Custom Maps and Arcade

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05 Aug 2010 Inappropriate map content While players are encouraged to share the maps they create through, published maps are subject to review to ensure that they promote a fun and safe environment for all players. You can learn more about the StarCraft II content policy here: If a map is found to contain inappropriate content, it will be removed from and the map maker will be contacted via email. Should a player have any questions or concerns regarding a specific action, he or she is welcome to contact our support representatives by using the following web form: If you see a player-made map that contains inappropriate content, simply right click on the map image thumbnail under "Details" and then select the "Report this Content" option.Slorkuz0 05 Aug 2010
1d Patch has broken updating map I have been updating Gem TD quite happily up until the patch which installed for me last night. I have since been unable to change more than one thing in data or triggers at a time. I am having to load, make one change, save, close map, re-open and repeat. I checked if it was me breaking something but I've loaded versions all the way back to 2013 and all with the same outcome. If I remove the line it states is causing the issue it just calls another line as the same issue. When the map loads it now gives this: [11/15/2017 6:39:18 PM] Warning: Cutscenes: Command was thrown out due to data being invalid [11/15/2017 6:39:26 PM] Warning: XML: GameData\LightData.xml(15,13) : Core: invalid object type identification Source: Maps/Gem TD/Gem TD(Unprotected)1.1.SC2Map Entry: Char Scope: CLight.SLightInfo Field: ToDInfoArray[0].Param[0] [11/15/2017 6:41:21 PM] Warning: Missing string: EDSTR_WARNING_FUNCTIONOUTSIDECONTEXT [11/15/2017 6:41:21 PM] Warning: Missing string: EDSTR_WARNING_FUNCTIONOUTSIDEPickEachPlayerInGroup [11/15/2017 6:41:21 PM] Warning: EDSTR_WARNING_FUNCTIONOUTSIDEPickEachPlayerInGroup Then when I try to save I get this: Script failed to compile: Syntax error (See Trigger Editor for more details) Neither were an issue until the patch, so I know it's the patch that's caused this. Please rectify this Blizzard! :(Brownin2 1d
2d CONGRATS YOU *FIXED* ARCADE Good job Blizzard, you ruined arcade. The only map anyone plays is Desert Strike and now its stupid how we have to join and create games. Where the he'll did our 'Join Game' button go? Seriously this is so stupid. Someone should be fired for this retarded design.GeneralRico3 2d
3d How can I save a custom game (2.0.4)? Since I've installed the new patch I can't save/load a custom game against the Ai anymore. Can somebody help me, please. Before I could press the escape button during a custom game and click on the save button... Thanks for your help! ReduanPeacemaker4 3d
3d Lottery Defence broken Lottery Defence is broken since the update yesterday. Please FixSchrippe1 3d
4d Map Review Feedback Suggestion Would it be possible to allow mapmakers to respond to, or simply mark that they have addressed the feedback of of poor map review? Many mappers are forced to re-release their projects, because an early release with bugs brought a dozen low reviews, crippling their possible playerbase. Nothing feels worse for a mapper than to see a 1 star review from years ago, that has been addressed, years ago. Someone interested in a game might read a poor review, and chose not to play the game, under the assumption that the problems have not been corrected. From a "Blizzard, we want to be social media" point of view, look at how Facebook adding "reply to a reply" (And reddit) has greatly increased the commentary on the sites. Allowing player discussions in the reviews, could improve player turn out.Glorn2 4d
5d Where has 'Trapped in Hell 1.2" gone? A couple of days ago I could start custom games with this map, but now if I pick it from my recently used maps list, it tells me that the map might have been removed. I'm also not seeing it at all on the current custom games list (some people have taken to playing the "Trapped in Hel" [sic] map). Hopefully I've posted this in the correct forum, apologies if I've made a mistake.moose1 5d
11 Nov Look mother !@#$er game operators and developers: Read this article attentively: I given you money and bought SC II for having fun (so not for being mad by your noob customers). But there is no fun for me (so I am experienced player). Because you match always experienced players with your mother !@#$er noob customers in Desert Strike HOTS arcade game by using random matchmaking (So your noob customers are mother %^-*er like you too. Becuase they join always a lobby named "NO GAS NOOB, NO NOOB" and they like to make experienced players mad. There is no way to prevent your mother !@#$er noob customers). You banned me many times for abusing your mother %^-*er noob customers (I think you make mad your experienced customers intentionally. So you ban your experienced customers first then sell account again. So you earn a lot of money like that). Also I told this problem to TYA nicknamed mother !@#$er game developer of DS arcade game on his forum. He do nothing too. So you do nothing since 3 years for fixing this problem despite I told you many times. You force experienced players to play DS with your noob customers and make them mad. Give my money back (Refund me) or fix this problem. I will continue to insult&abuse all of you when I see noob customer in my team (and tell everyone what you are) till fix this problem or refund me. I remember you that I give you money for having fun. Not for being mad.cHroMe3 11 Nov
