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14 Mar Dear Blizzard, its time to handle griefers in co-op Hey, Blizz, are u going to handle griefers or not? Lately it became literally unplayble, I meet mentally unstable human beings every 4-5 matches. Infinite pausing, intentional teamdamaging to lose objectives or destroying entire bases if I dont want to follow their master will to leave the game and let the master play on his own alone just because he wants to: ... I believe its not that hard to make a teamdamage counter and then give a week of a rest to players who cant hold their behavior in tact.keepitmovin2 14 Mar
14 Mar a nice community when a troll teamkills you near the start of a coop match 14 Mar
14 Mar New Co-op commander suggestion: Selendis Yeah, I donno where else to post something like this. Selendis seems an interesting character in the story, but does not get a lot of attention in it. That's why I'd like to see her some around as a commander in Co-op. She could be an aircraft based commander, seeing as the closest we have to one now, is Han and Horner. Of course that might make her OP as hell, so a pop-cap of 100 might be in order. Her ground units should properly be limited, but not erased. Also, a new unit to grant at least SOME defense against Scourge, as those things rip ships down faster then a pizza at Bliscon. I'm not sure what kind of support she could have, aside from a warp in of temporary Golden Armada ships, like Zeratuls. I'm open to ideas as to how to better balance the idea. Bonus: mission idea. Played through the Void campaign, and one mission stood out to me: the one where the terrans gets stunned every 2 minutes. How about a mission where the commanders takes turns on being stunned like that?AngryDuck5 14 Mar
14 Mar Coop Random commander Bonus I think this has been discussed before but I would like to underline it again since we always have the bonus for queue random coop map, so why not the same case for coop commander?Mavic1 14 Mar
14 Mar Dead of Night: Tychus I am incredibly sorry, but I have to ask this question. Do you, Blizzard, consider that it is the fair ability of the unit "Choker" to be able to stun Tychus units? How to fight against them? These units making the gameplay absolutely impossible, because the only option is to run away, hoping that friend would destroy him. Especially this situation looks stupid on the start of the game.Cybernetix7 14 Mar
13 Mar STORM STUPIDLY OP I don't know what other players think, but it seems to me that storm is stupidly overpowered. This is ridiculous, lost 8-10 games in couple of days with toss because of it. I am T, and no matter how good my macro and micro is (was way ahead economically in most of these games), toss just spams hundreds of storms - bio melts in 1 second, at least loses 70-80% of its health, and the rest is done with archons' splash! Even mech seems difficult to handle it coz of thousands of zealots coming towards your army. I know that ghosts are designed to counter it, but it's waaaay more challenging for T to emp/snipe 10-15 high templar (especially during the battle) than for P to spam the same thing over the whole army. Splits do not help because of the wide radius of storms - if toss is spamming, there is simply no way out! I hope someone from Blizzard checks this out.VIB3 13 Mar
06 Mar Ranking sux Just want to point out, this ranking !@#$ is %^-*. I give up on this game.Sinned1 06 Mar
04 Mar First win of the day for all races is lost? Hello! I noticed since the latest patch (maybe not that caused) that I don't receive first win of the day bonus for all three races, just for the ever first I play. Was that deliberatelly changed or is just a little bug?Mazso1 04 Mar
04 Mar More players for co-op Just curious, I don't know if this came up before, so I put this out there: How would people feel about 3- or 4-player Co-op missions on larger maps? I am not talking (x)vs(x) / North vs South multiplayer; I mean co-op/ mutation as it is, but on larger maps with more players (and maybe multiple enemies to make up for the additional players)?STA8 04 Mar
04 Mar sign if you want more hero commanders if you want more of the commanders to get hero units, you should sign it.andreasasp0 04 Mar
01 Mar Coop-Commander suggestion: Some nuke-spaming commander Give us a commander with just a HQ and nukes with no cooldowns and no costs that can be globally cast and hit the target within a second. If you think it's op, you're absolutely right. But boring op-commanders are what Blizzard is giving us anyway. Tychus, Zeratul, Dehaka... What's wrong with Blizzard to only create non-macro, non-micro commanders anymore? Whenever I get matched with those, I literally afk because they rush the map in 5 minutes solo on brutal anyway. This is just stupid and no fun for the other part.Nasharan2 01 Mar
