Campaign and Story

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27 Apr [Feats of Strength]: complete list I see people asking this on and on, so I've decided to open this thread and keep it updated while new feats of strength are implemented. If you like the initiative, press the "Like" button and "Suggest it as Sticky" so they make it a sticky and we avoid having this same topic every weak. COMPLETE LIST OF FEATS OF STRENGTH ====PATCH 1.0==== The Scenic Route (KillAllZerg_TTosh01) Destroy all Zerg structures in "The Devil’s Playground” mission on Normal difficulty. You’ze So Crazy! (KillAllProtoss_TTosh02) Destroy all Protoss structures in the “Welcome to the Jungle” mission on Normal difficulty. Monster Mash (KillBrutaliskWithARES_THorner05S) Use the A.R.E.S. to kill the Brutalisk in the “Piercing the Shroud” mission on Normal difficulty. Devoted Fan (SC2_CE) Purchase StarCraft II Wings of Liberty Collector’s Edition. Rewards: Portrait: Raynor Marine Portrait: Tauren Marine Portrait: Night Elf Banshee Portrait: Diablo Marine Decal: Alliance Symbol Decal: Horde Symbol Decal: Diablo Skull Hot Shot (UndefeatedQualificationRound) Finish a Qualification Round with an undefeated record. Unknown name (SC2_Beta) Unknown description, by the name I assume it was for the players that took part in the WoL Beta. Note that Patch 1.1 removed the icon for this achievement. ====PATCH 1.1==== BlizzConqueror 2010 (BlizzCon_2010) Purchase physical (or virtual) tickets to Blizzard’s convention taking place in Anaheim, California on October 22 & 23, 2010. Rewards: Portrait: Murloc Marine Decal: Murlocalypse Now Decal: Tide Hunters Cataclysmic Devotion (Cataclysm_CE) Purchase World of Warcraft Cataclysm Collector’s Edition. Rewards: Portrait: Worgen Marine Portrait: Goblin Marine Decal: Worgen Pathfinders Decal: Goblin Quartermaster ====PATCH 1.2==== Unknown name (2) (BlizzCon_2010_Competitor) Unknown description, by the name I assume it was for the players that took part on the BlizzCon 2010 StarCraft II tournament. Unknown name (3) (BlizzCon_2010_GlobalChampion) Unknown description, by the name I assume it was for the player that won the BlizzCon 2010 StarCraft II tournament. ====PATCH 1.3==== Unknown name (4) (SC2_CN) Unknown description. Rewards: (suspected) Portrait: "Opera Mask marine" Portrait: "Lion marine" Portrait: "Dragon" Decal: "Courage" Decal: "Dragon" Decal: "Opera Mask" IGR 10/20/30/40/50/60 Wins (????) Win 10/20/30/40/50/60 AMM games in IGR Rewards: Portrait: "Raynor Marine recolored" Portrait: "Tauren Marine recolored" Portrait: "Night Elf Banshee recolored" Portrait: "Diablo Marine recolored" Portrait: "Worgen Marine recolored" Portrait: "Goblin Marine recolored" ====PATCH 1.4==== BlizzConqueror 2011 (BlizzCon_2011) Purchase tickets to Blizzard’s convention taking place in Anaheim, California on October 21 & 22, 2011. Rewards: Portrait: PanTerran Marine Decal: Fist of Furry ====PATCH 1.5==== Coming soon... I hope it's of help for those who aren't up to date ;). In other languages: -Spanish: (outdated)Lonami52 27 Apr
18 Jul 2017 [StarCraft novels, manga and comics]: complete list The official site doesn't have any page about this yet, so I have decided to open this thread. Like my other list threads, I'll keep it updated with all the new announcements. I'll sort everything by date of release and series. If you want to read all the novels, you may think following a chronological order is the best way to go, but personally, I would read them from the time they were released in, just because there's tons of cross-references that you won't understand if you don't read previously published works. If you like the initiative, press the "Like" button so they make it a sticky :) (edit: victory! xD). If you don't remember the story of the original StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War, it might be a good idea to check this: The Story So Far The story of StarCraft II takes place in a fully-realized scifi universe full of interesting characters and unique locations, and the people and places you encounter over the course of the game all have a meaning and a purpose in the StarCraft universe. Read up on the rich history of StarCraft now! Link: Now you're up to date, let's go with the complete list: ====NOVELS==== StarCraft series Archive: Book 1: Uprising Book 2: Liberty's Crusade Book 3: Shadow of the Xel'Naga Book 4: Speed of Darkness Book 5: Queen of Blades Book 6: I, Mengsk StarCraft: Ghost series Book 1: Nova Book 2: Spectres (to be released on September 27, 2011) StarCraft: The Dark Templar Saga Book 1: Firstborn Book 2: Shadow Hunters Book 3: Twilight StarCraft II series Book 1: Heaven's Devils Book 2: Devils' Due (to be released on April 12, 2011) ====MANGA==== StarCraft: Frontline Volume 1: Why We Fight Thundergod Weapon of War Heavy Armor - Part 1 Volume 2: Heavy Armor - Part 2 Creep Newsworthy A Ghost Story Volume 3: War-Torn Do No Harm Last Call Twilight Archon Volume 4: Homecoming Fear the Reaper Voice in the Darkness Orientation StarCraft: Ghost Academy Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 ====COMICS==== StarCraft: The Comic Issue 0 Volume 1: Issue 1 Issue 2 Issue 3 Issue 4 Issue 5 Issue 6 Issue 7 Issue 8 cancelled Issue 9 cancelled Volume 2 (to be released) ====SHORT STORIES==== Wings of Liberty series Story 1: Changeling Story 2: Mothership Story 3: Broken Wide Story 4: Collateral Damage Story 5: Stealing Thunder Story 6: Colossus Heaven's Devils: Lost Transmissions Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 ====ART BOOKS==== The Art of StarCraft II series Book 1: Wings of Liberty Book 2: Heart of the Swarm (to be released?) Book 3: Legacy of the Void (to be released?) ====OTHERS==== Amazing Stories Issue 596: Revelations Issue 601: Hybrid Descriptions and links for each of the books below.Lonami64 18 Jul 2017