10 Nov Aiur Chef missing I cannot find the Aiur Chef game in the arcade however it is said that you can still acess it if you have a bookmark link. Does anyone have a bookmark link and where do you post it?StarGoat3 10 Nov
09 Nov Data Losed the power gowed away i played some transpace fortest i was lvl 73 and i wont solo first 3 dificultes how i regeted on the pc all mine progres from he map goed pls regive metitanwarior0 09 Nov
09 Nov Question about actors Hi. I am very new to the editor so this may be a very stupid question but here we go. I have tried to watch tutorials to learn, also I have searched the forum but I didnt get it. So my problem is that I have watched a video that explained how I could create custom units. They said that I had to create an actor and then use the token bla bla to "link" it. First time I did it, I made it succsessfull. Here is what it showed like I could easily link the unit (a modified marauder) to the actor and it was boom done. But then I tried to create a structure (spawning house), and the token thing went like this: I have no idea how I should link the actor to my unit. I would love to see response. Also schreenshots are appriceated because im very new to this part of the editor. thanks for reading. SORRY I DIDNT MEAN TO DOUBBLE POSTMAXimumPain1 09 Nov
07 Nov Zombie World: Legacy - ban discussion This post was made because of the disappearance of the 'Zombie World: Legacy' map from the Arcade. I am a returning player to SCII Arcade and the Zombie World maps and did not know what was going on. A lot of players (including me) are very sad to see the map be deleted without any notice or explanation. Following the reviews section of the remaining maps, it seems that the community around the Zombie World Arcade maps (Zombie World: Original, Zombie World and Zombie World: Legacy) is in an uproar right now, with players taking sides and reporting others left and right. From what I could gather from the posts is that 'Zombie World: Legacy' was a remake of 'Zombie World' and the latter is a remake of 'Zombie World: Original'. It seems that 'Zombie World: Legacy' has been banned for being a "stolen copy", although the details on how and why are not very clear.Scarecrow0 07 Nov
02 Nov the data editor is too difficult i have been trying to create cusom factions but the complicated nature of the data editor wears me out after less than an hour. some times stuff just vanish as well. the models for example is not as well named in the data editor compared to the object editor in warcraft 3. the requirement to create new buttons makes the editor overly difficult. the warcraft 3 object editor by comparison had tool tips on the units that could be used. each unit could have a box that say uses button and if true tool tips and icons is specified in a button but if false tooltips and icons is specified on the unit itself. that will streamline the editor without taking away its power. another area that could be streamlined is weapons, by applying the same type of true or false statement.andreasasp0 02 Nov
30 Oct A suggestion to Blizzard to stop custom map banning Dear Blizzard, dear users, I would hereby like to suggest, that you, Blizzard, should start taking action against the abusive, excessive and often arbitrary banning that has swept over the custom maps sector lately. This could either be to remove the "GetPlayerHandle" function in the Galaxy editor, or to view User banning as a reportable inappropriate content. I would also like to invite any people who do or don't feel the same way to add their contribution. Long explanation / arguments follow: Background: As many of you may know, all players in Starcraft II have a so-called Player ID (or also called "handle"). This handle uniquely identifies your account on Starcraft II and doesn't change even when your account name is altered. Since custom map authors have access to this player ID (via a function in the Galaxy Editor script language called "GetPlayerHandle"), this has given rise to a practice that is gaining more and more popularity: The (sometimes temporary, but more often) permanent banning of players which the map authors and sometimes a policing band of chosen "moderators" deem deviant. This works by identifying the player in-game, and reading out his player ID, as mentioned above. If the map author or the moderators wish to see this player removed, they add his Player ID to a list in the map. When the map loads, a script checks if a player