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14 Mar Multiplayer Introduction Starcraft II is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game and, even if it has an amazing single player campaign, its best part is the multiplayer. Starcraft II was build from the beginning to be an e-sport. How you can start? This topic wants to be an introduction for new players, here you will find useful links and hints. First, if you are totally new to RTS, you should play the singleplayer campaign. Its storyline is gorgeous and you will also be able to learn some basic mechanics of Starcraft (like resources gathering, how to build up bases, units and so on). You can discuss about mission, lore and topic related to singleplayer, in this section: --> After this you should do Challenges. Challenges are 9 in total, they are a singleplayer experience and they are here to be a bridge toward multiplayer. Each mission has 3 different objectives, if you complete all of them with a Gold award you will acquire a good amount of experience with units, races and basic multiplayer's mechanics. Don't worry if you will have to repeat some of them, this is normal, challenges are not meant to be easy. More you practice, more you will learn. More information about this, here: --> Now you can start to play with and against other human beings. My advice is to chose one specific race and play mainly with it, so you can focus on its unit, building, strategies and you will learn more faster how to play. When you hit for the first time the Multiplayer button you will have the option to play 50 matches in a Practice League. You don't have to do them all, you can just play a bit here so you can choose your favorite race. Remember that in this league the game speed is slower than normal and maps have some variants to help you, so this is not a real environment, don't focus too much. Use this time to try each of the 3 races and choose what you like most for the real ladder. You can have more information about races and units, here: --> If you are looking for a complete list of FAQs about Ladder and League, just go there: --> The most popular league is the 1v1. A bloody duel with another player. This is also the most difficult, so you should play here only when you will have some experience. My advice is to start form 4v4 and 3v3, where you are with other allies. They can help you and you will not have all the match on your shoulder. The most fun thing is to find some friends and play with them regularly. There are a lot of way to find someone, you can use this forum, in-game chat system, official fansite website, or you can bring to Starcraft II some of your real friends! The first matches could be a bit frustrating, but after few games you will learn the basics and more positive results will come. Another important aspect is the language used by us. Often we use a lot of neologism and acronyms, here you can find an helpful list: --> --> 14 Mar
04 Aug Starcraft 2 tips & tricks I thought it would be nice to have a list of the various tips and facts about the game that are not widely known, but can be very useful in game. Here's what I have so far : Control : * Backspace cycles through all your command centers/hatcheries/nexuses. * Ctrl+click a unit selects all units of the same type currently on screen. * Ctrl+shift+click selects all units of that type on the screen and adds them to your selection. * Ctrl+F1 selects all idle workers. * Shift+number adds the currently selected units to the control group. * Rally points can be set on units. * Rally points can be queued to have the units follow a certain path when spawning. * W selects all warpgates. * Ctrl+Alt+Click on the main screen sends a signal on the minimap. * Use Alt+Key to turn on/off autocast abilities without using the mouse. * You can repeatedly use an ability by keeping its hotkey pressed. Works with spells (Psi Storm, EMP, Fungal Growth, etc) as well as unit production keys. Gameplay : * Unburrow can be set to autocast. Useful for transforming Banelings into landmines. * Burrowed Banelings can be detonated manually. * Spawn larva can be cast on the minimap. * EMP can be cast on buildings like Command Center and Nexus. * The mothership cloaks buildings. * Chronoboost affects warpgates reducing the Warp In cooldown from 15 seconds to 11.25 seconds. * You can cast Chronoboost on the minimap * Mules can repair. * Roaches can burrow under forcefields. * You can feedback and