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16 Jan Protoss Mega Thread Welcome to the protoss mega thread. Use this specific thread to have any of your questions about all things protoss answered by your fellow players!Nakatoir51 16 Jan
19 Sep Terran Mega Thread Welcome to the terran mega thread. Use this specific thread to have any of your questions about all things Terran answered by your fellow players!Nakatoir23 19 Sep
17 Nov 2017 Zerg Mega Thread Welcome to the zerg mega thread. Use this specific thread to have any of your questions about all things zerg answered by your fellow players!Nakatoir23 17 Nov 2017
1h Are carriers actually OP? Before you say "whiny plat noop F2 zerg player xDd !@#$", hear me out. What I mean with OP is that they are viable in every situation, and with kiting they can 1v1 every unit in the game. Even a battlecruiser or a thor. Also, they arent that expensive. Compare them to battlecruiser in price. I would compare them to brood lords, but carriers can attack both air and ground. I hate cannon rush, but its not OP, Im just too slow and overreact to that. Mass battlecruisers arent OP because A . they are really expensive and B. they can either go all in, allowing you to base trade (unlike carriers being able to be recalled by one click), or save their teleport to go back to base, allowing you to proceed. So yeah I think carriers are OP, and just calling me a noob and telling me l2p without giving any advice wont really change my mind.Sargas16 1h
11 Feb Is the balance a joke?! From the WCS 8 to 4 race, the Terran player is so hard to win. There is no Terran player in best 4. The zerg is too strong. Why not the balance group delete the Terran? After 2016, the baneling has been added 5 more in life. Is this a correct buff? Now, in the next balance pitch, why the SCV will be easy to choose? The works' hate value is less than other units is very normal, or WHY not the balance group debuff the queen's air weapen diastance? Do not let all Terran players LEAVE the game! We love starcraft 2 !!! We want the balance and funny!ilovemywife7 11 Feb
05 Feb PVT Carrier Swarm. Good Evening All! I started playing last season and have been having fun in the ladder. I played plenty Single player but now want some good games vs players. I have trouble with 2 match ups but I only need help with one. I understand that I should get into their base early but it's tough once they wall off and just make a safe zone. Carriers :( How does a zerg match up vs mass carriers? I have tried infesters with Marines and they just focus them down and then deal with the infested marines, I have tried mass Corrupters too and Hydra with +1 Range. How to I crack them open before they have enough to A left click with carriers? If I assault the base I take many losses to defenses and then they can just push across map before I recover my forces? If I can't crack them open then is there any ways to deal with the Mass Carrier? They seem so absurd and out of every loss I endure mass carrier feels most painful and simple for my enemy to execute. I am not very good in general but I do try. is Mass carrier something you need mad skills to deal with? Should I just transition to Protoss? Thanks a Bunch PhageXPhage1 05 Feb
24 Jan cannon rush pvz Is it even worth it. I saw it in pro games, only on maps when u can block space by 2 pylons and than build inside 2 cannons, otherwise no. I do one more variant when i block space with 4 pylons and inside 2 cannons, if drones don't get in it works. But if i place pylon before hatch outside overlord range, it almost never work, zergs to paranoid and move overlord from hatchery or send 2 drones to scout. Is there any other way to cannon rush, i heard you have to cannon rush every game in pvz otherwise you lose free advantage, but it doesn't seem that good.QUITimMaster1 24 Jan
24 Jan Spreadsheet analysis for Starcraft Hey! Started trying to work on strategic analysis in Excel for Starcraft. I've been wanting to try this for a long time, to match the number of resources that you have with the theoretical number of units you can build. I want to do this to simulate the maximum number of units each strategy could produce. The spreadsheet could be used as a benchmark for live in-games scenarios to determine if you're playing well or not. Anyone have any thoughts on this, or know if this has already been done? I got started a bit, but I quickly realized that there are so many contingencies which makes it hard to actually do this sort of thing. I thought at first that I'd do some kind of matrix-analysis, but perhaps it's better to use a time-series simulation?Threshalon1 24 Jan
