Custom Maps and Arcade

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15 May Custom games: Resolving map dependencies problem. I usually only play SC2 custom games, and for the most part Direct Strike (formerly known as Desert Strike). But here is the problem, after every game I can't click the "play again" button because it says "resolving map dependencies" and this usually takes a while. This makes my computer go really slow, and even my internet goes down for 5-10 seconds. In the background of the 'play again' button, it seems it is downloading lots of custom games map, as there is a moving circle next to a few of them. I've tried to delete blizzard and sc2 cache. Does anyone know if there is a fix for this? Thanks in advance!CGMThirdEye0 15 May
12 May Trouble with spawning models via triggers Map Editor can't spawn some models (Thor Ultralisk Colossus) via triggers.Editor says that user got null model when tried to spawn this unitZelNigga9 12 May
07 May Starcraft 2 Editor: dependencies and wrong units stats Hi Guys, I have done a map and realized the units stats did not quite "align" with the units usual multiplayer map. For example: 1/ Normal stats of a Zealot: Weapon Speed 0.86 Move Speed 3.15 2/ With any custom map I make, the same Zealot has: Weapon speed: 1.2 Move Speed 2.25 I am trying to play with dependencies but to no avail at all: Liberty/Swarm/Void (mod), Void Multi (mod), Void (Campaign, Void (Multi) What am I doing wrong? EDIT: I did not change any stats myself, I just used the selection of dependencies in the editor.lvh1 07 May
02 May Trying to create 1x1 maps I'm trying to create new 1x1 maps and I've already have 1, but I need some people to test it and tell about it's minuses or pluses. Map - Highland Canyon (battlenet:://starcraft/map/2/208852). Thanks for attention.Iceblaze0 02 May
26 Apr Question on the new Premium Arcade Do you need to buy the maps to play them at all or can anyone get in and you just need to buy to host? Granted this only really applies to the Desert Strike at the moment as the other is single player but yeah.Tordehole1 26 Apr
21 Apr Discord for Mappers/Modders Hello! I'm ThePhail. I write on behalf of I've created a discord server for people who comes to sc2mapster. But we've agreed that everyone should be welcome to come and discuss everything related to Starcraft 2 Modding. That means if you make maps, do terrain, do models, like to mess with data, triggers and so on. You're more than welcome. The more the merrier! If you're not sure about it, at least come and check it out. We're a rad bunch of people who are really enthusiastic about what we do. See you later!ThePhail2 21 Apr
19 Apr 15 PLAYER FFA Hello, I am looking for a 15 Player FFA map, is there currently a working one? And for my second question: How do you update old maps to the newest Version of LotV? I mean basically the meta you have when playing ranked.PaddyBuddy1 19 Apr
10 Apr Co-Op Commanders in Arcade? So, I've been working on a little Arcade project that follows in the footsteps of the Co-Op missions, in which two players must work together to defeat Amon's forces on a jungle planet with an appearance not to dissimilar to Zerus. Facing off against a Terran, Zerg, and Protos army, I was wondering if there was a way I could set things up so the two players could use their Co-Op commanders to allow for more diverse games?CowMarine0 10 Apr
05 Apr Blizzard, Please consider this reddit post <SC2 - A serious violation of custom game development donations> 05 Apr
05 Apr Blizzard, please consider this reddit post <SC2 - A serious violation of custom game development donations> 05 Apr
01 Apr (Solved)USER:Too many CAbilMove abilities for '...' Error shows up during start up of the document-test in the editor and the unit has no added building ability.Lumppax1 01 Apr
30 Mar Rock The Cabinet 2017 Good day for all! I think it may be offtop, but I don't know where to post this. This is the most count of Blizzard's posts. I've made a map and get in the 8th position is Rock The Cabinet 2017 Competition. My map is called "Construction Yard" and Blizzard have reported me that I have won some prizes :) They've wrote me a few letters, asked for some info. I've sent to Blizz my adress and accounts information - and that's all. They are not reply to that mail recepeint, where we was chating. About 1 year have been passed. Are they ignoring me? I've posted this here in hope, that Blizz could read this thread and contact me. Should I wait any longer for prizes, or forget about it? Sorry for offtop((Gillan2 30 Mar