26 May unlock all speed's In SC1 regardless of difficulty all speeds are playable. In this game I see hard enforces fast, and for the second two campaigns even on casual and normal you cannot use slowest. I dont play multiplayer, I have no intention to, I am playing just for the campaign and maybe later AI skirmish, I dont care about been stressed on actions per minute etc. I just want to play at a nice pace against the AI and for story. Not only that if you watch what happens on screen on the higher speeds, it genuinly feels like you watching something in fast forward, the speed isnt even natural, clearly designed for the esports stuff. Also clear visually by how fast in game clocks move, on normal e.g. in game clock one second is less than one second.chrcoluk3 26 May
13 May How do you feel about timed campaign missions? There is nothing I loathe more in SC1+SC2 than missions that are timed. I like to take my time and enjoy the missions - and I prefer to play on brutal because I love a challenge. However - Imo there are way too many missions that are timed. Timed missions can stop the incentive to explore. Timed missions forces you to rush missions. Timed missions alltogether does in most cases (some exceptions) make missions less fun. I understand that timed missions is an easy way to increase the difficulty. And I realize it can be hard to design missions that replaces said difficulty with another mechanic, but it feels like they are not even trying. How do you feel about timed missions, for better or worse?Ouroboros23 13 May
30 Apr Starcraft Are you serious? Starcraft lore and campaign story are so good and beautiful. And I noticed it just now :,(Valistaja3 30 Apr
16 Apr HotS campaign Was fun, but too easy. I remember how many times I did restart missions in LOTV and WOL. But Ok, Ok story was very nice. Only thing I don't like too much was Kerrigan's !@# in everyone video.Tohi3 16 Apr
14 Apr into the void mission broken or troll? every time that i built defenses on the front lines then atleast 10 enemies attacked. could be up to 20 or even 30 at same time and some enemies even when they were alone could do as much damage as they do on brutal. an immortal for example could sometimes 2hit a photon cannon with 3 shield upgrade. sometimes it took 4-5 hits. even got alot more kills due to massive rush than i would get even if i just waited to get kills. 14 Apr
09 Apr Wings of Liberty campaign cooperative Howdy folks! I know a lot of people wanted to play the campaign with a friend (or two), so a few months back I started to create my port of the first campaign to cooperative play. In the last recent weeks I've published it, and it's currently in an "open beta" for you folks to play. You can find it in on the arcade by searching for "coop". It's currently on EU and US. Hope you have fun! Post any feedback and I'll try to fix it as fast as I can. More info and some screenshots: 09 Apr
29 Mar getting units one by one What they did in all three campaigns was that you started with only the basic units available and get a new one almost every mission. Often you could win the mission solely by relying on said unit. They also had three scenarios to that like in WoL the Raiders are at a weak point. In HotS you have to rebuild the swarm and in LotV you lose everything and have to gather all the Protoss around. I found this to be kind of boring to do three times. Gameplay wise it just leaves you with fewer options to beat the missions. And writing wise it was annoying that half the campaign was about getting strong again before anything actually happened. I feel like in StarCraft and Brood War there happened a lot more in the campaigns because the campaigns didn't revolve around getting new units. I think Nova Covert Ops did this a lot better as well. What is your opinion on this?Carnifex2 29 Mar
29 Mar keystone affects terran? how on earth? they were immune during the terran campaign but not during protoss campaign. also how did they get corrupted when they werent psychicChubbyChaser2 29 Mar
29 Mar Need help with a protoss campaign mission. Is it possible for someone else to play a campaign mission for me? I'm doing the protoss campaign and it's way to hard for me. I really need help with the Last Stand mission since it's impossible for me. I get overwhelmed instantly and I don't have any other option other than to use cheats but that will disable achievements for the rest of the campaign. Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm campaign were a walk in the park compared to the protoss campaign. I never have enough resources for anything. :(Derpdad7 29 Mar
