Custom Maps and Arcade

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05 Aug 2010 Inappropriate map content While players are encouraged to share the maps they create through, published maps are subject to review to ensure that they promote a fun and safe environment for all players. You can learn more about the StarCraft II content policy here: If a map is found to contain inappropriate content, it will be removed from and the map maker will be contacted via email. Should a player have any questions or concerns regarding a specific action, he or she is welcome to contact our support representatives by using the following web form: If you see a player-made map that contains inappropriate content, simply right click on the map image thumbnail under "Details" and then select the "Report this Content" option.Slorkuz0 05 Aug 2010
3d Footstep Sound Hello there! I'm trying to have my hero play different sounds when moving, depending on what terrain it's currently on. I've got it working so far using model events and model swapping to switch sound when in different regions. But this is starting to turn into a problem as the map gets bigger. Is it possible to use physics materials or something to determine what sound to play? (Dirt, wood, stone, sand, etc.)SKRIK0 3d
14 Mar Can't place units on specific locations on the terrain? So recently, I started a map in which a few marines and ghosts arrive at a small space station/airport. However, for some reason they can't be placed in - or walk through - areas of the station, which means they become stuck. I suspect is has something to do with 'pathing' or something like that. But I have not even touched the pathing-tool yet. The area in question is quite large (certainly large enough to fit the units), it's within the map borders, and there is nothing placed there that would prevent placement or walkthrough? Futhermore, units can be placed all around it. It's like there is an invisible wall or doodad that prevents any kind of placement. However, there is not. How do I remove whatever is not there??? Any advice?Armageddon1 14 Mar
07 Feb Zombie World: Legacy - ban discussion This post was made because of the disappearance of the 'Zombie World: Legacy' map from the Arcade. I am a returning player to SCII Arcade and the Zombie World maps and did not know what was going on. A lot of players (including me) are very sad to see the map be deleted without any notice or explanation. Following the reviews section of the remaining maps, it seems that the community around the Zombie World Arcade maps (Zombie World: Original, Zombie World and Zombie World: Legacy) is in an uproar right now, with players taking sides and reporting others left and right. From what I could gather from the posts is that 'Zombie World: Legacy' was a remake of 'Zombie World' and the latter is a remake of 'Zombie World: Original'. It seems that 'Zombie World: Legacy' has been banned for being a "stolen copy", although the details on how and why are not very clear.Scarecrow1 07 Feb
06 Feb Solved! Document Dependency header file Hi there, I've got probably a relatively simple question. however I wasn't able to find it on google or here. I've got the error; Document dependency header file is not available; (My mod name) I've got 2 of these errors. I am not sure why. Do I need to upload these mods to bnet? If so how do I make them correspond correctly towards the map? Is there maybe a location I need to put the mods? I am not quite sure what to do as theres very few explanations for this error if anyone would like to make a step by step guide on how to do so I'd appreciate it! Thanks again! EDIT: Solved!Xydia1 06 Feb
02 Feb Pathing / Partitioning maps So in older editors, I could just remove parts of the maps, so that there were for all intendes and purposes, not part of the playable map. It seems this has now been split up in dozens of different types of vision, pathing etc. (which is what makes the SC2 editor more powerful [a complete waste of most people's time]). I just want to split the map into 3 parts, whereas units cannot go from one part into the other without triggers under any circumstances. Any suggestions what the most effective way of doing this would be?Senf1 02 Feb
02 Feb Takeover a mod ? Hello, I will most likely takeover the mod of a German creator who'se going on other projects. I was wondering if it was possible to "transfer" the ownership of a mod to another account in order to evolve and update it? We are talking about a successful mod on EU servers, existing since the early days of sc2 and even more. We are a team to recover and grow the baby. How should we proceed? Any help from staff? Thank you!mmWeez2 02 Feb
