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20 Nov 2018 [Co-Op] Alarak needs some love... The guy is by far my favourite character in Starcraft lore. I love his personality, his design, his voice (because John de Lancie is amazing at everything) and he's the only commander I actually bought and he's the one I play the most. However: He's so damn weird! Such a contradictory concept. You play as quite possibly the strongest Protoss in the galaxy who's psionic power is absolutely insane. As a Hero Unit he feels great to play, charging about and knocking his foes around like little toys. Really works with the fantasy. And yet... You spend every single game feeding his Ascendants and then one-shotting every enemy unit with those instead while Alarak auto-attacks things. As a player you want to be in control of your hero but it's simply not optimal. The only viable way to play this guy is with a core amount of buffed up Ascendants doing all the work. It doesn't really fit with his lore, that his lackies are stronger than he is and that they do all the work, and as a player he becomes super repetitive after a few games. There's no decision making, no choices or variance. Build Ascendants. Buff Ascendants. Kill everything with Ascendants. Over, and over, and over. The playstyle is completely one-dimensional, moreso than any other commander. Raynor can go mech/bio/air, Tychus has amazing build customization... Even Fenix can go ground instead of full of carrier spam. Going for a mech army to support the dude (which is the only other build path) and focusing on Overpower costs too much in gas and even then is just vastly worse, and does less damage than 8 or so buffed Ascendants. Spamming their orbs clears entire armies in seconds and their single-target nuke is just too important for bursting down objectives to miss out on - which you do, if you go immortal/colossi. I have no real proposed solution for the problems he has. As a commander he's fairly strong, and I wouldn't say he needs buffing, but he needs reworking. For a guy that commands the Death Fleet he cannot have any permanent air units. Admittedly the cooldown is a very awesome thing to have but still, maybe Air-Alarak should be an option? He's shown to be pretty devious and dastardly when he has to be, so perhaps introduce Blood Hunters from the campaign? Do some Protoss-Stealth somehow different to Vorazun? I dunno, man. But he needs extra units, viable alternatives to the sole way of playing him now. Thanks.Brugriff2 20 Nov 2018
17 Nov 2018 Make the interceptor unclickable I encounter a lot of carriers in teamgames and what seems to be a major problem is that when trying to focus fire the carriers. You click on the inceptors anyways because they are all over the screen and obstructing a focus fire attack on the carrier. Basically the micro is dead on these sort of engagements. If there are a lot of carriers and interceptors your computer slows down (even with a beefy rig) and there is no real guarantee where you focus fire click ends up on.BoldyBald0 17 Nov 2018
17 Nov 2018 Co-op Zeratul's stalker & immortal portraits Why have near same stalker and immortal unit portraits for xel'naga ambushers and enforcers, when the 3D in-game ambusher have unique head section and (in theory) the enforcer have more advanced xel'naga technology for life support?Secondborn0 17 Nov 2018
16 Nov 2018 4.7.0. Bugs Alright. Most of us are already aware about Alarak's supplicants bug (if not - and then we have Miner Evacuation bug with Zeratul ( 16 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 Alarak supplicant bug Hello! Since this newest (4.7.0) patch was released, when I have played Alarak I had normal zealots with charge to be upgraded in twilight council instead of supplicants. Alarak devoured the units and I could not feed ascendants. I don't know if that's a bug on its own or if exists only if paired with Zeratul, but please fix this asap. Thanks in advance!Mazso2 14 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 Allow only 1 pause in Co-op match per player Intentional game ruining is smth which happens to me rarely but still happens. The problem is there is nothing what can stop this from happening or prevent from happening in future. Player may grief whenever he wants the only thing he gets is "Loss" in his stat and miraculous report which wont affect him anyway. I wish you could make a complete system for taking care of ruiners where game gonna count teamdamage, afk time and etc. But for now atleast allow only 1 pause for a player per match: 13 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 Can't get into 2v2 Masters while friend could Dia3mmr I already reached the needed MMR to get into 2v2 Master league. But it won't promote me into it. Im currently sitting at 4299 MMR and it shows me that it's a Bronze 3 MMR? At the same time a friend of mine got directly into 2v2 Master after playing