18 Jan WoL - Alliance dumpster asset, what? why? I've noticed that on the very first mission of WoL, some of the dumpsters have a 'ALLIANCE' logo on them. Looks like some sort of internal joke, where the responsible(s) take a shot at the 'Alliance' faction from World of Warcraft franchise. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Blueveia1 18 Jan
11 Jan LOTV difficulty-Why is Normal so easy and hard so hard? Normal difficulty was a breeze, never had to try, only had to restart one mission the entire campaign. often easy to the point it wasn't even fun, just going through the motions to complete the mission. Hard difficulty - I'm investing triple the effort I did in any of the normal campaign missions and when I am succeeding I'm suffering horrendous losses, lost the second mission once losing more stalkers then I could count, get past on a retry when I focused much more on zealots, and struggling to get past the third after losing it once already, much larger enemy attacks and its difficult to react as everything happens so fast sped up.SpinDizzy1 11 Jan
25 Dec Bugged Achievement: "No half measures" I have encountered a bug with the "No half measures" achievement in the Nova Covert Ops Campaign. The Description states, that the achievement has to be done on normal difficulty, but it can be achieved on casual.flummi0 25 Dec
21 Oct 2018 SCII ❤ I'd like to thank you blizzard for the awesome story, as I wish i could hit my head to lose my memory so i can enjoy playing the campaign again!!! I'm hoping to see more story lines in the future if that's possible.Setsumi1 21 Oct 2018
16 Oct 2018 Progress Lost due to Update I played a mission on Brutal about to the mid point, when I left for 2 hours. After the break I wanted to rejoin where I left off, only to realize that while I was the away the game has been patched. Now when I want to load the savegame it tells me that I wont get the achievement because the version of my savegame is not the same as the actual game. I appreciate that I could still continue from this point but why wont I get the achievement. It was pretty hard and took me a long time to get to this point and I dont think that there is any reason why I shouldnt get the achievement for finishing the mission. Its just frustrating.Shriker0 16 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 SC2 LOTW Cinematic lag Hey guys I brought the game, tried to run on my laptop. Game runs fine, but the prerendered cinematics always lagging. Its not hardware nor driver related problem. Since I tried an... lets call it an Unpatched version of the game, and the cinematics runs just fine. Any suggestion?SummerH0 10 Oct 2018
12 Sep 2018 Stuck on mission 5 (Shoot the messenger) achievement Hey, I've been trying for a while to get the "My Cool Bay Explosions" achievement...Anyone has any advice for me? Just seems not doable with the protoss bases so heavily defended and the fact that i have a limited time to do it. (as the topic suggests, I decided to do Kaldir first, so I don't have whatever there is to get from Char and this is just my 5th mission)ChewerX7 12 Sep 2018
09 Sep 2018 Fanfic Recommendations Seeing how much of a letdown the canon is for a lot of us, I thought we could pool together the fanfics we consider good enough for a read. Let's spare each other the ones with bad spelling and grammar, and the "no, you are the demons" level of garbage. I have 2 so far, both on Purity of Innocence- more a comedy than anything serious, the story is about Kerrigan trying to develop a new means of infesting Terrans, uses children as test subjects, but everything goes way, way out of hand. It's been a while since it was updated but what is written is golden. Masterminds & Comets - the story focuses on the adventures of a Purifier phase-smith and his mixed crew, but it touches and expands on a lot of topics, so far mainly on Protoss culture in its varied forms. It's updated irregularly, but it's usually within days or a week. What goodies do you have to share?SirPancake10 09 Sep 2018
01 Sep 2018 I liked the Nova story - hope to see more like it! The title essentially says it all: The Nova story managed to evoke some of the feelings which got me into Starcraft many years ago and held me as a fan ever since. There could have been a bit more betrayal which actually hits home for the player and a bit less harmony (I was slightly put off when after the speech the monologue said "only the leading ranks were against you"), but that’s details. The most important part is: Nova felt like Starcraft again — mixed with interesting gameplay which took lots of steps to always present something new. Thank you! And please make more like it! And yes, I think the price was OK. It was less than 2€ per hour of challenging and/or captivating and/or just plain enjoyable gameplay.Rak2 01 Sep 2018