30 Mar INSTALLING MODS WIN 10 Hi everyone. How do i install downloaded mods/assets? i cant find mods folder and cant add mods to play. any help would be greatful. Thank you.Mannnager0 30 Mar
28 Mar Why SC2 Editor < WC3 Editor Simply put = complicated and time-consuming. I decided to make a map today. A nice AOS but in the future. Then I got to the units and the triggers... It took me ten minutes of Google to find the tutorials for the job (I'm not a programmer and I can't code). Then, it took me 5-10 minutes to make a unit (soldiers, tanks, etc.) and then about 30 additional minutes to make them work right, so I made two in total. I thought I'd give them abilities, but seeing how much there is to learn, I quit. I did some basic terrain for half an hour and then moved on to the triggers. When I saw how many variables, properties, starting points, team settings, etc. there was, I loaded a campaign map to see how it works. I immediately called it a day. In other words, I wasted two hours of my time simply realizing how impossible to work with the galaxy editor is. In WarCraft i'd have made a working beta for 2 hours. I've played around and made a couple of my own maps on the WC3 editor and it wasn't discouragingly hard. Geez. Which brings me to a realization I had. You can say what you want about regions and popular maps, but the degree of sophistication of the Galaxy editor is no smaller factor in the lack of new custom maps. You see, in SC2 there is a minority of players who have studied programming and can work with the editor. They are there, writing tutorials and making FPS/TPS maps and RPG's and fancy things. Some of them made maps on the old World Editor, too, previously. They will probably keep making maps even if the next editor has even MORE buttons, fields and options. Then, there is the majority of casual players (like me) who try to make a custom unit and fail and can't make it work and quit. We were there in WC3 and we tried to make maps when bored and at the very least got custom heroes for WarChasers :). But now we can't make new maps because it's too hard. WarCraft3 (INCLUDING Frozen Throne, ofc) saw the highest number of custom maps ever made. StarCraft2, two years into release, looks dried up. Moreover, old maps, like the various Mauls, RingWars, still havent been even remade and I've seen calls to do so. Does the correlation between editor difficulty and lack of new interesting maps imply causation between editor difficulty and lack of new maps? I think yes. I'm sure Wintermaul and its spin-offs were made by casual mappers. I'm certain that TheAlternateFuture isn't on SC2 because I know that Holy Sausage (the maker) was not an expert programmer. Neither are GolluM[KoME] or Skullcrusher&Skullsmasher, who made and edited BFME and Silmarillion maps. Yet, casual mappers like them had ideas for new maps and improvements. Now we still have interesting maps, but they are so much fewer. I'm not saying that the people on SC2mapster are less creative, because it's not true. But I am saying that with the complexity of the new editor, only 10-20% of the mapper base of WC3 is even capable of implementing its ideas into maps (in the World Editor days there were no posts on forums saying "hey guys can some1 bring back map X from Brood War? It was so cool"). As a result Battlenet is receiving less - much less - player content than the old days. Maybe you'll argue that the maps made by casual mappers sucked. A lot of them did, yes, but they were built upon. The first BFME sucked, but Legend-Fire's version was the pinnacle of the RingWars class. Aeon of Strife wasn't a blockbuster, but DotA was based on it and DotA Allstars was based on DotA and it took off. So in other words, the editor is too complex and can't harness the input of casual mappers and and the player base loses.ApolloSoyuz5 28 Mar
15 Mar Help with Night Of The Living III Hi I'm searching someone who could hele me with this achi + Here Comes the Hammer thx! :)Podwodny1 15 Mar