01 Mar Group C of death Innovation and gumiho are playing without try-hard against 4 Top Korean Zergs... Why ? Maybe they are tired to play against Zerg and their shadow creep tumours... Maybe they can t struggle with their EPM while Zergs have free awareness with vision of tumours. why can t you understand Terrans are doing marathon runner while Zergs are sprinting...Vision0 01 Mar
27 Feb Inconsistency on Coop Map - Dead of Night So in this patch: 4.8.3, Chokers can no longer stun Ultralisk units, but still any heroic unit of Tychus can? I don't usually care about this sort of scenarios but I've seen and felt whats like 3 Chokers getting rid of more than half Tychus' "army" and to know that a single Ultralisk in midst of an army of Kerrigan's cannot be stunned has to be worth mentioning...Marcosolo2 27 Feb
27 Feb Delete this topic please. llllllllllll1 27 Feb
26 Feb Delete this topic please. This is a topic targeted to Blizzard's Support Team. Hello, can you delete my US region SC2 account? I have no progress on it and don't want to have it at all because it shows when I'm logging to the website (on view profile page). Profile address on the website is My second question is, are portraits in SC2 and on the website same? I'm using Nyon portrait in-game, it also appears here (in my topics and replies), but on "Profile Summary" page (when I'm changing to EU account because strangely I have that idiotic US account as default) my account has Sentry portrait. I don't like it and want to get my Nyon portrait everywhere on SC2 and websites. Thanks a lot if you will help me :)llllllllllll0 26 Feb
25 Feb Seeking for partner in coop for achievements Hello! I really struggle to get Zeratul's achievement where you need to kill 500 devolved units in a single mission, it should be easy with a partner on certains maps... So hey, add me if you wanna farm some achievements in coop that require a specific strategy!Tomberry2 25 Feb
12 Feb Highest Career Finish Update My buddy and I were recently placed in a higher league in 2v2. While he immediately got the ''highest career finish'' for team matchmaking updated on his in-game profile to reflect our new league, mine remained unchanged. Is this a bug of some sort? When does this profile element change? Both of us had been placed in a team league before.BlinkinPark0 12 Feb
01 Feb Unranked matchmaking Hello! I'm having a problem with 1v1 unranked matches. Every time i try to find an unranked game, i either get a 6 minute search with bronze/silver opponent, or, i find a closer to my level (4k mmr) opponent within ~2 minutes but very rarely. In 1v1 ranked, i'm a 4k mmr player and find games within 30 seconds consistently. At first, i thought maybe i just need to play more unranked games and it's gonna improve so i've played for awhile, but nothing changed at all. I think this requires support attention. I'm asking to look into my unranked mmr and potentially reset it to default value as if i had a fresh account. Edit. A little update. So i decided to make a completely new battlenet account for science. I logged into Starcraft 2 from a new account and queued for an unranked match. Guess what, i found a game in 7 seconds! This really proves that something is wrong with my main account. Please help!rozzalt0 01 Feb
01 Feb WCS 2018 Banners Is it still possible to earn the WCS 2018 banners? Unfortunately I wasn't able to see the round of 16.Cataclysm3 01 Feb
27 Jan afk botter This guy is afking in all my 4 vs 4 games with afk bot. Is there anything I can do about it, I already reported him but he keeps going on 24/7 for days 27 Jan
21 Jan Sunken and Spore Colonies in Coop As the title says... why not put these Zerg Brood War defences in Co-op? There are already some BW units like the Dragoon, Reaver, Goliath, Wraiths. Adding the Colonies would make it more diverse... and perhaps it could pave way for another Zerg Commander. What do you think?ZERGB2 21 Jan
20 Jan Profile error: Terran & Zerg stats mixed Hi, There's something strange with my account. In my Profile Summary, in the TERRAN tab I get this: Gold | Tier 1 BRONZE 3 Your MMR: 0 My real MMR points are below Gold 1, but not so low. Checking the ZERG tab, it says I must complete a series of ranked matches to determine initial league placement, which doesn't make sense, since I've played 32 ranked matches this season. Going to LADDERS -> Current Season, I can see in the left tabs zone: General Info 1V1 Random 1V1 Terran 1V1 Terran 1V1 Protoss so it seems somehow my Zerg stats have somehow turned to Terran. Checking that tab, I see the stats, but the icon shown is for Random (?), and Matchmaking Rating: 0 Can I get this fixed, or can I do something myself to fix it?Metalbrain0 20 Jan
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03 Jan Season 1 2019 When does Season 1 2019 start?Dan0 03 Jan
30 Dec LF a partner to do 15 wins in a row vs elite ai Hi all. kind of an unusual post ofc : ) I've been trying to get this achievement for a while now and every time at 13/15 or 14/15 wins some dude ends up doing a fail canon rush and the counter turns to 0. If anyone is interested to do this achiev with me, please add me at Ashkani#2133 . thanks everyone and have funAshkani0 30 Dec