EMP Point Defense Drones. * Spawning creep tumors can be cancelled, restoring the energy. * You can stimpack units inside bunkers. * Colossus can be loaded into transports. * SCVs with auto-repair can repair mechanical units inside medivacs. * One on one, an unsieged tank beats a sieged tank. * Fungal growth reveals cloaked and burrowed units. * EMP temporarily reveals permanently cloaked units. * Banelings are not light units. * Hallucinated units grant vision. Use it to scout or look over cliffs. * You can use abandoned enemy Tech Labs and Reactors with your own buildings. * Workers that are going to collect resources or return cargo enter a special no collision mode which allows them to pass through other units (even enemy). Trivia : * Units will say additional dialogue if clicked multiple times. * Repeatedly clicking on a critter will make it explode. * Hatcheries/lair field of vision shrinks when they're mutating. * If you build two Nydus Networks, they will be connected. * Hatcheries provide 2 supply. * Using Neural Parasite on a egg will kill it. * The Nydus Network has a capacity of 1020 slots, or 255 units, whichever comes first. Micro/macro : Moving drop tip : to perform a moving drop, move your transport to a location, press D, and click on a transport. The transport will drop units below it while continuing to move. Do this for each transport. Useful for : baneling drops on a Terran bioball army, or for spreading your troops to avoid splash damage. Tutorial : Zerg macro tip : put all your queens in a control group, then when the time to spawn larvae comes, select the group, press shift+V and click all the hatcheries on the minimap. The queen closest to each hatchery will spawn larvae there. Sending your workers to gas tip : select 6 or more workers from your mineral line, then using shift+click remove portraits until you have exactly six. Right click on one of the geysers. Next remove 3 more portraits and send the remaining workers to the other geyser. To avoid losing any already-mined minerals after right clicking the geyser press C to return cargo. The worker will then automatically return to mine the geyser you clicked. Command queuing tip : any ability can be queued. This allows some combos like queuing move+blink on a stalker, or move+siege mode on a tank. However you can only queue abilities that are currently on the command card. For example, you cannot queue unburrow+fungal growth on a burrowed infestor, even if fungal growth would be available when unburrowed. Baneling morph is the exeption to this rule and will be executed as soon as the command is clicked. Field repair tip : you can drop mules on the battlefield to perform emergency repairs on units like battlecruisers which would take too long to bring back to the base. Marines vs Banelings tip : The least APM-intensive way to micro Marines away from Banelings is by "patrolling" - (P + click) them away. This causes the closest Marine to stop and shoot while the others are still running away - then next marines only stopping when they get in range - and so on. This will reduce the Marine casualties since they don't get clumped up and die in one massive acid explosion. Please comment with your own tips and I'll add them to this post!vic158 04 Aug
10 Jun LADDER and LEAGUE: Everything you need to know There are always a lot of questions about Ladder, League system, Division and how they all work. Some months ago I did a first version of this FAQ, but since I need a lot more space I've made a whole new version. :D Every answer is verified. If you have other questions, just add them with a replay and they will be added. ;) INDEX LEAGUE AND DIVISION: PROMOTION AND DEMOTION: WIN/LOSS RATIO: BONUS POOL & NEW SEASON: USEFUL LINKS: 10 Jun
7h Next CO-OP commander Who would you like? I would like Talandar (Robotic Fenix) or somebody from Terrans. Any other suggestion?DEU23 7h
8h co-op issues i have now lost 3 times in a row because my ally just builds a base but no forces. something needs to be done to keep bad players away from co-op. i suggest a minimum of 5 victories with a race in regular multiplayer to play it in co-op. it is also unfair that people that paid for the game gets their experience frozen while people that did not pay can continue getting experience after losing.andreasasp18 8h
8h Alarak doesnt have his own hud Almost every commander has their own hud but why does alarak have the basic protoss hud? It would be nice if they changed the gold to black and the blue to red to fit the commander more.Sweech1 8h