18 Jan Need Help with "Unit - Any Unit dies" Again Hi, I created a Arcade Map where all Players get a unit out of 60 units I chose which I modifyed. Their goal is to kill each other and reach as first a set score. If a unit dies the triggering player gets a new one. First I tried without conditions... My Problem is that if some abilitys are used the player gets a new unit although their old one is still alive. It's like the ability says "Hey Trigger, I killed a unit" but didnt kill a unit. Later I tried with conditions but it doesnt work for all abilitys.... only for some. "Einheiten(X)" is a unit var which has all unit types which are allowed. With that I check whether the Triggering unit is an allowed unit or maybe the ability says "Hey Trigger, I killed a unit which isnt allowed" ...Then the owner of the triggering unit doesnt get a new one. Events Unit - Any Unit dies Conditions Or (Unit type of (Triggering unit)) == (Unit type of Einheiten(0)) (Unit type of (Triggering unit)) == (Unit type of Einheiten(1)) ... Actions Create 1 Unit.... I also thought maybe the trigger is ok so I have to edit the abilitys. But I don't know what and how I should edit it. One of the abilitys for example is the "Destruction Wave" from Alarak. I gave the ability another unit... maybe I forgot something when I gave abilitys to other units... but I dont know what. I think either I have to fix the trigger or the abilitys...Lúkémàkèr11 18 Jan
14 Jan Prologe Coop (3 player) Hello, just wanted to say that we released the Prologue Protoss missions, last week and have been busy at patching them up this week. You can find them on the arcade by searching for "Prologue Coop". We're also busy at work fixing the Heart of the Swarm campaign, there is one already on the arcade but it's not made by our team. For more info, please visit our discord: 14 Jan
14 Jan Editing Font Color How do I edit the font color for things like unit name, button name, tooltip text, requirement text in tooltips, etc.? Right now these colors appear to be based upon chosen race, but I want to make the colors the same no matter which race is chosen.MDoulos4 14 Jan
03 Jan Arcade/custom games not loading I love playinv custom arcade games from time to time and now that I've been wanting to play again the games are loading endlessly. I've been waiting for them to load for 10 minutes not but nothing... I've already done a reinstall but that didn't help. How do I fix this?GameDemon1 03 Jan
02 Jan Warcraft 3 maps Hello. Happy new year. 1) Can you directly play Warcraft 3 maps on SC2 game ? 2) Can you open Warcraft 3 maps in SC2 editor ? 3) What is the best way to recreate my favorite warcraft 3 map on SC2 ? By creating the map in the SC2 editor element by element from scratch ? Thanks in advance.SpyNight1 02 Jan
01 Jan Void Thrasher - Need Help to Delete "Terrain Square" Hi, I have another Problem. It's not a real Problem but its annoying. If I spawn a "Void Trasher - Static" on a random point in a region it looks very weird. I cant explain it good, so I took a screenshot It looks like a square around the Void Thrasher. Does somebody know how to delete this "square"?Lúkémàkèr0 01 Jan
24 Dec Can I fix someone else's broken arcade game? Hello. A very good arcade game(eras zombie invasion) was broken by patch 4.0 about a month and a half ago. Many people enjoyed playing it, and really miss it. The mapper hasn't been around for a long time. I know blizzard doesn't have the time to fix arcade games, but Is it possible for me to go in and fix it? Lots of people would appreciate it. Apparently it's an easy 10 second fix. Thanks.SiDeWiNdEr4 24 Dec
08 Dec Entering Lobby arcade bug My game gets randomly stuck in "Entering Lobby" when trying to join games in arcade. I'm tired of having to close and re-open the client everytime. All other queues are grayed out so I can't do much but exit. Looking for solutions or just a faster way than having to restart the client every time.dadopornano2 08 Dec
28 Nov Cannot join lobby Since last patch it happened many times i cannot join a custom lobby. It just stays at the joining progess but i never enter, even though for the people already in lobby its displayed i´ve already joined. (When the game starts i wont be in) Its no internet connection problem, the actual loading of the map is done very fast. Happened mostly with custom map EntropyTD, but i doubt it can be map related. (Playing the map a lot, usually it works just fine) However, once it happened, it will happen 100% of the time until i restart SC2 and launcher. Just SC2 wont resolve. Any more information on that?TheCurse0 28 Nov
24 Oct Crap Patrol 2 Strategies/Tips/Rants Sup folks. Really enjoying Crap Patrol but Google and forum searches for tips etc. have been somewhat iffy. If you have links I would be most grateful but I think a nice consolidated thread will be appreciated by a lot of noobs like me. Feel free to share starting tips for different heroes, pet peeves that noobs do and starting perks etc. Share freely. Noobs hate frustrating you as much as you hate being frustrated by noobs.Paladonic9 24 Oct