30 Dec Hybrid-only Co-op Mission Hey guys. As the title says, why not a coop map featuring only hybrids? Kind of Temple of the Past, but only hybrids coming at you non-stop (but different map, of course). It doesn't need to be a defensive map. Maybe add some features like in the campaigns. It would be different. A fully hybrid-themed mission. Do you think it's worth it? PS: If you don't like the idea, just say so... no need to thumbs down :D It's not THAT bad of an idea... I think. Just a though CheersZERGB2 30 Dec
29 Dec Gift exchange Hello! The Christmas mutation is so funny. Is there a chance that the Gift exchange mutator will be in Custom mutation? It would be awesome! RegardsMazso0 29 Dec
27 Dec Mutual Leveling Up Hi everybody. Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this, but I'd like to find someone for mutual coaching of the game. I am myself at 103rd level in coop of all commanders except Fenix (whom I din't buy yet) and I'm not very experienced in 1v1 etc. I would like to train with another player to get the level up mutually. I'm pretty much experienced in SC2 itself, but didn't play 1v1's.Chingachguk1 27 Dec
27 Dec Patch 4.8 Hello! I just played my first game since the latest patch. I was Alarak and I had classic Robo bay, not Tal'darim version. Also played one as Fenix and the background color of the units' portraits are vivid gold. It hasn't been so intense before and it was almost annoying. Dunno if others noticed anything strange. Regards!Mazso2 27 Dec
27 Dec Terran mech in TvP Hey guys, it sounds like a very old topic but let’s address it again - after 8 years of development mech almost always loses to Protoss. Professionals always go bio Countless ideas were proposed how to make mech viable I just had an idea I want to share, even though very few people will read it Why not make zealot charge’s 8 dmg affect biological targets only? Zealots are one of the things that murder mech, probably the primary counter. The change won’t be radical, but it’ll help mech. And it won’t affect bio or Zerg. PvP will remain balanced obviously What do you think? Other idea might be to make burrowed units and deployed siege tanks immune to phoenix’s graviton beam. Lategame units for both T and P might also need rework. But in my opinion it all comes down to the zealots, and this small tweak might be just what we needGanseng1 27 Dec
24 Dec LADDER ANXIETY Hey hello everybody. Im sorry for this question becuase im feel preety bad but do you facing ladder anxiety? what is your keys to win against? I was looking for somebody who also chalange the anxiety but i feel like im only one on world... I know its sound kind weird... I found one guy on Twitch - VidaRegrasEs this guy is playing sc2 but he also got this anxiety just help me. Do you know some other streamers? its ridiculous to have anxiety like this .. Im thinking that i will go to visit psychiatric care because its really not funny... I love this game from my 14 years now im 10 years older and have this problem. Thanks LandoWindRunner8 24 Dec
24 Dec Game breaking bug - Nexus Nexus not flashing when producing probes - It makes a big difference when scouting for all ins!Abaddon0 24 Dec
17 Dec mutation feedback This muta was good, it was hard, but balanced. It wasn't impossible, which happens sometimes, or only possible with friend. I liked this one, as it should be, possible, but not to easy.IJIJIJIJIJIJIJIJIJIJIJIJ0 17 Dec
12 Dec Co-op weirdness So I started playing Co-op again after a long time (last time I was around Han & Horner were new) and after maybe a dozen games, I've met only 1 player who had Ascension levels. The rest were leeches I had to carry on Brutal (I'm not sure why I was hoping that Brutal would get level-locked). They even get surprised when they see my lvl190 (which I thought would be the norm on Brutal by now). What's even more weird, I've yet to bump into a Tychus or a Zeratul. What's going on?SirPancake1 12 Dec
12 Dec Bile Launchers ideas Hey guys. I dont know about you guys, but Zagara's defense style could use some improvements or options.... or maybe I am not doing it right :) What do you think of these ideas for Zagara's Bile Launchers ? - have an option to mutate Bile Launchers into different defense towers, kind of in Warcraft 3, with the Undead, when you upgrade your Ziggurats, they either become Spirit or Nerubian Towers. - make the Bile Launchers' AoE bigger, deals less damage and slows down enemy movement speed in the targeted AoE. - have Bile Launchers shoot in a straight line, with longer cooldown between attacks. - or upgrade them into Virophages, like in the WoL campaign. Maybe these would make the Bile Launchers more active and useful in defensive maps. This is just a thought. No hating please.ZERGB3 12 Dec
