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09 Mar 2018 Multiplayer Introduction Starcraft II is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game and, even if it has an amazing single player campaign, its best part is the multiplayer. Starcraft II was build from the beginning to be an e-sport. How you can start? This topic wants to be an introduction for new players, here you will find useful links and hints. First, if you are totally new to RTS, you should play the singleplayer campaign. Its storyline is gorgeous and you will also be able to learn some basic mechanics of Starcraft (like resources gathering, how to build up bases, units and so on). You can discuss about mission, lore and topic related to singleplayer, in this section: --> After this you should do Challenges. Challenges are 9 in total, they are a singleplayer experience and they are here to be a bridge toward multiplayer. Each mission has 3 different objectives, if you complete all of them with a Gold award you will acquire a good amount of experience with units, races and basic multiplayer's mechanics. Don't worry if you will have to repeat some of them, this is normal, challenges are not meant to be easy. More you practice, more you will learn. More information about this, here: --> Now you can start to play with and against other human beings. My advice is to chose one specific race and play mainly with it, so you can focus on its unit, building, strategies and you will learn more faster how to play. When you hit for the first time the Multiplayer button you will have the option to play 50 matches in a Practice League. You don't have to do them all, you can just play a bit here so you can choose your favorite race. Remember that in this league the game speed is slower than normal and maps have some variants to help you, so this is not a real environment, don't focus too much. Use this time to try each of the 3 races and choose what you like most for the real ladder. You can have more information about races and units, here: --> If you are looking for a complete list of FAQs about Ladder and League, just go there: --> The most popular league is the 1v1. A bloody duel with another player. This is also the most difficult, so you should play here only when you will have some experience. My advice is to start form 4v4 and 3v3, where you are with other allies. They can help you and you will not have all the match on your shoulder. The most fun thing is to find some friends and play with them regularly. There are a lot of way to find someone, you can use this forum, in-game chat system, official fansite website, or you can bring to Starcraft II some of your real friends! The first matches could be a bit frustrating, but after few games you will learn the basics and more positive results will come. Another important aspect is the language used by us. Often we use a lot of neologism and acronyms, here you can find an helpful list: --> --> 09 Mar 2018
04 Aug 2017 Starcraft 2 tips & tricks I thought it would be nice to have a list of the various tips and facts about the game that are not widely known, but can be very useful in game. Here's what I have so far : Control : * Backspace cycles through all your command centers/hatcheries/nexuses. * Ctrl+click a unit selects all units of the same type currently on screen. * Ctrl+shift+click selects all units of that type on the screen and adds them to your selection. * Ctrl+F1 selects all idle workers. * Shift+number adds the currently selected units to the control group. * Rally points can be set on units. * Rally points can be queued to have the units follow a certain path when spawning. * W selects all warpgates. * Ctrl+Alt+Click on the main screen sends a signal on the minimap. * Use Alt+Key to turn on/off autocast abilities without using the mouse. * You can repeatedly use an ability by keeping its hotkey pressed. Works with spells (Psi Storm, EMP, Fungal Growth, etc) as well as unit production keys. Gameplay : * Unburrow can be set to autocast. Useful for transforming Banelings into landmines. * Burrowed Banelings can be detonated manually. * Spawn larva can be cast on the minimap. * EMP can be cast on buildings like Command Center and Nexus. * The mothership cloaks buildings. * Chronoboost affects warpgates reducing the Warp In cooldown from 15 seconds to 11.25 seconds. * You can cast Chronoboost on the minimap * Mules can repair. * Roaches can burrow under forcefields. * You can feedback and EMP Point Defense Drones. * Spawning creep tumors can be cancelled, restoring the energy. * You can stimpack units inside bunkers. * Colossus can be loaded into transports. * SCVs with auto-repair can repair mechanical units inside medivacs. * One on one, an unsieged tank beats a sieged tank. * Fungal growth reveals cloaked and burrowed units. * EMP temporarily reveals permanently cloaked units. * Banelings are not light units. * Hallucinated units grant vision. Use it to scout or look over cliffs. * You can use abandoned enemy Tech Labs and Reactors with your own buildings. * Workers that are going to collect resources or return cargo enter a special no collision mode which allows them to pass through other units (even enemy). Trivia : * Units will say additional dialogue if clicked multiple times. * Repeatedly clicking on a critter will make it explode. * Hatcheries/lair field of vision shrinks when they're mutating. * If you build two Nydus Networks, they will be connected. * Hatcheries provide 2 supply. * Using Neural Parasite on a egg will kill it. * The Nydus Network has a capacity of 1020 slots, or 255 units, whichever comes first. Micro/macro : Moving drop tip : to perform a moving drop, move your transport to a location, press D, and click on a transport. The transport will