16 Aug 2018 SC2 Story mode campaign. Hi all, I've played through the whole story several years ago. Getting back into playing I started a new campaign intending to play through as I did the first time, single player, mission to mission for the story line. All i get is the "Archive" and the ability to replay missions individually?!? Either I want to delete all my progress to return to auto cutscene/mission progression. OR Preferably, Is there a tickbox or something to play without the "Archive". When playing tor the first time? as bits seem to be missing like the story path of deciding on allies etc... ThanksDevil1 16 Aug 2018
14 Aug 2018 How can the story be so bad?? I really liked the story in Starcraft 1 and in Brood wars. I could not stand the story in WOL because of how Jim Raynor was scripted and lack of logic. HOTS started out somewhat okay but turned horrible bad. Blizzard is a big company how can they make such a horrible nonsensical story? Remember how cool the Overmind in SC 1 was? Or the cool Starship trooper inspired news clips? So much better!JAHA347 14 Aug 2018
08 Aug 2018 How to play game against computer ? Hi there I have played the game many years ago and just updated it and want to play it again But the menu is changed at all and although i spend almost and hour i did not find i way to play against computer ( AI ?) Where is that thing hidden , under which menu ? Thank youJohnnyX2 08 Aug 2018
01 Aug 2018 HoTS and LoTV story sucks. Edit :Oh YAh...SPOILERS if you havnt go through campains yet , piss off ok , im huge fan of starcraft story .even tho I played TONS of Warcraft 3 and WoW I though the starcraft lore would make better movie than warcraft...( prolly no more with Promethus 2 comming soon ) and HOTS and LOTV being pretty cheap and flat . Everyone gets way too friendly in the fight with the common enemy. How come there was zero treachery ...expecially from Queen of Blades ( as she says "Im still the queen !@#$% of the unniverse " ...there was nothing like that in HOTS or LOTV). All of a sudden the zerg became so loyal a "real team player". Regardless of how hard the fight against Amon is suppose to look there could be/should be some backcrossing from zergs part , causing alot more terran/protoss casualties due to not full zerg commitment into this. There could be some planets being invaded by zerg midwhile using the weakness of their "new ally's" blaming it was Amon's act or sumthing. How come noone of humans didnt try to get hands over this xel naga power and gain some advange of all this. The idea of somehow using xel'naga's to get rid of the zergs once and for all never crossed the head of any protoss? And the ending ?? No more Queen of Blades ? Shes so pure , "el grande sacrificio"...omfg. Thats so cheap and beside of being cheap its robbery of the zergs. Thants like in WoW: Garrosh and Sylvanas annonced their retirement and joined the alliance as casuals. The taurens went for 7 years in tibet and the horde is being rulled by the third cousin of the fifth son of Sen'jin from his eight marriage. Its ok you can still play horde online ,it wont affect ur raiding or pvp experience...ur story just sucks "a lil bit"...Thats what the lost of Queen of Blades represent for zerg. ( No offence to Zagara, but as a leader of the swarm ?...cmon you can do bettar than that.) All team up against Amon , beat the ^-*! outta him...HIGH FIVE !!! BFF... p.s. Not the best english, but u get the pointDEMOBAZA31 01 Aug 2018
30 Jul 2018 Confused about the fall of Tarsonis I replayed recently Starcraft 1 and I have to say that now I am really confused. correct me if I am wrong but: Jim Raynor at the end of the Big Push mission other than few comments was going along with Mensk plan to use the psi emiters, in the next missions he is complaining only that Kerrigan is in danger, don't really care about the genocide. The human Kerrigan actually did follow Mensk orders and made sure that the Zerg are gaining a foothold to be able to defeat the confederate forces. Raynor gets outraged at the end only because Kerrigan was abandoned behind. The whole dialogue with the ". . . burn to ashes around me" is retconed, made from select parts from different dialogues. The campaign script KERRIGAN Who authorized the use of Psi-Emitters? MENGSK I did, lieutenant. KERRIGAN What? The Confederates on Antiga were bad enough, but now you're going to use the Zerg against an entire planet? This is insane. RAYNOR She's right, man. Think this through. MENGSK I have thought it through. Believe me. You all have your orders. Carry them out. INTER : Like a beacon, the combined power of the Psi Emitters reached out to the far corners of the Terran Sector, luring billions of Zerg to the capitol world of Tarsonis. The Zerg, overrunning the Confederacy's best defences, proceeded to lay waste to Tarsonis' major cities and industrial centers. Advisor : I've picked up several dozen Protoss warships descending upon Tarsonis. They seem to be heading on a direct course to the primary Zerg Hive. Mengsk : If they engage the Zerg, the Confederates may escape. Commander, send Lieutenant Kerrigan with a strike force to engage the Protoss. Captain Raynor and General Duke will stay behind with the command ship. Raynor : First you sell out every person on this world to the Zerg, then you ask us to go up against the Protoss? And you're goin' to send Kerrigan down there with no backup? Mengsk : I have absolute confidence in Kerrigan's ability to hold off the Protoss. Raynor : This is bull!