02 Dec Changing chat Hi everyone. Playing with the client in english, when I enter the Co-op lobby it gives me direct access to the english chat. Being this much more alive and active than that in Italian, is there a way to access it even if the client is set in Italian [my main language]?SirZeel1 02 Dec
30 Nov How long do we have to wait for a working Reconnect? Hi blizzard! Thank you for a fantastic well balanced game! Sadly since app was forced into your games we have had a huge problem were ALL other developers succeeded, the Reconnect function. Even the muppets from Bluehole understand how important this is and have fixed a working reconnect for PUBG! so how hard can it be?!! Please Blizzard, you have neglected this for 8 years now (I know you got the function, but it has never really worked...) It's so depressing when you get the "reconnect-virus" for an evening playing ladder. Don't bother telling me to troubleshoot, cause I won't fall for that bullsh*t... Everyone who had this recurring problem know it's on your side and my guess it's probably the app that prevent from reconnecting. Not admitting your problem and instead concealing it by telling people to troubleshoot (then ignore until topic drops away from page1...) You've done this for 8 years now, I can still find around 250 topics of reconnect-issues on EU-forums alone... This is simply an embarrassing display of mistreatment. I understand, if this would have been an easy fix it would have been solved by now so just let this post be a reminder that this game isn't working without a proper reconnect! please start taking this issue more seriously. Reports also say that your other games have simular problems ( I can confirm D3) so all your games should benefit from fixing this issue. Sincerely A true Blizzard game fan since 1998.missClick4 30 Nov
28 Nov "There is no way to disable unit skins." ... Is this information correct?eviloatmeal7 28 Nov
28 Nov Ascension level achivement missing Hello! Yesterday I reached ascension level 550 but did not get the achivement. I tried to launch game today maybe there was something wrong with the achivement store (or how is that called?) but still nothing. Played a game, hoping the newly got XP helps getting it but still nothing. Now I am level 551 and nothing changed. Since there were several bugs coming with Zeratul's release I can only take this as the reason for it, but I don't know for sure. Could anyone help me with this problem, please? Many thanks for any ideas in advance! RegardsMazso1 28 Nov
25 Nov I had a dream (team games no fill) I had a dream in which i played solo 2v2 as zerg and terran simultaneously (i remember dropping marines while lings and banes protected my base). When i woke up i was thinking a little bit about it and i think it would be amazing to be able to NO FILL queue in team games as for example. zerg or zerg/terran etc. I think it would be very hard task to handle and the opposite team would see on loading screen that they will face the LONE WOLF so they can harras at multiple locations and use all other strategies to rip that one guy apart, making the game even harder than it ever was. Also it would bring more activity to team games, since many players would like to try their strength in this uneven fight. No additional achievments or rewards for playing solo, it would be just an option for hardcore players. The no fill option would apply for archon/2v2/3v3/4v4/co-op. What do you guys think about idea like this?Peaceul0 25 Nov
25 Nov 1v1 Rank Up Glitch Hey guys. 2 days ago I was one win away from getting promoted into Masters 3. I managed to win the game, but now I´m still Diamond 1 with Bronze 3 MMR. After that I waited one day to see if something has changed. And indeed something has changed. The next day i logged in I was STILL Diamond 1 but with Masters 3 displayed in my MMR. I did not get the animation showing that I was promoted to Masters 3. At the moment I´m sitting at 4655 MMR which is easily enough for Masters 3 on the EU servers. Im getting a little worried that they can´t fix it before the season lock and I won´t get the "achieved Masters in 1v1" emblem on my profile. Is someone else having the same problem as I do ?Raf5 25 Nov
24 Nov Why not promoted? I think, this is a bug. We are well into master3 and do not get promoted. see screenshot: 24 Nov