10 Oct Hi, i cant find the overwatch in sc2 arcade Somebody i trust very much told me overwatcher is a Blizzard game but i cant find it in the arcade games. Anyone else have this problems?ShiniGurui1 10 Oct
08 Oct Troll Special Forces. I recently found this map, and I like it a lot. But I'm kinda stuck on just grinding, so I thought I would ask about a few things on here :-)! First of all, could someone name some of the easy achieves please? I know that you gain a significant power at the start of every match by having a lot of these, so I would really like to earn some of the easy ones :D. Secondly, these Diablo Lord of Terror things that are scattered throughout the map, do they do anything? Do they give you an achievement if you kill a specefic amount of them? Thanks for your time, and I hope someone can answer my questions :-)!PinkyPunky11 08 Oct
30 Sep Map Editor - Login Hi, having a problem with editor, i absolutely cannot log in, i trying acount with email,battletag,no work. I try all passwords i have used and using now,still no work. I also try to Scan-Repair,also not worked. I want to try reinstall the editor,but cannot find where i can do it. Any tips or hacks? Thanks to all response.Podys0 30 Sep
28 Sep SCII RS MOD (Real Scale Melee), will it come back? As the title suggests. Is there a chance for blizzard or the original producer to implement this mod again into the game? I saw a video about it and would love to try it.Athanasia0 28 Sep
28 Sep Alla ricerca di compagni Buonasera, Sto cercando qualche amico, con cui esercitarsi in tattiche e nella macro o per partite nel tempo libero, premetto di non essere molto esperto, ma come si suol dire sono uno che sa giocare non che conosce le regole. Gioco terran lascio il mio tag. Vita99#2218MattyVita1 28 Sep
28 Sep Can't login to MapEditor Hello i have problem getting in the mapeditor. I put in my email and password but it says that the user doesnt hav ea battletag, i created one and its says that it cannot let me login. ill be happy for help!PandaPants2 28 Sep
28 Sep Whats the differences between Void and Void Multi? So I just tried to upload a minor mod to all regions, and I got an error that siad "Korea and Taiwan", doesn't have Void Multi(Mod), which makes the wonder, what's the difference between Void(Mod) and Void Multi(Mod)?Yemto1 28 Sep
28 Sep Gateway and Warpgate Incorrect Warp Ins I have a question! I'm trying to make a custom mission, and I wanna set all of the Gateway, Robotics Facility and Stargate units to their Aiur versions from LotV, but whenever I try to warp one in in-game, it warps in a normal Zealot or Stalker instead of a Dragoon. I've done switched the buttons in the consoles for all three buildings, and I also changed which unit should be warped in in the Abilities Tab for Data, but it still doesn't work. How to fix this?Vorabusk1 28 Sep
19 Sep the starcraft 2 editor is broken no edits makes it through to the game, there is no way to go straight from editing builders to editing the structures built. there is no way to set starting resources for a player. blizzard needs to clean up.andreasasp0 19 Sep
16 Sep How can I play starparty? How can I play starparty?Koning2 16 Sep
12 Sep Don't make a mistake: Never buy SC II and Direct Strike Hi guys. Blizzard supports the terror of gas noobs in Direct Strike arcade games. Players who are called "gas noob" join "no early gas builder (gas noob)" named lobbies and troll experienced players. Blizzard and Tya, developer of Direct Strike arcade game, allow noob players to play Direct Strike with experienced allies by using "random matchmaking" system. Experienced players, who give money to Blizzard and Tya for having fun, get sick. So making other players sick is free for Blizzard and Tya. But you get ban immediately if you be mad and abuse their noob customer. I told many times "please fix this problem. use mmr and matchmaking system or something. I am bored with noobs" to Tya and Blizzard but they do nothing. Don't make a mistake if you don't want to get sick. So never buy StarCraft II and Direct Strike from Blizzard.cHroMe0 12 Sep
11 Sep Music from arcade mod. Hi, shortly I can assume that some of you played Empire Builders 2 mod by Anteep. My question to you is, someone know names of music used there? Especially one, but can't give you a sample of it.Kubek0 11 Sep
07 Sep StarCraft II Editor Questions StarCraft II Editor Questions Calling all veteran and aspiring map developers! Do you have any questions regarding the creation of player-made maps or usability of the StarCraft II Editor? If so, we encourage you to post your inquiries in this thread. As this discussion is only intended for questions related to the StarCraft II Editor and map creation process, for general feedback regarding the custom map system, we ask that you please continue to post here: Vaneras148 07 Sep