@#$. Kerrigan, are you reading this? Kerrigan : I heard. I'm going down there. Arcturus knows what he's doing. I can't back out on him now. Raynor : Funny. I never thought of you as anyone's martyr. RAYNOR Why are you doing this, Kerrigan? Look. I know about your past. I mean, I've heard the rumors. I know you were a part of those experiments with the Zerg; that Mengsk came and saved you, but you don't owe him this! Hell, I've saved you butt plenty of times. KERRIGAN Jimmy, drop the knight-in-shining-armor routine. It suits you sometimes. Just not ... not now. I don't need to be rescued. I know what I'm doing. The Protoss are coming to destroy the entire planet, not just the Zerg. I know that because ... well I just know it. I am a Ghost, remember? Once we've dealt with the Protoss, we can do something about the Zerg. Arcturus will come around. I know he will. RAYNOR I hope you're right, darlin'. Good huntin'! *** After destroying the Protoss forces *** ADVISOR Receiving incoming transmission: KERRIGAN This is Kerrigan. We've neutralized the Protoss, but there's a wave of Zerg advancing on this position. We need immediate evac. MENGSK Belay that order. We're moving out. RAYNOR What? You're not just gonna leave them? MENGSK All ships prepare to move away from Tarsonis on my mark. KERRIGAN Uh, boys? How about that evac? RAYNOR Damn you, Arcturus! Don't do this. MENGSK It's done. Helmsman, signal the fleet, and take us out of orbit. Now! KERRIGAN Commander? Jim? What the hell's going on up there- ||||| Mission Briefing ||| Advisor : The fleet has lost contact with the ground forces at New Gettysburg. General Mengsk has ordered the immediate disengagement of the Korhal fleet from the Tarsonian system. Protoss and Zerg forces continue to battle across the core continent of Tarsonis. Receiving incoming transmission: Raynor : I can't believe he actually left her down there! I'm gone, and you'd better come with me. There's no tellin' who Arcturus'll screw over next. Advisor : Receiving incoming transmission: Mengsk : Gentlemen, you've done very well, but remember that we've still got a job to do. The seeds of a new Empire have been sewn, and if we hope to reap - Raynor : Aw, to hell with you! Arcturus Mengsk : You're making a terrible mistake. Don't even think to cross me. I've sacrificed too much to let this fall apart. Raynor : You mean like you sacrificed Kerrigan? Mengsk : You'll regret that. You don't seem to realize my situation here. I will not be stopped. Not by you, or the Confederated, or the Protoss or anyone! I will rule this sector or see it burnt to ashes around me. If you try to get in my - Advisor : The fleet is prepped and ready, Commander. Awaiting orders. Raynor : The hell with him. We're gone.MiroKaleva8 30 Jul 2018
30 Jul 2018 HotS campaign difficulty Would be cool if there could be a more difficult HotS campaign difficulty mode. Finished WoL with repeating some missions multiple times while I can clear half the HotS campaign with just using Kerrigan. Besides that massing hydra/roach and rushed through brutal like it was casual mode. Anyone else feeling hots campaign is far too easy?zwitfires2 30 Jul 2018
26 Jul 2018 Are there going to be new mission packs? Like title, are there going to be new misison packs? (Maybe one with Alarak and one with Dehaka?) It would be very nice!Frankie1 26 Jul 2018
17 Jul 2018 Are there ever discounts for LotV standalone campaign? Being a patient person with scarce time for gaming, I usually wait until discounts to purchase games. I've bought the standalone HotS campaign sometime back when it had a discount, and later got lucky and got WoL for free. Now all I need is the LotV part. However it doesn't seem like it's ever getting discounted. Or at least I haven't caught it. The full campaign pack does regularly get discounts, but not the individual campaign. Am I missing something, or is the single campaign really at a fixed price and will not get any discounts in the foreseeable future? (If so, then the current deal would be a good choice because I also get the Nova missions for only 0.50€ more)Vilx1 17 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 Does HoTS have alternate cutscenes? When I did the Char mission with Warfield Kerrigan was still ghost but I am sure she would have been the Queen of Blades if I had went and done the other missions first. Is this right I can't find a link to a video which shows this, everyone seems to have done Char early like myself. Also, what is the mission tree? Because, if I ever reset my campaign, I would like to see how long I could keep Kerrigan as a ghost by putting off the primal zerg planet mission and see the interesting cinematics. Is this possible or can you only move on to the rescue Jim and science facility mission with the dark ones emmisary once you have completed Charr and become the Queen of Blades. BTW loved the game. So enjoyable and the theme was incredible. Dialogue needed to be better, but they told a great story nonetheless. Just wish it had had a few more missions. I wanted a massive fight with the Protoss Golden Fleet, but there are actually very few protoss in this. Definetly psyched for Legacy of the Void. Zeratul is so going to Avatar link with a good xel naga to fight the dark one. Called it here. :DTotalzerg6 11 Jul 2018