ONLY the placement matches with an Diamond 3 MMR of 3510? What's going on?!Alpaca1 12 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 Warcraft (I, II & III) theme as Mutation As the title says, it might give another dimension to the game. The missions in the mutation would have a little medieval look, you know... buildings being made of wood and stone instead of metal, castle-like structures and towers, magical portals instead of warp gates (in Void Launch), etc... There could even be all the buildings from WC3 intalled in the mutator as the enemy buildings. There could also be a new UNDEAD skin for all races if the LICH KING comes to play. Here's the idea: Enemy Arthas (Lich King) comes to attack you with his army hybrids and undead units (whether from WC3 or new SC2 skins). He has the ability to turn your units into undead ones loyal to him (same as WC3). I think you get the idea :) Do you think it's worth it ?ZERGB1 12 Nov 2018
09 Nov 2018 MMR Bug Hey Folks, Just wanna ask whether other people have the same problem? My main is at 5k+ range and faces only gold&Silver in unranked... Before they were always on the same level. It's quite frustrating for both sides - they lose MMR against a 3k above player and I can't warm up. I've played 10 games in a row now, won them all and still face Gold/SilversIIllIIlllllI0 09 Nov 2018
09 Nov 2018 [BUG?] Only 2 points per game with full bonus pool?? Hi, I want to climb up in my division.. I have full bonus pool like 2000+ points and I made like 5,6 games vs opponents with almost same MMR and I get only 2 division points per win?? but when it takes 20 points from the bonus pool when losing? What is this absurd.. I can never climb up this way. Isnt it normal to give 26-30 points? Blue guys please help.MaXDaMaGe2 09 Nov 2018
09 Nov 2018 From Diamond to Bronze real fastt Soo after a couple months i started playing starcraft again. My last season i played i finished in diamond league. So when i did the single placement match as protoss i played vs a diamond. I lost that match but then after the match i got placed in bronze. I was kinda wierded out but ok i queued of for another match aaand i faced another diamond. Well now two people were wierded out. Sooo is this a bug or whats going on?Purifier1 09 Nov 2018
09 Nov 2018 (BUG?) From diamond to bronze real fast Soo after a couple months i started playing starcraft again. My last season i played i finished in diamond league. So when i did the single placement match as protoss i played vs a diamond. I lost that match but then after the match i got placed in bronze. I was kinda wierded out but ok i queued of for another match aaand i faced another diamond. Well now two people were wierded out. Sooo is this a bug or whats going on?Purifier0 09 Nov 2018
07 Nov 2018 Stronger Team Color Skins You Know what would be sick & this just IMO, but The Orginal Stronger Team Colors(STC) as skins. they look so SICK; Also, Side note, im curious, why did the mother ship core get dusted?TheFinalBoss0 07 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 LF help advertising a PvZ opening to progamers I want to introduce a new opening into sc2 for the PvZ matchup. My aim is to make it well know, and to possibly bring it into GSL. I am looking for someone able to make a good youtube video, possibly with side-by-side comparison to the standard pvz opening. I can create and deliver replays, deeper knowledge and a teamliquid article. Back in WOL and HOTS, I invented this (back then, every progamer used forge opening) 06 Nov 2018
04 Nov 2018 Bonus XP for playing a random Coop-Commander Hi all, I think you should get 10% to max 25% bonus XP if you play a random Coop-Commander. We get 25% Bonus XP if we play a random mission, why don´t we get extra XP for playing a random Coop-Commander also? I mean it will still take several years until we will reach Level 1000, but this would make it a little bit easier for us. Thanks&Regards, LukasKerrigan3 04 Nov 2018
03 Nov 2018 Holy Macromony Ok! Has anyone achieved this one? If yes how?! I must be stupid but I'm 100% sure that I should have already done this. Tried with Strike Fighter Platform, few BCs and ravens the rest I spent on Han's supply - nothing. Than I was spamming only BCs (like 6 of them), 8 vikings and one raven as Horner's supply; Han's supply - 38 widow mines and 5 Assault galleon with drones in Void Launch (drones are 6 supply for every Assault galleon which means 30?) Drones doesn't count? Strike Fighter Platform doesn't count? I mean am I doing something wrong here or this thing is broken?AlQaholic8 03 Nov 2018
01 Nov 2018 Is this legal? I encountered a very strange phenomenon from the zerg player, which blocked my natural with a building though there was no creep. See Is this even legal? I know terrans and protoss have an easy way to block naturals, unlike zerg, but certainly blizzard didn't *intend* to allow this?Pafffko2 01 Nov 2018