02 Sep Editor: Island maps AI problem Hello! I'm hoping someone could help me out with a little problem. I like to play on island maps against AI and since there are not enough melee island maps, i tried to create some of my own island maps. But i encountered a problem with AI. On other island maps (like Debris Field), AI knows that the only way to fight is through air units and transport. Unfortuntaly, on my island-based map AI is just playing as on regular map, building early ground army and trying to attack... and of course, it can't reach opponent base. I'm fairly new to editor, how do i let AI know that this is island map? I've seen other user created island maps, where AI knew what to do, but i'm not able to find this option. Anyone can help me out, please? Thanks! EDIT: After 2 hours of trying out different things to make it work, i managed to get to 'workaround', where AI only does island/transport strategy when it has its own island. My map had shared island with teammate AI and the moment i separated this island into two, AI suddenly knew that it's supposed to build air - which sounds more like a bug. Anyway, if anyone by any chance knows how to set up AI (so it would work with shared island), let me know, thanks!TheJarago0 02 Sep
01 Sep HOTKEY ISSUES - ARCADE MAP: MINES AND MAGIC Hello, I changed my hotkey setup during playing the arcade-game Mines and Magic (select idle worker from: nothing to: space - last alerts was removed due to this) Problem: All of my hotkeys for sending/buildings units in this tower def. disappeared and i can not restore the normal setting where every unit has its own hotkey. Any suggestions? Thanks in advancePanzerfahrer0 01 Sep
06 Aug Tya's Maps Heya, I'm Tya. I'm a content creator for StarCraft 2, and I dare say that I'm pretty good at what I do. Over the years I've served the people who play my arcade games, because I love creating this stuff. Direct Strike Discord: I update Direct Strike every Friday. Tya's Arcade Lounge Discord: This server is for my other maps. This includes Hero Line Wars, Lordaeron Strike, Lordaeron Conquest, X Hero Siege, and Tya's Zerg Defense. I've started updating these again with bug and balance fixes. You're welcome to join.Tya19 06 Aug
30 Jul Nova Covert Ops Maps Hey, so I recently bought and completed the Nova Covert Ops mission packs, and wanted to make a Co-Op map based on the 'Sudden Strike' mission for potential submission into future contests; to do this, I wanted to inspect the map to see how it works, so I can create my own version of it without the campaign chatter. Trouble is... none of the Nova Covert Ops maps can be opened in the editor, unlike all other campaign and challenge maps! Is there any other way to open or dissect them?CowMarine2 30 Jul
19 Jul "Enterring lobby". -Yeah, cool. But when ?? Hi there, That's not the first time it happens to me, when i try to join Direct Strike and the "enterring lobby" button appears but the map never start. All the time, I have to re-launch the game. After few questions, it appears I'm not the only one to have that issue. I was told Blizzard announced that kind of bug was resolved, but it's actually not. Can you do something to correct this please ?Nya3 19 Jul
19 Jul Any way to save custom games? I'm playing some custom RPG maps with a friend. There must be a way to save them and for my friend to rejoin these games later, right?Alex1 19 Jul
16 Jul Created Skirmish Map - How do I play it? Hello, I created a Skirmish map for Starcraft 2 and I realized, there is no Skirmish mode anymore. Any suggestions how could I play it? I searched on the internet and someone offered a software called: SC2allin1 , but it doesn't work for me. So maybe there is a way I could add the AI straight from the Map Editor and simply click: Test Document in order to play on the map. But how?Sergiu1 16 Jul
28 Jun How do I add my music to the map? Hello, I'm asking for help, since you are more enlightened in the universe of this game, I need to know the following, as in the map editor from Starcraft 2, sew, or in other words add my own musical composition, I played on the American server in game modes Coa-Wc2 Dark Peninsula - this is Warcraft And Buttle No Remake, there the author somehow managed to add music from the game Warcraft 2, when creating this mod or addition, also played the game mode Co-Op Campaign The Swarm's Unghest - which is available only on the US server, this the joint passage of the mission and in this mission, too, plays music distinctive from Starcraft 2 and Warcraft, I would like to know how I, through the map editor, also put the song to play with everyone who will pass with me a joint passage against AI, that I need to add and how to do it? Help please, write a sequential instruction on adding music it is desirable to have as little time as possible to implement it, maybe a trigger should be put and there to specify music in the format ogg, mp3 or wav, and most importantly, the music played not intermittently as in the mission of Co-Op