drop units below it while continuing to move. Do this for each transport. Useful for : baneling drops on a Terran bioball army, or for spreading your troops to avoid splash damage. Tutorial : Zerg macro tip : put all your queens in a control group, then when the time to spawn larvae comes, select the group, press shift+V and click all the hatcheries on the minimap. The queen closest to each hatchery will spawn larvae there. Sending your workers to gas tip : select 6 or more workers from your mineral line, then using shift+click remove portraits until you have exactly six. Right click on one of the geysers. Next remove 3 more portraits and send the remaining workers to the other geyser. To avoid losing any already-mined minerals after right clicking the geyser press C to return cargo. The worker will then automatically return to mine the geyser you clicked. Command queuing tip : any ability can be queued. This allows some combos like queuing move+blink on a stalker, or move+siege mode on a tank. However you can only queue abilities that are currently on the command card. For example, you cannot queue unburrow+fungal growth on a burrowed infestor, even if fungal growth would be available when unburrowed. Baneling morph is the exeption to this rule and will be executed as soon as the command is clicked. Field repair tip : you can drop mules on the battlefield to perform emergency repairs on units like battlecruisers which would take too long to bring back to the base. Marines vs Banelings tip : The least APM-intensive way to micro Marines away from Banelings is by "patrolling" - (P + click) them away. This causes the closest Marine to stop and shoot while the others are still running away - then next marines only stopping when they get in range - and so on. This will reduce the Marine casualties since they don't get clumped up and die in one massive acid explosion. Please comment with your own tips and I'll add them to this post!vic158 04 Aug 2017
30 Apr 2018 Map Rotation for Season 2, 2018 A new season means a new map pool! We’ll be adding the following new team maps: 2v2 – Redstorm 3v3 – Stranded Isles 4v4 – Last Impact We are also adding the following new maps to the 1v1 ladder: 16-Bit LE Dreamcatcher LE Lost and Found LE Redshift LE Darkness Sanctuary LE Map Previews: And we will be removing the following maps: Blackpink LE Backwater LE Abiogenesis LE Eastwatch LE Neon Violet Square LE The final map pool will be: Catalyst LE Acid Plant LE 16-Bit LE Lost and Found LE Dreamcatcher LE Redshift LE Darkness Sanctuary LE The new maps are available in Custom games starting today. Season 2 will begin on Tuesday, May 15, at which the new map pool will be live on the ladder. Expect a full blog which will expand on each of the new maps at that time.Kheluriel0 30 Apr 2018
09 Apr 2018 LADDER and LEAGUE: Everything you need to know There are always a lot of questions about Ladder, League system, Division and how they all work. Some months ago I did a first version of this FAQ, but since I need a lot more space I've made a whole new version. :D Every answer is verified. If you have other questions, just add them with a replay and they will be added. ;) INDEX LEAGUE AND DIVISION: PROMOTION AND DEMOTION: WIN/LOSS RATIO: BONUS POOL & NEW SEASON: USEFUL LINKS: 09 Apr 2018
29 May Race EXP for co-op I would presume this could've been discussed already, but is there any reason why Co-op don't contribute to our general exp? Like it's still StarCraft, you still play one of three races, why can't you progress to unlock portraits and skins for races? An honest question. Plus, it would've been cool to play as commanders outside of strictly 2 player co-op mode. Is there anything for that in the arcade?AlexZebol4 29 May
26 May Enemy attack waves are bugged Hello, Since the latest patch 4.9 all enemy races in coop have only one composition they come to attack with. Terran use the Viking starting, protoss use the adept-DT-phoenix line and zerg use the aber-viper-scourge one which drastically decrease the fun for not just me, but lots of people. In every game we have to face the same enemies which is annoying and boring as well. We'd like to ask for and be glad if you could fix this asap. Thanks in advance with best regards, MazsoMazso2 26 May
25 May Bunker suggestion So what if SCVs have ranged attack while in bunker? It would be only low damage and medium attack speed. This would encourage Terran to build Bunkers in their mineral lines and give them at least limited anti-harass defense (Something that they normally get only in late game with Planetary). What do you think?Marrossi2 25 May
24 May Looking for active 2v2 team mate. Didn't really know where to look Im sick of RT getting no where really.. looking for someone who at least has around my APM 140-160.Im z so T or P pls if you enjoy 2v2 drop a message here. we can also practice 1v1Goliath2 24 May
24 May Co-op commander sales? Now i'm no cheapskate, but spending 20 bucks on a few commanders feels a bit... like i'm overdoing it. Are there any specific times when commanders are known to go on sale so i know what to look out for, like on a specific holiday or something? Or do they just randomly go on sale every now and again, or maybe even not at all?Fransie3 24 May
24 May Vorazun Twitch Bundle postponed? Hi, guys. I remember it was announced that Nerazim Bundle would become available on May 23rd as part of Twitch Prime subscription, however, for no apparent reason, it seems to have been postponed for an entire week. Now Swann reward expires only on may 28th and Vorazun becomes available only on May 29th. Isn't it a bit late? What I find odd is that there was no announcement (not to my knowledge, at least) on that matter.AlexZebol0 24 May