24 Jan PvX defending first attack Hi So I am a rookie player that played every race a little bit in ranked and then decided on P. If I manage to survive the first enemy attack without too large losses I win the game around my elo always. However if the enemy decides to attack I usually end up with fewer forces then them. Are there any sort of benchmarks how many units of what type I should have at any given timepoint (e.g Minute) so I dont die up to plat aggression? I am not a Plat yet, but for now this would be the goal. My macro seems fine, I figure that this is why I win late games in Gold; i just have twice their economy and still better spending. Its just the early game that instantly makes or breaks me. Any help or advise?Aratek2 24 Jan
16 Jan Carriers imbalanced and broken MM How do you counter mass carriers as terran ? Please show a video where terran actually wins vs mass carriers. This game is stupid and also the matchmaking balance doesn't exist. The other night I had 2 diamonds+ 1 plat vs Me (diamond) and 2 golds , how does that remotely make sense? This is why blizzard is losing fan base same with overwatch, they don't make good games anymore. Will never buy another blizzard game again. Let's watch this company slowly die and short their stocks that made me alot of money actually. Also they actually do pay people to go on forums to tell you that you are wrong and to "git gud" funny.Coach1 16 Jan
08 Jan TVP Balance, please? Why is this game so much in toss favor in TvP match up and when we will finally see some balance changes fixing this each patch worsening issue? I am diamond 2 and I have 55% win-rate in both TVZ and TVT but only 28% in TVP. I don't care that I am not pro SC2 I don't think to be able to defeat protoss I need to be pro player or at least way above his league. This simply unfair and making the game very frustrating.Neroad5 08 Jan
07 Jan terran vs banelings how to beat em without proper micro game ? i usually play bio army terran with siege's and liberators as support. everytime i play vs zerg he owns me with banelings, everytime, i see zerg go early expansion with full drone production nothing i can do about it. everytime banebane bane and spalsh my army is dead, i've tried to micro splitting them, shoot and run tactics anything nothing works, zerg gets early expansion with full drone production and nothing i can about it. any tips ? my biggest annoyance is that my army shoots lings as prio, i'd have to single targets banes wich is impossible !Juomari12 07 Jan
07 Jan Looking for useful race-mains videos Hi, does anyone know of any good sc2 players who also released interesting guides about the races they play? About the zerg I know about lowko, and personally I think he's really good and his videos are really interesting, I'd say I've learned a big deal about zerg mechanics from him. But I struggle to find similar channels for the other two races, which I also would like to learn how to play, as much as I can (still zerg for life tho). So if anyone as any recommendations, especially regarding protoss players, 'cause I'd like to learn them first, then terrans. Sc2 tutorials and videos are ok, but I think you really need to watch a couple of good players, in order to understand key mechanics that are essential to each race's gameplay.Maso3 07 Jan
07 Jan Dear Blizzard add plz mech creep to Zerg We got mech Z skins for units and buildings, but the creep remains bio. It looks weird, please add a creep to the Warchest, which would fit the concept. Thx.Egortex1 07 Jan
07 Jan I quit -THIS IS SO DUMB I'm out. My win rate in tvp is 55% and in Pvt its 78%. 4600 mmr with protoss and 4850 with terran. It's ridiciolous how terran is execepted to micro liberators, bio, ghosts and ravens at the same time while if u stand in storm for 1 sec you're dead. When protoss literally jsuit a moves and spams storms. You don't even get punished for a moving anymore since they gave templars an attack. TvP might be balanced at GM level if that but it requires so much perfection for terran to win any game where protoss just turtles to a death ball. Haven't lost a single macro game in the 78% win rate. Due to shield batterys early and mid game pressure is pretty irrelevant to. Terran requires you to play like a god to win. Protoss requires you to a move and recall if you !@#$ up your a move which is hard to do and just warp in to defend bases you dont even need to take your army back and if they doom drop like in wol ah just recall and their stuff. I understand the game being balanced around pros and gm but it takes the joy out of everyone who isnt that. I dont think any terran enjoys plyaing vs protoss and my win rate is lower vs zerg but its a fun dynamic match up. Protoss is a poorly designed race which is not interactive or fun. You might say just play protoss then but I dont enjoy protoss due to it not being interactive and I dont enjoy turtling until I know I win. If zerg rushes into 5-10 tanks there are consequences while for protoss chargelots just does fine regardless. With disruptors and storms terran can lose all of their bio in a second while terran has no equivelent. Liberators do high damage but only at 1 unit at the time. Disruptors and storms can KILL 30-40 supply in 2 seconds. Peace out. Is there any terran who enjoys this match up anymore. I used to in wol and hots cause atleast then we had some early game pressure. A terran player at heart who cant put in the time to have grand master level micro which is on me but its unfair how so much is required for the other races. Terran with micro and zerg with how to spend larva while toss is a linear death ball piece of garbageAce9 07 Jan