with the "banned" IDs is playing, and if so, kicks the player (i.e. causes him a "Defeat!" message), thus effectively banning the player from the custom map. This practice is only revocable by the map author, and cannot be circumvented or challenged by the player, who is now either forced to humiliatingly accept his being banned and never play the map again or to buy a new Starcraft II game to get a new account and start fresh. My position: The reason why I make this suggestion is that I deem this practice highly opposed to the fun and enjoyable gaming environment that we have gotten used to around Blizzard games. Blizzard, it is true, bans people, but only for grave offenses which will disrupt the smooth experience on the net. Things such as proven cheating, excessive harassing, racism, etc. Even so, Blizzard doesn't ban players on simple suspicion. If they do ban someone, they have a reason and the necessary evidence to back this up. This is why Blizzard monitors the users' computer for running known cheating software and hacks. The problem with the custom maps banning is that now, Map makers see themselves as judge, jury and executioners of their own small kingdoms, and many have demonstrated that they will punish people for whatever reasons they deem fit, even if these reasons are as low as personal pride or victimless crimes. This has lead to scores of players being banned for no good reason, and thus stopped them from playing the maps they like best. For some, who, like me, do not play Melee anymore, this kills all the fun in Starcraft II. Supposed arguments in favor of custom map banning, and why I deem them wrong: The typical reasons given by map authors for banning players are: Trolling, abusing a known bug (i.e. "cheating"), attempting to ruin the game for the other players (this can extend to as far as simply leaving before the game officially ends) or intentionally modifying the bank files which store the information which is loaded at the start of the map. (For instance: How many creeps you have killed in a tower defense, or what level your character has in an RPG). Let us consider these offenses Trolling is too broad a term on which basis to ban people on. Blizzard, which has a very firm policy on warning and banning players is well aware of this and doesn't ban players solely for trolling. (especially since one person's troll is another person's ignorance). Abusing a known bug is not an excuse for banning players for life either. Banning players who have found a way to work a badly coded system is cheap and bad practice. This is often justified with saying that this is "cheating". But here, cheating strongly depends on interpretation. If, for example, one Tower in a TD game is known to be too strong, some would even classify this as cheating, while others see it as skill. Players attempting to ruin the game for others are not much more than trolls. If this is a concern, a better and fairer approach is to insert a "kickvote mechanism" into the map, where the users currently playing the map, which are, after all, the only ones affected, can democratically vote to kick this player once from the map (not for life!). Such offenses do not constitute a legitimate excuse for banning players for life. Bank file hacking is the ONE area where many map makers see red cloth as soon as they see it happen and charge it like a wild bull. This anger, however, is not understanable to me. In many cases modifying a bank file is a victimless crime, since it provides the player with nothing more than another character or builder model, and perhaps a special title in the name. Take, for instance, Squadron TD: On europe the most played map at the moment. What exactly is the great use of having prestige level 10? None, since a bad player will still lose. Usually, modifying a bank file provides a player with no advantage over his fellow players whatsoever, except fancy symbols, titles and models. The permanent banning of those players who do not want to waste hundreds or thousands of hours for petty titles is still way beyond proportion, and the felt hurt in the pride of the map authors is also not a good argument for such excessive punishments. To further worsen this, all of these "offenses" are always subject to interpretation, and not always readily provable. Trolling and abusing a known bug are easy to prove through a replay, but some players do not see their behavior as trolling or bug abusing. Also, a player who ruins the game didn't necessarily intend so himself, and a modified bank file is not always easy to discern from a legitimate one. Thus, some map authors (not all, thank goodness) have taken to a dictatorial approach and simply, when thinking they have spotted an offense, assume an accused player guilty by default. Guilty until proven innocent, the worst system of law ever implemented. And of course, it is up to the player to prove his own innocence. Failing that, which it usually does, the player is simply banned, while the map maker congratulates himself and any moderators that