temporarily infest her own structures or units to improve their defensive and offensive capabilities temporarily. This is very close to Stukov however - so I would think many would find that questionable. Anyone has some great ideas? I'd love to hear them. Also - anyone working at Blizz - if you could envision Ariel as an unlikely commander - how would you implement her?JackNurse7 30 Aug
28 Aug MMR Rant... again? Hi, So I used to play Wings of Liberty (Old account) I now have a new Blizzard account ( 3 years old) and I've recently started playing SC2 again. I used to be ranked Plat 1v1 and Gold / Plat on team play. However, since getting back I have been placed in Silver 1 (Provisional MMR puts me in Gold2 somehow). Anyway, I keep getting weird games... Playing against Diamond and the occasional Master in 3v3 and playing against Plat/Diamond players in 4v4. It's got so bad now that I don't even want to play anymore. I usually rank top 3 in game scores even if it is a loss, but it is now getting ridiculous as I simply cannot find any way of actually winning a game. I've been communicating with my team members and trying to coordinate as best I can to no avail... Adding on to that, in some of the games the players just seem to troll outright as they are not seemingly playing "Ranked" so they simply don't care. Am I doing something wrong, please then do tell me, or is there something inherently wrong with the way ranks / MMR and competitive play is being handled by the game? Another brief example, I played 3v3 and in my qualifying 5 games won 3 and lost 2. Still got placed in Silver, however I have not had one single game against gold/silver players, only plat and higher. In most cases I get flamed by diamond/plat players for losing but after the game my score ties up with theirs roughly. e.g. 36K vs 34K or 51K vs 48K Thus, leading me to believe that I am playing comparative to the Plat/Diamond players in question. Look, I am all for enjoyment of the game, learning / improving / winning. But it has come to a point now where I actually don't enjoy it anymore. Some past games were complete ROFL Stomps and now all the games are basically impossible to win. I hope someone can offer some insight into what I may be doing wrong or alternative insight as to when to play (Time and date etc.) or whether there actually is a bug or two in the system. I am all for accepting my mistakes and working at correcting them, but if it is a case whereby the MMR itself is flawed then I just don't see any point in fighting a flawed system. Thanks for Your Time. All the Best, CoreCore1 28 Aug
24 Aug MMR does not fit the League Hey, so my current MMR in Solo is Dia 3 and im playing vs Dia+ only, but somehow my league rank is still gold1 / plat 3... some friends of me got the same Problem so what to do? Screenshot: 24 Aug
22 Aug Tychus and plague There is a mutator called black death that deals dmg overtime to effected units and is capable of spreading.The problem is that when heroic units respawn they are still effected by the plague.Will this be fixed later or Tychus and his group will just simply die all the time?IdleDrone1 22 Aug
21 Aug What's with the Co-Op Matchmaker? Twice now I've asked for Normal matches and ended up in Hard games instead. And this is not an isolated case. I've dealt with ending up in Normal missions despite asking for Casual in the past several times too. So what, is this a bug, or does the Co-Op matchmaker have permission to look at a player's selected game difficulty and say, "Did you say you want Normal? No, I'm pretty sure you said hard." On a dime?Amani6 21 Aug
20 Aug 2vs2 Glitch we have mmr 2700 we are playing against similar mmr players however when games ends very often showing us they`re both in 2vs2 master 3 league. But i can tell by their skills that there is no way they even a gold league. Some kind of glitch ? we meeting very often this kind of playerswojtek1 20 Aug
14 Aug How long do we have to wait for a working Reconnect? Hi blizzard! Thank you for a fantastic well balanced game! Sadly since app was forced into your games we have had a huge problem were ALL other developers succeeded, the Reconnect function. Even the muppets from Bluehole understand how important this is and have fixed a working reconnect for PUBG! so how hard can it be?!! Please Blizzard, you have neglected this for 8 years now (I know you got the function, but it has never really worked...) It's so depressing when you get the "reconnect-virus" for an evening playing ladder. Don't bother telling me to troubleshoot, cause I won't fall for that bullsh*t... Everyone who had this recurring problem know it's on your side and my guess it's probably the app that prevent from reconnecting. Not admitting your problem and instead concealing it by telling people to troubleshoot (then ignore until topic drops away from page1...) You've done this for 8 years now, I can still find around 250 topics of reconnect-issues on EU-forums alone... This is simply an embarrassing display of mistreatment. I understand, if this would have been an easy fix it would have been solved by now so just let this post be a reminder that this game isn't working without a proper reconnect! please start taking this issue more seriously. Reports also say that your other games have simular problems ( I can confirm D3) so all your games should benefit from fixing this issue. Sincerely A true Blizzard game fan since 1998.missClick2 14 Aug
14 Aug Any New Mutation ? Hello everyone. I was wondering if we are going to get new mutation anytime soon. If I'm not mistaking we keep getting the same mutations for past month or more now. Was wondering if anyone have any idea or knowledge on this matter. Thank you.Owea1 14 Aug