29 Oct 2018 Way too unbalanced matchmaking I just started playing starcraft 2 again after about a year. Started playing some 1v1, last time i played i was gold or something, nothing too fancy. And here i am, rusty after one year of not playing and instantly get matched vs a diamond player who totally decimates me. Really? and the rank i gain after that disaster of a game, is platinum 1? Following games i still get matched vs diamond players who also destroys me. Why am i getting matched with diamond players? I can not enjoy the game playing versus opponents that are way above my skill level, it just feels unfair. A year ago i enjoyed playing zerg in low to high gold, being matched with similar rank and skill level players. Now it's not fun anymore. Any idea to why the matchmaking system seems so unbalanced? Would appreciate some insight.daronos3 29 Oct 2018
22 Oct 2018 Blizzard in mutation What's the point of blizzard hitting the expos? Every single time when there's a blizzard in mutation you can forget expo. Literally stupid.AlQaholic0 22 Oct 2018
21 Oct 2018 The current mutation is ridiculous You put total RNG in HS OK. You try this exapansion in WoW same !@#$ RNG is stupid. But you cannot put in Starcraft %^-*ing RNG because exactly this game "God does not play dice"... I wont farm !@#$y mission and hope this time will be with right stuff. gl^hfTohi0 21 Oct 2018
21 Oct 2018 Reaper grenade RNG What are the odds!!! Reaper grenade bounces lings to other side of my wall early game :) Still managed to pull of a narrow victory despite RNGesus clearly being in favor of my opponent:) I love this game but the RNG is just out of control! Blizz do something!! ;)Kingslayer0 21 Oct 2018
19 Oct 2018 Suggestions over Zerg nerfs Im Zerg main and i get it why you nerfing Hydras (cause they are core units in almost all playstyles and you want more variety, lika Mutas), but big problem here is Mutas are really bad in real fights and too micro heavy to be able to use them even slightly efficiently. So my suggestion is some slight buff to them to compensate hydra nerf and promote Muta play... my suggestion is make them slightly cheaper like 75 minerals and 100 gas(-25 minerals) so they still remain gas heavy, but are slightly more efficient.PlaZz0 19 Oct 2018
17 Oct 2018 How badly dose you mental state affect you game? So i started playing competitive again recently i was doing really well i got up to platinum but one time I faced someone who beat me with the same tactic twice it knocked my confidence and I went on a big losing streak which just worsened my mental state from there. Have you ever experienced this if so how did you get out of it ?ian1 17 Oct 2018
17 Oct 2018 Propagators in Co-op Guys Does anybody feel that Propagators are a little too strong ? They are detectors, they hit ground, air and cloaked units, they turn buildings into one of themselves . How do you deal with that ? Which commanders are the best at wiping out these little pests ? I´m not trolling, I am a casual player who plays for fun. Thanks :) Peace outZERGB3 17 Oct 2018
15 Oct 2018 STOP GIVING US WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE! We just had one 10 weeks ago. You still have unused mutations in the editor. Wheel of Misfortune is a literal RNG fest. You pray you get a good set or you reroll. STOP. GIVING. US. WHEEL. OF. MISFORTUNE. You must realize by now that basically nobody enjoys it.AlQaholic0 15 Oct 2018
14 Oct 2018 remove this things remove canon rush skytoss plantery cc tyganger0 14 Oct 2018
11 Oct 2018 Co-op Commander Draft: Selendis Hi. I know, I know. Another Selendis suggestion thread, we've seen those before. Hell, I've seen those before. However, as I've been playing through the individual Co-op commanders, especially the ones that have come out lately, I've noticed a trend of gradually departing from the classic core mechanics of a race and wandering into the undorthodox. This is where my suggestion comes in, as it's been one I've been mulling over in my head for a while, but the design always seemed a little too radical. I always tried to bring it down to the ground a little to line up with the classic Protoss mechanics, but seeing what the devs have been doing recently with commanders like Tychus, maybe it's not so outlandish anymore. To preface, this is just a draft. There are still some holes to plug (calldown lineup, levelling, upgrades, hero unit mechanics) but the general concept is where I'm looking for feedback here. So here goes... ======Selendis, Commander of the Golden Armada======= The basic design stems from the Safe Haven mission from WoL, specifically Selendis' Purifier Mothership. Now, traditional designs would suggest making the Mothership Selendis' hero unit, similar to Kerrigan or Dehaka and otherwise making her play like classic Protoss. However, I find that, in general, all the Protoss commanders already play mostly like default Protoss in terms of