06 Jan Masa vs Scarletts, T is pathetic Alright, seems like Blizzard needs some lessons about RTS games. What's a "Rush": it means you go kinda all-in in the first mins of the game, spending a lot in buildings/units to kill your enemy, slowing down your eco. ALL KIND of rushes have a drawback, if you fail it, your enemy probably has a better eco, giving him advantages for late game. You rush as Zerg and fail? you're pretty dead. You rush as Protoss and fail? you're pretty dead. You rush as Terran and fail? NOTHING HAS CHANGED. In addition if you spot in time the rush you have time to def. But you have 0 chances to spot fuking 2barracks which can be anywhere around the map. I watched tons of pro games, and i swear this is maybe the !@#$test game i've ever seen. A dumb terran from nowhere (who the fuk is Masa?) wins vs one of the best zergs of the moment, how? Perma rushing. It never happened, 5 rush-games in a row, AND STILL WINS. Scarlett changed her build starting pool first, risking a lot, cuz (ofc) if she "rushes", making lings too early, the terran spot it (sending the SCV), he bunkers up and the rush fails, giving advantage to the Terran. Luckly the noob terran rushed all games, BUT THIS IS PURE "LUCK", if retarded Masa didn't rush, Scarlett would have been in a sligh disadvantage. Let's talk about %^-* barracks. I compared it with other rush start (14 pool, proxy toss), conclusion: they don't lose anything, just some marines. The barracks can fly back, so you don't lose those 300 minerals. (if protoss !@#$s up his rush they are gonna lose all) The bunkers are the main problem: too cheap, too much health, THE SALVAGE BUTTON: you spend 100x3 bunkers, NO PROBLEMO, salavage them and in total you spent only 25x3...... Total loss: usually you send 2 scvs, some marines (generally are 8-10) and 25*3, total: 575... it is nothing compared to toss rush, in addition to defend against this dumb start, zerg has to spend nearly the same amount or more! it's a pain in the %^- for the zerg to micro, even scarlett has problems to def it, i'm master 3 and it's even harder: "but you are vs master 3 terran gnegne" even my dog can play that *!@# strategy and win It's a fact, it is unbalanced. Solution: bunkers cost 100 --> 125, you can't salvage them. So that bunkers stick to their role: TO DEFEND, NOT TO ATTACK.Erkondium6 06 Jan
29 Dec SC2 Disconnection issues For the last 4 months, i have been bumping into the same problem over and over again... I get a short lag spike and suddenly, my game freezes and the surrender screen pops up... It has never reconnected me, not even once... Actually it closes but a few seconds later(the game is still frozen)it pops up again. The only time i reconnected was when my battle.Net also disconnected and then reconnected. CPU usage is 40/56% gpu is 76% and i have 1gb of free ram... Any idea how to fix it?BrRIGHT0 29 Dec
27 Dec Countering Tempest? PVP Any idea how to counter mass tempest? In the new patch it seems the only way to counter it in a PVP is to mass more. Voidrays are slower than Tempest and get kited. Phoenix don't do enough damage to beat the tempest.Laidvan0 27 Dec
30 Nov Achievement Distorted Reality Hi How do I reach achievement Distorted Reality(Capture 50 enemy units with a single Vortex in melee game.)When I play melee game I can't find any Vortex even in mothership.hitmen2 30 Nov
01 Nov ZVT TURTLE Can someone tell me how i can early harras terran when he is turtling in his base with tanks turrets, on this maps you have main and natural that close to eachother so i can't even make nydus because terran can jump with his army into it in 2 sec. For now i am taking next bases and play makro games but beating terran with 200/200 thors, tanks 3/3 is very hard and i am loosing most games, even gglords cant win against this :PSandro2 01 Nov