11 Aug MMR/Tier My MMR shows that I currently am in Platinum 1 but im still in Platinum 2.Tushy1 11 Aug
08 Aug Cyclone This may seem like a stupid question but I have read the Wiki page on the Cyclone and it doesn't actually say... Is it always anti-air or only when the special ability is activated? I just played a game and in the melee it looked like they were just driving around under the protoss fleet and not actually firing. Thanks in advance. HorusTheWarmaster6 08 Aug
08 Aug Please give Russians their own realmpool Please, Blizzard... Everyone would profit from it: Russians finally have no language barrier and normal people wouldn't have to carry Russians since 90% of them are terrible.Nasharan4 08 Aug
04 Aug part and parcel What incompetent, clueless person designed this !@#$ty map. It is almost impossible to get the first train (bonus obective). You can barely have an army when it spawns, and it spawns behinds lots of enemy minions and buildings. Yet again blizzard has show how clueless they are about their games, and that they can't designed decent content. The person who designed this map, shouldn't be allowed anywhere near game designinginsomnia5 04 Aug
03 Aug Co-op Commander with Rip-Field Generator? I love the idea of it. I've modified countless campaign maps to add in rip-field generators to see how OP it is. (In case you aren't sure, it REALLY is). How would they have to be changed to make them viable? Alternatively, could they be used as mutation elements? Or just as part of a future co-op map?Anomolous2 03 Aug
03 Aug Blizzard,please fix ladder matchmaking Many times when I play ranked,I get opponents that have much more MMR than me(sometimes about 1000 more and sometimes the ones that are in bigger league,I even had a match against players that were in gold league).Blizzard,please fix this. P.S. Sorry for bad enlish.I hope you could understand me.Nikola0 03 Aug
02 Aug Reapers in late game Reapers are quite good in scouting at start, however they are pretty useless after approx 4th minute. Isn't it bad, that one type of unit is useful only in the beginning (all other units are useful during the whole match)? Their grenades could be useful in some battles, however it seems they need to be more efficient from point of view of making and taking damage. Suggestion to discuss: Isn't it possible to buff them by allowing them to use stimpack and combat shields? They wouldn't be as efficient as marines, and this change won't change their combat potential at start, but it would give the chance for players to play several reapers(as alternative aggressive opening for bio style) with keeping in mind the possible usage in middle/late game. What's your opinion?ToPP7 02 Aug
31 Jul Button "dont attack buildings" Would be nice - for the purpose of tactics - to have an additional button, that units will now not attack buildings. If I try to flank an enemy army my units mostly start to attack any kind of static objects instead of getting into the battle! Would be great if I could ignore that fact.Avalon3 31 Jul
31 Jul Disruptor nerfed to death last patch nerfed the damage, nerfed the radius and now a timer is included too... why dont you just removed this unit, easier hm ?!SaperioN9 31 Jul
30 Jul Feature request: deny some matches of races Make possibility to prohibit some matches of races on ladder For example ZvZslonofanya4 30 Jul
30 Jul Terran no brain class still a thing That no brain level class get untouched since freaking lauch, no brain rushh class, p wait it can be a freaking no brain class even in late, shall i speak about mules? Oh no, i mean, realy i know blizz maked that class for people with mentaly disabilities, but cmon is way to !@#$, it has the best stats also in tournaments, and a way much better winrate than p and z togheter, and yes i want all no brain terrans come and downvote me, gg scurbs, a 7y old kid can get to plat easyly just by spamming marines and medivacs with that class 30 Jul
30 Jul Coop Fenix name Shouldn't he be named Talandar? Especialy how that you have decided that the fenix in HotS, isn't the same. Seems to be lacking some consistency. Or don't you really know what you are doing/know what the other departments are doing?insomnia3 30 Jul
30 Jul part and parcel is impossible nobody have ever won it. i suggest removing it until it is fixed. my experience is now frozen because i played it.andreasasp21 30 Jul
30 Jul 7 games same map why. 7 games same map why???? your ıdıot???? !@#$ you blızzard.JjZeRO3 30 Jul
30 Jul mutation This mutation is such a joke. I picked normal, and bare gets into the game, and we are just overrun with mobs. No where near what we can produce of defend against. Blizzard is incapable of designed good, fair balanced content. Just garbage upon garbageinsomnia3 30 Jul
30 Jul Dehaka & Black Death (Plague) If Dehaka gets Black Death (plague debuff) it sticks on him forever even through death. So when Dehaka rebirths at his den he dies in 30sec again. This makes the character completely useless especially when you go with MOBA gameplay. Please FIX THIS !! ThanksHolyKiller2 30 Jul
30 Jul Hybrid Dominator Feedback vs Nova Feedback instantly kills Nova even if she uses up all her energy. It's kinda stupid because this ability has no counter defenses and from what I can tell only Nova gets killed instantly with this ability. Is this how it should work or is this a bug ? Alarak has larger Energy pool and he doesn't insta-die even if he has all his energy which is counter-pointing the ability which is supposed to: Deplete target energy and deal 75% damage to health. Nova's health is 250 and her energy is 100, her health damage should be around 214 but instead it kills her in one hit at 100% health.ZerefSDF1 30 Jul