05 Jun 2018 The Lost Viking achievements First I'd like to tell that making players earn achievements for completion of Wings of Liberty in a game mode completely not related to Starcraft 2 is cruel and annoying. This arcade like game has nothing to do with actual story nor has zero impact to campaign. I honestly hate this "space invaders" like gameplay and there are a lot of other players struggling to get 100% completion because of The Lost Viking. I'd like to ask Blizzard to relocate these achievements into "Feats of Strenght" category so it does not interfere with campaign related achievements. This way you would kill two birds with one stone.PsychoHunter0 05 Jun 2018
05 Jun 2018 HoTS Kerrigan is Evil and Morally Bankrupt Disclaimer: Please read the whole thing before responding, and try to keep an open mind. And read the very last question if you honestly don't believe Kerrigan mass-murdering entire planets is a flaw. Kerrigan in HoTS is an evil and morally bankrupt character. I know this is old, but it still needs attention, because many would still disagree. She destroys entire worlds without need or remorse, and the writers expects the audience to be placated by the fact that she's the protagonist, fighting a cliche bad guy, and that most of these atrocities take place off-screen. In SC1 and BW, we destroyed multiple planets as the zerg, and it was enjoyable because we were aliens who were not bounded by human moral standards in our chase for evolutionary perfection. In SC2, Blizzard made the conscious decision to turn Kerrigan into a human again. The artifact's only purpose in the story was to remove the queen of blades' malice and inhumanity, but unfortunately, this decision had ramifications that Blizzard utterly failed to address. First off, while many of the targets Kerrigan sacked in HOTS were military, it was not necessary to destroy them. Kerrigan kept a large portion of her swarms aboard the Leviathan during her attack on Korhal, so that in case she lost, the swarm would not be broken. Second off, destroying multiple planets to kill one guy is utterly unnecessary. When the swarm wants a target destroyed, they can replicate en-masse and take it out. That's what makes them the terror of the galaxy, and when Kerrigan wanted to sack Korhal in Brood War, she gathered resources for one mission, and sacked the UED's position on Korhal in the next, who are arguably much stronger than Mengsk is now. There was no dilly-daddling with orbital defenses or any of that other nonsense. See the following post on why Mengsk doesn't deserve to be in power, let alone pose an actual challenge to the zerg: Evidence 1 - Evolutions Missions Zergling: Takes place on a Dominion security world, Calus. As is the basic theme of the evolution missions, the swarm was already invading this world, and they had discovered essence on it after-the-fact. The world itself has absolutely nothing to do with Mengsk or Kerrigan's war against him, and culminates in the slaugther of random innocent people. Virtually the same thing happens on the splitter strain planet. Baneling: The first world is a random protoss shrine world. Kerrigan gleefully says "let's introduce the protoss to our new friends" while the protoss merely shout "defend the shrine!". How is this world relevant to the war effort? Why does Kerrigan need to kill random protoss and desecreate their relics? They are doing nothing but minding their own business. In the second mission, Kerrigan kills random Dominion miners, more people who are merely minding their own business. Roach: The zerg discover hidden protoss research facilities here. The zerg have come to this planet, and they are the aggressors. Again, this has nothing to do with our war against the Dominion, or anything else. We have decided to slaughter these protoss only to improve the swarm. Kerrigan makes a note to "leave no survivors". In the second mission we destroy random protoss on a random world again for no reason. Kerrigan sensed "protoss nearby" and decided to test out the new strain on them. Again, they were just sitting there, minding their own business, and Kerrigan decides on their extinction at a whim, instead of putting these roaches to use against Mengsk. Hydralisk: The zerg have infested a planet, and Prometheus Company, the Dominion's infestation specialists, have come to cleanse the planet of zerg. The second mission is a ZvZ, one of the first where we don't slaughter innocents. Mutalisk: The first mission includes attacking a space platform, and the second involves attacking a Dominion storage world. Again, while these are military targets, soldiers don't deserve to die for defending themselves from planet-destroying monsters. Swarm Host: Here we see what is clearly a civilian planet from orbit with a high population count: Again, we invaded this planet unprovoked. The only reason we're here in the evolution missions is because we happened to find essence during our invasion. The military forces & nuclear silos stationed here seem to be only a response to our invasion. Here we see what is clearly apartment buildings and a civilian sector. This is NOT a military target no matter how many mental gymnastics you jump through: Abathur says "swarm invasion will continue unhindered" after we prevail, leading us to assume that this entire planet has been sacked. The second mission is just killing more Dominion.Gradius113 05 Jun 2018