01 Nov Zerg very late composition Hello there ! I am posting this hoping experienced players might be able to enlighten me. I did search for similar topics and was quite astonished for I was not able to find answers to my questions. Please be certain I do question both the relevance of my question and my forum digging skills... I will take my chances anyway and proceed. The question to address is : "What could a very late game Zerg composition look like ?" Here you might start thinking "wow, this guy didn't understand the first thing about RTS games... this is about adapting you strategy every second of every single game !". Very true. However, what would be a good benchmark ? So here is what I was thinking about, based on following assumptions : - Very late game, both contenders have 5+ bases. - The opponent's army is rather heterogeneous. - None has significant economic lead over the other. - As a Zerg player I already have a decent number of sporulers and spines, and decent creep spread. Composition : *70 Workers *7 Queens *36 Zerglings (Run-by / flesh to be butchered and protect the bulk army) *12 Banelings (Splash damage) *16 Hydralisks *5 Infestors *7 Corruptors (To protect Broodlords from air units / re-make lost Broodlords) *6 Broodlords *4 Vipers (abduct, blinding cloud, anti-air) That should make it 200 pop'. Now again, versus heavy ground army we might instead throw in a couple ultralisks, some lurkers, more banes... Versus heavy air army, more hydras, corruptors, vipers... Also I did not mention important points such as Overseers, droperlords and what-nots, but this is more about the 200 pop' composition. As a guideline, would that sound fair ? Or is there something intrinsicly wrong with that idea ? Thanks a lot to anyone reflecting on that and providing feedback ! Have a nice time, Cheers !Zäelià2 01 Nov
26 Oct Carriers Vs Terran the protoss doesn't even need mass carriers. once they have carriers foot in the door its hard to push even that out. its broken from the top down. I know they say kill protoss before he gets there but thats dumb. better play desperate or you'll lose this broken game for sure!!! same with zerg. better not let them mass outta control its up to you mr terran. better be desperate or suffer the fact that your race doesn't carry its weight.CaptSchmidt4 26 Oct
27 Sep arcade lobby kick idle time how long it takes before you get kicked from arcade lobby ?? Increadible annyoing, if you host something and get kicked from your lobby while alt tab...DZDZDZDZDZDZDZDZDZDZDZDZ0 27 Sep
26 Sep PvT: Is there any counter to battlecruisers ... other than not letting him get there, that is? I fail to see any. It was hard enough even when HT could still feedback cruisers, but with the recent patch they no longer can (because cruisers no longer have any energy). The units that should work in theory fail in reality. - Stalkers have overall too little firepower to work. They are also susceptible to being taken out from range by means of yamato. - Void rays will be yamatoed before they can even get in range - Tempests do not fill even this single role they appear to be designed for, because despite their bonus vs massive air, these as well fall to yamatoes much faster than the cruisers fall to their fire. They also cannot kite BC because despite their recent speed boost, BC are still equally fast. If the P goes all tempest and the T goes all BC, T will win. - Carriers are susceptible to the high BC armor and, of course, yamato. I hate whining, but I would really be thankful for any reasoning what P can do vs battlecruisers without getting beaten up real hard. Is the only chance really an all-in rush in hopes to beat the T on his way to BC? That would mean that P can no longer play a booming strat vs T because that would be an autolose if the T decides to go BC (seeing that a boomer cannot rush due to lack of early army).DeathAndPain10 26 Sep
26 Sep Unbeatable 2v2 strat?? Hey guys :D I hoped that someone could help me against this strat in 2v2, its basically proxy carrier rush, and i think one gives the other gas... https://drop.sc/replay/6945959 ThanksSgtMoon1 26 Sep
21 Sep Liberator in PvT Is there a "way-to-go" in PvT to play against liberators ? I have trouble against this unit, at any point of the game : - The glorious Libe/Tank push, proxied or not, on 1 base. The only reliable way I found to defend against it "stay on B1 and mass shield batteries". So I stop the push, and the Terran expands, MULEs & Marine stim a few minutes later and game is gone. - The same glorious push on 2 bases. Blink is useless as they have too much tank for it to work, zealots are just obliterated by the libe, storm cannot be finished. May be mass phoenixes, but this is a super specific opener, and I'd die to anything else. - In mid game, with storm and archontes available. Doesn't matter, the Terran just keeps slowly coming. The libe range is too high to be "poked" by stalkers, and storms cannot be wasted. Blink is even more irrelevant, as Stalkers are more or less a weak unit against everything else in Terran, and just die while hitting libe. - In late game : mass tempests is stupid, as it takes 6 tempests to OS 1 liberator, which is way too expensive in gas and too slow. While your tempests kill the libe, the rest of the army rolls over you, cause at least 1000+ gas and 20 supply are useless in fight with your tempests. Of course, I sometimes win. But this is because my opponent made MASSIVE mistakes during the fights, or just has absolutely idea how to macro. Otherwise, it doesn't matter if I simply produce a bit more, whatever my army composition is. ( I'm D2, of course I could macro better, but even in games where I have a noticeable macro lead it's irrelevant. It would be autowin if I had a waaaay better macro, but liberators, and Lurkers in PvZ are the two things that make me lose 70%+ games when facing them, while I'm way better to deal with any kind of other situation. ) Thanks.Aminumbra0 21 Sep