Campaign The Swarm's Ungest and Coa-Wc2 Dark Peninsula. Thank you in advance. How to create a map (I'm new to this) I'll immediately tell you even the name (Jungle Strike Danger Zerg Mission 1) and upload to publicly, before when I was 12 I used the card editors from Starcraft 1, Warcraft 2, Warcraft 3 , but in Starcraft 2 I find it hard to understand much, so I'm asking for help in how I put my composition on the map. In the Gift I can also give advice as a fan of the game of your products, in the Warcraft 2 in the map editor it was possible to put the following in the editing section of the command, was player, computer, passive and rescuable, in the Starcraft 1 map editor this too was, but in Starcraft 2 - no 2 sections or I can not find them this is passive and rescuable.ChronoCrossX3 28 Jun
07 Jun Zombie World Legacy // Reborn Bank files Heyho. I have a problem with my bank files in this mod. Sometimes my PC just randomly shuts down during a game and deleting my files. So I wanted to make a backup of them but they dont seem to be in the same folder like all the other ones. (Documents/StarCraft II/Accounts/long number/2-S2-1-1302229/Banks) Thats where all my bankfiles are except this one. Anyone have an idea how I can find them?Berrut0 07 Jun
05 Jun DATA FILES ON MAC So, i was wondering if you guys know where the data file belonging to a specific arcade game can be found on a MAC and how i can transfer it to a windows if of course its possibleSkyWalker0 05 Jun
15 May Custom games: Resolving map dependencies problem. I usually only play SC2 custom games, and for the most part Direct Strike (formerly known as Desert Strike). But here is the problem, after every game I can't click the "play again" button because it says "resolving map dependencies" and this usually takes a while. This makes my computer go really slow, and even my internet goes down for 5-10 seconds. In the background of the 'play again' button, it seems it is downloading lots of custom games map, as there is a moving circle next to a few of them. I've tried to delete blizzard and sc2 cache. Does anyone know if there is a fix for this? Thanks in advance!CGMThirdEye0 15 May
12 May Trouble with spawning models via triggers Map Editor can't spawn some models (Thor Ultralisk Colossus) via triggers.Editor says that user got null model when tried to spawn this unitZelNigga9 12 May
07 May Starcraft 2 Editor: dependencies and wrong units stats Hi Guys, I have done a map and realized the units stats did not quite "align" with the units usual multiplayer map. For example: 1/ Normal stats of a Zealot: Weapon Speed 0.86 Move Speed 3.15 2/ With any custom map I make, the same Zealot has: Weapon speed: 1.2 Move Speed 2.25 I am trying to play with dependencies but to no avail at all: Liberty/Swarm/Void (mod), Void Multi (mod), Void (Campaign, Void (Multi) What am I doing wrong? EDIT: I did not change any stats myself, I just used the selection of dependencies in the editor.lvh1 07 May
02 May Trying to create 1x1 maps I'm trying to create new 1x1 maps and I've already have 1, but I need some people to test it and tell about it's minuses or pluses. Map - Highland Canyon (battlenet:://starcraft/map/2/208852). Thanks for attention.Iceblaze0 02 May
26 Apr Question on the new Premium Arcade Do you need to buy the maps to play them at all or can anyone get in and you just need to buy to host? Granted this only really applies to the Desert Strike at the moment as the other is single player but yeah.Tordehole1 26 Apr
21 Apr Discord for Mappers/Modders Hello! I'm ThePhail. I write on behalf of I've created a discord server for people who comes to sc2mapster. But we've agreed that everyone should be welcome to come and discuss everything related to Starcraft 2 Modding. That means if you make maps, do terrain, do models, like to mess with data, triggers and so on. You're more than welcome. The more the merrier! If you're not sure about it, at least come and check it out. We're a rad bunch of people who are really enthusiastic about what we do. See you later!ThePhail2 21 Apr
19 Apr 15 PLAYER FFA Hello, I am looking for a 15 Player FFA map, is there currently a working one? And for my second question: How do you update old maps to the newest Version of LotV? I mean basically the meta you have when playing ranked.PaddyBuddy1 19 Apr
10 Apr Co-Op Commanders in Arcade? So, I've been working on a little Arcade project that follows in the footsteps of the Co-Op missions, in which two players must work together to defeat Amon's forces on a jungle planet with an appearance not to dissimilar to Zerus. Facing off against a Terran, Zerg, and Protos army, I was wondering if there was a way I could set things up so the two players could use their Co-Op commanders to allow for more diverse games?CowMarine0 10 Apr
05 Apr Blizzard, Please consider this reddit post <SC2 - A serious violation of custom game development donations> 05 Apr