21 May Ultralisk Model Change with Chitinous? Greetings. I've a question and a request. Just a small quality of life suggestion. You know how Zerglings gain wings when their upgrade finishes? Why don't Ultras change unit model when they get Chitinous Plating? Chitinous is as much of a must-have for Ultras as speed is for lings, but why don't they have a model change when its done? This is just a trivial matter but it helps with counter play: being able to tell at a glance that they have +2 armor. Not to mention the fact that both those upgrades impact the game drastically. Me and other non-grandmaster players sometimes forget to click the incoming ultras in order to assess the situation, so this visual queue would be most appreciated. What would they change model to? Just something that looks slightly more bulkier. If leviathan skins weren't a thing, I'd have suggested using the leviathan ultra for when the unit finished its upgrade. What do you guys think?Ikoter2 21 May
21 May Reporting a Psychopath: DualCore He plays coop. Mainly Raynor. Builds up a large group of marines fast and starts ordering you around. If you refuse to do what he says, he starts killing your bases and insulting you in the chat. There are hundreds of them out there, and I am getting sick of blizzard not taking any actions against them whatsoever. Report button is bad joke. Next time you see him, just leave or be ready for abuse.MrOatmeal6 21 May
21 May Idea for shorter Versus I love to play in the evening before I go to bed. But I can't go to bed too late if I have to work the other day. So I can mostly play coop, because the game ends always early enough. Although I prefer versus. My idea for Versus would be a game mode called "Time limit": If after 10 minutes the game is still going the map is going to shrink. All your units and buildings which touch the now outer border of the map are moved inside. If after 15 minutes the game is still undecided this happens again, if after 20 minutes the game isn't over it ends automatically with a draw. This would make a huge difference to now, where your only option is to leave and lose the game if you didn't beat your opponent in like 20 minutes.MnschnFressr6 21 May
20 May 2v2 ranked 0 with 0 MMR in an empty Platinum division Hi! I have a problem regarding ranked games and league placements. I was redirected here from a ticket. It just so happened that after me and my friend won a ranked game we couldn't see our MMR, MMR gain and league progression in the score screen and since then we are ranked 0 with 0 MMR in an empty Platinum division (Zamara Omicron). It's also saying that we are both Terrans although we play as Protosses. Playing another ranked game didn't seem to fix this. Could someone please have a look at this? I posted some in-game screenshots in ticket EU66191185. Edit: Also, it's been like 2 days since this happened.Lies2 20 May
16 May Artificial Overmind by Reaktor Thought I'd share this here as I think it's pretty cool: The idea is to build an AI with Python, upload it and let it duke it out against other competitors. Once a month no other than Serral will play against the best-ranking bot. Let's just say that the bots so far haven't really been much of a challenge against human players :Dkml0 16 May
15 May More Commander achievements Doesn't anyone feel that there are very few achievements for each Co-op commanders? There isn't enough variety. Many people have suggested many ideas such as ''kill X units in Y amount of time'', or ''gather X resources...'', ''deal X damage....'' Perhaps make them more personalised or very specific, for example ' 'as Zagara, kill 500 units with Banelings only '' or ''make only ONE unit the entire mission as Swann'', ''use Scan 30 times in a single mission as Raynor''. How about MAP ACHIEVEMENTS? Like, destroy ALL enemy buildings on Lock and Load, or destroy last 4 Void Shards WITHOUT destroying a single enemy building in Rifts to Korhal (this means focus fire the shards only with air units)... but I think that one wouldn't be too hard. There is a post on reddit about some more ideas. Here is the link: Your thoughts?ZERGB3 15 May
14 May you cant scout in pvz I switched to protoss but it is everygame retarded pvp or pvz. And you can't scout as protoss already sending first adept can be autolose if he attacking with ling speed. And if he is good he will catch adept and don't let you scout, even if you saw bane nest for example and build 3 cannon or battery, he can not do it and you will lose. Also if you start with stargate and build oracle and than it is roaches you autolose and when you make make void and it is lings you lose as well and meanwhile zerg see everything you do with overlords, this match is retarded coinflipp and pvz, zerg will all in every single game, because 3rd nexus imba... Reaction 1-2 second voidgay and probes cant even kill nydus,,,IIIIIIIIIIII0 14 May
13 May My feelings when I enter 1vs1 Load screen I first of all scan the opponent and see what team he is. And I'm almost always playing Terran and so my reaction is junctioned to how the Terran will emerge triumphant. If the enemy is Random I assume the enemy has a daring character, and is likely a pro in disguise flexing his strategic muscle, playing with a few naïve characters.. of which he's likely to encounter within the limits of my mediocre league. I envision some routine staple strategy of producing some early 3 Barax pressure rush.. just to assert my self. But I still assume there'll be some non-specific improvised solution coming from me. But the enemy's choice of random is unsettling and only someone who knows their business will do that If the enemy is Terran Immediately, insecure curiosity descends upon me.. as if the enemy is Red and my colour is Blue and they're inherently aggressive