helped him for a job well done. This leads to a huge amount of "collateral" damage: Players which have done no wrong, and yet are still banned for not being able to prove their own innocence. One example where this behavior has been brought to an art form is banning players for supposedly modifying their bank files. The argument usually goes: "You have too many levels! Nobody I know can level up that fast! You must be banned!" I am sure it will be agreed that this is not a very sophisticated or fair approach, especially to the great number of players who actually have reached this status by themselves, without any modifying of bank files. Some map authors assume to be extraordinarily fair by ruling on sentences and only making the ban for a certain amount of time. This, however, again is left to the authors' discretion. In principle, any map author can ban any person for any time period for any reason he deems fit. Another argument often put forth in favor of this banning mania, is that players cheating, harassing and insulting other players should be banned. I agree, but these map makers fail to notice that it is not their job to police the That is Blizzard's job. Map makers who endorse or even practice this banning behavior are actually doing a job for which, in my opinion, they have neither authority nor mandate. If a player visibly cheats through an external program, the person to address is a Blizzard support member, not the creator of a custom map. There is a certain arrogance to the various map authors for simply taking up the job of Blizzard in policing the custom game sector. In conclusion: I have had numerous talks with advocates of custom map banning, and have failed to discern even one argument which justifies the unlicensed, permanent banning of guiltless players by private map authors. I also think that Blizzard should not simply allow Map authors, for who it generously provides server space and bandwidth, every whim. For comparison: Nexus Word Wars was, at one time, banned from the custom games section because it contained a religious word in its internal dictionary. This shows to me that Blizzard does take threats to a fun custom maps experience (through the maps it hosts and also owns, by license agreement, if I am not mistaken) very seriously. I only humbly suggest that Blizzard take this also seriously, as it is, at least for me, far more offensive than the prevalance of religious terms in custom maps. In Melee games, users are not allowed to police and ban other users. The only right they have is to report other players. In a sense, all users are equal. Blizzard thus should not, I think, allow a few overzealous map authors (who are also just normal users and do not and should not have any privileged status) to ruin the custom game experience for the great scores of players they ban. It is my firm belief that Blizzard should take to such arrogant, undeserved and patronizing behavior the same stand it does to a map author who inserts harassing or discriminatory content into his map, which is to not tolerate it, and take measures against it. Thank youOuguiya12 30 Oct
29 Oct SORRY I accidentaly doubble posted im so sorry I accidently doubble posted please ignore thisMAXimumPain0 29 Oct
29 Oct How to make no limit units? Hi I was just wondering, im trying to make it so that you have infinity units, that no supplies gets taken when spawning an unit OR that you have like 999999 unit limitations. Ive been searching for tutorials online and I have searched for other topics, but I cant find any. Do you know how to do this? If so, please explain here :) Also this is my first post ever here, I thought this forum was the most appropriate for this kind of topic. Am I wrong?MAXimumPain4 29 Oct
29 Oct Starcraft II editor - Engineering bay flying sideway?! Hi all, As we all know engineering bay lost its lift off ability. However it is possible to bring it back with the help of editor. My only question is how to make it fly straight? You can clearly see where the structure has engines and wheres the front. So why after lifting off it moves with its right side forward? How to fix this?DrGreen5 29 Oct
28 Oct Custom buttons not working Hey.. I have a stupid problem. My custom buttons don't work. First I created a totally new button. Then I put it to a building's command for just switching for command cards (like workers change command cards when choosing a structure to be built), but the button never showed up. I tried to change everything I found from the data editor, and look at other buttons how they were made, and everything seemed okay, yet it didn't appear in-game. Then I tried to copy an existing button and just changing it to look like I wanted it and this either didn't work. Though I've done it this way before, I can't figure out why it's not working now. What possibly could go wrong with this?Butcher13 28 Oct