8h STARCRAFT 3 What do you expect from Starcraft 3?SzuperBence8 8h
8h Co-Op Dehaka Nerf Suggestion So, we all love Dehaka, right? He's just so good, so easy to play, so fun to play, pure awesome. But we can also all agree that he is just a tad bit overpowered, he makes the other commanders a little bit less fun to play because he is just so much easier. Here is my suggestion on how to make him a more balanced commander: Make his supply limited by his level. It doesn't make any sense to give him overlords because primal zerg cannot be controlled by them, they are free-willed. And in that regard it makes a lot of sense, that they follow Dehaka just because they have respect for him and they fear him. Wouldn't it then make sense, that their respect and fear should be directly proportional to Dehaka's power? You can hardly imagine lvl 1 baby Dehaka controlling a maxed out army but you can see easily the lvl 15 godzilla doing so. This would however require a slight changes in the speed of the levels because Dehaka still levels up pretty fast. So one possible solution would be to make the leveling slower, another possible solution would be to give him additional levels, say 20, so that the supply gained at each level would be lower. I'm sure the Co-Op team would figure out the proper way to implement this mechanic and make it actually work. This change would make sense lore-wise and force the players to push the issue with his levels and forage the map for additional xp, because the levels gained just from clearing waves might not be sufficient in the beginning. If you like this idea, leave a comment below and we just might see the Co-Op team at least notice it and perhaps consider it. :)Addy1 8h
8h MULES OP? In my opinion i think mules are ridiculously OP. When Blizzard is going to realise that??MORGOTH2 8h
11h Ravager Burrow cast Bug ? I was just doing some random test until I found this out few days ago. If you shift command ravager move > burrow> cast bile at location near where it burrowed. The ravager will do a invisible cast while burrowed. The pop up animation will be played but the ravager is not visible//// So.. I leave it to you guys to say if it is done on purpose. have a nice daySweetpotato0 11h
1d Mulerminator How many scans and mules can a Terran have? I ripped 43 of his workers (until 9 min.), and yet, he is attacking and scanning just like nothing ever happened. Nerf Terran's Oribital!Avalon5 1d
1d LOTV is dead, right? I hate the game since HOTS finished. Its not SC2 anymore. I just checked the stats, worldwide, there are only 79k people playing multiplayer. End of HOTS was 350k and of course, the start of SC2 was about 3.5 million. I'm a semi-pro player, beat Harstem and many pro gms etc. always tippy top master / GM etc before. Now its just spam units and hope. So little strategy, so little fun. I quit SC2 as of now. Anyone else lost the will to care? FoxFox115 1d
2d Ranked games dont show up yesterday i got 2 ranked match remaining i won 2 games but it still shows that i got 2 ranked match remaining why ?Faramith0 2d
2d DH grand finals, SC2 - 50k views, Counterstrike - 350k+ Why? Figure something out, I like sc2, don't let it die...idk what the cs guys did, but even wow trade chat is filled with ppl trading csgo skins. copy what they doin and do it betterMario39 2d
3d Warchest missing supply skin for Protoss/Terran But the zerg have their overlords skinned. Every single unit has a skin except the pylon/supply depot. My OCDs are triggered.Kratos0 3d
18 Sep Insane matchmaking I don't know what the hell happened this season in HOTS with the matchmaking system but it's totally screwed in 3vs3 and 4vs4 games. I started as diamond tier 3 and ever since I got promoted to tier 2, I keep getting the most useless allies ever. In EVERY SINGLE game I get 1 or 2 bronze level allies vs 3 diamonds. I am getting terrans who have no idea what orbital is, who make only marines, sometimes without medivacs and they play with move command towards the enemy. I am getting zergs who after taking 4 expansions they still make hydras and lings and sometimes even without speed upgrade and also they have no idea how to use their overlords. I am getting protoss players who have no idea what a mothership is, they make no units except voids or canons. The worst thing is that in the score list they appear to be diamond with APM below 40. I even got a player that after a 20 minute game managed to have ZERO KILLS in the game. How the hell did they get to diamond??? A couple of years ago there was the case of platinum, diamond and master players appearing as silver and now the exact opposite is happening. I don't even remember when was the last time I had a decent 3vs3 and not a 2vs3 or even 1vs3 game. There has to be changes on the points you get after a game. You can't !