03 Jun 2018 Accidentaly broke the hybrid on 'A Sinister Turn' I am playing through the Wings of Liberty campaign on brutal and on the ' A Sinister Turn' level during a skirmish with the hybrid it blinked/dashed into a section of the map and got stuck there. It then stayed there for the rest of the level and didn't take part or attack until I went to finish the level and it teleported to defend. Here is an screen dump of the hybrid being stuck - 03 Jun 2018
12 May 2018 [Lore] Kerrigan's Korhal mission So I didn't want to put it into the title, because it could be a huge spoiler for others. I just read I, Mengsk(nice novel), I know that she got the mission to kill Arcturus' family. However I just couldn't understand that WHY THE HELL DID SHE CHOP ANGUS' HEAD OFF??? Is it in another novel or something? It's okay if you write down the answer even if it's a spoiler or I'm glad to hear your theories.ValakiHUN3 12 May 2018
07 May 2018 Zerglings losing health outside of creep My Raptor Strain Zerlings are rapidly losing health in the "Old Soldiers" mission when outside of creep. Anyone experienced a similar thing? I found nothing in the forums or the web why it is only the Zerglings and why outside of creep. Is this a bug somehow mistaken Zerglings as structures? Really annoying since they die in around 30 secs when not being on creep which is making it rlly hard to zerg rush...Ionschatten1 07 May 2018
28 Apr 2018 Water zerg and seafaring thechnology in starcraft? I know that Starcraft is about wars waged by spacefaring races, but what is the level of seafaring technology for Terrans and Protoss? And are there some aquatic zerg strains (that obviously are not present in-game)? It's hard to belive that technologically advanced as Terrans and Protoss are they do not employ ships or submarine habitats like for secret labs and so on. Also it's hard to belive that Zerg never assimilated the essence of some water creatures, just in case they needed aquatic strains to invade some water world with Terran or Protoss colonies (or Protoss research teams inside flooded Xel'naga ruins). Personally I think would be nice to see in LotV a subacquean Protoss research facility overrun with Amon controlled (ot Hybrid controlled) Zerg, to visit with Zeratul to uncover some Xel'naga knowledge to help defeating Amon.Ivan8 28 Apr 2018
24 Apr 2018 Campaign about Origins of 3 Races Is it possible to have campaigns about origin stories of 3 races any time in the future? To learn the stories of Khas, Adun and Raszagal.We would see younger versions of Artanis, Tassadar and Zeratul maybe. For Zerg, we would learn more about Zurvan and Overmind as well. And of course Overmind could make a come back. As for Terran, we would witness the begining process of Terran Confederacy. I think these would be very exciting to see. This might be a plan for another SC expension SC:Origins or SC3. I dont know.TUĞANLI3 24 Apr 2018
24 Apr 2018 need help with echoes of the future on hard i need tips on how to complete echoes of the future on hard, i am in no way pro gamer and i suck at those quick micro transactions i think people calls it i click on things as fast as i can but its not very fast. And if anyone wonders i wanted to try the story modes on hard because i found normal to be a bit too easy but so far (14 missions in so far) and sadly most of these missions was a bit too hard and i often just managed to beat some of them, some were easy but most was quite difficult. Anyways anyone who can give me any tips on to how complete this mission? my problem are the zerg raid attacks i can manage the couple of waves but once fly units and brutalisk starts spawning and attacking the stalkers i cannot get rid of them in time before most defense is gone and so any offense cannot be made because i have to rebuild my defense and while this is happening my resources of course also drains up.kenneth2 24 Apr 2018
21 Apr 2018 so when do we get the next campaign? so we got the black ops or whatever witch was fun, when do we get the zerg DLC missions where we play as zagara or stukov or the protoss campaign where we play as alarak (lets face it, all the templar/dark templar are super busy rebuilding and stuff while the tal'darim are 100% fine and already doing dirt, they seem to hate the dominion now so maybe we get the protoss campaign where the tal'darim attack the dominion and the next one the dominion will ask the zerg for help in exchange for giving them there planets or some !@#$)lancelot2 21 Apr 2018
20 Apr 2018 Co-op campaign I got all of the SC2 games and my friend just have the trail version. Is it possible that we can play the SC2 co-op campaign together? or need him to buy the SC2 game too, to play together the co-op campaign?Immortalheal6 20 Apr 2018