while I'm some naïve passive blue-party. It is usually here I discover how deviant Terran commanders are.. having recourse to combinations of their technology I'd hitherto never imagined. With eager expectation I assume they might... routinely carry out something, which I happen to discern, and then the battle unfolds to my advantage. Usually when seeing the enemy to be Terran I still resort to some early pressure.. which is failed by the mere common sense practised by securing staple things.. like a Ramp Blockade, non-greedy natural expansion. Awareness of Drop-ship surprise attacks.. and so on. if the enemy is Zerg A bold feeling of purpose comes about, as if there be a worthy battle. Like Marine's entrenched in some warzone fending off countless critters, donned in armour and equipped with a chain-gun. I count upon the enemy not expanding assertively and believing in an honourable fight with Roaches and Hydralisks. Of course.. there is that preliminary terror engulfing me as I envision banelings busting into my base early or so, but even that is sometimes remedied by producing an early siege tank. Very little fear is felt when seeing a zerg enemy. if the enemy is Protoss A feeling of sonorous helplessness descends upon me. I know.. I KNOW that the Terran are equipped with measures to counter-engage. But I think of that ghost academy, deploying that fragile unit who needs to be micro-managed. And then I think of their proxy pylons, teleporting units, The immortal.. so superior to the siege tank. and worse, the looming eventuality of that terrible destructive psi-storm. I know I must bring them down before their economy becomes insurmountableSephiroth0 13 May
11 May NERF PROTOSS Every 4v4 Multiplayer game is just 3-4 Protoss against each other facing themselves with huge unbeatable air armadas. no ground units nothing No use of immortals ord colossi i rememeber the early times of sc2 where there were actual strategies. No we have only one strat: Pick protoss, go air, win. That sucksDAYTIMEDEAD5 11 May
11 May The fiercest co-op troll ever Today this happened on mutation. His name is DualCore. Yes, every 2-5 minutes he was relaunching the mutation. Not because he was loosing or he wasn't satisfied with allies. He was attacking and insulting his every ally for nothing, doing this for purpose, going straight for stabbing the back and scoff people. Now, this is how it happened. I launched today's mutation for 1st time and got... him. He was pretty rude from the start but I thought we'd be fine, he has nearly as high level as me (I'm 780 on eu), he has banner for 100% campaigns as me, so I can accept this, we all are rude sometimes. I gave him chrono, I cleared rocks for both and I went with Zeratul to clear the 1st wave. That time he droped robots on me and killed my base. This wasn't like we had a conflict, I said nothing bad to him, I don't remember myself playing with him before. He just... did it. His PM is locked, so I could write him a word. Then I got enother ally and took the mutation from first attempt, it's pretty easy. And then I thought - lets look what bird was that psychopath. I saw his match history and everything was clear now. I waited a couple minutes for him to end another game and queued same moment as him. Luck! We got together again. I was planning to revenge same way picking Tychus who is strong and fast, hoping troll doesn't remember me. But no, this troll was mobilized HARD on killing allies. Now he went for fast canons to prevent hero creation. Wow. I repeated that 2 times more but the troll was gaining lulz with all posible ways. Which makes me 100% sure he spends days and days on stabbing backs. There are nearly no wins in his history. I actualy understand if someone attacks me for a conflict. But for years I didn't see a retard who proffessionaly goes for hurting people. He is not playing 1-1 where he could spend his anger honestly, he kills allies only, with no reason. And gets his pleasure. There is nothing human in his behaviour. For sure this person must be freed from StarCraft forever. I wrote in-game report but I am sure this is not enough. This must be seen by people. Replays: 11 May
30 Apr Starcraft 2 repeadedly disconnects ingame Every session after a few minutes or sometimes even an hour i am kicked out of a game (custom and ranked/unranked)(team and 1vs1). My internet connection is fine and my pc setup has not changed before this occured. The game just freezes and the surrender button is the only thing i can click on. There is no countdown or sth. My game is up to date and runs on Win10 Professional. Hope somebody can help.Spike2 30 Apr
30 Apr Bring back old raven Tvz is unwinable you can be outplayingwhole game guy and just because you don't have raven and nothing to fight broodlord-viper-infestor you autolose. IT is so stupid............. Thor and liberator doesn't really do jack !@#$.... So stupid protoss can mass op carriers 2 years and zerg is alowed parasitic bomb and fungal and terran no splash. Terran already had bad lategame even before raven nerf, now it is uplayable. %^-* cancer devs.......!!!!!! IT IS COMPLETE AND UTERR JOKE, zerg massses bane and he have to right click which takes 1 apm to move his army, but if terran want to move his army, you have to resige all mines and tanks, or even liberators. Which takes 30 apm to reposition them again. Joke, if i only could a move all my units like zerg and banes are to strong, if zerg maxes on bannes it is unbetable, mines tanks maruders doesn't work. It is supplyless unit!!! Now zerg has extra 500 hp in his army which didn;t existested. And ghosts are useless , ultras will be mixes with banes and lings and ghost after 1, max 2 snipes die to bane ling and if you don't kill ultra and it survies and queen can