base building and tech, with only the units and calldowns being different. Other races, on the other hand, go all over the place with their base construction and design. Tychus, Stukov and H&H being probably the most radical. To make Selendis feel different and really hammer home the idea of the Mothership being the centre of your playstyle, the Mothership would BE Selendis' base. Like H&H build their Assault Galleons to serve as mobile battle bases and Barracks/Factories, Selendis would have her Mothership to serve as her entire base. It would train workers, it would train ground and air forces, it would unlock the tech tree, it would research upgrades. It would be your all-in-one base. Your hero unit and your loss state (should you lose it). And it would fight...sort of. 1. ---Economy--- So how would this work? Obviously you need some buildings, right? At least a Nexus for mining. Well, no. To push the importance and flavour of the Mothership as your base further than H&H do with their Galleons, Selendis would start with her Mothership, couple of her special Probes and nothing else. No Nexus. Your workers would be automatically warping the resources they mine onboard the Mothership for processing. If you've played Warcraft 3, you'll be familiar with the Night Elves' system of collecting wood. A wisp (worker) attaches itself to a tree and automatically generates wood from it periodically. Only one wisp can collect from a single tree, but you can essentially run your entire wood economy off of a couple of trees where other races have to cut down acres of that stuff to get their mills going. While Selendis' workers wouldn't be generating resources from thin air (wisps in WC3 wouldn't actually deplete the tree while Selendis' Probes would totally mine out minerals if given enough time) they would work similarly otherwise. Selendis' Advanced Probe would attach itself to and occupy a mineral patch. As long as it does, no other workers can mine that mineral patch, meaning Selendis' base would be fully saturated with 7 Advanced Probes on minerals. Obviously, you normally mine with 3 Probes per patch at full saturation, so Selendis' Advanced Probes would gather 3 times as fast (she would start with fewer Probes, obviously) and would be 4 times as expensive and durable and would take 4 times as long to build. This would compensate also for the fact they don't have to spend time travelling to the Nexus to return the resources and the fact that Selendis doesn't need to build a Nexus to get her expo going. She doesn't even need to destroy the rocks, only the gas rocks. Speaking of gas, Selendis' Advanced Probes would only be able to construct two buildings. An Advanced Assimilator and Plasma Cannons (we'll get to those later). Building the Advanced Assimilator would consume the Probe as if it was a Drone, and the Probe would deploy into an Assimilator that automatically collects gas (since, obviously, the Probes have nothing to carry the gas to). Since all "buildings" are essentially contained in the Mothership, Selendis would start at max supply, so she doesn't need Pylons. All this has two major effects. Firstly, your focus can be fully on the Mothership. Since it trains your units, builds your Probes and unlocks your tech, you'll be motivated to keep an on it at all times. No need to pop back home to check your Probe production. Your Probes would be built right there on the battlefield (allowing for some Plasma Cannon shenanigans too, similar to Karax's Cannon creeping). The reason for this is that if you lose your Mothership, you're done. It's like losing your whole base. Now, there could be a Mothership Warp Beacon in your base to respawn your Mothership some time after death, but I'd personally be for an all-or-nothing approach. If you lose your Mothership, you're dead, that's your base you just lost. And obviously, since your Mothership trains your units and has some abilities, you're motivated to keep it close to the front line. So it's a push and pull situation. Secondly, one of the key parts of RTS is defending your base. If your base is on the battlefield, on the move, what's to stop you from just abandoning the defense of the base and letting your ally fend for themselves, right? Well, it just so happens that your whole economy is back there. And since you have no other buildings unless you Cannon up, guess what your enemies will be going after once they're in your base. Your Probes. You have no buffer buildings to slow them down, no tech to destroy, no production buildings to lose. Just your juicy Probes. So you're still motivated to take good care of your main spawn and your expansion (and thus also your ally) even if your actual base is floating somewhere out there on the battlefield.Marcus6 11 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 Cyberbullying, cheating & toxicity Tanking MMR, players deliberately losing games to play vs lower league