@#$%^-*!e all game doing nothing, having allies playing the game and winning for you, and you getting promoted just by luck or noob rushing. APM, army value, killed unit count, structures razed count, macro, have to be taken under consideration for a fair point system.Petros28 18 Sep
18 Sep Team matchmaking is a bad joke and you know it Random teams versus premade teams [Check] Unranked players versus/with Ranked players [Check] Cross league matchmaking - also known as Diamond vs Platinum or even Master vs Bronze [Check] Unfair or even ridiculous stupid matchups [Check] Win percentage has no effect of opponents or allies [Check] ELO-rating prison - hardly impossible to get away from your forced rating [Check]VinkuLelu3 18 Sep
18 Sep Worst matchmaking I've ever seen Hi, I'm a new player. I played SC1 and its expansion back in the days, but only story, so I decided to give SC2 a try. Ofc I wanted to try the 1v1 online, but boy oh boy. I'm a totally new player, with just some basic knowladge, yet even AFTER the 5 or so games that "determine" my skill level, I'm being paired vs players that are quiete obiously experienced with the game. How the hell is this fair? It's plain discouraging to lose one time after another vs players that have previously achieved platinum, and even diamond, WHEN I'M A NEW NOOB PLAYER. Call me crazy, but matchmaking is supposed to be for this sort of things to not happen. Eh, I guess I'll just finish the story and toss the game in the recycle bin.Charoy6 18 Sep
18 Sep Blizz please maintain your game! Salty salty salty with pepper. Starcraft 2 is the best game ever released imo but it is sad that blizzard doesn't take care of their game. At least do some effort to keep it alive! 1) They should patch much more frequently. Does not have to be big patches at all. 2) Almost all the maps in LotV are horrible. Especially team maps. A good team map has the allied players starting close and at least 2 easily accessible expansions per player. Almost no maps fullfill these SIMPLE criteria! It's not good to have separate starting locations because rushes are the only viable strategy even if you prefer macro. Since the map design is so weird and you have to walk around half the map to defend your natural or to help your ally AIR UNITS are way to strong. They can just fly back and forth forever and you can't do anything with ground units. I don't think skytoss is op, it's the maps that make it op. 3) It's not fun to get +2 or +4 or +12 or +1 or +0 (LIKE WTF) mmr in master2/master1 teamgames when you win and then when you lose 1 game lose -127 points. Why even bother playing if you need to win more than x10games than losses just to keep your mmr steady? Isn't a 3 to 1 winrate good enough in high masters?!?! 4) Now AGAIN you have destroyed the score screen by making it impossible to view a players profile and then go back to score screen to check next player. Pressing cancel profile now makes you go directly to main menu so in a 4v4 team game if you want to check every player's profile you have to open your replay menu SEVEN TIMES?! Salty salty salty with pepper. Ps. Only good thing I can say that blizz has done lately is the Review function. Good job on that. But then again, according to your logic you need to do 10 good things for each bad thing to keep it even. So it doesn't count. Parsi out, CheersParsimonySWE15 18 Sep
18 Sep High MMR 2v2 = Broken I stream your game on a full time basis, and here is my complaint about your match making algorithms in team games: The match making for high level random team game players are completely broken. After 4900 MMR it is literally impossible to get a fair game. I do NOT want to play a top 10 global premade team with a gold/silver ally I do NOT want to play vs top 10 global random team players with a gold/sillver ally This has been broken since the launch of LOTV. Please take some time to fix your algorithms.llllllllllll2 18 Sep