heal up to 600 hp, even with nerf still heal think 500 hp and ghost run out of energy. In hots i never hard problem vs zerg lategame and before raven nerf i beat zerg lategame, even it was very difficult, now it is almost imposbile. YOu are playing with inferior units, which takes 10 x more skill to control yet and zerg have power full splash, one fungal you lose, or one parasitic bomb. Even seeker missle wasn't that imba, you could dodge it if you reacted, it has huge delay... So joke, i now lose every tvz if game goes to the lategame... Zerg just go mass infestor with ultras and if even one fungle land all ghost potentialy could be dead, why terran have no splash with ghost, zerg have fungle and protoss storm. Even if you leave one infestor alive, you lose... And i want see what can snipe/emp all infestors with zergling and banes, you ghost can 1 max sniper or 1 emp defore death, ghost is so trash... HE only a moves hydra bane ultra and press f for fungle and terran has to resige all mines libs each time he wants to move and micro ghost micro bio... Zerg can move ultra bane hydra with 1 click, but as terran you need resige again 12 liberators, respread 10 mines, contro lghosts, before you do that you will lose base and than he go back and you lose game, because you cna't afford lose basem or if he attacks your main. And broodlord- viper - infestor has no counter since raven is nerfed, he can kill 20 vikings instantly with parasitic bomb, but you can't evne intereference matrix corruptors anbd broodlord like wtf. BOTH ZERG AND PROTOSS ARE INCREDIBLY BROKEN, tvz vs 4400 mmr feels harder than tvt 5600 and i win couple of these. IT is so broken.l.. TERRAN GM 27 ZERG 31 PROTOS 39........ TERRAN SO TRASH, TERRAN IS SKILL CAPED AROUND 5K MMR, UNLESS YOU MARU... Bring back old raven Nerf protoss economy. Remove swarmhosts and nerf parasitic bomb... IIIIIIIIIIII0 30 Apr
29 Apr tvt is cancer Retarded coinflipp so i go 2 reaper helion and we both go 2gas, so we basetrade and he built 4 reaper 1 cyclone and i buit 3 reaper and 2 helion so i guess i autolose, tvt is so cancer, pure rng start of the game, coinflippy trash. Go watch pros, even to pros this happens 1.mass viking vs mass viking, which is like phoenix vs phoenix you are unable to tell who has more, which is coinflipp. Raven vs raven took skill, usually better palyer would have won. 2.randomly someone siege under cliff, u cant have 2 sensor at that point, or marines on all paths on map, even if you have there one marine, if he dies and you don't have scan you autolose, even if you send units to defen cliffm he can choose to attack from somewhere else. 3. random doom drop, if you choose to put vikings in airspace at your third and at that point u can have max 1 sensor and he drops everything in natural you autolose, or if you split between 3 bases and he attacks at one point. 4. game is who randomly attacks first, because you can't have at that point all information in the game, if you choose to attack and he defend specific stuff you are doing you autolose, but if you stay and def, attacker has advantage and if you put all vikings at air space and he drops natural for example you autolose, but point is you can't be alwas attacker, you don't know if he has random medivac or something and if you go attack you may autolose, it is just rng. I betean with helion drop even gm 5600 mmr, or with siege viking 1 base, someone go helion, but it loses to 1 base cyclone, but if you opne with marines, it loses to 1 base viking... Even polt lose to helion drop vs supernova, because first repaer can't scout and noone scan at 3 minute, because if they don't do it you are behind and you need scan 4 minute, also you need 5 minute.. YOu can't scan all time...IIIIIIIIIIII0 29 Apr
29 Apr The Zerg Nerfs are gone too far -Ravager nerfed and Siege tank got buffed, -Thor Air splash radius incresed makes it impossible for muta use, -Infestor Burrow cast nerfed, -Infestor Fungal nerfed to the point it doesnt stop or disable any unit, -Broodlord range nerfed from 11 to 10 -Swarm host nerfed to its current useless form, -Ultralisk nerfed to the ground and Mara buffed as well??? and siege tanks kill ultras very easliy now. Both buffing ghost and thor and siege tank and getting zergs all agression posibility seems really unfair. On top of that incoming nerfs are: -Hyralisk(core unit) -Queen(the zerg races life line) -Creep -Roach!?!?!?(really nerfing roach regen) Already the worst unit in the game getting nerfed? So hydralisk nerf was suggested dps drop from 0,54 to 0,57 and now even before the nerf comes its 0,59 so nerfed again even before the nerf comes. Nerfing hydra is a bad idea because zerg has only 1 viable comp hydra ling bane, it would be lik nerfing marine the core unit. Zerg cant play roach cause of siege tanks cant play muta cause of Thors cant play Broodlord cause of Thor and Ghost and lack of real infestor which is zergs late game option. Zerg cant play Ultras cause of Tanks ghost or even mara! This will make zerg unplayable even more there will be no viable option left. Mass marine on its own can kill mass hydra 1 time you caught without enough banes the game is over terran will overpower and you will lose cant engage the dps without forcing them to micro back... Too many nerfs and all couter measures are buffed to the point it becomes unplayable not a good sight for a t "competitive rts" its getting more and more like a phone game tbh.... A move with mech or mass bio or sky toss or toss death ball zerg has nothing to engage in late game, all early to mid game agression is taken away. every unit needs a speed upgrade every unit needs creep, you are basicly telling zerg to never leave creep and not giving zerg any late game option as well.. ultras and broodlords countered by ghost and ultras will die to siege tanks anyway and now u are nerfing transfuse as well?IIIIIIIIIIII9 29 Apr