opponents, has always been a problem. Its disheartening that this still goes on and openly too. Cyberbullying is exactly what it is - stronger players openly gaming the system to beat weaker players. Blizz must do something about this problem. It is just ignored and faithful SC2 players continue to suffer because of it. Its frustrating, corrupts the leagues and is just ignored, despite it being classed as cheating by Blizz's own rules. And on top of this, players that do it are often toxic and BM because they know they can get away with it with no repercussions. So much focus on cheating and toxicity in Overwatch or MOBA's, but in SC2, supposedly with a flagship community, its just ignored. And its not as though it difficult to detect. I still regularly encounter it, and after 8 years of this problem its time Blizz actually did something about it. Its reportable, but pointless, because there are no repercussions.SpartanCinC2 10 Oct 2018
06 Oct 2018 please help starcraft 2 problem How to win the game TvZ please someone can tell me ... it seems unless i am maru it is impossible to win the broken race and their every unit is counterless against terran , the air zerg cannot be countered well, VIKINGS die too fast, weak BC Against the corruptor. Marines die in the second, infestors make it impossible to group vikings , bio etc, no matter what i try to do to end the game fast (reapers ,banshee, drops, hellions,fast push), I can not succeed. It makes no sense to have this broken end that a race is useless against a certain race, to make things worse zerg always bm and i always get out MMR'd by at least 200-300 most zerg unit comps cannot be countered well , i lost alot of games to very bad players that played zergshmulik4 06 Oct 2018
04 Oct 2018 please make co-op progress cross-region I recently changed region and realized that the commanders progress is not cross-regions! I've played quite a bit and think i'd be a shame to roll-back all my progress! is it possible to make the commanders progress cross-region? I realize that for the PvP multi-player version there are different rankings for each region, and it makes sense since different regions imply different player base and different metas, however, in co-op mode, this restriction doesn't really apply. Please make commanders progression cross-region!Talento0 04 Oct 2018
04 Oct 2018 Zerg themed Co-op missions Hey guys. I am sure we noticed we dont have Zerg themed missions or Zerg characters announcing the missions. For example, in Mist Opportunities we have Stetmann (Terran) announcing the mission, Temple of the Past we have Rohana (Protoss), The Vermillion Problem has Donnie (Terran) and so on. No room for Zerg characters or missions ? :( This is discrimination ! For the love of Zerg... PLEASE DO SOMETHING... PRETTY PLEASE ^_^ ? FOR THE SWARM AND THE QUEEN OF BLADES !!ZERGB6 04 Oct 2018
02 Oct 2018 Venting god darnit Okay im gonna !@#$ing vent so much im gonna burst. What the %^-* !@# happpened to this piece of $%^- game????????? I do 4v4s. im diamon at the moment. 2 games in a row i get paired with people who has never tried the game. Im next to a terran who says its first time he is trying terran... OF COURSE HE HAS NO ARMY AND I END UP DEFENDING 3 PEOPLE............ I even said what to look at for in the beginning. THIS GAME IS SO *!@#ING DEAD FOR VETERANS THAT IM GONNA CRY AND DIE AT THE SAME TIME..... HOW AM I GONNA ENJOY MULTIPLAYER WHEN I GET PAIRED WITH $%^-ING NEWBIES. AND YES I AM ALLOWED TO SAY NEWBS CUS THEY *!@#ING ARE. BLIZZARD YOU RUNIED YOUR OWN GOD DAMN FRANCHISE AND $%^-. are you fuking just pairing everyone in 4v4s cus there is not enough players????????? I see those at 40 apm sitting on diamond ranking??? i hvae never seen that before??? I decided to try this dead *!@ game again and its a #$%^ing disaster... i'm not a rage kid, but seeing one of my favorite games getting completely -*!@ on and dying and ....... AHHHHHH what a piece of #$%^ -*!@ing #$%^ game this has become... and there is nothing out there that compares or even can do when it comes to RTS. -*!@ people and #$%^ blizzard lame way of marketing this dead -*! game... trying to soak the last @#$% out of it.Shifty1 02 Oct 2018
26 Sep 2018 2v2 Wrong MMR boundaries for bronze rank (EU) My friend and I play 2v2 and have an MMR of 2700. This new season, we are in Bronze 2 Tier. Last season, this MMR was Silver. It seams like that is wrong. I have done some searching and found this website: It shows that the highest boundary for bronze in 2v2 is 3076 and yet the lower boundary for silver 3 is 2200 meaning that silver 3 is unreachable! May someone please help and just confirm the bug? Thanks BDarkPapaya0 26 Sep 2018
25 Sep 2018 What are your least favourite Co-op missions? As the title says. This is simply out of curiosity... who knows, maybe this will lead to something. Mine are, in no particular order: Malwarfare Scythe of Amon Cradle of Death Void Thrashing Why? I think some of them are a little teeny bit too fast :) What are your least liked missions?ZERGB9 25 Sep 2018