17 Sep Proxy Protoss Can you advise what can i do in this situation as zerg? Replay https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vFA33EKWQmbN3XCrKHnZOwPvIHFOCOF6Zodiac1 17 Sep
17 Sep ZvP Shield Batteries Why is it that protoss can win a game in grandmaster with only buildings? Is this intended?IIIIIIIIIIII2 17 Sep
15 Sep Is early game a coin toss? I'm zerg, at low diamond atm. Haven't figured out what the safe option is since you can't scout early enough for the cheeses, or should i scout immidiately instead of 13 drone. 13 drone seems to come too late for any cheeses. Secondly, it seems that I need to make my decision if I go pool, gas or hatch first before my scout arrives, so it seems somewhat pointless. Then again, if I go every time 17 gas 17 pool, or the other way around (which doesn't seem to be very effective), I feel like I get quite a lot behind. So far I'm just playing hatch first and basically gg'ing out when someone cheeses. Back in hots cheeses always lost if you made an early scout, and there was a 100% solid opening as long as you scouted. Seems so pointless to randomly select a build, since these games are best of 1 and I never see the same player again, so there's no mind games either. But maybe I'm missing something?MkVibes1 15 Sep
12 Sep Broken Economic Mule - legal cheating by Blizzard! Or you give everyone mule, or you abandom it from the game! Look the resources Diagram.Avalon9 12 Sep
30 Aug 1 vs 4 Harder AI ?? Go on then, how is it done? Beaten 3 Harder, beaten 2 Elite...... But the 1 vs 4 Harder AI is getting too annoying now. How did you do it?MrHappy13 30 Aug
14 Aug legacy of the void Legacy of the void main ,last mission, need help with some good tactic. I tried also in casual difficulty, i got to 60% in protecting not more. What is the tactic to defend from the big enemy and reach the 100%?tal9 14 Aug
13 Aug Tutorial demo AND guidance from pro players Good day, I am an expert StarCraft 2 player and have decided to start producing tutorial videos. My primary focus will be the Terran race. Yet blessed as I am with many years of experience and insight into the game. I still need to enlist the support of neighbouring players. It occurred to me to suggest links to two sample videos, where within my movements and techniques can be observed. I should have possibly posted this on the Terran thread but I was hoping to invite input from multiple players https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTyBGMXO5LY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6sdVm6Xme4 thank you in advance for your feedback!Pookie1 13 Aug
11 Aug 4-4 dead or just new patch do problem? 4 vs 4 problém. No balanced i like image upgrade or better sprays its more importent then multi players, but whot do balance 4-4? Iam Tired to play 4-2 max or 4-1. Mmr systém thx you now ok win about +25-30 lose -5-40 its ok.Some balanced need it thx you blizz. See you ManiacksManiacks0 11 Aug
03 Aug Protoss beatdown strategy I need an advice from better protoss player about my strategy.My strategy is to make gateway as early as possible,and after that forge and cynerbetics core,to start making an army as early as possible.And,when I have max workers on 1st base,I expand to a 2nd base,then soon to 3rd etc.And I put many photon cannons in bases,esspecially those where I expanded.And I just continue making army untill it becomes really big,and then just attack his bases with that one army and simply winNikola2 03 Aug
01 Aug Really Blizzard? So the new patch notes came out, and while I was expecting them to nerf carrier directly, they instead nerf Raven and Viper, further strengthening airtoss late game vs terran and zerg. Is this a joke?Sargas5 01 Aug
30 Jul Ghosts Just played another PvT against a turteling terran. Is there any good reasons I don't see any ghosts in theír army? I don't know the first thing about playing as terran, but against an army consisting mostly of carriers, archons and high templars it would seems like a good idea. I'm in the gold plat rangeTakila4 30 Jul