18 Sep Laddering system, are you mad bro? Did 5 matches for placement in ranked. All 5 games were against platinum players, platinum 1 or 2, at the end my score was 3-2 (W-L) and i was placed in silver 1. At first i was like ok doesn't matter, i will climb easy to platinum against silver and gold players, and guess what. Still playing against platinum players. Blizzard what I'm trying to say is, WTF?Executor2 18 Sep
18 Sep Matchmaking is (still) broken.. Played 5 games today all 2-2, random allys 3 on europe, all 3 totally unfair, so i switched to usa and played 2 there, 1 afk ally and 1 guess what? yes unfair.. So i don't feel like playing anymore today, maybe i'll try again tomorrow, but i don't enjoy this at all so only a matter of time i stop (again) for a year+. Something so simple and u manage to completely mess it up to the point that people stop playing, really sad. This is not just today, i get these games at least 80% of the time now, really not enjoyable.WhiteWidow2 18 Sep
17 Sep Veto Co-op maps Greetings. Since we have the option to veto maps in 1v1, 2v2, etc... why not do this in Co-op ? I mean, surely there are Co-op maps that some players dislike, so this could eliminate the discomfort and anxiety of playing on said maps. Is this option worth it ? Cheers GL HF =)ZERGB4 17 Sep
17 Sep An oldie in need Hello there y'all! I am in a little need of help with an advice or a kick in the rear to finally make the next step forward. The thing is that I mained Protoss since the SC1 days, up until now and I kind of got bored of them. I want to switch to Terran or Zerg... and that's the thing. I can't decide which one to pick. I've played 100+ games with each one, but that didn't help much though. That made me even more uncertain. I want to try something new and completely different from Protoss in terms of play and everything. I like almost everything about the Terran race (the feel and vibe of the race, their rudimentary and yet cool technologies, the gameplay, the campaign, their design and concept), but I don't like the fact that they are space rednecks very much, and most of all I hate the fact that they are human. I like the Zerg race for its gameplay, its lore, for its design and concept, but I hate the fact that they are slimmy and gross (creep), I hate that they are kind of primitive compared to the other races, although they don't need technology to keep up because they are practically nature in all her fury, but still I don't like it that much, and I hate in general the fact that they are the bad guys. I don't like the Terran vs. Terran mirror matchup and neither the Zerg vs. Zerg mirror matchup. Although TvT is a lot more bearable. They are both satisfying to play with... but the Zerg race seems to be a bit more oddly satisfying. So what do you fine people think? How and what advice can you give me to help me tackle this situation? Thank you in advance! P.S. 1: I don't want to settle on playing random because I want to play competitively and "GET GUD" and playing random would only slow me down. I want to dedicate myself to one race, and as it seems Protoss wasn't the one because i got bored of it. P.S. 2: I've tried flipping a coin, but it doesn't work at all because I don't like leaving things for chance to decide.Gallifrey0 17 Sep
17 Sep Co-op map suggestions (from campaigns) I am wondering which campaign missions could we get as co-op maps. I think from WoL we could get the 2nd, 3rd missions, all of the colonist and media blitzt, engine of destruction, shatter sky, smash and grab, gates of hell, the dig, maw of the void and if we don't have story characters then all in and moebious factor. Now from this I like: 3rd WoL mission, it is because it is a hold out map Smash and Grab (only because of the terrain) Engine of Destruction, because its kinda malwfare style, but you have to destroy stuff then go back to defend. All in, because the final mission of WoL is not one of the easiest missions (like in utter darkness could be good too) / Gates of Hell it is just a destroy all mission (nothing like this in co-op) The Dig (could be funny and we got the 2 base locations already)/Maw of the Void because it could be funny aswell. If it is possible for other commanders to move and move then Supernova could be a nice idea too. (eg. reduce the buildtime and rescourses cost of structures) From HotS all Skygeirr and Final. They got good mechanics. From LotV you don't need to worry about the story, all of them is basically vs. Amon. The first and 2nd prologue, from LotV the 3rd mission. From moebious all of them, but the Templar's Charge From purifiers: The Unsealing Past. I'd like to have the other Tal'Darim mission too, from epilogue the first and from the remaining aiur: The Host (but we got that kind of missions already) and the Salvation. But from these the Templars Charge, Unsealing past and the Spear of Adun. What do you guys think about this? What are your ideas? What would you like have from campaign missions?vGǂIsti0 17 Sep