19 Sep 2018 The End Hi All 35 years old. Played the original starcraft when i was a teenager, loved it, stayed with the series all through the years, but that's it. I'm done. I've always had a love hate relationship with this game, but tonight all hope died. After an ludicrous losing streak I said to myself if I lose the next game then i'm done, guess what, my team won, but I deleted anyway, you want to know why... It was boring. Good games of starcraft 2 are so rare, you have to grind through so much crap to get a decent well balanced game. Yes, yes, it's a 1 v 1 game, it wasn't designed for team match ups, blah blah you're a noob. It's boring, the game is boring now. Perhaps the idiots who designed the matchmaking system should have factored in that if someone suffers a series of relentless, demoralising defeats then it might put them off the game, guess what, it has, despite this Pyrrhic victory. Goodbye dudes. The WarmasterTheWarmaster8 19 Sep 2018
19 Sep 2018 [Analysis]Why Starcraft 2 doesn't work anymore I made a video to try to understand why Starcraft 2 does not work anymore, then this game is excellent. I added English subtitles to gather the opinion of everyone, the French community has appreciated the video, I wonder if this is the case for everyone, because if we are all agreed , maybe we can change things and make Starcraft 2 while his interest. Link : 19 Sep 2018
16 Sep 2018 Karax's Golden Khaydarin monolith When I opened Galaxy Editor and co-op defendcy I found all gold Khaydarin monolith model for Karax. When you look also to his building options, the icon for it is gold too. But If you build monolith in game, it has Nerazim model from singleplayer. Is that some kind of bug or cut maybe?Mirtanian2 16 Sep 2018
14 Sep 2018 The Countdown Begins I have to say, I am absolutely loving the new countdown feature.However I do feel the cpuntdown is a little too intense. Maybe have a slightly more subtle countdown tone. Like maybe an announcer says the count down, or just simple bleeps. Idk that's just what I think...FortZax0 14 Sep 2018
12 Sep 2018 Friendly-firing in Co-op So, Tychus patch gives a long queue, so be it. BUT some players take pleasure in ruining games by friendly-firing. I point-finger, because that guy did that several times. Isn't there some kind of punishment for this kind of behaviour ? ThanksVlagstaf3 12 Sep 2018
12 Sep 2018 TYCHUS' ODIN IS UNDERWHELMING There are some significant problems with calling down the Odin currently: 1. Tychus' move speed is actually slower in the Odin than on foot. Since the Heaven's Devils act as a strike squad, you want to keep them together and attack together but because the Odin is clearly in no rush, you'll constantly need to wait for it to catch up or use the medivac to relocate him faster. 2. Barrage is a terrible ability. Tychus apparently needs to fill out a permission slip before using it because the amount of prep time needed before it can fire most certainly means any living target will have left the country before Barrage lands. And it shouldn't be usable only once, it doesn't have a significant impact like Big Red Button does. 3. The Odin's DPS is actually lower against single targets than Tychus' minigun during the late game. if Tychus is fully upgraded and has 4 outlaws, he can deal about 50 damage every 0.18 seconds. The fully upgraded Odin deals 130 damage twice against ground units (300 against structures) every 1.23 seconds. That means Tychus' DPS is roughly 278 while Odin's is 211 against ground units. And that's in optimal conditions. In the heat of combat, while you're using Blaze and/or Nux to deal splash damage, the Odin will often reset its attack animation if its target dies. This means you'll run into the situation where the Odin will constantly be aiming and re-aiming but not fire because your actually useful outlaws are doing the killing for you. 4. And against air units, Christ, it's like you're trying to pepper spray them with deodorant. The absolutely pathetic missile launchers deals 30 (+5 against armored) four times every 2.5 which equates to 48 (56 to armored) DPS against air units. The worst part about this is that rather than using the Odin ground cannons to actually deal significant damage to the Objective structures like the Void Shards and Zenith Stones, the Odin will instead opt to use the air attacks making this is straight detriment to your damage. There are some benefits to Odin, of course. It deals splash damage, its health and armor means that it will almost never die, its DPS early-mid game is still very strong, Big Red Button is a wonderful ability when you get the upgrade for it, and if Tychus is killed you can use the Odin to revive him without paying a fee. But overall, the Odin is a calldown ability with some disadvantages which a calldown ability should never have. You should feel like a massive metal behemoth crashing down from the heavens and raining down hellfire and death. And while it does fulfill some of those fantasies, it doesn't feel as satisfying as it should. To improve the Odin: 1. Increase its movement speed to match Tychus' default move speed. 