24 Nov Devolution Retribution Achievement Guide Given that on the US site, people have thought this achievement to be difficult: I've decided to write up a quick guide. 1. Find someone willing to leave the game for you. 2. Queue for Lock&Load with your buddy playing Karax. 3. Have him leave right away and macro for him, i.e., get 2 bases. 4. Build a forge and grab the three upgrades for photon cannon, shield battery, and monolith. Meanwhile build up your own forces and take the central control point using a probe from your ally to cap. 5. Fortify the central control point with a few monoliths, cannons and shield batteries. Continue to take and fortify control points until there is only one NEUTRAL point left - it has to be neutral to give you infinite game time. 6. At this point finish any remaining artifact quests and grab the avatar duration upgrade along the way. Now build up defenses near the north and south enemy base. Now every minute or so enemies will periodically spawn from these bases and attack. Use your avatar to devolve them, making sure to keep it alive. Kill the northern units and then run the avatar into the northern base, using devolve one more time. Push in and kill the devolved units, but no buildings. You want the enemy to rebuild so you can destroy units again next time around. Attack waves spawning in the south should be dealt with by your static defenses and/or legion CDs. 7. Rinse and repeat. You have infinite time - your sanity is the limit. Took me 1:30 in game time.GenghisKhan4 24 Nov
24 Nov Problems with Zeratul I love playing him, I really do, but I've noticed just a few issues with him. 1) Broken pathfinding around Artifact Reserve means that units will get stuck trying to walk between it and any adjacent structures. 2) Passageway enhancement cache 1 allows Tasseract cannons and monoliths to project a copy on the battlefield, however by description this should be unlocked by Passageway enhancement cache 2. 3) Is not Ariel Hansen - seriously, I'm still holding out hope. Please add any other problems.JackNurse10 24 Nov
23 Nov [Bug report/Co-op] Zeratul Cannons + Han & Horner When using Zeratul's cannons projection ability and having Han & Horner in your team, the cannons will leave 15 mineral packs from H&H's trait, like a unit died. Its actually quite funny to have endless resources, despite having anyways more than enough as Zeratul.Synka0 23 Nov
23 Nov nerf terran building flyspeed? would a nerf to the speed of terran buildings be a way to nerf the constant proxying that we are seeing right now? It would make it take a little longer to come back to base from far out on the map. Reducing that amount of units that can be produced and make more of a opening for counterattacks. This should not really change that much else in terms of balancing besides basetrades and small delay on swapping between addons. ideas? counterpoints?naple2 23 Nov
22 Nov My account is reset again ? My account is reset for some reason and now its second time its done for some reason, its show me I have 0 career game but i played like 300 games last season 1vs1 and u can even see in statistic section i have played but now i have to play all again to get ranked team games and 1vs1 5 placmnet matches and when i try to change name its says i have no eligible account. Like how i can log in and still play.DodgeLord0 22 Nov
22 Nov Won 4/5 against plat, placed silver 1 So I won 4/5 of my placements, most of which were against Platinum players, yet I got placed in Silver 1? Is there any reason why this would have happened? I didn't just scrape by on my wins, when I won, it was decidedly.Reptar1 22 Nov
22 Nov Co-op is already too easy Each new commander that comes out is just more easy-mode. For example, Tychus' units are extremely powerful by themselves even if they are a little pricey, and he requires literally zero macro (you can play him with about 5 APM). Then Zeratul comes along, I'm only level 7 with him but floating 5k+ minerals each game because his units (particularly the immortals) are OP and he gets all upgrades at the cybercore/robotics support for free. He should at least have to research them like the other commanders. I'd like to see co-op made significantly more challenging. It's such a fun game mode that it would be a shame to lose it to easier- and easier-to-play commanders (which I'm guessing is simply to make sales). Add more macro/multitask and tough missions that aren't clunky (things like the void sliver mission).ahydra3 22 Nov
21 Nov MMR to Rank Discrepancy So since the end of the season was dropping tonight me and a friend decided to try and raise our team (2v2) ranks up a division, from Platinum into Diamond. We started with our MMR being 3.3k and being Plat 3, so our rank and mmr felt pretty balanced. In our session we went on a 19 game win streak, beating a variation of Plat, Diamond and Master player teams, with our MMR shooting up to just under 3.7k and the appropriate ranking being Diamond 3. Despite winning all of these games and getting nearly a whole division higher in MMR we didn't raise a single rank, not even to Plat 2. This seems pretty messed up since my friend was also ranked Gold 1, and his MMR is Diamond 3 and he constantly plays vs and beats diamond players without being able to even reach Platinum. Is this some sort of bug or is the ranking system completely messed up. I don't know if it is relevant but we have played over 25 games in the 2v2 season (he also did in 1v1) so I was under the impression that the corresponding ranks would be more accurate. Can anyone help me understand why the SC2 ranking system is so poor.Bacon0 21 Nov