06 Mar Aiur chef - The heat is on achievement (solved) Hi guys, Could someone help me for this achievement please ? It's impossible to do it alone. :) It would be nice, you can add me Seenz#2322. Of course I can help in my turn (for this one or any other achievement). :) Thanks EDIT : I got it, thanks :)SeenZ1 06 Mar
02 Mar Looking for map maker, payed job Looking for a map maker to rebuild warcraft 3 risk revolution in starcraft 2 engine as accurate as possible. Payment will be negotiated. If you are skilled enough and you think you can get it done, message me on skype: curlyheadmvpCurlyHead1 02 Mar
28 Feb Troll Special Forces. I recently found this map, and I like it a lot. But I'm kinda stuck on just grinding, so I thought I would ask about a few things on here :-)! First of all, could someone name some of the easy achieves please? I know that you gain a significant power at the start of every match by having a lot of these, so I would really like to earn some of the easy ones :D. Secondly, these Diablo Lord of Terror things that are scattered throughout the map, do they do anything? Do they give you an achievement if you kill a specefic amount of them? Thanks for your time, and I hope someone can answer my questions :-)!PinkyPunky7 28 Feb
23 Feb Doomed Earth Revised Thread I couldn't find a Doomed Earth thread anywhere so I thought to make one where people can discuss the map. What nation has what advantages. What's the preferred Doomsday scenario. Whether you're for or against nukes, that sort of thing. Else if anyone could direct me to the propper thread feel free.MulletMan2 23 Feb
17 Feb Wings of Liberty Co-op Hello, I am looking for 2 players who have the time and skill to finish WoL campaign Co-op on Brutal with me, there is a series of maps that are for 3 players and it's basically the WoL campaign with research and unit/structure upgrades and all. We can schedule ahead of time up to a week/week and a half but the quicker the better. P.S The idea is to do the whole campaign with new accounts(so your old upgrades/research dont count) on brutal in one day or max 2 days.realityy0 17 Feb
17 Feb Making the minimap in editor bigger i might just be inexperienced but is there a way to make the minimap in the editor bigger and if so how? i am clicking and dragging at the line just under the map but nothing happensPhoenixTrow0 17 Feb
15 Feb Psycho mc´s the last stand dought Can anyone tell me where to find a guide on unlocking tauren comando hero on The Last Stand arcade game?DarkDama3 15 Feb
05 Feb Units models Hello everyone ! I'm thinking about trying to mess around with the Editor, and I have a quick question. Are all the units models available in editor ? Like the ones in the warchests, things like that, as I haven't brought them. Thanks !Deathmonolit1 05 Feb
03 Feb Tya's Maps Heya, I'm a pretty active mapper. I usually keep myself to myself but I figured it's probably time that I made a thread. I aim to keep my content updated monthly, and I aim to release one map per 2 months (these things take a long time to develop). I love feedback, so if you'd like to drop me some, I'd enjoy reading it. You can be sure I'll see it if it's sent to my mapping email; If you like my stuff and are mildly interested in when I update or publish new content, I set up a twitter account for that purpose; @TyaStarcraft I'm getting pretty hyped about my entry for the "Rock The Cabinet" Blizzard contest. I'm developing it live here; starcraft://map/2/159527 (must be logged in to EU) with daily updates as I build the map. So yeah, enjoy! Click your region below; StarCraft II will open and take you directly into the chosen game. Tya's Zerg Defense 3 Player - Team survival - Do you feel like defending zergs? No wait, killing zergs? starcraft://map/1/223329 - Americas starcraft://map/2/155029 - Europe starcraft://map/3/77289 - Korea & Taiwan starcraft://map/5/29241 - China starcraft://map/6/20540 - Southeast Asia Desert Strike HotS 3 vs 3 - Tug of War - EU's #1 arcade map for, like, ever. Soon celebrating one year at the top! starcraft://map/1/208271 - Americas starcraft://map/2/140436 - Europe starcraft://map/3/69942 - Korea & Taiwan starcraft://map/5/27191 - China starcraft://map/6/19073 - Southeast Asia Warships 3 vs 3 - Team hero arena - The first map to be highlighted by Blizzard. Or was it? Yes, yes it was. Also the winner of Blizzard's weekend of freedom contest. starcraft://map/1/210321 - Americas starcraft://map/2/104699 - Europe starcraft://map/3/70837 - Korea & Taiwan starcraft://map/5/22738 - China starcraft://map/6/19262 - Southeast Asia Spellbreak 5 vs 5 - Team hero arena - Do you like custom heroes and skillshots? No? What about hydralisks that shoot fireballs? starcraft://map/1/213384 - Americas starcraft://map/2/147824 - Europe starcraft://map/3/72389 - Korea & Taiwan starcraft://map/5/23855 - China starcraft://map/6/19539 - Southeast AsiaTya18 03 Feb