17 Sep Enemy Within Co-Op Hello Blizzard, i was thinking that you could do an Co-Op Version of Heart of the Swarm Campaign Mission 12 "Evil Within". I make this suggestion cause i loved the mentioned mission. Would be really great if you would make such a Co-Op mission. Best RegardsSeelenjäger1 17 Sep
16 Sep How to create camera hotkeys? I tried ctrl+fkey doesn't seem to work.ObeseLing6 16 Sep
16 Sep Co-Op - give AI - tired of leechers This mod pretty much made me enjoy starcraft, but at this point i am tired of leechers. Had 3 games since this morning and 2 of them were with leechers. Hell i ended the last one after the guy went afk after like 3 min or so. Along with that, alot of people i play with have horrible internet connections and the whole game becomes a frekin lag-fest. And if that is to much to do, at least as someone else suggested make it possible that in skirmish vs AI you can chose any of the commanders. At least that will cut off the repetitive 6 co-op maps we have and had played for way to many times now. The commanders idea is a damn cool one, but limiting it to how Co-Op plays right now is becoming annoying and boring. And in before some smart fanboy goes with the most retarded phrase on this forums - get RL friends to play SC2 - thank you for the genius idea - how did i not think of that - thank god for someone as smart as you to open up my mind with such an amazing suggestion.Anubis9 16 Sep
15 Sep Hardly a Protoss on Ladder! Where are all the Protoss players? It's a miracle if you can play versus a Protoss these days. Mostly you will play versus Terran and some Zerg players. I played my way down from Platin I to Gold I. Winning every game in macro and micro. But if they decide to cheese [and 90% will do it] I am done. My APM is about 155, that of my opponents between 80 and 100! The common issue is about expanding. A Protoss needs a quick second base in order to expand into late game. Finally, even If I convince my self to play cheese I am trying et least to pretend that I am expanding by buildings a wall by my second mineral line. Otherwise, your intention will be read like an open book.Avalon1 15 Sep
15 Sep Zerg Queens are not threat to me! How about giving zerg's Queen more dps and life points; but limiting the number you can have to the double of the hatchery you owned? In that case you can't make mass Queen strategies. Right now, they are great in the early game, but later on, Queens have not the ability to hold off an enemy backdoor harassment, when it comes to a drop for example.Avalon3 15 Sep
15 Sep What are your Hotkeys Protoss: 1 - Nexus | Forge | Cybernatics Core 2 - High Templar 3 - MSC (later on Mothership) 4 - Warp Prism Q - Ground Army W - Warpgates | Robo | Stargates E - Adepts or Zealots S - Stalkers D - Air Units X - Observer Space - attack move T - patrol 5 - hold position A | R | F - special hotkeys for sentries, HTs, MSC etc. Shift 1, 2, 3, 4, Q, E, S - location keysAvalon0 15 Sep
13 Sep I cant get promotion in 4v4 HOTS random mode. After a game i get information i need +3 MMR point to get more than max-league-mmr-limit. After next game (i won) i got +7 points and then max MMR limit of the league incrased to another +183 mmr points needed. WTF? I`m not able to get promotion since ... few month. If i will win i`m getting usually +0 or 1, 3, 5, 7 or just few more MMR points. If i`m losing -20 or -50. Currently i got: div position: 2 points: 853 wins:121 losses:34 MMR: 3967 - yes, i know, but many times i needed only few points and then 1 loss and i lost -50.dawciobiel2 13 Sep
13 Sep Skin adjustment for Co-op [a suggestion] Hi there. This goes to Blizz! Now that you brought us the War Chests and we embrace the chance to get the new skins I have an idea. In interviews and videos you stated that you are aware of different SC2 players. Those playing Single Player (Campaign e.g.), Co-op, Multiplayer and so on. For me its Campaign and even more Co-op! Now I love the skins, I bought all so far and also the War Chests. I wish for the future that you add some tabs to the skin menu, allowing us to change skins in other modes, mainly in Co-op, so that I can play the skins in my favorite mode. I hope you take this idea into consideration. Cheers NiklasSoulkin1 13 Sep