2. Make Barrage activate in a fraction of a second and have a cooldown, not a charge. 3. Remove the missile launchers and make Odin's cannons hit both ground and air. Or buff it until it does more DPS than the cannons with the appropriate damage against structures too. 4. When calling in the Odin, have the impact area kill anything it touches except Heroic units, like Space Station Reallocation. Make it more rewarding to call the Odin in the middle of a fight. 5. Have Tychus Upgrades apply to the Odin so there's no loss in DPS. 6. Big Red Button should be automatically applied at level 15. Not cost 200/200.AlQaholic1 12 Sep 2018
11 Sep 2018 Price of Tychus master bundle. Hello awesome community, I noticed that the price of this bundle is 9,99Euros, written in green colour, which I interpret as a discount offer while original price 14,97euros. I'm by far not a master mathematician in any sense of the word, but if I buy Tychus and the announcer seperately I'll get them at the same price. So that leaves14,97euros-9,99=4,98euros. Is that the price of the stimpack? If so, does that mean that we could buy stimpacks seperately?Manbearpig0 11 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 Tychus to expensive? Hi In my opinion I find Tychus to be a too expensive character to upgrade. I'm not able to complete all upgrades until the game is over something I able to do with all the other characters and on them I have alot of unspent resources at endgame. Do anyone agree?Skela1 10 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 This week mutation (123-Quick Killers) BIG BAG!!! This week mutation (123-Quick Killers) BIG BAG!!! The Death Bot don't count the unit kills - units reaper of Mira Han and Matt Horner!Stannnny0 10 Sep 2018
08 Sep 2018 Vega Bug When you use Vega's domination spell on air unit that is under affect of another Vega's spell (that brings it down so ground units can attack it, forgot the name of it) remains still on ground permanently. So basically let's say your BC is vulnerable to enemy ground units until the end of domination spell.AlQaholic0 08 Sep 2018
07 Sep 2018 parasites in co-op have people met others who for example are in level 1 above casual who clearly shows that they havent played a specific faction before and wants free stuff? then throws a temper tantrum when they cant get it. played with a lvl 1 abathur who barely have 10% achivements from terran campaign and 0 from zerg campaign. he hadnt even completed umoja yet and went to co-op think that you still arent allowed to name and shame people? :(ChubbyChaser4 07 Sep 2018
06 Sep 2018 ranked Cant play ranked? :/lllllllllll0 06 Sep 2018
06 Sep 2018 Tychus - Cast Range for the Fixers What do you think about an upgrade or an extension of a mastery branch to give the Fixers some more cast range? Only a bit like 1,2 or 3? It would make it easier to land Mindcontrols and Nikara could heal the tanks more easily when they go in.Galaxcyn0 06 Sep 2018
06 Sep 2018 Funny mutations Hey guys. As the title says, maybe Blizzard could add some funny, wacky mutators and mutations to the maps... to make it more fun and less serious :) Here are some ideas: - make commander's random units DANCE for a longer period of time than when you type ''/dance''. - make ENEMY units dance at random times, and also during attack waves - transform units into BABIES, or make them small in size and reduce their damage to 1... think of the BABALITY from Mortal Kombat :) - and speaking of Mortal Kombat, why not include Scorpion's ''GET OVER HERE'' catchphrase when enemy units use the Abduct ability on the player's units ? Any other ideas? Thanks for readingZERGB2 06 Sep 2018
04 Sep 2018 MMR lives itself! I came here from russian region becouse blizzard dont read forums over there. And Im sorry for my english. Whats going on with MMR, it is totally broken. I have seen a lot of people who got in ML but they play like silver or gold. Yestarday i got around 3100 MMR and Gold 1 from 2 for protos. After that i didnt play! But today its 2977 and it shows that im in gold 2 again. But I DIDNT play and DIDNT lose no one game! How can i lost it? I dont understand! Blizzard when u will fix that? Why a lot of bugs in game since it become free?Yoh1 04 Sep 2018
31 Aug 2018 Question for developers (Co-op maps) I see the new co-op maps are original ones, i like them and cannot say there is anything wrong with them. But can we get more maps that have roots in the singleplayer campaign missions and we are already kinda familiar with? I would like to see few more of those now and then.Bumbac0 31 Aug 2018