29 Apr Option to disable skins Dear Blizzard, First off let me say I really like the skins and everything. Especially now that sc2 has gone free to play. It still needs to make some money and I especially like that we are also supporting the tournaments this way. However with the addition of buildings skins in the game, I feel that the game has become more chaotic. For example I recently played a protoss who had only a few building skins unlocked, and looking upon a base with half of the normal skins and half of the new skins was just weird (and distracting). Now I know that I'm not the first to point this out, but I still want to give it a shot. So I would love it if we could get an option that would 'disable' skins so we'd just see the game with the original form. Note: I haven't seen it in action yet so I'm not sure if it will be a problem. But with the new buildings it might be a problem to spot upgrades/unit's training on the new buildings. E.g. with the simulant roach skin it was almost impossible to spot if it had tunneling claws. However I know that this will patched soon if it turns out to be a problem.Rakerion1 29 Apr
28 Apr was banneling speed buffed too ? They are so fast even off creep you can't even one time stutter step and they hit already. Supply less unit now +500 hp in zerg army which didn't exists. Even counter mines and marauders and tanks do nothing to banneling and hydra. In tvz hydra and banneling never worked. Noone build hydra/banne in tvz ever. It is zvp build. Something is wrong if suddenly composition from another matchup starting to be so oppresive in another. It is like if tanks start to be so good you can mass them against protoss whole game... Or something else, if you mines become too good that you can mass them against collossi. Bannelings don't die, when would previously die, so you have to play 20x better to beat couple banes...IIIIIIIIIIII1 28 Apr
27 Apr Mutation not working Hello, Since the latest patch (4.8.6) I've been having an issue with the weekly mutation. The ready button is dark, the map is not visible - its box is empty - and above the ready button it writes "Not available while initializing game mode". Has anybody noticed this? Could you have a look at this, please? Thanks in advance!Mazso2 27 Apr
27 Apr 5600 mmrThere is no skill differentiation for protoss Demuslim said he can't identify any skill diffrentiation between like 5900 mmr and 6500, that it feels like playing same player. I think same thing, i play a lot 4600 mmr protoss and even lose to them, because they attack me with 20 blinkstalkers when i have barelly 2 tank and stim not done. Because warpgate buff and gates autotransform is utter garbage and protoss have natural before cyber so he has more units and more eco from the start... I never had problem vs this before buff... So beat 5600 protoss and i didn't even played that good and i was tired and i was f2ying a lot and when i play 4600 mmr it feels exactly same, dude will have +20 units than me and there is nothing i can do... From t1 masters you can't tell any difference between gm. Because imbalance. And i doubt protoss players having fun to play everygame, because 2 base all in, because macro vs protoss is unwinable. You have to play 10 x better than them...IIIIIIIIIIII0 27 Apr
26 Apr BLACK list Hello, there are players I do not want to meet (in CO-OP for example) ever again. Would it be possible to make "Blocked Communication" list (Social) also Blacklist...which would not allow the game to pair me with people on it? That would be great functionality. Best regards & looking forward to your answer /LemurLemur6 26 Apr
26 Apr Set multiple mutation (wheel misfortune) always select Hi, i'm having a lot of fun with the ''multiple mutations'' (wheel of misfortune) mission, where there are multiple random mutations in one (single) mission (they activate over time and they change in every mission). Is it possibile to set it as always selectable mutation aside of the weekly one (optional)? Ps: i'm at level 100, i'm playing it on Normal and Hard, and having A LOT of fun,i'ts super entertainingDedaloh0 26 Apr
22 Apr How do non-pro zergs deal with protoss storms? I'm dia and am getting disheartened to see 100+ supply of roach hydra melt to a army of 50+ supply of some archons immortals and hightemp + Zealot. No micro on the archon+imm + zerl in replays... just controlling the HT and storming like madmen... I try to bait them out and I still loose half hp on whole army before the engagement finally happens. Most of my units die instantly from the storms. I recall Scarlett playing against some toss recently when she was 60 supply ahead and still.. everything was melted to storms alone. I just don't know how I can fair better. The only useful tips I've seen so far is bait them out with units that can survive the storms... whitch is only ultralisks.. but storms enter the fray in midgame, the corners I'd have to cut to have ultras when storm comes would kill me alone. I know that I should harass and try to damage the toss economy to overwhelm with greater numbers. But again, the corners to cut to get nydus and drop going is having me dying to the warpprism-harrass I just can't afford a nydus/ultralisk/100+supply army at 10min with my apm. I have a winrate of allmost 70% vs Zerg, 56% vs terran despite Dying to the BC rushes.... toss is the only thing I can't find an answer to. HELP!Barren1 22 Apr
22 Apr Coop A-Holes These a-holes like to team kill and run their mouth. Blizzard is too busy collecting money from emojis to do something about abusive users. Report button is a joke. Feel free to add to the list; I know I will until Blizzard removes my account. When you see them, either leave or give them a taste of their own medicine. StepO NexTKNowME Kalinei <KAA>AesyrMrOatmeal2 22 Apr