23 Jan looking for singleplayer campaigns in arcade?? Goodday dear Starcrafters.. i have a Question i'd like to ask i have been out of costum games for starcraft for some time and I do enjoy playing singleplayer fanmade campaigns but the most of those are started up via the mapeditor and i heard that there were campaign maps placed on the arcade. Now i have been looking under singleplayer but i don't know the names of those campaigns so i dont know what to look for. Could anyone who reads this give some or a name(s) of campaigns as id really would like to see what people made sofar... Thank you for your timeSturm3 23 Jan
16 Jan how do i run 64 bit i want to run the editor in 64 bit and i could before but now i am unable to find an option for it and it runs in 32 bit.andreasasp0 16 Jan
15 Jan Searching Arcade All Units (also unused) Hi gamers, I'm searching an arcade where I can play (like a skirmish) with all units (sc2 and remastered), unique units (leviathan, odin, mothership) and unused units like the warhound and others. Someone knows If there is an arcade like this? I searched a lot, but I didn't find it. Thanks to all for help me ^_^BeerKiller1 15 Jan
15 Jan Patch has broken updating map I have been updating Gem TD quite happily up until the patch which installed for me last night. I have since been unable to change more than one thing in data or triggers at a time. I am having to load, make one change, save, close map, re-open and repeat. I checked if it was me breaking something but I've loaded versions all the way back to 2013 and all with the same outcome. If I remove the line it states is causing the issue it just calls another line as the same issue. When the map loads it now gives this: [11/15/2017 6:39:18 PM] Warning: Cutscenes: Command was thrown out due to data being invalid [11/15/2017 6:39:26 PM] Warning: XML: GameData\LightData.xml(15,13) : Core: invalid object type identification Source: Maps/Gem TD/Gem TD(Unprotected)1.1.SC2Map Entry: Char Scope: CLight.SLightInfo Field: ToDInfoArray[0].Param[0] [11/15/2017 6:41:21 PM] Warning: Missing string: EDSTR_WARNING_FUNCTIONOUTSIDECONTEXT [11/15/2017 6:41:21 PM] Warning: Missing string: EDSTR_WARNING_FUNCTIONOUTSIDEPickEachPlayerInGroup [11/15/2017 6:41:21 PM] Warning: EDSTR_WARNING_FUNCTIONOUTSIDEPickEachPlayerInGroup Then when I try to save I get this: Script failed to compile: Syntax error (See Trigger Editor for more details) Neither were an issue until the patch, so I know it's the patch that's caused this. Please rectify this Blizzard! :(Brownin5 15 Jan
15 Jan Problems with publishing maps. Hi, I recently downloaded StarCraft II for free. I then tried to publish 2 maps I have created. The editor told me I cannot publish without first purchasing any StarCraft II content. So after purchasing a mission pack for £35 it now tells me... "This Blizzard account has no StarCraft II character associated with it. Please log in from the game first to create a character, then try again." I already have a character created. What am I doing wrong? Cheers.MuchoGrande2 15 Jan
13 Jan Patch 4.0 caused a good arcade map to break Hello. Patch 4.0 seems to have broken arcade map: eras zombie invasion. The game is filled with overlords which shouldn't be there. People keep pming me and asking why it's broken ect.. it was kind of a popular game. I was wondering if there is anything that can be done? I don't know if the mapper will return(already tried contacting him, and the game hasn't been updated for about a year).SiDeWiNdEr16 13 Jan
13 Jan A believable way of blocking air units A good way to block flying units from flying over sudden areas ?!? It is not that I don't know how to block air units, I do however... I want to make it believable so not that they get stuck in mid air at nothing. - hills (don't get high enough) - trees (they won't block enough to give you the idea of) - lava (wouldn't make sense to fly over it) (yet ingame ^ it doesn't feel right either to block them from flying over it) Anyone maybe has an idea about how to make this believable?Desperado2 13 Jan