09 Sep Protoss major redesign problem Blizzard! the Protoss race strugled in the early game forever. I mean you can destroy a protoss in like 4min of the game if you go all in with your army and the only saving grace is/was the Mothership Core and the Photon Overcharge ability, and now you are removing it to simplify loosing? Protoss aren't an early game race and you need that ofensive defense to protect your base. And now you are removing it for a shield regeneration? I honestly don't know how this is going to play out. Think of this for a moment.. If for instance I as Protoss am playing against Zerg and if he goes for an all in zergling 4min endgame, the Protoss is gone, the only thing keeping him safe is the Mothership Core and Photon Overcharge nothing else, no unit on the Protoss race can save you from 14 zerglings in the 4min mark. Now lets think that the shield is there to buy time for units, by that time worker count is going to be deminished and the Protoss player is in a very bad position.. Hypotheticly Consider this an option: Remove the Mothership Core but keep the Photon Overcharge ability exclusive to the Nexus, this way you are keeping your economy safe whithout walling of the enemy and keeping the mantra of simplifying the core gameplay of the Protoss race, also make that the Nexus can cast the ability on itself. Thank you!CloudyFace6 09 Sep
08 Sep Weak gateway units and why they have to be weak The reason gateway units are weak is the fact that the protoss can warp an army anywhere on the map if has power. If the gateway units were as strong as the broodwar ones it would be unfair when you warp in 16 really strong units inside the enemy base, in broodwar you couldn't do this obviously so this allowed the gateway units to be very strong by default. I was thinking. the warpgate upgrade...its like a must have and after you have it no reason to switch back to gateway right? Now what if the units that were produced in a gateway were stronger (like extra 1 armor, more shield etc). the warped ones remain the same while the "homemade" ones are stronger thus capable to defend early agressions in few numbers and giving purpose to the gateway itself after the warpgate upgrade The thought process came by WinterStarcraft who pointed this why they can't be strong flaw out. The only reason gateway cant be strong is the warp effect, so either need a warpprism nerf or some sort of other idea. The only abuse i see would be the proxy gateway cheese :/ What do you think? Could this work? :) Oh and thanks for reading ^^GÁBOR4 08 Sep
05 Sep Dynamic difficulty Does this game have unique difficulty recommendation systems when playing versus AI or is it left up freely to the player to choose that. And if not, does Starcraft remastered have something like that? I recall previous blizzcon they talked about some kind of Dynamic AI that actually addopts to the player, like some kind of dynamic difficulty that can even hand out custom tailored challenges to train unique players, based on their performance and gamestyle or something like that. It sounded rly advanced, perhaps that is still in the future?iLose1 05 Sep
05 Sep Dehaka I just have to say... little Dehaka, before you level him up... IS SO CUTE!!! Thanks for reading, have a lovely day :-)))Arbiter2 05 Sep
05 Sep Malwarfare and Stukov creep Compared to every other coop map the creepspread is just too slow on this map. It doesnt keep up with the objective at all. On all other maps it's just fine, is this intended? i sure hopw not since it's quite unfunBelhalhar4 05 Sep
02 Sep Starcraft remastered Has anyone bought this yet and is it any good, I mean are there plenty of people playing it?MortisBlack4 02 Sep
02 Sep Where is Handicap 40% and 30% Hello, We play with friends in Starcraft 2 and someone are weaker from me. We need handicap 30% and 40% PLEASE ADD THIS VALUE !! PLEASE! PLEASE !Zientek0 02 Sep