22 Apr MMR.Blizza is just lazy /afraid of losing player base?! Just again matched against a player from master league who faked his MMR. 14 days ago had a losing streak of 15 games. All end after 2-3 seconds. Just to manipulate the MMR. Screenshot is in polish. Free to play is really short term solution to increase player base, if blizz doesnt solve this problem.Wizu2 22 Apr
22 Apr coop design is still bad Current coop for example total rng, get changelings with ling speed = instant loss. You have to get sick rng to be able to complete. Also one mutator takes your units and move with them randomly. It is bad design because you are locked out of game and can't play. Game plays itself. You should have always have counter and ability to outplay. Also other coop are possible only with specific set of heroes. Which makes game pay to play. I would never buy coop commander. It is just coop. More fun to play against people. I play coop currently only because 1v1 sucks. This game should be for subscription, pay 5$ montly, instead of f2p, or payment. And devs should balance the game to keep it at high quality standards. Or they should have just random gm players balanced the game, since pro players are biased and want their race to be best, because they make living by winning tournaments... Blizzard failing on all fronts... 1v1 sucks, 90% of player base already left the game. SC2 is slowly dying to obvlivion , perfomance sucks since lotv. HOTS used to be 60fps min and they can't balance even coop !@#$ ! BTw after coop i cant change profile it want to save all changes, i have to restart game..IIIIIIIIIIII0 22 Apr
22 Apr MM broken part. 3541411 fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuBugermancer1 22 Apr
16 Apr New Co-Op ? When will we be seeing new co-op missions in Stracraft 2 If someone knows please let me know because I am very interested in the Co-op and I would like to see something new.Alekfire5 16 Apr
07 Apr AVOID CLAN NBJB If you play with any players from the clan NBJB beware they set private rules that they do not share and if any outsider does not follow those rules connected to the game you play then they will be abusive in chat. Abusive player found: <NBJB> TheTrooper <NBJB> GVVMonsterDrevinum0 07 Apr
02 Apr Mutation idea Hey guys. This is an economy based mutation. The idea is basically this: - THERE ARE NO MINERALS on bases or expansions, Vespene geysers are EMPTY. - both players start with 3000 minerals (the number is an example). - you get more money by killing your enemies. Hybrids are the jackpot **cha-ching** - bonus objectives also give you money. - all races have the option to SALVAGE their buildings (normal buildings and all base defences). - buildings are 10% cheaper, for example. - option to sacrifice workers for money, since this mutation would make them nearly worthless, apart from building things. I think this could be a good alternative to Slim Pickings and Micro Transactions Thanks for reading. Your thoughts?ZERGB0 02 Apr
29 Mar i keep getting miner evacuation every time i choose kerrigan i get miner evacuation. it is impossible to win without dehaka or abathur because other hero units is not available until the ships start getting destroyed. abathur`s roaches can handle the infested while dehaka becomes available sooner. i have now gotten miner evacuation 4 times in a row.andreasasp17 29 Mar
29 Mar coop mission problem So i see, coop missions are to easy, or too hard, rarely even impossible to finish. I remember one. Last was possible, but only with friend. Some are balanced not easy and hard, but not to hard. But a lot of too easy mutations, which are boring.IJIJIJIJIJIJIJIJIJIJIJIJ5 29 Mar
28 Mar Stukov bugs/glitches? Hello! I just found some things that are not correctly discribed in game. The mastery Apocalisk and Alexander says those points don't efefct initial spawning time, but they actually do. Normally the Apocalisk is first available at 5 minutes, but with the mastery -90 seconds I can call it down at 3:30. The Alexander is available at 6 minutes, but with the mastery -60 secs I can call it down at 5 minutes. In the factory's tech lab the second tank upgrade (Acidic enzymes) describes that it increases the tank's damage, but in fact it also increases the volatile infested's damage as well.Mazso2 28 Mar
26 Mar Eliminated from tournament and MMR reset to 0 I was eliminated from a tournament before the game started, and after that my MMR was reset to 0CherryOnTop1 26 Mar
23 Mar Matchmaking broken Me and my team mate were playing SC2 in 2v2. We are Silver 1, rank 92 and we're playing against master 1 ! It's not the first time at all ! In 1v1 and 2v2 it's the same. He played, just earlier, whereas he's silver 2, against golds and masters !!! I don't think we've a master skill. But I'm sure the matchmaking is broken. I'm not talking about a first time, but an habits ! So Blizzard, we're paying for your game and except create some skins, since a year, I haven't seen a matchmaking's update... Do it quickly pls. Ps: But I'm pretty sure listenning to your audience it's not your priority. There is money in the way...KillingName1 23 Mar
23 Mar MatchMaking Broken Ranked 2v2 and all team modes are a fkn joke. Ive played 50 matches now with 18 games where my teammate doesnt build any units, and 7 where they leave at the start of the match. I have won 31 out of these matches and I am consistently having to face 1v2 to win. This game is a !@#$ing jokeDuddy2 23 Mar