21 Oct Editor Naming Conventions I'm new to the map editor, but not new to programming. When programming I'm used to following rules like software patterns and naming conventions so my code is easily understood by other developers. But are there any naming conventions for things like regions, triggers and variables in the editor? I know it doesn't matter much when you're starting out and only have like 2 variables for the entire map, but I'd like to get some good habits so my later maps with maybe 100+ variables will still be understandable.WNxManiacMan0 21 Oct
21 Oct Arcade search doesn't seem to work properly When I used to search for the term "tow" in the arcade, it used to bring up several results for tower defence games like squadron TD, Bardocks TD, Tower defence tycoon. Now in then new custom games search it regularly returns no results but yet I can see squadron TD games in the list. Sometimes I type the "Sqa" and still get no results even though there are definitely games in the list! Other times it does find them. It just doesn't seem to search reliably. Perhaps the games in the list have gone but either way it is harder to find a game now for whatever reason.WÒÓKiEMAGiC2 21 Oct
13 Oct Looking for some help to build a new Micro Tournament Hey boys and girls, im a big fan of morrows old map 'Micro Tournament', but the problem is, its way out of date. So im up to build a new one, which is a nice and new lotv version. I think theres so much potential, esspacially with disruptor and ravager... I started to build a map like a half year ago, but its like the basic things work 90% of the time (rest is bugged^^). but i saw, that its a lot of work and im a noob at the editor. So if you like it too, have some passion and maybe have some experience at the map editor mail me pls ! Greetings, ReddyGeneralReddy0 13 Oct
13 Oct Co-op commanders in arcade map Will blizzard ever implement support for commanders in arcade maps, similar with how co-op handles it (including restricting to bought commanders, mastery etc.)?Celestialray0 13 Oct
10 Oct BNet Authentication down Hey guys, just wanted to get to work on a map i've been wanting to make, however auth tells me that bnet is down at the moment. Can anyone verify - so i can be sure its not on my end. Thanks in advance for anybody who helps out!TrisZeroX0 10 Oct
04 Oct download an Arcade map Hi guys, is it still possible to download a map from the Arcade section? I can't find any hind via google or trying it out myself. Thx very much! ShuuShuuragksh0 04 Oct
04 Oct plz help here srry guys i know it's silly question here but what's the arcade maps to train on counters ?Scorpion1 04 Oct
18 Sep W4rpcraft Hello, if you like warcraft, go on eu and try W4rpcraft, it is like footman and it is very fun. My review: You place buildings into grid, first you make eco building for income, than you warp units and try hold 3 points on map, each of them is turret, which bombards enemy castle, if in your possession. There are 4 races and 2 spells sets, mutiple heroes. 3 tech buildings, varios turrets, upgrades and spells to choose from. There are various strategies, it is diverse. Hero items are gained from killing creeps.WaitPleaseee1 18 Sep
13 Sep After UpDate no work parameter: tooltipResourceName CatalogFieldValueSet(c_gameCatalogButton, "Tier2T", "TooltipResourceName[" + IntToString(0) + "]", 1, "WhereMyMinerals"); No see change string on button Tier2TArtLy0 13 Sep
27 Aug Starcraft Editor will not open any tabs. When I log ontonStarcraft Editor, enter my account details and go in, I see everything except the panels on the left with say the terrain cliffs or units. I was wondering if there was way I could fix this and continue editing. This only happened today and I am really confused. Thanks.Vampireman0 27 Aug
17 Aug Seeking Partner/Teacher Hey there. I'm currently working on getting into custom map creation with the intent of publishing to the arcade and want to create a series of maps in a campaign style setting for single player and co-op play. When it comes to terrain and base layouts, I seem to have a good solid grip on things, but a lot of the other features I need to make a proper campaign, I have no experience in the use of. Accordingly, I'm looking for someone who would be willing to help me learn these things(since i learn better with a hands-on approach over video guides) and maybe even become a long-term partner of sorts in the development of the campaign. Primary subjects I need assistance with are as follows. 1: Objective creation for victory/defeat conditions. 2: Dialogue. even if it lacks sound files, in-game dialogue is important for storytelling. 3: Custom unit/structure creation. I've been having real trouble getting things to work as intended despite my best efforts. 4: Cinematics. Much as in the normal campaigns, moments in which the game pauses to focus on an event and associated Dialogue is important for making sure crucial plot-points are not missed. And for those who are interested i helping long-term, here is some preliminary information. The campaign will go through three stages, one for each race, much like Starcraft two's basic trio of campaigns. It will be based in the post LotV/Nova Covert Ops era. The main cast will feature existing characters that were secondary to the primary campaigns, such as Matriarch Vorazun, Broodmother Zagara and the mercenary leader, Mira Horner. This is definitely a big project and going to need a lot of work, so i understand if anyone interested would rather just teach me what i need and move on, but none the less the option of sticking around is there! Thank you for taking the time to read this.TheNornvari0 17 Aug