02 Jan A Mod I Played Broken For A Year, Can Someone Fix It? Good day, a map I used to like to play solo has been broken for at least a year now if not 2 years, it's name is ''Racing Tower Defense 0.22'' when I try to start the game in my bookmarks it gives the error ''ATTRIBCACHE_CORRUPT_MAP'' so instead I tried playing it through the editor by starting the map, it starts but editor displays several errors, then when in game placing down a tower works but gives a error message, furthermore the sell tower function doesn't work, more accurate to say that option can't be found on the towers anymore, when I look at data the towers do seem to have a salvage/refund option but it doesn't appear in the game but since I don't have any experience with the editor at all I have no clue how to go about even fixing anything so was wondering if someone else could fix it?havikryan0 02 Jan
02 Jan Can I fix someone else's broken arcade game? Hello. A very good arcade game(eras zombie invasion) was broken by patch 4.0 about a month and a half ago. Many people enjoyed playing it, and really miss it. The mapper hasn't been around for a long time. I know blizzard doesn't have the time to fix arcade games, but Is it possible for me to go in and fix it? Lots of people would appreciate it. Apparently it's an easy 10 second fix. Thanks.SiDeWiNdEr3 02 Jan
21 Dec Star Jeweled: AI is completely broken I started 4 Arcade Games of Star Jeweled today and in all of them the AI did straight up nothing. I opened a 2v2 lobby and added only one AI making it a 1v1 in an unkonventional way. That seems to consistently reproduce the error for me. Yesterday everything was working just fine.Urnoob1 21 Dec
14 Dec Arcades on different servers Hi guys! Is it possible to play an arcade game I found on Na server, but on EU for example?YamatoSC2 14 Dec
14 Dec Map Review Feedback Suggestion Would it be possible to allow mapmakers to respond to, or simply mark that they have addressed the feedback of of poor map review? Many mappers are forced to re-release their projects, because an early release with bugs brought a dozen low reviews, crippling their possible playerbase. Nothing feels worse for a mapper than to see a 1 star review from years ago, that has been addressed, years ago. Someone interested in a game might read a poor review, and chose not to play the game, under the assumption that the problems have not been corrected. From a "Blizzard, we want to be social media" point of view, look at how Facebook adding "reply to a reply" (And reddit) has greatly increased the commentary on the sites. Allowing player discussions in the reviews, could improve player turn out.Glorn3 14 Dec
14 Dec Look mother !@#$er game operators and developers: Read this article attentively: I given you money and bought SC II for having fun (so not for being mad by your noob customers). But there is no fun for me (so I am experienced player). Because you match always experienced players with your mother !@#$er noob customers in Desert Strike HOTS arcade game by using random matchmaking (So your noob customers are mother %^-*er like you too. Becuase they join always a lobby named "NO GAS NOOB, NO NOOB" and they like to make experienced players mad. There is no way to prevent your mother !@#$er noob customers). You banned me many times for abusing your mother %^-*er noob customers (I think you make mad your experienced customers intentionally. So you ban your experienced customers first then sell account again. So you earn a lot of money like that). Also I told this problem to TYA nicknamed mother !@#$er game developer of DS arcade game on his forum. He do nothing too. So you do nothing since 3 years for fixing this problem despite I told you many times. You force experienced players to play DS with your noob customers and make them mad. Give my money back (Refund me) or fix this problem. I will continue to insult&abuse all of you when I see noob customer in my team (and tell everyone what you are) till fix this problem or refund me. I remember you that I give you money for having fun. Not for being mad.cHroMe8 14 Dec