19 Apr 2018 WoL Campaign bug Hello, I have finished the WoL campaign and saved before going to char so that I could go back to that saved game to keep getting research points, credits, achievements etc. Yet, after finishing the char missions, I loaded that game and now most of the units that I unlocked through the first part of the campaign are locked again. They are red in the armory console, even though I even purchased upgrades for some of them, and they are displayed and clickable in the armory background, as I have done all the missions to unlock them. Is there any way to solve this without having to start again? I only did the whole campaign on hard to have the units to do it on brutal... On an unrelated note, I think it's quite shameful for a serious company such as blizzard to have a "scam" support website that puts clients in a loop if they try to contact customer support. Why not just take away the link.Xandro2 19 Apr 2018
19 Apr 2018 (suggestion) Campaign playable in archon mode So I would like to suggest to make possible play campaigns with your friends via archon mode. I do not know how hard it would be. But I would say that it could be done since the mode already exist for multiplayer, with the leader would have the right to make the choices, like on which planet to go, what upgrades take between missions etc. You could also make it so, that you could play the campaign with someone who does not own it, but he could not be able to play it without you. This could work as a promotion at this point. But maybe it is too much work. But still one can hope and I think that this would be very cool addition to this amazing game.Dragnor5 19 Apr 2018
05 Apr 2018 [LORE] how do the protoss reproduce? I googled it wiki It, could not find any information regarding my topic. We all know how terrans reproduce no clue how zerg, that queen must inject larva(shemale?) with what :P? Would like to know how protoss reproduce does it have to do something with warping just a random guess. Since I spent my whole afternoon at work thinking of this did a few google and my boss entered hey hows the report etc going. Thanks in advance Mawi Mawi183 05 Apr 2018
22 Mar 2018 New game + ?? Something I have been thinking about for sometime. Am I the only one that think this would be great? Like There would be a couple of things that would go with it: *You keep all of the uppgrades you got during the last playthrough, making you able to play different ways earlier with more units. Considering that some units are only usable very late in the game, you do not get to use them much. * The maps would be bigger and the A.I would be far better compensating for your wider range of units early game. * more units that are missing could be added into the game for even more replayability. You can just make them early side missions, for example in HOTS you find defiler DNA and with it you can create them. *More use of the flying units, cause I got kinds annoyed at how useless the flying units was in HOTS (at least I think so) *Making the maps randomised, making it more interesting on eatch mission I would gladly pay for this Sorry for bad enlishPlague0 22 Mar 2018
20 Mar 2018 I'm confused about what I'm purchasing (Nova Corp) When I click purchase under Nova Corp. There are 3 options. Campaign, Campaign Collection and Campaign Digital Deluxe. When I click 'learn more', the latter 2 packs dont mention the Nova Corp at all. I reckon I'd like the digital deluxe content, but does it NOT include the Nova Corp pack even though its listed under it?Kotodama0 20 Mar 2018
04 Mar 2018 Watch my own campaign games? Yes I can save a mission on the disk and load it and continue from there whenever I want. But is it possible to watch the complete mission, solo, as I can do with multiplayer games? If I wanted to record a video how would you do it?? You cannot record/talk/write tips and concentrate on the game at the same time.VladDTerran2 04 Mar 2018
03 Mar 2018 SC2 installation story? Hey, I was wondering, can I watch the SC2 installation (intro)story in game? Is it available trough the game interface somewhere? Or just when installing the game?VladDTerran2 03 Mar 2018
27 Feb 2018 Does Kerrigan know that Zeratul is dead? Does Kerrigan know that Zeratul is dead?TUĞANLI1 27 Feb 2018
22 Feb 2018 Will this become a reality? With the current situation setup in the end of Shadow Wars this become true: 22 Feb 2018
17 Feb 2018 Normal (non HI) Subtitles without character names Hey So, is there no way to disable the names of the characters in the subtitles? It can really ruin the experience. For instance, I am watching a cinematic, where it is supposed to be a surprise, when a certain character appears on the screen (when that character is talking before he/she is seen). But before that surprise, it is already spoiled in the subtitles by showing the character's name. I swear, it's like Blizzard don't really care anymore... EDIT: I guess, I'll just put a piece of non-transparent duct tape on the lower left corner of my PC monitorAleque0 17 Feb 2018