15 Aug Map editor login? Hello I'm trying to log in to the map editor but it says I need character to do it. My account is European (Sweden) but I'm currently live and study in Japan, but according to tech support my location shouldn't affect log-in I had a chat with Blizzard's tech support for about an hour. Deleted the cache, reinstalled the application. Nothing worked. At first I couldn't even make a post here because I needed a character/profile. Tech support managed to fix I could write here in the forums but the editor still remains to be fixed. Tech support also tried to use the editor on their end with no success so the problem is not localized. They said they opened up a support ticket to that department so maybe the problem will go away by itself at some point. I've also read on a few Blizzard and Reddit threads regarding similar issues but couldn't find a fix for the problem. But if anyone has a few tips that could be tried out, then it would be appreciated. Edit: The reason why I wanted to use the editor was so I could launch the Mass Recall mod. However, I've found a bypass without using the editor. So, I no longer need any help. I still cannot access the editor, thoughAzarath0 15 Aug
10 Aug Tya's Maps Heya, I'm a pretty active mapper. I usually keep myself to myself but I figured it's probably time that I made a thread. I aim to keep my content updated monthly, and I aim to release one map per 2 months (these things take a long time to develop). I love feedback, so if you'd like to drop me some, I'd enjoy reading it. You can be sure I'll see it if it's sent to my mapping email; If you like my stuff and are mildly interested in when I update or publish new content, I set up a twitter account for that purpose; @TyaStarcraft I'm getting pretty hyped about my entry for the "Rock The Cabinet" Blizzard contest. I'm developing it live here; starcraft://map/2/159527 (must be logged in to EU) with daily updates as I build the map. So yeah, enjoy! Click your region below; StarCraft II will open and take you directly into the chosen game. Tya's Zerg Defense 3 Player - Team survival - Do you feel like defending zergs? No wait, killing zergs? starcraft://map/1/223329 - Americas starcraft://map/2/155029 - Europe starcraft://map/3/77289 - Korea & Taiwan starcraft://map/5/29241 - China starcraft://map/6/20540 - Southeast Asia Desert Strike HotS 3 vs 3 - Tug of War - EU's #1 arcade map for, like, ever. Soon celebrating one year at the top! starcraft://map/1/208271 - Americas starcraft://map/2/140436 - Europe starcraft://map/3/69942 - Korea & Taiwan starcraft://map/5/27191 - China starcraft://map/6/19073 - Southeast Asia Warships 3 vs 3 - Team hero arena - The first map to be highlighted by Blizzard. Or was it? Yes, yes it was. Also the winner of Blizzard's weekend of freedom contest. starcraft://map/1/210321 - Americas starcraft://map/2/104699 - Europe starcraft://map/3/70837 - Korea & Taiwan starcraft://map/5/22738 - China starcraft://map/6/19262 - Southeast Asia Spellbreak 5 vs 5 - Team hero arena - Do you like custom heroes and skillshots? No? What about hydralisks that shoot fireballs? starcraft://map/1/213384 - Americas starcraft://map/2/147824 - Europe starcraft://map/3/72389 - Korea & Taiwan starcraft://map/5/23855 - China starcraft://map/6/19539 - Southeast AsiaTya17 10 Aug
30 Jul Art tools update Hello there, I heard you guys in Blizzard are currently working on updating the SC Art tools. Do you have any ETA cause 3DS max 2011 is no longer provided by Autodesk and "current" version of Art tools is compatible only with 2011 version. Thanks for answer ^^Erdolliel1 30 Jul
29 Jul Monobattle LotV - Kimeran Refu So Monobattle LotV - Kimeran Refu dont work properly since last patch. If I create a Monobattle LotV - Kimeran Refu game and gets 8 people the countdown to start the game starts, but after a few seconds instead of starting the game it throws us all out of the game like we never was in the lobby waiting for it to start. This bug Is random, it can close down the game lobby 3-4 games in a row when it should start and suddenly it just starts with all 8 players like there never been a bug. If we start the game with less than 8 people it never bugs. Now Im wondering, Is It the map creator that needs to fix something on the map, If so what. Or Is It blizzard that needs to do something ? Im also wondering what the countdown for game to start begin at 5 or 6 seconds? because it feels like It should be 5 but when the game bugs it start with 6 so curius if Its standard with a 6 sec countdownFrökenond0 29 Jul