14 Dec Published map game speed Setting Game Speed to 'Normal' Locked in Game variants does not work on published map. It justs turns back to faster and messes up my scripts. Any fix for this?MrKiller2 14 Dec
14 Dec Change Team Color for different units? hello there I try to create different units with different colors for "Player 1". In WC3 Editor it was so easy. Choose Unit, change Team Color Green. Choose another Unit, change Team Color Blue. Both of them were played for "Player 1". In SC2 Editor I can't find this option. So what I try/want is 3 Marines with different color. "Green" "Blue" "Yellow" for "Player 1". I have been trying the solution for a long time... I hope you guys can help me. You would make me very happy.zartek2 14 Dec
01 Dec Star Battle Omega Looking for a MOBA and some crazy spaceships action? This arcade is for you! The map's been there for over 5 years, its owner, zedu went away and a group of developpers have taken the work over. Either you be a casual player, a tryharder, a competitive player, you will find your place in this amazing game! Want to learn more about Star Battle Omega? Want to make friends? Want to get involved in remaking the huge competitive scene it once was? Join our in-game channel: Official Star Battle Group Join our discord: Have some questions to ask? Add me to your contacts: OGKush#2823 Warning, the abuse of laser upgrades can be harmful to your health.OGKush1 01 Dec
25 Nov "Has elected not to join the lobby" Whenever i make a lobby for any game only 1/15 players or so ever get passed the pending. I doubt it's that many players declining the download process becouse i've only ever seen this in my lobbies. It takes ages to make any custom game for me becouse if this, chat just spammed with elected to not join the lobby. It has to be some sort of bug, anyone seen anything like this? Solutions?STAIGZOR0 25 Nov
16 Nov CONGRATS YOU *FIXED* ARCADE Good job Blizzard, you ruined arcade. The only map anyone plays is Desert Strike and now its stupid how we have to join and create games. Where the he'll did our 'Join Game' button go? Seriously this is so stupid. Someone should be fired for this retarded design.GeneralRico3 16 Nov
15 Nov How can I save a custom game (2.0.4)? Since I've installed the new patch I can't save/load a custom game against the Ai anymore. Can somebody help me, please. Before I could press the escape button during a custom game and click on the save button... Thanks for your help! ReduanPeacemaker4 15 Nov
15 Nov Lottery Defence broken Lottery Defence is broken since the update yesterday. Please FixSchrippe1 15 Nov
13 Nov Where has 'Trapped in Hell 1.2" gone? A couple of days ago I could start custom games with this map, but now if I pick it from my recently used maps list, it tells me that the map might have been removed. I'm also not seeing it at all on the current custom games list (some people have taken to playing the "Trapped in Hel" [sic] map). Hopefully I've posted this in the correct forum, apologies if I've made a mistake.moose1 13 Nov
10 Nov Aiur Chef missing I cannot find the Aiur Chef game in the arcade however it is said that you can still acess it if you have a bookmark link. Does anyone have a bookmark link and where do you post it?StarGoat3 10 Nov
09 Nov Data Losed the power gowed away i played some transpace fortest i was lvl 73 and i wont solo first 3 dificultes how i regeted on the pc all mine progres from he map goed pls regive metitanwarior0 09 Nov
09 Nov Question about actors Hi. I am very new to the editor so this may be a very stupid question but here we go. I have tried to watch tutorials to learn, also I have searched the forum but I didnt get it. So my problem is that I have watched a video that explained how I could create custom units. They said that I had to create an actor and then use the token bla bla to "link" it. First time I did it, I made it succsessfull. Here is what it showed like I could easily link the unit (a modified marauder) to the actor and it was boom done. But then I tried to create a structure (spawning house), and the token thing went like this: I have no idea how I should link the actor to my unit. I would love to see response. Also schreenshots are appriceated because im very new to this part of the editor. thanks for reading. SORRY I DIDNT MEAN TO DOUBBLE POSTMAXimumPain1 09 Nov