19 Mar Predictions for Next Co-Op Commander Hi everyone! So, it's been confirmed that we'll get some footage of the next Co-Op Commander at Gamescom (Lowko confirmed on his Twitter he's hosting the reveal: ) With that in mind, who do you expect it will be? And how will they run? I think we have to streams of possibilities: Lore-Dependent The current missions clearly take place sometime late into the LOTV campaign (Alarak is openly fighting Amon; Matt is an Admiral in the Dominion fleet; Dehaka and Stukov are involved, etc). Assuming Blizzard want to maintain this continuity, we have a couple of options: Gabriel Tosh - probably the last viable Terran addition. Canonically, he's still alive, and is seen in the background of a cutscene in HOTS. I imagine he would be on the field, like Nova, but have a lot more options to disable or disrupt enemy forces. He seemed to bring Reapers into WOL so perhaps he could have modified Reapers or Spectres with jump-packs? Niadra - totally forgotten about since her solo mission in HOTS (ignoring that little comic strip we got). She's an untapped resource and, for me, a potentially good source of another mission pack (Niadra vs Zagara for control of the Swarm in Kerrigan's absence?). As she's been isolated from the Swarm for so long, and a direct creation of Kerrigan as opposed to Abathur, she could have quite a few unique abilities or units. She fairly unbound by what we should normally expect from zerg commanders. Reasonably, I think that's probably about it. I can't see how Valerian could or should be any different to Matt. Orlan is imprisoned. Stetmann is stuck on Belshir. Ariel Hanson and the colonists are (probably) all dead and never reasonably had any army of their own. Izsha is Kerrigan's !@#$% and not a Commander herself. Selendis, at this point in the lore, is under Amon's control. As would be any of the other heroes we met in In Utter Darkness in WOL. Zeratul is dead. Ma'Lash is dead (Alarak wouldn't have the Death Fleet if he wasn't Highlord). Everyone else is either an announcer for a map (logistically how could Rohana be a Commander and also be the announcer for any missions?). Lore Who? If Blizzard decide that Co-Op is just for fun and simply set "against Amon" for context, we open ourselves up to far more possibilities! Namely: Terran - the obvious one is Tychus, being a Hero Unit himself and/or with access to the Odin, or other Hero-like Mech units (I'm thinking like the way the AI personalities work for Fenix, Tychus could eject from one Mech into another; jumping between Odin or Loki etc). Perhaps the UED could make a return? Although I like the idea of them coming back with a bang in StarCraft 3, or dealt with in some future mission packs. Stetmann/Ariel dual Commanders as Scientists? Biologically enhanced infantry and/or access to a variety of zerg and protoss-inspired tech? At a stretch, perhaps Arcturus could resurface and lead some kind of twisted Moebius Corps with access to some light hybrid tech? Zerg - the Overmind or some Cerebrates would be the obvious choices here; however, how to make them different to Kerrigan (who largely uses the "original" units) would be quite a challenge, as they're not combative units themselves. Otherwise, I'm struggling? Protoss - again, endless possibilities here. Tassadar would be really interesting - perhaps a chance to try out the old "Twilight Archon" idea we saw before release (High/Dark Templar fusion), and extended the idea of playing with Light/Dark forces for unique combinations or abilities. Zeratul would be nice as a Hero, but his kit would probably struggle to set apart from Vorazun. Same with Raszagal. Then we come back to Selendis, as the main contender. We don't have anyone whose main focus is Protoss Air. I envision fancy carriers and (multiple) Motherships. She could be another dual Commander with Heroes like Mohandar or Urun from In Utter Darkness. Other - if we're really pushing the boat out, could we expect to see Duran/Narud as a Commander? Otherwise, Xel'Naga Kerrigan with a host of upgraded Zerg (or unique) units? We could get around this by ensuring that players cannot play both Kerrigans at the same time. So, what are your thoughts?Kerrigan15 19 Mar
16 Mar New player, wrong league! So, I'm new to multiplayer, and I suck at it. The system have for some reason placed me in gold league, and trust me, I don't belong there. I get my !@# kicked up, down, and sideways every single time! Why was I put in gold league, I don't get it?thygekm3 16 Mar
14 Mar Cross-race skins As you know, there are many skins for each race (Mercanaries, for T, Stimulant for Z, Tal'darim for P, and others) But what about Zerg skins for T and P ? Protoss skins for Z and T ? Terran skins for Z and P ? Let me be more specific. Zerglings/Hydralisks wearing a Marine-style suit (note the ling is on all 4 legs, not standing like the Marine). Observers in T mech style. Zealots wearing Marauder-style suit, but less buff, to resemble the Zealot silhouette. Siege Tank resembling the design of an Immortal (armour, colour, firing animation). Roach in a Stalker armour. Zerg skinned Marine... NOT INFESTED MARINE, just glowing eyes, purple armour-suit, different skin colour, spikes on armour suit... maybe ? Same thing for buildings and mech. NOTE: Zerg skins for T and P buildings are NOT INFESTED. Imagine them in a Zerg colour, with some spikes and those Banelings green sacs. The basic shape of the buildings stays the same (CC- half sphere, Hatchery - volcano shape, Nexus - pyramid ) It is basically the unit of one race wearing the clothes/armour of the other race, but they were adjusted to their size and shape. Imagine a dog wearing human clothes that were adjusted to fit the dog. Like a dog sized t-shirt, shorts and a hat with holes to fit the dog's ears. The same principle applies here with the races. Would this be too confusing in the game? Thanks for reading :)ZERGB2 14 Mar