23 Jul Arcade bug Arcade maps bug out with more than 10 players.boxer0 23 Jul
19 Jul I found new skin portrait Taldrim high templar has red eyes and blue light of eye Why!!!!!! Please change red lightAceHeart1 19 Jul
24 Jun Problems with an extension mod I'm making I made a mod called Sons of Odin. It gives every unit for attributes, ability to level up, etc. The thing is, it doesn't work. Every map I start with this mod, it's like the mod isn't there (even in test mode). I don't get where the problem is, since all the triggers that give those behaviors to units are there, and behaviors are there. Anyway, It's "open source". If anyone could open my mod in the editor, and see what's wrong, you'd do me a huge favor.LordVandor0 24 Jun
21 Jun Custom Map Feedback To better consolidate constructive feedback on issues or concerns with the custom maps and features, we would like to encourage everyone to use this thread. We will be actively working to redirect additional or new posts on this topic to this thread so that we can better track feedback as well. Thanks. Vaneras167 21 Jun
19 Jun Combining Two Maps So, a thought occured to me. WC3 Frozen Throne has a bonus campaign in which you can travel to different maps and come back. This enables creating bigger content and many other combinations. Since WC3's editor is very old and they made something like that in that editor, I thought SC2 editor might have the same function. So the question is that: Can I create two or more maps in SC2 editor and link them, so, player can transport units to the other map and (let's say when the quests are done in that map) come back to the first map?ShaddoW1 19 Jun
18 Jun blizzard should add a more simple mode the editor is at it is so complex that i am unable to create any custom units. when i first used it back in 2010 it was less complex but blizzard have made it more complex than it initially was. the trigger editor is not a problem however so i can create a good amount of triggers.andreasasp0 18 Jun
02 Jun RTC 2017: Mercenary Business TOP 10 Map Vote for it here: NA Server: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/284525 EU Server: battlenet:://starcraft/map/2/198924 KR/TW Server: battlenet:://starcraft/map/3/116331 SEA Server: battlenet:://starcraft/map/6/25673 Description Amon sent his Moebius minions to Deadman's Port to hire Mira Han and her mercenaries for the war. The allied commanders must prevent that from happening by sending Mira Han shipments of resources, bigger than those of the Moebius forces. Main Objectives Deliver each shipment in place of Amon (6 shipments) Don't let Amon deliver too many shipments Bonus Objective Collect Protoss relics Screenshots More provided in the lobby, but also some on this Imgur post: In the lobby you can also find images to help you play the map in the How To Play section. Gameplay videos JayborinoPlays (v 2.3): DeltronLive (v 2.3): FAQ Q) Where are the optional objective? A) Just wait some time for them to show up. Q) Can I win by destroying all Amon forces? A) Not actually, but it will make you very easy to win. Q) How long does this match last? A) From around 24 to around 28 minutes game time. Q) Mira's voice doesn't look like her! A) Of course. Mira's voice is my voice. I'm a 24 years old italian boy, and the voice is recorded with very low cost mic. I've used Audacity to make the voice sound more female. So, nothing professional here, the voice acting should be fun, clear to understand and help everyone play the map. Nothing else. Do not complain about it, unless you have difficulties in hearing it. Q) Where did you get inspiration? A) Wings of Liberty Campaign, Cutthroat mission. I really liked the tileset and though the mineral race idea to be actually good for Co-op, with some adjustaments. The map is based directly onto the Template Map from Blizzard Entertainment and follows, or tries to follows, all the Blizzard guidelines for the contest. Q) This map is too easy/difficult! A) Map should be balanced well. If you find it too difficult, just low the difficulty in the lobby. Each difficulty has an useful tooltip which tell you for which players it's recommended. ABOUT ME This is the first true map I publish for Starcraft 2, while I've made some libraries it's quite different. When you make tools, you are looking for a different kind of elegance, style. So, I really hope you like it and, above all, you all have fun with it. Should you find any bug, or should you have any suggestion, don't be shy. I'm sure it will improve the map somehow, no matter how unimportant you may think it is. To follow other my creations, at the moment libraries, visit me at: 02 Jun
02 Jun arcade mode games for multiplayer improvement what are some arcade mode games that could be used for multiplayer improvement ? anything that u can recommend for training micro, macro, and multitasking ?Proskill1 02 Jun
