Starcraft Remastered Technical Support

26 Sep 2017 StarCraft Remastered not loading? StarCraft Remastered not loading? If you have purchased the Remastered version, installed and have clicked play and see the old graphics, just press F5 and it shall toggle to the new graphics. Any other issues contact tech support.Shane4 26 Sep 2017
09 Sep 2017 "Battlecruiser view" ? Hi All, I've purchased the remastered version, however am unable to zoom out very far whilst playing the campaign mode - the "battlecruiser view" is a heavily advertised feature for the Remastered verison - and one of the main reasons I bought it (other than playing through one my favourite classic games again!). I've tried running a "repair" from the battlenet launcher, but no issues were found. Am I missing something? -Seg.SomeEvilGuy2 09 Sep 2017
06 Sep 2017 Dehaka hi, i payd 4,99 to get Dehaka on 31-08-2017. Still dont have itApòllo1 06 Sep 2017
04 Sep 2017 Starcraft R: save replay button is grayed out Why the save replay button is not available, it's grayed out? Running as administrator doesn't help.Alex0 04 Sep 2017
04 Sep 2017 Bnet Latency? Hi, I havent played the game in a while but it feels like game latency on the Bnet server(Europe in my case) feel really slow compared to what it was on Iccup or Fish or any other servers that used LAN latency. Can you tell if there is a difference between LAN latency and the LOW latency setting on BNET ?EvilSky0 04 Sep 2017
01 Sep 2017 starcraft rem lancher troble the launchern ses the game is running but im not playing .reeper3 01 Sep 2017
24 Aug 2017 i rarely get sound the game works perfectly otherwise but sound rarely works. when it does work it works until i close the game however.andreasasp2 24 Aug 2017
23 Aug 2017 DEVS: Microdisconnects equals full disconnect in SC:R I live in a country where the internet is very bad. And, when I disconnect even a little (my friends doesn't notice I disconnect when we have a conversation on discord), the game is lost. If I remember correctly, in the original version (where you weren't connected to Blizzard App), you still were able to rejoin the match in 30 seconds before someone pressed "Drop player". But now this isnt an option for me anymore. So its more or less impossible for me to play SC:R now. Anybody knows what I'm talking about or got any ideas how to fix it? Devs?idiot5 23 Aug 2017
23 Aug 2017 "ReY" -> Invalid profile name (bad word) (Error 3:31) Hello Technical support forum! I have a problem when creating a new character in the The character name that i chose is "ReY". However doesn't accept this name because its a "bad word". I think this is a mistake in your bad word-filter as "ReY" is NOT a bad word in ANY language. This name is very important for me since i always used ReY as my nickname in my whole online life and especially back in StarCraft: BroodWar and on my Blizzard account! Many people in the Broodwar scene know me by that name and it would be very very sad for me if i can't use that name in the future. I was planning on streaming SC:Remastered on Twitch and organize multiple tournaments for the SC:R scene. All of that is linked to my name "ReY" on various related websites including Twitch,, Reddit and the main german community website Please please please change your filter to include "ReY" as possible names for Characters!ReY1 23 Aug 2017
23 Aug 2017 Error 6:10 comes up -- can't play Starcraft at all now When I click "Play Now" it launches the game but then it loads for ages and says there's an authentication error called 6:10. It says I need to check my internet connection even though there's nothing wrong with it. If I click on "Options" the screen just goes darker then everything freezes. I then have to force quit. I'm using Mac OS El Capitan 10.11.06. Any help would be appreciated.Robert1 23 Aug 2017
23 Aug 2017 SC:R update gone downloaded SC:R yesterday and all was fine and it played correctly, log in now and the upgrade has gone and im back to SC originalGuv6 23 Aug 2017
23 Aug 2017 Old graphic with remaster ver. After update to I've lost my "remaster" version... :/Radarus4 23 Aug 2017
23 Aug 2017 claims "Playing now" Hello, and first of alla HUGE thanks for Starcraft Remastered. It's brilliant. I've launched it twice (Mac OS X 10.10.5 which I know is not properly supported but it worked), and everything worked flawlessly apart for, for some reason, not seeing the start screen. The music came on, the cursor switched but there was no visual until I started clicking around the desktop that suddenly brought up the menu bar. Now, though - I really want to play it again. And I can't get it to start, because the app is convinced the game is running. (Which it really isn't, not a trace of it in the Terminal or Finder menu). Any ideas? All the best from Sweden!Elduderino6 23 Aug 2017
23 Aug 2017 No mouse panning Hi, I've just installed Starcraft Remastered on Mac OS X 10.12.4, and I cannot move around the map - the green double arrows appear, but the frame does not pan. I can't find anywhere to set the keyboard commands or the mouse behaviour...? Any help would be appreciated!Fluffy2 23 Aug 2017
23 Aug 2017 Starcraft does not launch. Hello. When I bought SCII Collector's edition I was given a Starcraft I game in a pendrive with the tag of James Raynor. Today I tried to play it and it just opens the Blizzard app asking me to buy Starcraft Remastered...CountUro2 23 Aug 2017
23 Aug 2017 I just paid for a game that dont work I just paid for the game and I cant launch it???? And only support I get is directed here to make a thread?? What is this... :SSevendollars3 23 Aug 2017
23 Aug 2017 Sound playing through laptop and not TV speakers I know this sounds very amateur-ish and yes I have my laptop connected to my TV via a HDMI lead and everything else works fine but as soon as I run SC:R it goes back to sound through the laptop, I tried to find a sound output setting but had no luck. Is it because with it being a new version of an old game it might not be fully compatible with a HDMI cord? But surely the video wouldn't work in that case too... Any help is appreciatedKeedrenn3 23 Aug 2017
22 Aug 2017 A way around fullscreen? My monitor has this thing where if you tab out of a fullscreen game it loses connection with your computer and you have to reboot the computer. This is often no problem as it can be fixed in options and you just have to reboot after applying changes. But with SC remastered it goes black even before the intro cinematics starts. Is there a known fix to my monitor problem or a way to start in windowed mode? Any tips appreciatedarmnejdin2 22 Aug 2017
22 Aug 2017 graphic bugs Hi, I'm experiencing two bugs. First one is causing the text to be cut, for example when i mouse over a marine icon in barracks, instead of "Marine [M]", i can see only "Marine". This happens also in the menu (like "ret " instead of "return to game") and mission briefings (every time a new message is shown, the first line is cut in half). I didn't notice this in the title screen or settings though. Another problem is that when i move my mouse, i get some artifacts or bugs. There appear from time to time some lines or stripes connexting from some points in the screen to the cursor, forming a triangle. These problems appear in both remastered and old version. What might be the cause of these issues and is there any solution?Kontakt5 22 Aug 2017
22 Aug 2017 Save game issue Hi, So I'm mid-mission, blasting enemies left and right, getting my buildings destroyed and whatnot. I manage to save the day, I save my game and exit. When I return, my game is "far in the past", quite before this attack i had described earlier. For some reason, save games don't work as expected. Anyone else experiencing such issues? Thanks.BurnMyEyes3 22 Aug 2017