01 Sep Propagator Dehaka bug On the current co-op mutation it is a combination of speed freaks and propagators. This is extremely difficult for dehaka as he focuses around himself and one unit can just destroy him. When your heroic unit is turned into a propagator they are supposed to re-spawn after their timer finished. However, once dehaka is turned to propagator he appears in his den. The top of your screen says he is on full health and their is no longer an ability in his den to feed him drones. You have to feed them to him manually. When he should re-spawn he doesn't and a question mark appears where dehaka's face normally is in the top left handcorner. Can this get looked into because dehaka is supposed to be able to die and get straight back into the fight with drones as his army is weak on its own. Just though I would let you know as dehaka is quite bugged in other ways too like when devouring a timestoped unit.ConShrekster0 01 Sep
01 Sep corrosive spray nerfed why did they make it so that devourers does not do any damage to their primary target when it is researched. that makes devourers completely useless against single units.andreasasp0 01 Sep
01 Sep Protoss Broken Gameplay The Protoss gameplay is completly useless. 23% of win rate in Platin 1! Similar to other Protoss players in that league! Why should I take the charge upgrade - even if it cost less now? - Zealots are useless units! I don't waste my minerals on them! Why you don't give more balance back?Avalon6 01 Sep
01 Sep List of statistics of Dehaka's combat units I tried to look for the exact stats of each and every unit dehaka has, but didn't seem to find them anywhere. So I wrote down all the stats myself and thought somebody might be interested in it. Might be useful to determine wether or not you want to evolve something. Keep in mind that all these stats are without any upgrades. Primal Zergling Hp 90 Armor 0 Damage 7 Attack Speed 0.7 Attack Range Melee range Ravasaur Hp 90 Armor 0 Damage 15 Attack Speed 1.5 Attack Range 7 Primal Roach Hp 175 Armor 1 Damage 16 Attack Speed Attack Range 4 Primal Igniter Hp 300 Armor 2 Damage 25 Attack Speed 2 Attack Range 2 Primal Guardian Hp 300 Armor 2 Damage 35 Attack Speed 2 Attack Range 9 Primal Hydralisk Hp 100 Armor 0 Damage 12 Attack Speed 0.83 Attack Range 5 Primal Mutalisk Hp 200 Armor 0 Damage 18 Attack Speed 1.52 Attack Range 3 Primal Impaler Hp 200 Armor 1 Damage 40 (60 vs armorerd) Attack Speed 1.45 Attack Range 11 Primal Ultralisk Hp 500 Armor 2 Damage 35 Attack Speed 0.86 Attack Range 1 Tyrannozor Hp 1000 Armor 2 Damage 35 (15*5 vs air) Attack Speed 0.86 (2 vs air) Attack Range 1 (5 vs air)Xaradak0 01 Sep
29 Aug Why so mean, kids? SC is probably the top BM game in my list. It's not even some unfair ganking like in WoW when one could justify the butthurt.. You just play a totally fair, normal game.. and yet you receive all the kind words in the world. Surprisingly it doesn't even matter who's got the upper hand! You're losing - "take it s*cker!" You're winning - "go f*ck yourself nerd!" That's ludicrous.. And that's just a game which supposed to be fun!Ghost6 29 Aug
28 Aug Decided to play today a bit.. ZvZ ZvZ ZvZ ZvZ wtf?? Switched to Terran. TvT TvT TvT Are you kidding me?Ghost0 28 Aug
25 Aug Ping, events and how to deal with it? Players from different regions playing international online tournaments should struggle with the delay and play on alternative servers.But sometimes sharp ping jumps decide the outcome of the confrontation.Is it possible to solve this problem with Blizzard's own transit servers or at least stabilize the ping between global regions?EastLorD0 25 Aug
22 Aug Cyclone Hellbat push OP? The majority of the recent Terrans I've faced have all been rushing out Hellbat Cyclone on 2 bases with plus 1 attack, although others manage to get +1 armor as well before the push. The initial push occurs around 6-8 minutes. Some of them even all in with like 20 SCVs, which honestly make the army unkillable. I've tried pretty much everything possible against it Ling bane with some mutas thrown in doesn't work... these are 1-1 lings and banes. Roach ravager with hydra 1-1 doesn't work, gets shredded, in fact. Only think I haven't tried are infestors or Lurkers, but getting those out at 6 minutes on 2-3 bases AND having a stable economy AND having an army to back them up is pretty much undoable. Even if I manage to hold off the push, it's usually back in bigger force at around 9-10 minutes with either Siege tanks, widows, liberators, or thors thrown in... or all of them, once again, on two bases the majority of the time. Is this sort of early push actually overpowered? Is cyclone hellbat into more ground mech if the first push fails against zerg too strong? I'm starting to feel like it... how do I counter it?Myriad1 22 Aug