27 May Left 2 Die (Brutal) - need a partner Hello, looking for a partner to do "Left 2 Die" arcade map on Brutal difficulty. I want to get "Here Comes the Hammer" achievement, which seems quite hard to do with randoms - people either die during the first wave or are very slow with destroying buildings during the day phase. I'm okay if you need to do several practice games first. EDIT: no longer neededArchy0 27 May
17 May refinery question i want to know how i can alter the refinery to produce a different resource than vespene. i am working on a faction that uses terrazine instead of vespene so i want to create a custom refinery that turns vespene into terrazine.andreasasp1 17 May
08 May Play a local custom map? Hey guys, So, as a starcraft veteran, I had to quit a few years ago (when HotS came out). Now, the first thing I did was buy the expansions and start playin again. Now I want to play some custom maps (especially Marine Special Forces). I downloaded the map on my pc as you'd usually do with starcraft, but then I logged in to find my ability to "create a game" was gone. Now, it has this arcade thing. I started looking for marine special forces here, but it didn't find what I'm looking for. I literally have the map on my PC, but I can't see any way to load it. Does anybody have any clue as to how I can fix this? Or do I just have to go back to the original SC:BW if I ever want to play a custom map again? (To be honest, since the expansions SC:BW is kind of better anyway)babydead3 08 May
05 May RTC Submission ratings Original thread: App: I created a rating app, please help out our submission with some ratings. Any feedback is appreciated. These ratings are for constructive feedbacks, some of the map makers may update there maps even after RTC is over, including myself, but without any good feedback on what to improve, it'll be hard. If you have time to do so please help us out. CheersKaGe0 05 May
01 May Zha'Kul Guardians Hello everybody. I'm preparing little project - and I want to ask some one more experienced. I would like to bring Zha'Kul guardians into life - the "dark skined Protoss" from WoL and HotS campaign. Their unit models are availible, but I have problem with buildings. There are only textures for them (not models except for Nexus). Do you know how to set actors to show them properly without having to make models in 3D max? I tried many things, studied lot of tutorials, but no can help me. THX for advice.Mirtanian1 01 May
29 Apr RTC 2017: TRADING PLACES Status: Terrain: Complete Objectives: Complete Triggers: In Progress Map Links: EU: battlenet:://starcraft/map/2/198053 NA: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/283088 Setting: Lewis Wingthor has sent the Commanders to infiltrate the Revanscar Moebius Hybrid research Facility (LotV Templar's Charge), in order to obtain data on Hybrid weaknesses. Having been detected in the facility, Amon has sealed the station in an impenetrable forcefield powered by three Power Generators. The commander's have 30 minutes to power down the Generators and escape from the facility before Amon's fleet arrives. Objectives: Shutdown the 3 Power Cores to disable the Facility's Shields Prevent Amon's Forces from Repairing the Power Cores (Bonus) Escort Teams to the 2 Data Cores Unique Mechanic: Bases have been moved to either side of the moveable platform, however as in Templar's Charge, the different "islands" are not linked by ground. The commander's may either use air units or transport grounds units on the Platform. The platform can still be built upon and accept Creep, so static defences and Production Buildings can be transported around the map. Instead of having a single Natural Base, there are 3 expansions per commander with a reduced number of geysers and mineral fields. (1 Geyser and 3 Mineral Fields per Expansion). This give the potential for a slightly larger economy than other co-op missions, but at the cost of requiring additional Town Centres and more positions to defend.Feniks3 29 Apr
13 Apr Directonal damage on units Hi, i want to know if there is a way to increase or decrease the damage dealt to a unit if that unit is hit on a particular face. Ie: Siege tank has a reinfoced armour on its front and a weak point in its back, ho can i reduce the damage if the enemy hits from its front and increase the damage if hits from the back? Something like a behavior that reduces/increases damage and it has an angle of effect (from -45° to 45° reduce 50% dmg, from 135° to 225° increase 50% dmg, assuming the direction of orientation of the unit as 0°)Phubar0 13 Apr
09 Apr Troll Special Forces. I recently found this map, and I like it a lot. But I'm kinda stuck on just grinding, so I thought I would ask about a few things on here :-)! First of all, could someone name some of the easy achieves please? I know that you gain a significant power at the start of every match by having a lot of these, so I would really like to earn some of the easy ones :D. Secondly, these Diablo Lord of Terror things that are scattered throughout the map, do they do anything? Do they give you an achievement if you kill a specefic amount of them? Thanks for your time, and I hope someone can answer my questions :-)!PinkyPunky4 09 Apr