30 Jul Terran can't counter Mass Carriers I know this sounds like a noob question, but I am a Masters Terran. Current status of this game is broken: Mass carriers are uncountable by terran, no matter what units Terran use. Well, I know I know, the best way to stop Mass carriers is kill toss before he reaches this point. Stop him in early game!! Of course I know, I'm a Masters Terran! But this doesn't justify the fact that there is no way to counter Mass carriers from Terran. In 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, or FFA, it's very easy to mass carriers actually. Even in 1v1, from time to time (say, 5% of the time), Protoss can manage Mass Carriers too. The problem now is, once Protoss manages to mass carriers, Terran just dies. I don't see a way to counter it. The best approach I know by far is Mass marine + mines + turrets + thors with 30 scvs keep repairing. This way can't kill carriers, because mines + turrets don't move, but you can hold them off for a moment. All protoss needs to do is attack from a different direction. All other options won't work: Vikings: completely useless, even with good micro (focus fire) Liberators: Libs used to be very effective against carriers. But with last change. Interceptors are easy to build, and Lib's vs light damage is removed. So it becomes useless now. BC: useless, can be kited like an idiot. Thors + marines: with good economy, can hold for a moment, but will fail quickly. mines + marines: same as above. It only work when you have superior resources. Bascially you are trading marines with interceptors. Any other units?Fentoyal32 30 Jul
27 Jul Z : How to create drones without watching ? Hi, I'm new to Zerg and would like some advices : I have hatchery on hotkey 4 and I'm not supply blocked. If I press 4 -> s -> d watching something else (some scout for example), sometimes it successfully creates a drone, sometimes it fails (because there are 0 larva) but it will produce exactly the same audio sounds. Is there an audio way to be noticed when the drone spawning has not been launched ? Or do u have to quit micro/scouting and check unit count each time u try to spawn a drone ? Or just spam 4->s ->d so often it doesnt matter if it fails ?Tristan3 27 Jul
27 Jul When to tech, as toss Hi, im playing toss in master currently, but since i didnt play as much in lotv, i dont rly know when to tech. for example when i play vs zerg, i dont know how much probes, supply, bases i should have to tech from archon immo zealot storm into skytoss some help would be nice, and ignore the wrong grammar and syntax thanks :)PaRoOby2 27 Jul
27 Jul PvP shouldn´t be "who has air units wins" There should be a land units build to counter mass carriers. maybe for example allow disruptors to hit carriers or add "energy bar" so ht can damage them. In my opinion the game should be re-focused to promote micro more than strong build "a move". I know this is easy to say, and requieres a lot effor behind. You have our support! Thanks for taking us into account! (Im master 2 protoss, not a bronze one just whinning :P)Esadar13 27 Jul
27 Jul PvZ, bling/ling allins Hi guys! I am mid-diamond level protoss. I notice I have a hard time to expand safely while being able to hold bane allins. What early builds would you recommend to stay safe vs bling/ling allins? //RasmusThreshalon1 27 Jul
02 Jul What is the counter to disruptors in TvP? Right now I believe disruptors are super op against terran, what is the counter to this that doesn't involve a lucky shot with liberators and lose half your army in the process just to get 4 disruptors? The amount of damage is crazy and the explosion on contact is even worse, you don't have time to split everything or retreatSWORD1 02 Jul
28 Jun What to do vs. carriers as Terran? How to conter mass carriers? Its really redicilousMegaDrone34 28 Jun
20 Jun need help with echoes of the future on Hard i am in no way a pro gamer nor am i good at micro, but i recently wanted to try to complete wings of liberty on the Hard difficulty as i felt that many missions on Normal was too easy. Now i am stuck with echoes of the future, main problem is running out of resources and building a good enough defense army for the base and an offense army to reach the overmind locations that Zeratul needs to to get too, anyone who has any advice as of what kind of units i should train, what about upgrades and when? Or are upgrades not worth the resources and time?kenneth1 20 Jun
10 Jun High Templars Is there an option to disable that stupid attack? TOTALLY USELESS Added Psi Blast weapon Range: 6 Damage: 4 Attack period: 1.25Zetta1 10 Jun
21 May Another thread asking for help diamond 3 idk how to counter mass marines and siege tanks early (before 10 minutes) as zerg Dont say roaches, theyre weak af and their range is too short. lings focusing tanks isnt good since in diamond people know how to position their tanks. hydras die too quick. dont say brood lords, they take too long to make even with 3 bases. thanks in advanceSargas4 21 May
16 May LF for ppl to help me improve as Protoss Hi there everyone !! I returned recently on Starcraft two to play with friends but the thing is : now I'd like to climb the ladder but I can't find a way to properly train as my friends are only playing the other races so they don't really know how to play Protoss. Is there anyone that can help me training ? Many thanks in advance !! I wish you a magical day ! IlygosIlygos3 16 May
03 May I like MMR system -250 mmr after -100 and next -80. MMR plus +1 +4 + 9Maniacks8 03 May